The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 601

Chapter 601 The All Creation Realm Hong Luan

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The one who managed to laugh last was still Su Yu, although, he didn’t really believe that he had defeated Gu Taixu. The person before him was just a part of Gu Taixu’s soul, and his true self’s power was a hundredfold that of the current him. Even if Su Yu used all of his means and power, he would still be incapable of facing even a hundredth of his true power!


After Su Yu collected his objects, he destroyed the ice that was on Gu Taixu’s body.

“Something seems amiss.” After he saw Gu Taixu’s soul through the fissures, he immediately realized that something was off.

He saw that Gu Taixu’s soul, which bore the brunt of the origin’s explosion, was unexpectedly intact and completely undamaged. Su Yu noticed that there was a jade sculpture of a cat-like demonic beast in his palm, and the jade cat was filled with countless cracks. In fact, it was almost shattered.

Gu Taixu didn’t suffer any injuries, as he had activated the jade cat to put off the explosion and gain some time, which he used to avoid the explosion’s destructive power! He was now frozen as a repercussion.

“Did you finally notice it?” An ice-cold and deep voice transmitted from the ice sculpture.


Then, a terrifying pressure burst out of the ice sculpture. Such pressure, which was near the Divine Master Realm, had an indomitable aura, and it could cause one suffocate from despair.

“Even a hundred deaths aren’t enough for you to compensate for destroying my supreme treasure.” Gu Taixu’s upright and tall body came out of the shattered ice sculpture.

His eyes, which shone like the moon and stars, looked down at Su Yu, while his previous cold expression changed, now brimming with killing intent. Gu Taixu was clearly infuriated.

Su Yu’s heart sank. After such a bitter battle, he had already exhausted his whole body’s Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy. His situation had drastically changed.

“Die!” As Gu Taixu waved his hand, a powerful gale swept through the sky. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion started to rumble, causing the surrounding to experience a drastic change.

Despair welled up in Su Yu’s heart as he faced Gu Taixu’s attack. His exhausted body didn’t have any power left, and the powerful gales before him would surely soon rip it apart.


As the crazy tempest, which was capable of tearing even souls apart, neared him, Su Yu gave into his despair. A faint and bitter smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, while regrets filled his heart.

As the tempest neared him, Su Yu prepared himself to accept his fate. However, he didn’t feel the intense pain that he had expected to, even after a long while. The boundless tempest evaded Su Yu, completely going around him and disregarding him!

Su Yu was startled. What happened?

Su Yu could faintly hear the deep and anxious voice of Gu Taixu, who was outside of the tempest. “Who’s there? Who’s hidden there?” His anxious shout was filled with dread and shock.

The tempest instantly dissipated, and a person appeared before Su Yu. She wore clothes that were whiter than snow, and she had a curvaceous body, with a white lotus imprint on her chest. She was none other than the White Lotus Faction’s Sheng Xuelian!

She clasped her fair hands behind her back, and Sheng Xuelian, whose cultivation was obviously just at the Half Fairy Realm, unexpectedly had the demeanor of some profound and powerful expert. It was because of her that the tempest had dissipated all by itself and didn’t dare to approach or harm Su Yu.

Su Yu was incapable of comprehending what was happening now. He had already fought against her once in the seventh layer stone forest’s teleportation formation. At that time, she was weaker than even Su Yu, so he was confused as to what was happening now.

“You aren’t Sheng Xuelian! So, who are you?” Su Yu retreated now, warily keeping his distance from this seeming impostor. This woman gave him a strange and peculiar feeling.

Sheng Xuelian looked back at him and revealed a faint smile on her pretty face. “Shouldn’t you first thank me, as I just saved your life? After all, when Lü Chuyi saved you, you gifted her a Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, but when I saved you just now, you instead became wary of me!”

What? Sheng Xuelian had unexpectedly witnessed such a scene?

Did this mean that even Gu Taixu, who was there at that time, was unable to detect this woman’s presence?

Su Yu was quite astonished. What was her secret?

“Who are you?” Gu Taixu spoke now, his expression extremely grave and dignified.

Sheng Xuelian had only been looking at Su Yu, so she didn’t take even a single look at Gi Taixu while replying, “What’s happening here doesn’t concern you, so leave!”

“Your Excellency, aren’t you being somewhat too…” Gu Taixu wasn’t pleased with her attitude, but before he could even finish his words, a faint blue layer appeared on his body. It was a layer of blue crystals!

Sheng Xuelian didn’t make a single movement from beginning to end, as just a single thought of hers caused Gu Taixu’s whole body to be covered with crystals!

“This is the supervisor Hong Luan’s technique! You are…” Gu Taixu’s eyes contracted until they became as thin as a needle, and he seemed like he had just witnessed some astounding scene.

“If you knew this, then why haven’t you left yet?” Sheng Xuelian calmly inquired. “Since his excellency once mentioned your name, then I won’t kill you today, so don’t give me a reason for wanting to kill you now!”

“It’s truly you, the supervisor Hong Luan…” Gu Taixu’s face was filled with shock, and he truly wanted to ask her why she had appeared here with such a woman’s form and status.

He also wanted to ask her how she managed to enter into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. However, he didn’t dare ask her.

“You truly have good luck.” He viciously looked at Su Yu before he flew through the air and left. “But, you won’t have such good luck the next time we meet.”

Su Yu clenched his fists as he watched Gu Taixu’s retreating back.

