The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 607

Chapter 607 The Evil God Bloodline

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After Wu Aoyue felt Su Yu enter, she immediately rushed over to him, a trace of delight appearing on her face. “Young master, I already..”

“Leave it till later on. How’s the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly?” Su Yu interrupted her, then directly asked.

Wu Aoyue was startled, as Su Yu had never treated her coldly. She became somewhat uncomfortable, yet she still obediently took the jade box.

The jade box had a worm that was the size of a grain of rice in it. The worm had a round and smooth, white fat body, and it was slightly twisting its body as it laid on the withered Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

Su Yu took the jade box and threw the surviving Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling at her. “Plant it once again, then properly cultivate it.” After he spoke, he immediately left the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl without uttering another word.

As she looked at the fluctuation that was left in the place from which he disappeared, Wu Aoyue became somewhat downcast. She then took a multi-colored armor, which was soft and light, from her bosom.

She had already finished making the Thunder Herb Armor, which took her a long time, as she was weaving it with needles. She stroked her thin and pallid face, and looked at her fingers, which had become crimson.

She laughed at herself and said, “I almost forgot my status. I’m just a slave, so how dare I treat my master as if he was my friend?”

She didn’t sleep or rest for several days and nights in order to finish making it. In the end, she had successfully managed to weave the Thunder Herb Armor.

She intended to give it to Su Yu as a nice surprise, but what she had received as thanks was just Su Yu’s cold shoulder! She figured that this bad treatment was probably revealing how he truly felt about her.

While laughing at herself, Wu Aoyue started planting the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling in the Supreme Growing Soil garden. As she dug in the soil, her eyes were dim and lusterless.

She was very sad. After all, she didn’t know that Su Yu was in a precarious situation and didn’t have the leisure of caring about anything else.

After Su Yu returned to his body, he directly opened the jade box. Su Yu’s eyes lit up as he stared at the small worm. “What comes next will completely depend on you, so don’t disappoint me.”

The Ancient Spiritual Worm, which had awakened from the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s seed, was capable of swallowing even the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. Hence, one could imagine how tough its body was!

Even experts at the later stage of the Fairy Realm were incapable of destroying a Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. As such, Su Yu couldn’t find a better vessel to hold the terrifying energy within his body.

Su Yu’s heart tightened as he felt the energy, which started rampaging inside his body. He took the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly and put it in on his finger. Su Yu then guided the energy within his body into his finger.

After a few seconds had passed, Su Yu’s expression became somewhat gloomy. The Chaos Multicolored Butterfly didn’t have any interest in it, and it was just lazily lying on his finger, not budging an inch, much less trying to absorb even a little bit of the energy.

Isn’t it interested in a worldly spiritual object’s energy?

Su Yu’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He started feeling a faint pain transmitting from his finger, as a great amount of energy had gathered within it.

Su Yu was quickly thinking about a way to transfer all of the energy into another object. He had a tremendous amount of energy in his body, and it wasn’t possible for him to consume it by using his own magical abilities.

Soon, the tyrannical energy in his body would get out of control before he managed to consume it. The energy that was concentrated in his body would burst out and cause his body to explode!

The only solution was to transfer all of the energy in his body into another living being. But, he had to do it quickly!

Sadly, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly, which he had placed all of his hopes upon, didn’t seem interested. While Su Yu was getting more and more anxious, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly suddenly moved, lazily turning its body over.

It then put its mouth upon Su Yu’s finger! All of the energy that was concentrated in the tip of his finger was completely sucked out and absorbed by it! After it finished absorbing it, it lazily laid down once again.

Su Yu was startled for a moment, then he understood what had just happened.

Was it too lazy to move because the amount of energy that was concentrated in the tip of my finger was too small?

As he thought of such a possibility, Su Yu tried it once again, and just as he expected, the worm lazily did nothing in the beginning. Only after the energy that was concentrated in the tip of his finger had reached its highest limit, did the worm twist its bottom and open its mouth to sucked in and absorb the energy once more.

Su Yu became more confident and composed after he witnessed this. He grabbed the worm and put it above his belly, which was where his Dantian was located. This was also the place where all of his energy was concentrated.

The lazy Chaos Multicolored Butterfly immediately became spirited and lively, and its round and fat body, which seemed quite clumsy before, started crawling while twisting its bottom. Then, it excitedly stuck itself to Su Yu’s belly and began absorbing his energy in big mouthfuls.

In just a split second, Su Yu felt like a whole tenth of his body surplus energy had been absorbed by it! Su Yu was quite astonished, as one-tenth of such energy was equivalent to the energy possessed by an expert at the early stage of the Fairy Realm!

As time elapsed, the energy contained within Su Yu’s body was being absorbed at an astonishing speed by the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly. After it took eight consecutive mouthfuls, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s body became much bigger. Then, a faintly visible blue halo appeared around its body.

But, what concerned Su Yu was that the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s absorbing speed was slowing down drastically. In the end, the last two-tenths of energy remaining in his body started erupting.


After the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly took its last two mouthfuls of energy, it had barely absorbed one-tenth of the energy. It then lazily laid down, and it seemed like it had gone to sleep and was digesting the tremendous amount of energy that it had just swallowed.

