The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 603

Chapter 603 The Defying Will Appeared Once Again

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Hatred welled up in Su Yu’s heart, as he was wondering if his oath was really that important. He obviously knew that his disciple’s beloved woman would shortly be stolen from him, yet he was still aloof and indifferent. But, what he hated the most was that his weakness and uselessness had caused all of this.

“You are probably right.” Sheng Xuelian said.

After pondered for a while, she acknowledged Xia Jingyu’s assumption. Xia Yujing’s Ancient Spirit Body should have influenced the surroundings and caused Shangguan Qiner to misjudge it.

Sheng Xuelian became relieved. After all, Ancient Spirit Bodies were extremely rare, and the appearance of even one of them like Xia Jingyu was a miracle in itself. It was truly delusional to dream and anticipate the appearance of another one.

“Let him go,” said Xia Jingyu.

Sheng Xuelian nodded, then took Su Yu’s spatial ring with her fair hand, and while thoroughly disregarding Su Yu, she let her soul enter it.

“Well? There are many precious objects here,” exclaimed Sheng Xuelian in a soft voice.

A multi-colored radiance shone from the ring, as the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal came out of it. Sheng Xuelian started sizing it up as she held it. “It’s truly a Fairy artifact, and although it’s just a prototype, it’s still a real Fairy artifact.”

“It’s quite timely, as I just advanced into the All Creation Realm, and I still haven’t refined my own Fairy artifact. So, I will temporarily make do with this thunder Fairy artifact.” Sheng Xuelian calmly and indifferently took it, without any awareness that this was another person’s possession.

Anger and grief welled up in Su Yu’s heart at the sight. Have I fallen so low? Even my own magical treasures can be casually taken from me?

“Stop! Those are Su Yu’s objects, so you shouldn’t touch them.” Xia Jingyu tried to prevent her from taking anything.

Sheng Xuelian didn’t care enough to even look at her, much less look at Su Yu. She just continued searching the ring, as if there wasn’t anyone besides her there.

She then calmly spoke. “Sister Jingyu, he’s just a worthless existence who I can kill or spare as I want, and taking his treasure is the price for letting him go, so you should be glad that he had some treasures worth taking! Otherwise, I would have silenced him long ago to prevent your status as an Ancient Spirit Body from leaking out.” After all, a person like Su Yu was completely worthless in her eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two other light spheres flew out of the ring. These were the Real Spirit Dragon Veins and the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

“Those two objects are still acceptable, as I can exchange the Real Spirit Dragon Veins for some useful materials, while I can bestow this incomplete Fairy level cultivation technique to some people of the younger generation,” Sheng Xuelian said.

“As for the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling, it’s also a precious object, and it can spare me much trouble and effort.” Sheng Xuelian revealed a faint smile after she found the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling, which she promptly stored away in her bosom.

Sheng Xuelian nodded contentedly. “Not bad! I had a good harvest!”

She then waved her hands and freed Su Yu from his confines. “The remaining objects are useless to me, so you can keep them.” She was speaking as if she was being quite merciful and generous.

“Sister Jingyu, let’s leave. I will take you to see his excellency.” Sheng Xuelian pulled Xia Jingyu’s hand, while revealing a faint smile as usual. From beginning to end, throughout the entire ordeal, she didn’t even look at Su Yu once.

“Wait!” Su Yu shouted after them in a deep voice. “Who are you referring to by ‘his excellency’, and why are you taking her away for?” What Su Yu was concerned about at this moment wasn’t his stolen treasures, but the fate of Xia Jingyu.

Sheng Xuelian replied, “He’s a person who you will never come into contact with, as he is a king! As for sister Jingyu, she’s extremely beautiful, charming, and possesses an Ancient Spirit Body. As this is the criteria for the king’s concubines selection, I believe that sister Jingyu should became his third concubine.”

She smiled, then added, “From now on, she will turn into a phoenix soaring in the sky, and if you care about her well-being, then you shouldn’t contact ever again! Now, the two of you shall have completely different fates.”

Sheng Xuelian apathetically shook her head. “So, if you don’t have anything else to add, then your relationship will ends here.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s heart throbbed with pain. Xia Jingyu would be taken as someone else’s concubine! As Su Yu clenched his fist, he felt like his heart was dying.

“Wait! Can you please leave us alone for a moment? I want to bid him farewell,” said Xia Jingyu.

Although Sheng Xuelian was displeased by her request, since Xia Jingyu would surely become a royal concubine, and in the future, she might even need to lower her head to her, Sheng Xuelian relented, as she wasn’t willing to offend her too much.

“Fine, but, only for a minute.” Sheng Xuelian begrudgingly left them alone, but still whispered in a soft voice before leaving, “What’s so great about him? I only see trash…”

I’m just trash? Su Yu clenched his fist even tighter after overhearing her final words.

“Brother Yu…” In a trembling voice, Xia Jingyu spoke to him. She could no longer bear her sufferings, and with her eyes flushed red, she pounced into Su Yu’s embrace.

As Su Yu embraced her, the pair could no longer hide their feelings. He loved Xia Jingyu, just like she had always loved him. The pain he felt, knowing that he would shortly lose her, rendered him incapable of hiding his feelings any longer.

“Brother Yu.” As she felt Su Yu’s hands tightly holding her waist, she finally clearly understood his feeling for her for the first time. Her world became filled with indescribable colors and warmth.

She was moved by his affection towards her, and her excitement, along with such emotions, turned into tears, which flowed freely from her. Even though this should be a sorrowful separation, Xia Jingyu felt delight and joy welling up in her heart.

