The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Hell Space

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Dark Su Yu waved his sleeves and rolled away all of Hong Luan’s remnant items. He landed on the ground, then sat in a cross-legged position on a huge rock, evaluating the objects that he had just acquired.

“Oh! This is interesting. The Desolate Sea Lost Pearl!” Dark Su Yu had surprisingly discovered a pearl that was shining brightly with thunderbolts.

It was about the size of an eyeball. At the time, Hong Luan’s soul part was the last to leave, so naturally she had obtained the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl.

“A thunder-based treasure that can be used to craft Fairy weapons! This came at the right moment to evolve this prototype fairy artifact into a semi-manufactured fairy artifact. Hehehe… I have all the materials needed now. Unfortunately, this body is useless. Even with the materials, I cannot craft anything.” Hong Luan’s soul part said.

It then added, “It’s such a shame that the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal is being used to cultivate the lightning spirit. It cannot be used to craft anything either. I will have to think about this sometime in the future.” As he finished speaking, he tossed the Desolate Sea Lost Pearl into the spatial ring.

“Oh? An illusory spell formation?” He then discovered a simple spell formation in the remnant items. It was the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell! Su Yu’s spell formation had been taken by her too!

“Although its effects are weak, it would not hurt to borrow it for now. The only problem is that its might is far too weak.” Dark Su Yu blew out a breath of evil energy. The evil energy then turned into flames and started to burn the spell formation’s flag.

After a short while, Dark Su Yu retrieved his evil energy. At that time, the black spell formation was emitting a stream that was a purple color.

“This is still forcefully compatible.” Dark Su Yu nodded, clearly satisfied with the results. The remaining items were the Real Spirit Dragon Vein and the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

“Eh? The Real Spirit Dragon Vein? Such a thing exists! The Real Spirit Dragon Vein is a divine item that is used to train the Evil Dragon Divine Body!” Dark Su Yu was surprised. His surprise regarding the Real Spirit Dragon Vein was far greater than his shock over the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

“Such a divine object was being used as a mere weapon! This body has been abusing a godly item!” As Dark Su Yu opened his mouth to spray out a breath of evil energy, a golden beast’s bone floated within the evil energy. Some ancient words were carved on the beast’s bone, which were unidentifiable.

“Previously, when I acquired this Evil Dragon Divine Body, my divine body was destroyed and I had to escape to somewhere desolate. All that remained of me was a single drop of blood essence. I was very downtrodden,” Dark Su Yu said in a raspy voice as he held the beast’s bone.

He then added, “Today, I can only borrow this body and start my training all over again! Perhaps this was heaven’s will. The Evil Dragon Divine Body was created with an ancient divine body, and the method of training was unimaginable. In the early stage, it required training with both Spiritual Energy and Vital Energy. Although I acquired it previously, my cultivation was far too great, so I could only look on enviously. Now that I have occupied this Half Fairy’s body, perhaps it is destined that I will be able to train the Evil Dragon Divine Body…” As he finished speaking, Dark Su Yu grabbed the Real Spirit Dragon Vein.

He had acquired the Evil Dragon Divine Body a long time ago, so he was already well-versed regarding its ins and outs. He made a symbol with both of his hands, then placed the Real Spirit Dragon Vein in front of his chest.

Thereafter, he started activating his Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy. The two different energies coexisted with perfect precision and harmony as they engulfed the Real Spirit Dragon Vein.

At the same time, Dark Su Yu activated the Evil Dragon Divine Body. Although the Real Spirit Dragon Vein repelled it slightly, it gradually melted into Su Yu’s body.

Thump. Thump.

Su Yu’s veins were giving out a thumping sound. With his naked eyes, he could see all of the veins on his body turning gradually from green to gold.

After a while, Dark Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, which were now filled with excitement. “Hahaha, stage one of the Evil Dragon Divine Body! The First Dragon’s Body has been successfully achieved!”

As Dark Su Yu struck against the air with his fist, his arm suddenly shone with a bright golden light. Lines of golden veins could also be seen, all of which were blindingly bright. There was clearly not any Spiritual Energy or Vital Energy contained in his fist, yet he could knock the space before him to the point where it collapsed!

“The First Dragon’s Body is capable of tearing space apart with a single hand! The Evil Dragon Divine Body is indeed extraordinary!” Dark Su Yu laughed crazily, as he was very excited. “My evil self will be able to regain my former cultivation via the Evil Dragon Divine Body!”

Dark Su Yu stood up and looked towards the mountains and rivers in the distance. He laughed in an evil manner and said, “Hahaha… My evil self has returned to this world! I must be thankful for the gourd of blood and flesh. If not for the great surge of energy, I would not have been awakened from my deep slumber!”

Dark Su Yu laughed yet again, then said, “As a sign of gratitude, I will forcefully replace this young fellow and pretend to be Su Yu. Everything that belongs to him, I will accept, including the woman from the Divine Lady Clan!”

His gaze then turned even darker. “After all, she is indeed a top tier woman. Not only is her bloodline unique, for which I could swallow for my own use, her Primordial Vital Energy is also very strong. If I could obtain it, perhaps the Evil Dragon Divine Body could even be upgraded further!”

How dare he pretend to be Su Yu and take Xia Jingyu for himself?

Based on Xia Jingyu’s trust towards Su Yu and her friendship with him, if this evil being pretended well, Xia Jingyu would definitely not fight back!

“Is that so?” Right then, a calm voice could be heard. It was coming from the soul of Dark Su Yu!

“How is it possible that your consciousness still remains? Did I not already wipe you out?” Dark Su Yu was stunned.

When he was awakened, he had already mercilessly wiped away the original soul of the body and occupied it for himself. Now, Su Yu had oddly re-appeared before his eyes!

