The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Showing Up For Revenge

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“Forgive me for being straightforward, but if you behave in such a way, you are actually causing his demise,” the Evil Blood said.

Yun Yazi laughed bitterly. “Hehe, it all depends on his own doing. If he can reach that step, it will not be too late for you to fulfill your promise.”

“Alright then, however, I hope that you are able to fulfill your promise to recover my physical body. I am sure it must be something difficult for you too, is it not?”

Yun Yazi laughed coolly. “I always make good on my promises. Just wait patiently for the opportunity.”

After finishing his speech, Yun Yazi exited Su Yu’s soul.

Looking at the stabilized Su Yu, who had now entered a deep slumber, he then retrieved a light screen to cover Su Yu. At that moment, Su Yu suddenly disappeared. Only the soul body could be seen, which was a blurry figure on the ground.

At the same time, Yun Yazi lifted his hand to grab the little kylin out from Su Yu’s Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl! Facing Yun Yazi, the little kylin was very frightened and shook in fear. It lay flat on the ground and dared not move.

“Oh? Your Spiritual Intelligence is pretty good. You seem to be able to sense my aura.” Yun Yazi placed it in the light screen as well. “I have something to attend to. I will be back soon. Meanwhile, stay here and protect him.”

As he finished speaking, Yun Yazi lifted his head to look at the peak of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. His body immediately disappeared into thin air.

Before one could even blink, the opening to Jiuzhou’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage had already closed up. All of the Divine Masters and the geniuses that entered had already returned there.

As Yin-Yang old man formed a symbol with his hand to retrieve the golden halo, Lü Chuyi who assisted from the side, said softly, “Thank you.”

Yin-Yang old man nodded his head. “No problem.”

However, all of a sudden, his eyes released two streams of black and white light. He even shouted, “Who is it?”

His loud shouting caused all of the Divine Masters present to become wary. The force that was present must have been very strong in order to cause Yin-Yang old man to react in such a way.

Gu Taixu floated in the air and looked around. However, he did not discover anything odd. “Senior, what is the matter?”

Yin-Yang old man looked around suspiciously and frantically. His heart was beating wildly. “Junior, when I was retrieving the golden halo, a soul body might have rushed in! It was very strong, far beyond anything I have ever felt!” Yin-Yang old man’s voice was shaking with fear.

Gu Taixu’s eyes contracted. Even Lü Chuyi became wary.

“Senior, you have felt our master’s soul before, havre you not?” Gu Taixu asked him with hidden intent.

Yin-Yang old man understood his meaning and used telepathy to communicate to him. “Junior, we must report this to our master! The soul that rushed in earlier, if my senses are not mistaken, is even stronger than our master!”

Gu Taixu’s pupils contracted greatly. True Man of the Purple Cloud was an All Creation Old Monster. If even he was not stronger than that soul body, they were in trouble!

Zi Qianchou and the two other Divine Masters from the demon faction were not able to interpret the telepathic communication between the two. However, judging from their facial expressions, a very frightening soul body seemed to have entered the area.

“Could it be the evil being that destroyed Hong Luan’s soul part?” someone unknown voiced asked. The voice caused the entire crowd to become silent.

Gu Taixu and Yin-Yang old man looked at each other. They both saw wariness in each other’s eyes. After all, killing an All Creation Old Monster’s soul part could only possibly be done by that soul body!

After a moment of silence, Gu Taixu nodded deeply. His eyes also became cold as he looked around and said, “Alright, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion has been closed. I believe everyone should have returned by now!” Even if they did not voluntarily return, they would have been forcefully sent back to the Mysterious Heavenly Stage by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

“Now, Yin Yu, tell me, who can save you now?” Gu Taixu laughed coldly.

Zi Qianchou also recollected himself, while his eyes turned cold. “Hmph! Yin Yu, do you need me to invite you to come out?”

The two opposing strong martial artists were very in sync with each other, so they did not contend with one another at all. They both knew the cunning behavior of Yin Yu.

If they fought against each other, they would surely cause a commotion. Moreover, the fellow would surely find a way to escape!

Lü Chuyi’s heart secretly tightened. She had already been secretly looking for Su Yu in the crowd. She was very worried.

If he was discovered by Gu Taixu and Zi Qianchou, he would definitely die! She struggled in her heart as Gu Taixu’s and Zi Qianchou’s people started examining the crowd.

With their own original bodies doing the searching, the speed was not as slow as when they had examined at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. With a single glance, all pretense would disappear.

As Lü Chuyi’s finger poked into her own flesh, she felt pain in her heart. However, as time went by, none of them had discovered anything.

As Lü Chuyi curiously looked into the distance, she was surprised. Gu Taixu and Zi Qianchou were equally curious. Their faces showed mixed feelings of surprise, disbelief, unwillingness and a gloomy cloud of darkness.

Yin-Yang old man retrieved his black and white gaze, not understanding what was happening. “Where is the man? Since the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion has ended, that fellow should have already been transported back here!”

Gu Taixu was unhappy as he continued to search. However, after looking closely at everyone, he was certain that none of them was Su Yu. His facial expression turned ugly. “Can it be he has already died within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?”