This day would probably become one of the most unforgettable, exciting, and colorful days of her life. It was on this day that she discovered that her crush loved her back, and that their hearts were truly joined together.

“Jingyu, I…” Su Yu became even more pained when he saw the excitement and joy on her face. All of this goodness had come too late!

“Don’t speak! I understand. I’m willing to do it. I can bear anything for you, without having any regrets.” Xia Jingyu extended her fair finger and placed it on Su Yu’s lips, then sweetly smiled. Her smile was bright and splendid.

Xia Jingyu seemed soft and gentle on the outside, but she was really quite firm and tough. After such a farewell, Su Yu knew that they might not just be in different corners of the world, but that she wouldn’t be in the world of the living at all anymore.

This was because she would surely choose death, killing herself, over a life as a concubine. Su Yu was absolutely sure of this.

“Brother Yu, don’t speak. Just let me sit peacefully with you for a while and enjoy our embrace, like how we were that one night under the pear blossoms in the moonlight.” Xia Jingyu peacefully closed her eyes and enjoyed his embrace, which she hadn’t gotten to experience for a long time.

Her face couldn’t help but become somewhat flushed as she faded into memories…

Their meeting amid the pear blossoms under the moonlight in the palace of the Duke of Xianyu was just a day before Su Yu’s wedding. It had been their first meeting. Ever since that day, she had adored being in Su Yu’s arms.

“Brother Yu, I love you, maybe even too much.” Xia Jingyu buried her face on Su Yu’s chest, as she mustered up her courage and confessed her feelings to him. “From that day amid the pear blossoms under the moonlight, I have loved you, and I alway will love you.”

She blushed, then added, “I love how you value people, kindness, and grace, and I love how you are righteous and sentimental. I also love how you always create miracles, and I never once thought that there would be someone who can shock me as you do, leaving a forever mark on my soul, which will also be forever carved in my heart.”

Su Yu didn’t feel the least bit of excitement or joy while he listened to Xia Jingyu’s confession. He only felt pain and resentment.

“I never once thought that I could one day lay in your embrace. I never once thought that you would one day hug and embrace me. I never once thought that you would love me one day. Brother Yu, I’m quite happy and excited!” Xia Jingyu quietly wept.

“Thank you for giving me one last hug.” Xia Jingyu’s shoulders were trembling, and as she raised her head, two streams of tears flowed down her face. They were extremely beautiful, yet also sad.

She stood on her tiptoes, raised her head, and met Su Yu’s lips with her own. Her softness and sweetness shook Su Yu to the core.

As they kissed each other, they stepped over the best friends boundary, and their relationship changed completely. This was Su Yu’s first kiss, as he had never once embraced or kissed even Qin Xianer.

Su Yu quietly enjoyed it, while a rebellious will rose in his heart. I mustn’t lose her! I absolutely must not lose her!


The sound of someone flying in the air echoed. Sheng Xuelian had returned.

“This place will shortly close, so we don’t have much time left. Jingyu, let’s go.” Sheng Xuelian interrupted them, then pulled Xia Jingyu from Su Yu’s embrace while thoroughly ignoring him.

Even though she was wrenched from Su Yu’s embrace, Xia Jingyu still put on a bright smile. “Brother Yu, I’m already satisfied. You don’t need to worry about me. Just live happily…”

“Stop!” Su Yu shut his eyes for a while, and when he opened them, a resplendent glow shone from them.

Sheng Xuelian, who was just about to leave, suddenly felt a terrifying chill, which made her heart palpitate. She turned her head around to face Su Yu, her heart shuddering.

She then mumbled, “What a powerful defying will!”

His defying will could even infuriate heaven, and it could also turn back the wheel of destiny. It could even annihilate all unfairness and unjustness!

The clouds surrounding them all started rumbling, while the forest’s leaves startled rustling and countless creatures fled in a panic. The rise of his defying led all of the creatures to retreat in reverence, as if such a defying will was being emitted from heaven itself! The current Su Yu didn’t even seem like a human, but more like a demon, a person who was abandoned by heaven and who willingly chose to become a demon!

“You have a powerful will! If someone like didn’t die early on, then you would surely have become a great person in the future!” Sheng Xuelian gave Su Yu a proper assessment for the first time. His strong will had left her heart somewhat restless.

“If it wasn’t for Xia Jingyu, then I would kill you.” Sheng Xuelian averted her gaze and calmly spoke. “You should thank her, as you are truly blessed with good fortune in ever having met her.”

“I said, stop!” Su Yu repeated it once again, and his whole body’s aura became somewhat peculiar and odd. At that moment, an evil energy started gradually spreading throughout his body.

Sheng Xuelian, who was flying away, suddenly turned her head back, while her pupils contracted. “What is that evil energy?”

She became somewhat restless, and her instinct was informing her that an extremely evil entity that was within Su Yu’s body was awakening. She was somewhat afraid of it, so her killing intent had arisen.

“Kneel down.” As Sheng Xuelian raised her hand, all of the Spiritual Energy in a hundred-mile radius condensed, then turned into a large mountain!


The ground shook and trembled, then sank down a dozen meters. Meanwhile, Su Yu was oppressed, then forced down into the deepest part of the ground.

“Brother Yu!” Sheng Xuelian cried out in alarm, while her complexion became deathly pale.

Su Yu’s body sustained severe injuries, and he had already exhausted his whole body’s Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy, so there wasn’t any difference between the current him and a mortal. Hence, such a strike was enough to make a meat paste out of him!

Sheng Xuelian slightly furrowed her brows. This Su Yu isn’t really as terrifying as I expected…