In his mind, Su Yu was floating in the red liquid in the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. As such, he looked exceedingly calm. This was the consciousness and soul of Su Yu.

“Have you finally discovered my presence?” In the final moment, in order to save Xia Jingyu, Su Yu had ignored the Ghost King’s warning and used the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost. He had absorbed all of Bai Clan’s blood and flesh energy!

The outcome was that he had acquired an immense energy. However, he also had awakened a mysterious consciousness, which had forcefully overtaken his body and even wiped away his soul!

Su Yu was always cautious. Even if he took risks, he would not do it without first taking some precautions. In order to prevent his soul from being corrupted by the evil energy, Su Yu had hidden his soul in the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

He only maintained a small strand of consciousness on the outside to control his body. That way, he could prevent the influence of the evil energy.

Surprisingly, he had awakened a mysteriously strong consciousness, which had wiped away Su Yu’s consciousness on the outside with lightning speed! If not for the precautions that Su Yu had taken, he would have been completely demolished!

“Hmph! The only thing that remains of you is your consciousness, and you are dumb enough to reveal yourself!” Dark Su Yu laughed coldly. “Die!”


A strong spiritual collision occurred, knocking Su Yu’s head so fiercely that it destroyed everything on his mental level. However, after a clanging sound was heard, the strong spiritual collision seemed to have collided against a very strong object, which deflected it right away.

“What is in your soul?” Dark Su Yu was surprised.

Su Yu slowly stood up on the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron and said calmly, “Is that all you’ve got? In that case, thank you for your efforts. Everything you have done, I will accept credit for on your behalf.”

Dark Su Yu yelled coolly, “Although I cannot do anything to you now, what could you possibly do to me? Comparing the strengths of our souls, yours is not even close to one-hundredth of mine!”

“Is that so?” Su Yu highly doubted that, as his soul was surrounded by a white long dragon. He said softly, “Hell’s Eighteen Levels! Soul Space!

Suddenly, the scenery surrounding Dark Su Yu changed! The beautiful scenery turned into an endless sea of blood that was filled with a ghost energy. It was dark, and an unpleasant smell filled the air.

“This is your true form, a drop of blood essence.” Suddenly, a silver-haired figure appeared to be floating in the air and was looking down at him. “Is this your secret technique of the soul, Soul Space? It is impossible. I have used it before. How could it be this strong?”

A single drop of blood essence was floating in the air. It was the mysterious object that hid inside Su Yu’s body all this time. It was also the true facet of the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost!

Su Yu asked coolly, “Did you really think you could borrow my treasure to cast Soul Space without my permission?”

Soul Space was borrowed from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, and the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was Su Yu’s treasure. Without his approval, no outsider should have been able to activate the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

Earlier, it was only because he had observed that Hong Luan’s soul part was escaping that he had he allowed some of the energy to be used. The Soul Space’s true might was far beyond this! Even the strong soul of Dark Su Yu was sealed within it!

“Impossible! I cannot possibly be trapped!” Dark Su Yu shouted angrily, while he bumped his fists against the space.

Suddenly, the entire space was shaking, almost as if it would collapse. Su Yu said softly, “Do not waste your energy. Hell’s Eighteen Levels, arrive!”


Yet another seventeen spaces arrived and combined into one. Regardless of how hard Dark Su Yu knocked against the space, it would not budge!

“Suppress!” Su Yu shouted softly once again. The stacking space suddenly contracted and became the size of a small cage, which trapped Dark Su Yu within it.

“Sleep peacefully. Everything that belongs to you, I will now accept,” Su Yu said calmly.

As Dark Su Yu shouted crazily, Su Yu floated away. When his soul returned to his body, an incomparable strength rushed to his heart.

Su Yu felt that the strength came from within his physical body. The strength of the First Dragon’s Body was observed by Su Yu as he single-handedly tore through space. It was frighteningly strong! And, it was merely the first level of the Evil Dragon Divine Body!

Grabbing with one hand, the golden beast’s bone flew towards Su Yu’s palm. Su Yu revealed a satisfied look and said, “Hehe, that drop of blood essence left behind a very valuable treasure!”

He felt that it was a shame that Su Yu could not recognize a single word on it. He would have to consult some ancient literature to possibly understand the words.

As he kept it, Su Yu checked around. The Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal had successfully suppressed the lightning spirit, which was a pleasant surprise. Once the cultivation was complete, an unimaginable and true might of a prototype fairy artifact could then be observed!

Next was the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell. It had been recrafted and now made Su Yu’s pulsate rapidly, as he was very excited!

The spell formation had transcended an illusory spell formation to become the combination of both an illusory formation and a deadly spell formation! This was a deadly spell formation that even Dark Su Yu was satisfied with!

Having gained so much, the thing that pleased Su Yu the most was the Evil Dragon Divine Body. Such a life-threatening spell ultimately fulfilled Su Yu’s biggest dreams and desires!

However, Su Yu could not be too happy. This was because he had a more important problem that had not yet been solved. This conundrum regarded the great energy that was stored within his body!

The Bai Clan’s blood and flesh energy and cultivation were so great that Su Yu’s physical body could not possibly withstand them. It was only with Dark Su Yu’s presence that he had been able to suppress them with his evil energy.

Now that Dark Su Yu was being suppressed by Su Yu, the strong energy that he suppressed earlier was gradually growing weaker. Once it exploded, Su Yu would burst like a balloon! He would die, and his body and soul would be destroyed!

That ending would be worse than having his body occupied! This situation was making it very hard for him to be optimistic! After all, this was something even more life-threatening than Dark Su Yu’s existence!

Looking at the ground, Su Yu’s mind flashed with a bright light. His soul then entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.