The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Bloodline Of The Divine Lady

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Xia Jingyu’s first sentence caused Su Yu’s hopes to plummet!

His heart felt cold all of a sudden. If one said Xia Jingyu was an Ancient Spiritual Body, Su Yu would not doubt it at all!

Her inhuman comprehensive abilities had been noticed by not only Su Yu, but also by Xia Jingyu herself. She was not a normal human!

“You?” Sheng Xuelian could not understand it. “Are you trying to save him distracting my attention?” Xia Jingyu’s feelings for Su Yu were clearly known by Sheng Xuelian.

“Whether I am an Ancient Spiritual Body or not, you could easily find out with a test. Besides, you have been close to me all this time. Did you not have suspicions about this already?” Xia Jingyu’s eyes looked calm.

As an All Creation Old Monster, it was difficult to comprehend why she would associate herself with someone as plain as Xia Jingyu, much less call her sister. Even though Xia Jingyu had pretended not no notice it, she was not oblivious to it.

Sheng Xuelian laughed nonchalantly. “Hehe, do not worry. I have no evil intentions. I only thought that you had incredible beauty. I wanted to bring you with me to meet my lord. I believe that you will be very fortunate in this lifetime.”

It was not difficult to hear from Sheng Xuelian’s tone that the fortune that she spoke of was not the usual kind of fortune. What she mentioned was regarding Xia Jingyu’s beauty. There was no way of telling what kind of fate awaited her.

“Let him go. I will follow you,” Xia Jingyu said calmly.

Sheng Xuelian was shocked. “For a mere mortal? Is it worth it?”

“I am willing to risk it,” she replied.

As she looked deeply at Xia Jingyu, Sheng Xuelian shook her head gently. “He is indeed well above average. However, the world is so big. In front of someone who is truly outstanding, he is still a mere mortal not worth mentioning. Once you follow me and see the bigger world, you will understand why I say these things.”

Xia Jingyu remained silent. Her beautiful and clear eyes remained locked onto Su Yu. In the past, when Su Yu was a young country boy and was downtrodden, she had already secretly harbored warm feelings for him.

She liked him not because of his status or abilities, as it did not matter whether he was outstanding or not to her. All that mattered was the immense feeling of missing him that grew in her gut as the days went by.

The memories that were forever etched in her heart never faded. She liked him, and that was all she needed to know.

“Let him go. I will follow you,” Xia Jingyu said, while she retrieved a drop of blood essence from between her brows and shot it towards Sheng Xuelian. “I have the beauty that you want, as well as the spiritual body that you desire. He was influenced by me, and that was why Shangguan Qinger misunderstood everything.”

When the misunderstanding had happened, she had been next to Su Yu the whole time. They even shared the same Divine Decree.

“Influenced?” Sheng Xuelian shook her head gently. Xia Jingyu was trying to cover for him. She understood that. However, she still grabbed the blood essence and poured it on the jade letter.

Her bright pupils were filled with a hidden sense of hope. Xia Jingyu was very confident.


A strange scene occurred. When the drop of blood essence landed on the jade letter, it instantly was absorbed by it.

Some ancient words appeared on the surface of the jade letter, then gradually came off, spinning in the air and grouping together. The words, which were at first unfamiliar, suddenly became words that even Su Yu could understand once they were joined together.

Divine Lady Clan Bloodline, third grade purity…

The brightly flashing words caused Sheng Xuelian to become extremely excited, and her eyes started to glow. “You really are an Ancient Spiritual Body!”

Even an All Creation Old Monster like Hong Luan could not conceal her shock when gazing at an Ancient Spiritual Body! The spiritual body was an existence that belonged to the myths in Jiuzhou. It was even rarer than an All Creation Old Monster!

Each one of them would have indescribable innate talents and abilities. In the future, they would, at the very least, be of the Divine master level. Breaking through as an All Creation Old Monster was no easy feat!

Whenever an Ancient Spiritual Body appeared in the Jiuzhou Continent, it would definitely cause a commotion, and competition would increase exponentially between all of the parties.

Acquiring the Ancient Spiritual Body would mean acquiring an underlying All Creation strong martial artist. As such, everyone would would not fight for this with all of their might. In fact, the Ancient Spiritual Body was even more precious than a Real Spirit!

“The bloodline is so strong! It has third grade purity! This is unbelievable! Gu Taixu is also an Ancient Spiritual Body, but his bloodline is barely even half a grade. At such a young age, he has already achieved a later stage Divine master level. What more can be said?” Hong Luan was an Old Monster, who had been training for many years. Even she was shocked, as a third grade was definitely a high tier spiritual body!

Xia Jingyu asked immediately, “Then, can you let him go?”

Sheng Xuelian’s excitement continued to show on her face. However, she still had her wits about her. After remaining silent for a short moment, she gently shook her head. “I am afraid you cannot have what you wish for! However, do not worry. I will not hurt him.”

Sheng Xuelian did not want to offend Xia Jingyu too much. “Although Shangguan Qinger did not have enough experience, the compass that was used to examine the Ancient Spiritual Body was crafted by Mo Tianxuan. Since it pointed at him, there can be no mistake!”

She then added, “As for the influence you mentioned, younger sister Jingyu, I know you are trying to protect him. However, I still have my responsibilities.”

After she finished speaking, her finger lightly tapped on Su Yu’s arm. The Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl shone brightly, then gradually appeared on Su Yu’s arm.

Thereafter, Sheng Xuelian’s soul entered it. Immediately, Su Yu’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley. He was extremely angered by this!

Xia Jingyu had exposed herself for him and sacrificed herself for his sake. She even offered her body, yet this was still insufficient. Xianer would still be dragged into all of this!

