The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Dark Su Yu

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“Your aura is certainly sufficient. However, your capabilities are too weak. You are still useless.” Sheng Xuelian had a calm expression on her face. She was too lazy to inspect the outcome. “Jingyu, he asked to be killed. Do not blame me for not giving him a chance.”

Xia Jingyu lost it at this point. Finding that Su Yu was dead, she could not accept the reality! The only person that she had ever loved with all of her heart had died!

Immediately, a coldness filled Xia Jingyu’s eyes. “You killed him!”

“His capabilities were too weak. There is nothing to regret about his death,” Sheng Xuelian said coolly.

Xia Jingyu’s eyes gave out a murderous look. “Kill me then! If you do not, I will take your life one day!”

Sheng Xuelian did not take her threat seriously. “Hehe, then be a good princess. When you have the authority, perhaps you can avenge him…”


Right then, the huge mountain of spiritual energy suddenly exploded, and a frightening aura came out from beneath it. It was as if a volcano had erupted!

The returning spiritual energy behaved like arrows and were coming straight for Sheng Xuelian. As she saw them approaching, Sheng Xuelian’s facial expression changed. She shook her sleeves and summoned gusts of winds to dissipate the incoming spiritual energy.

“What happened?” Sheng Xuelian was surprised and curious. Also, an evil energy could be felt from below the ground, which made her very uncomfortable. This was an extraordinarily strong evil energy!


Suddenly, the ground broke open and a bloody light shot upwards, then also headed straight towards Sheng Xuelian. This led Sheng Xuelian to continuously summon strong gusts of wind. However, the red light was as fast as lightning, so it could not be stopped!

The strong gusts of wind were directly pierced through, while the light immediately reached the front of Sheng Xuelian’s body!

As Sheng Xuelian was still an All Creation being, amid the chaos, she could clearly see a pair of eyes! The eyes’ pupils were filled with a dark red color and were full of evil energy. They definitely did not belong to the living soul of a human being.


A red bloody fist reached towards her chest, intending to take her heart! Sheng Xuelian shouted coolly, then used her fist to block it.


Sheng Xuelian was shocked as the opponent’s fist suddenly emanated a strong might which caused her to stumble backwards! The strength pierced through her arm and went into her body, forming cracks all over it.

All of a sudden, her entire body started falling apart. She was turning into a bloody human!

The frightening attack caused Sheng Xuelian to reconsider her state. In the midst of the chaos, she even let go of Xia Jingyu.

“Who are you?” Sheng Xuelian was suddenly very frightened as she looked at the bloody man before her.

It was Su Yu, but it was also… Not Su Yu! In terms of appearances, it was definitely Su Yu. However, his eyes had become a dark color on the outside, while his pupils were dark red!

Based on her experiences as an All Creation being, she had never seen such evil qualities. They were downright inhuman!

Looking at the floor, Sheng Xuelian noticed that Su Yu’s right palm was holding onto a blood-colored gourd!

“The ghost gourd! It is the ghost gourd for which Bai Yijian killed his entire clan to fill with their cultivation and energy!” Sheng Xuelian easily identified it with one look. “You… How could you possibly use the blood and flesh energy and cultivation of their clan?”

The only explanation for Su Yu’s transformation was clearly that he had used the energy and cultivation that was within the ghost gourd. He had opened up his Bloodline of the Evil Ghost to absorb the blood and flesh in the ghost gourd. As such, his abilities and cultivation had increased tremendously!

However, this was something that could only be utilized by someone from the Bai Clan. Hence, one had to wonder how Su Yu did it.

“A dead person does not need to know too much,” Su Yu said with a raspy voice. It was evil, almost like a demon, and it gave one a chilling sensation without actually emitting any coldness.

“Hmph! Do you think that I am afraid of you?” Sheng Xuelian shouted icily. She then retrieved a blue crystal sword from out of nowhere.

Before she lashed out with it, the air around the crystal sword started turning into blue crystals! This technique had been observed multiple times when Zi Qianchou was manipulating the puppet!

“Die!” Sheng Xuelian yelled, striking out with her sword. Anywhere the sword energy passed through immediately turned into blue crystals. Everything faced absolute destruction!