Since he knew Hong Luan’s soul part was present when he left, there was a possibility of Su Yu’s being killed by Hong Luan’s soul part! As for Hong Luan, after she had acquired the Real Spirit, she was then killed by the evil being. The Real Spirit could very well have been taken by that same evil being!

“The soul body earlier…” Yin-Yang old man started to speak of the possibility.

Hearing this, the Divine Masters’ facial expressions all turned sour. The evil being was indeed very frightening. Apart from Gu Taixu, no one would dare fight against it! If the Real Spirit was truly acquired by the evil being, they would have wasted all of their efforts!

Right then, a weak voice could be heard in the crowd. “Hold on, there is another possibility!”

The person who spoke was Yin-Yang old man. His old pupils shone with deep thought. “Before I came here, I read a book about the past Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilions in the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures. Based on that information, I unexpectedly learned from a disciple’s recording a piece of news! The disciple lived a hundred years ago. When he joined the first Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, they had an encounter with martial artists who were not from Jiuzhou! They claimed to be from the Zhenlong Continent! Could Su Yu also be someone from the Zhenlong Continent, meaning that he was transported back to the Zhenlong Continent and not here?”

Hearing this, the crowd entered a collective state of deep thought. As they were thinking back on how Su Yu inconsiderately killed their disciples and openly sold their treasures, everyone suddenly had a clear mind. He really could be a martial artist from a different continent!

“If this is really the case, it would be troublesome,” one of the Divine Masters from the demon faction said. “That continent is located at the seam between Jiuzhou and the ghost world. It is a world of its own. Even Divine Masters like us are unable to descend through the gap. Hence, it is nearly impossible to get our revenge against that fellow!”

The speech caused Zi Qianchou’s facial expression to darken. “If he is a being from that place, it is no wonder that he dared to kill people from our demon faction!”

Zi Qianchou hated Su Yu with all his heart. Hearing that Su Yu was someone from the Zhenlong Continent, he felt helpless! The remaining Divine Masters either felt that this was a shame or they were unwilling to accept the truth.

Many of the factions’ Fairy level martial artists did not look too happy either. As Su Yu had killed quite a few of their factions’ disciples, a lot of people hated him. Hence, after they found out the truth, one could imagine how disappointed and unhappy they were.

Lü Chuyi, on the other hand, aside from feeling slightly shocked, covered her mouth and smiled. “This bad guy had me worried for nothing!”

No one noticed that Gu Taixu’s eyes flashed with a weird light as he heard this news about the Zhenlong Continent. A cold smile appeared on his face. “The Zhenlong Continent, hehe… We will meet very soon…”

Millions of mountains and rivers away.

A beautiful mountain was covered in a variety of flowers under the bright spring sun. This beautiful area was the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It was the forbidden valley that was known as Hundred Flower Valley.

Although it was beautiful to look at, a terrifying existence lived within the valley! This existence was the All Creation Old Monster, Supervisor Hong Luan!

On the outskirts of the valley, there were ten Divine Masters who willingly served as guards, despite Hong Luan never batting an eyelid at them. However, they still wanted to be associated with the All Creation Old Monster, as they both respected and were frightened by her.

In the flower-filled valley, above a big tree, a woman was sitting in a cross-legged position. She was dressed in a long seductive dress and had curves that were very attractive. A single look at her was enough to charm any man.

Suddenly, a fragment of a soul pierced through the valley…


As the lady grabbed the fragment, she was surprised. “My soul part was broken? Who did it?”

Filled with shock and confusion, the lady placed the fragment on her forehead. The fragment, which contained memories, began to replay everything that had just happened in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

“What? An Ancient Spiritual Body? Divine Lady Clan? She is even at the third grade of Purity?” The lady suddenly opened her eyes, which flashed brightly with excitement and shock.

Suddenly, her face darkened. “Darn it! A mysterious young man has ruined it! He even killed my soul part!”

The lady was infuriated. Looking down at the ground, she paused in shock. “Hold on… That evil energy… It feels similar to the legendary Evil God Clan!”

Her eyes flashed in deep surprise. “If it really is this kind of clan, then…”

However, right then, an old man’s sigh could be heard in the valley. “Then, what is the point? Luckily, I followed the fragment and arrived here. Otherwise, if things were revealed, it would have been very troublesome.”

“Who are you?” The lady was surprised. Someone had entered the valley without her knowing it!


The space before her was suddenly torn open, and an old man’s figure walked out from the gap. It was Yun Yazi, who had followed the fragment! As for the lady, hers was unquestionably Hong Luan’s original body!

“A soul body!” Hong Luan’s pupils contracted and her eyelids jumped around. Looking at the soul body before her, she felt very disturbed!

“Dare I ask, who is Your Excellency?” Hong Luan mustered up the strength to ask, her voice shaking a bit.

Yun Yazi clasped his hands, yet looked very calm. Hence, one could not tell if he was happy or angry. “Me? I am Su Yu’s master.”

What? He is the young fellow’s master? Hong Luan was very surprised by this.

If the young fellow managed to survive in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, then returned to where he came from, is his master now here to avenge him?