As for himself, he felt like a piece of useless trash, as he was helpless. He could not do anything!

Such feelings of shame and uselessness brought Su Yu back in time to when he was at Xianyu prefecture’s martial arts training institute. He remembered being that guy whose woman was taken away from him, yet he could not do nothing! All of it was far too familiar.

He was also angry at himself for being useless!

If I cannot even protect a woman, how can I ever repay my debts? Can I really watch as my woman is taken away?

This drastic change in Su Yu’s emotions caused the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron to vibrate immensely. Three drops of blood-like liquid fell from within the cauldron into Su Yu’s veins.

A light buzzing sound could be heard, as Su Yu’s eyeballs moved around slightly. He had managed to overcome the restrictions of an All Creation being! However, only his eyes were capable of moving.

No one noticed that, within Su Yu’s eyes, a bright white light was shining. Also, a pale white frost dragon was swimming in his eyes!

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron shook two more times. Thereafter, the white dragon and the purple dragon, followed by the red dragon, all turned into crystals!

Su Yu’s eyes acquired a change in their nature once again, and a new kind of power was born! At the same time, Sheng Xuelian, who had entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, returned with her soul.

“That is strange. Could that Shangguan Qinger really have made a mistake?” The really strange thing was that Sheng Xuelian did not discover anything!

If she did not discover Qin Xianer and Long Wuxin, that would be the end of the story. After all, Su Yu had isolated them both.

However, there was no way that she did not discover Wu Aoyue, as she was not isolated! In fact, she could have not even noticed the nursery garden with the Supreme Growing Soil…

Right then, a muffled voice could be heard in Su Yu’s ears. It sounded urgent. “What have you done? How did you get involved with an Old Monster of the All Creation level?” It was the remnant soul of the white nine-tailed fox!

The fox added, “Luckily I was able to react in time and concealed the space with my illusory trick. All she saw was a piece of empty space. Otherwise, you and I would both be in trouble!”

Hearing this, Su Yu relaxed in his heart. He nearly forgot about the existence of the mysterious remnant soul.

“Elder white fox, could you lend me a hand?” Su Yu asked urgently.

The white nine-tailed fox responded, “I will have to disappoint you. I am merely a remnant soul. Concealing myself from her is already approaching my limit. There is no way that I could be a threat to her!”

As she finished speaking, the white nine-tailed fox sunk into silence. For her, if Su Yu died, there would merely be a change in the ownership of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. However, if she died, she would disappear completely.

Su Yu’s heart sank even further. Now that Sheng Xuelian was done with her inspection, she would take Xia Jingyu away to meet the lord whom she had mentioned.

With Xia Jingyu’s beautiful looks and shocking body quality, she would definitely be taken as a hostage. She would then have to become the lord’s woman!

Biting his teeth, Su Yu’s soul entered the small jade box in his bosom. master Yun Yazi’s soul body was resting within it.

The only person Su Yu could count on was this cheap master of his. From the moment Su Yu became his disciple, he had only given him the Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air book from an unknown source.

From then on, he had never given Su Yu any guidance in his training. He even mentioned that, regardless of any danger Su Yu faced, he would not intervene on his behalf. He did this all for the sake of removing Su Yu’s hopes for aid, so that he could activate his own innate abilities to rely upon in dire situations.

In this way, even if Su Yu’s life was in danger, he would not help. Of course, if Su Yu truly died, he would kill the opponent as a sort of revenge for his disciple.

Su Yu had always remembered this. Therefore, regardless of any kind of dangerous situation he faced, he had never asked for help. Today, Xia Jingyu was willing to sacrifice herself for his sake. Since he could not help her himself, he had to ask for his master’s assistance. After all, it was not for his own sake, but for Xia Jingyu’s!

Su Yu’s soul appeared in the small jade box’s space. Yun Yazi’s figure, which had not been seen for a long time, appeared to be quietly resting in a cross-legged position.

Su Yu greeted his master and called out to him lightly, “Master!”

As Yun Yazi slowly opened his eyes, a look of confusion flashed across them. Since the last time that they had met, he had been quietly recovering his soul and had been training for many days. He had only awoken just now.

“What is the matter?” Yun Yazi asked.

Su Yu found it hard to explain. He struggled for a moment before speaking. “Please, master, help me save someone.”

Yun Yazi was silent for a while. He then sighed softly. “You broke your promise in the end.”

Su Yu was gravely ashamed of his incapability to save her himself.

“Please help me, Master.” Su Yu bowed his head in a reverent manner. “She is the most important person in my life. I can die, but she cannot.”

Xia Jingyu had said the same thing about him. I can die, but he cannot! This time, the same scene was unfolding!

“As long as you help me, your disciple will agree to anything that you ask of him.” Su Yu begged genuinely now.

Ever since that time at Shenyue island, Su Yu had never asked for help from anyone. He had also never been this downtrodden nor begged for help this shamelessly. It was all only because he now faced a danger that he could not overcome.

“Get up. This downtrodden look is something that I cannot bear to see.” Yun Yazi frowned at him as he spoke.

Su Yu’s heart relaxed. “Does this mean that you agree to help?”

Yun Yazi seemed cold. “I have said before that I will not assist you. This is my promise. There are no exceptions!”

Yun Yazi was close to being heartless as he commanded him, “Get out immediately!”

“Master?” Su Yu was panicked.

However, Yun Yazi remained unmoved. As he waved his sleeves, Su Yu’s soul was chased out from the small jade box.

After coming back to his physical body, Su Yu was extremely disappointed. He had begged so shamelessly, yet his master had still not been moved to help.

What will happen to Xia Jingyu? She was about to be taken away, and all because of him, she would become someone else’s hostage!