There was a great disparity between him and Gu Taixu. The humiliation that he had suffered today was just because he was too weak, and if Sheng Xuelian hadn’t intervened, he would have already been turned into a lifeless corpse!

Su Yu hid his emotions, and started sizing up the woman before him. Hong Luan was an All Creation Realm Old Monster, yet the person standing before him seemed to have a mild bearing. In fact, if he hadn’t have just learned her status, he would be incapable of linking her to an All Creation Realm expert!

“Are you surprised? I’m also surprised that the mysterious person who got the Real Spirit is the silver-haired youth, Yin Yu.” Hong Luan faintly smiled. Her smile had an alluring and captivating charm.

Hong Luan had already witnessed the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation that was used by Su Yu in the seventh layer, and although Su Yu was hiding his face, he could not hide his identity.

As she smiled at him, Su Yu became somewhat absent-minded, as if she had captured and captivated his mental powers.


The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in the deepest part of his mind slightly shook, bringing Su Yu back to his senses. Su Yu was startled and immediately retreated before asking in a cold voice, “What’s the meaning of all of this?”

Hong Luan softly exclaimed, “You have an extraordinary treasure in your soul, and it unexpectedly has a high and profound soul defense. In fact, it seems like even if I didn’t intervene, you wouldn’t end up dead!”

Su Yu was shocked to hear this. It was the first time someone had managed to detect the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron’s presence!

“Even though you saved me, you mean that you don’t really care about my life?” Su Yu’s expression was somewhat gloomy. He didn’t believe that Hong Luan would save him for no reason at all, as they weren’t close or on friendly terms.

“Hehe, you are shrewd and clever as always. I’m truly fond of clever juniors.” Long Huan softly chuckled, and the chuckle had an oddly charming power.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was unceasingly shaking and emitting a faint crimson liquid, which let Su Yu maintain his sanity.

Was this an All Creation Realm Old Monster? Countless emotions surged in Su Yu’s heart.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron would emit such a crimson liquid only when his soul was experiencing intense stimulation. Just her innate charm was already capable of causing the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron to have such an intense response. As Su Yu felt like a great crisis was nearing him, he became somewhat restless.

“You aren’t mistaken. I saved you just to verify the lassie Shangguan Qing’er conjecture. I had to see whether you truly had an Ancient Spirit Body like she said.” Sheng Xuelian tapped Su Yu with her fair finger.

Su Yu wasn’t capable of dodging it in time, and his body immediately stiffened, as if it had been bound and confined by some divine power.

He couldn’t even blink his eyes, let alone move a finger. Su Yu had completely turned into a weak puppet! Hong Luan took light steps as she strode forward, her fingernail lightly cutting Su Yu’s forehead, causing a drop of fresh blood to flow out of it and fall on the tip of her finger.

“All Ancient Spirit Bodies have a different bloodline than ordinary people, and I can easily tell whether you have an Ancient Spirit Body by checking your blood.” She then put the drop of blood on an ancient and aged jade slip.

Cryptics letters were written on the jade slip, taken from an ancient language that Su Yu had never seen before. As his blood essence fell on it, it didn’t fuse or enter it, even after a long while. As such, it was calm and didn’t have a response.

“It seemed like that lassie just misunderstood, as you appear to just have an ordinary mortal body. You also don’t seem to have any ancient bloodline.” Her expression was calm and indifferent.

However, Su Yu was somewhat bewildered as to why Shangguan Qinger was so assured and certain that he had an Ancient Spirit Body.

“She still lacks experience, so she was deceived by your outward aura.” Long Huan observed Su Yu for a white before her gaze fell on his right arm. “You truly don’t have an Ancient Spirit Body, but it seems like a spatial treasure is hidden within your body, and the Ancient Spirit Body is in that treasure! It was because of this that Shangguan Qinger mistook you for having an Ancient Spirit Body!”

Su Yu was overwhelmed with shock, as she had discovered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl! What was even more shocking was that the Ancient Spirit Body, which even an All Creation Realm old monster was looking for, was within his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Who is this mysterious Long Huan? After all, there were only three people in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, Wu Aoyue, Long Wuxin, and Qin Xianer. If Wu Aoyue had an Ancient Spirit Body, then how could she, who was a faction disciple, not be noticed by them, thus ending up as just an ordinary Outer Sanctum Disciple?

As for Long Wuxin, although she had an extraordinary fighting prowess, her physique wasn’t special in any way. As such, this meant that the true Ancient Spirit Body wasn’t Su Yu, but Qin Xianer!

Su Yu was quite astonished. Why was an All Creation Old Monster looking for an Ancient Spirit Body? Would she harm Xianer?

Su Yu became quite anxious and restless.

“I will immediately know the truth after investigating further!” Long Huan strode forward, and her fair finger went towards Su Yu’s arm.


However, at this moment, Sheng Xuelia stopped in her place and looked toward a distant forest. “After hiding for so long, you are finally willing to show yourself?”

An extremely beautiful woman flew out of the forest and came over. She had a peerlessly beautiful face. She was Xia Jingyu!

Su Yu was quite astonished and anxious, as he clearly knew why she was here. Moreover, as he was presently confined, he couldn’t even warn her with his eyes, but could only helplessly look on as she flew over!

“Sister Jingyu.” Long Huan sweetly smiled.

After Xia Jingyu came over, she looked at her and said, “I am the Ancient Spirit Body you are looking for!”