However, Dark Su Yu used his blood-covered hands to grab the sword energy! Within his five fingers, the sword energy crumbled with a crackling sound. The crystal form had rolled away!

“Not too tough!” Su Yu laughed in an evil manner. The laughter sent chills down Sheng Xuelian’s spine. She did not understand what she was truly fighting against!

Is it a human or a demon? Or is it some kind of inhuman and evil being?


Sheng Xuelian’s pupils contracted further, while Su Yu turned into a bloody shadow figure and charged at her yet again!

“Get away from me!” Sheng Xuelian raised her sword to strike out yet again.


However, Dark Su Yu was not afraid at all, and he used his palm to strike against her blow! Her sword was suddenly deflected by Su Yu’s palm, causing it to strike Sheng Xuelian’s own body!

“Ah!” A pitiful cry could be heard. The sword had cut off Sheng Xuelian’s right arm!

Her broken right arm swiftly turned into a crystal form, then soon disintegrated into bits of powder. Sheng Xuelian felt immense pain. Her heart was even more terrified.

He is so strong!

Without saying anything, Sheng Xuelian quickly backed away and became very tense. However, just as she stepped away, she felt a chill in her chest!

At that moment, she noticed that a bloody hole that was about the size of a fist had appeared in her chest. The hole was wide open from the front to the back. Her heart had disappeared!


A light smashing sound attracted Sheng Xuelian’s attention. Just as she noticed Su Yu’s evil laughter, she saw the scene of a heart being torn into pieces!

He… When did he take away my heart?


As Sheng Xuelian was pondering this, her body exploded! From her physical body, an unfamiliar and transparent figure flew out!

It was a flirtatious looking lady. She had a charming smile and was very alluring.

The lady was none other than Hong Luan, the soul of an All Creation Old Monster! Right then, her flirtatious face was covered in fear as she tried to flee!

“Hehehe…” Dark Su Yu curled up the sides of his mouth and laughed coldly. He then disappeared in a flash.

Hong Luan’s pupils contracted. “How is he getting stronger and stronger?”

A warning went off in her heart as she looked around. However, she could not see Su Yu’s figure anywhere.

“Looking for me?” She heard a hellish and evil laugh.

As Hong Luan was frightened, she backed away without thinking. However, suddenly, she felt a tightening sensation around her neck!

In the emptiness before her, a red, bloody hand had been extended and was wrapping itself tightly around her neck! Thereafter, a blood-red figure walked out from the emptiness before her. The evil face had appeared once again!

“Little soul, your time is up…” Su Yu said with a raspy voice.

As he spoke, a gust of wind could be felt. When Sheng Xuelian’s soul body came into contact with the unpleasant air, her entire body started corroding.

Her soul was also greatly affected. It was a horrific torture.

Hong Luan’s soul body could not stop shaking as she cried out, “Stop it! What are you trying to do?”

“Hehehehe…” Su Yu merely laughed in an evil manner. His evil laughter resounded throughout the eighth level. It even reached Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

“What kind of live spirit is that? Such a frightening evil energy! Could it be the birth of the evil spirit of the universe in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?” Lü Chuyi was deeply concerned. “What is going on down there? Could it be that Elder Hong Luan’s descent has awakened some evil being?”

Gu Taixu also looked very concerned. The evil energy was way too strong.

None of them thought that it could be Su Yu. No matter how strong Su Yu was, they figured that he certainly could not emanate such an evil energy.

Right then, the evil laughter that sent chills down one’s spine could be heard. Everyone present suddenly became very serious. They were all wary of this sinister being.

What kind of a scary evil being did Elder Hong Luan awaken? Everyone present had only this thought in their heads.

“What do you plan to do to me? I am merely a part of a soul. If you dare to hurt me, wait until my actual body descends! I do not care what kind of evil being you are, I will make sure that you die a painful death!” Hong Luan was feeling immensely panicked as she faced Su Yu. She was very frightened.

“Hehehe…” Dark Su Yu merely laughed as he opened his mouth.

Thereafter, he shoved Hong Luan’s spirit into his mouth! Dark Su Yu wanted to eat Hong Luan’s spirit alive!

“Ah! No! What kind of a ghost are you?” Sheng Xuelian shouted in fear.