The last tenth of energy in Su Yu’s body, which he had no way of getting rid of, started erupting. He felt like a volcano was erupting within his body as a tyrannical and powerful energy flooded all of his limbs and bones.

Such a powerful energy current was like a dreadful flood, and all of the places it passed made his flesh swell. All the while, an intense pain was being transmitted from his internal blood energy channel.

His body started swelling up at a noticeable speed, and Su Yu, who was usually quite thin, suddenly seemed quite plump and fat. His body had been severely injured, even before all of this, so his currently frail state was quite terrifying.

He clenched his teeth and groaned in pain. Then, the world before him darkened and he fainted. However, just before he fainted, he didn’t forget to collect the worm, which he quickly threw into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.


A dull sound echoed as dust rose up around Su Yu, who had just fallen upon the ground and planted his head on the dust. His body was still swelling up, and if it continued to swell at this current rate, his body might directly burst open before Su Yu even managed to wake up!


However, at this moment, an old jade box flew out of Su Yu’s bosom. An extremely concrete soul body flew out of the jade box. It was none other than Yun Yazi!

“Well? Was I too severe and strict?” Yun Yazi softly sighed. He then waved his hand, and the energy that was rampaging within Su Yu’s body was immediately forced out.

The swollen Su Yu started to gradually return to his normal state. The pain also started to subside. After a short while, his face recovered its usual color and luster.

As the old man’s palm swept past Su Yu’s body, all of his injuries were healed. Not even a single scar was left behind. Such a sight was truly astonishing.

When his palm reached Su Yu’s head, Yun Yazi stopped there and revealed a quizzical look. “His soul space is confining an evil energy. It seems like I have seen it somewhere before. Is it the blood of someone from that clan? It’s probably impossible, as that clan was already exterminated..”


Yun Yazi disappeared from his former place, then reappeared unexpectedly inside Su Yu’s soul spherical cage, the eighteen layers of hell!

“Who’s there?” The evil blood, who was ceaselessly bombarding the cage, turned his head back when he detected some noise behind him. He was quite surprised. “Who are you? How did you get in here?”

The evil blood found this quite unbelievable, as the soul cage was extremely hard and strong. Yet, somehow, the old man who had just appeared behind him had managed to easily enter it.

“It’s truly that clan’s aura! I didn’t expect that the Evil God clan, which was already extinct, still had someone barely surviving! It’s truly astounding.” It seemed like Yun Yazi had already verified his guesses, as he stroked his beard slowly.

“Who are you, and why are you looking for me?” The evil blood was quite astonished, as Yun Yazi unexpectedly managed to guess his origin just by seeing his aura.

Yun Yazi calmly spoke, “I’m this body owner’s teacher, so why do you think I came to look for you?”

“His teacher?” The evil blood was somewhat surprised, as he didn’t know that the body’s owner had a mysterious teacher.

“What? Did you come to annihilate me?” the evil blood coldly asked.

Yun Yazi stroked his beard. “I truly intended to do it to cut off future troubles, but after confirming your origin, I changed my mind. Instead of wiping you out, I figured that it would be better to deliver my disciple a great fortune, which will probably change his fate one day.”

“Haha..Change his fate? Do you want me to pay allegiance to him? Dream on..” The evil blood heartily laughed.

However, his laughed suddenly stopped when he was tapped by Yun Yazi’s extended finger. The evil blood immediately coagulated, making him incapable of budging even an inch.

The evil god was overwhelmed with shock, and he wondered just what kind of power this was. Although he was just a mere drop of blood, his soul was even more powerful than an All Creation Realm old monster’s soul!

The soul body old man in front of him was unexpectedly capable of freezing him by just a wave of his fingers! This surely meant that it would be extremely easy for the old man to kill him!

His heart intensely thumped and he became afraid. “Your excellency, who are you?”

Yun Yazi calmly took back his hand. “You don’t need to know who I am, you just need to follow my instructions, and in the future, I may give you an opportunity of forming your own body.”

“What? Can you really help me form my own body?” The evil blood was quite astonished.

“I’ve never once gone back on my words,” Yun Yazi calmly said.

The evil blood fixedly observed Yun Yazi’s expression, and after hesitating for a long while, he clenched his teeth and asked, “Fine. How do you want me to help the lad?”

“With me here, there should be no need for you to defend him,” said Yun Yazi. “Moreover, he should resolve and pass his crisis by himself. Even if his life is in danger, you shouldn’t try to save him.”

The evil blood was startled for a moment, before he understood Yun Yazi’s intentions. After that, he couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. “I almost managed to steal his body, yet you didn’t show yourself. Such strict and severe teachers like you are truly rare, but aren’t you worried that he may not understand your good intentions and end up hating you?”

“You don’t need to care about this. If he was truly someone who can’t understand and comprehend my painstaking efforts, then I wouldn’t have taken him as my disciple. After all, I have an eye for judging people.” Yun Yazi waved his sleeves as he spoke. “I need you to do just one thing…”

“What?” the evil blood curiously asked.

Yun Yazi spoke in a meaningful way, “It’s regarding the matter that your Evil God clan is so good at…”

“What? Do you want me to defy heaven and alter his fate?” The evil blood was quite astonished. “Are you sure about this? You must know the dangers hidden in such matters! These aren’t things that can be known by any of us, and my Evil God clan was exterminated for having such abilities as defying heaven and altering fates!”