The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Killing An All Creation Expert With A Wave Of His Palm

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“Who’s your excellency? It’s just a part of my soul that unintentionally offended your disciple, and since he exterminated that part, we can now be considered even. Your disciple should have informed you of this.” Hong Luan was being quite wary and vigilant.

Yun Yazi calmly spoke, “My disciple would never inform me of the hardships he went through.”

“Then, did you hear it from someone else?” Hong Luan was quite puzzled.

Yun Yazi shook his head. “I didn’t hear it from anyone. I witnessed it with my own eyes.”

“Were you there at that time?” Hong Luan was quite astonished, as she was wondering why she hadn’t detected his presence. “Since that’s the case, then why didn’t you show yourself?”

Yun Yazi didn’t reply, but Hong Luan already understood his intentions. Was he trying to temper his disciple?

Although she was amazed by Yun Yazi’s way of handling his disciple, that wasn’t what she cared about right now. “Since you didn’t intervene, even at such a dire time, then why did you come to look for me now?”

Yun Yazi lowered his hands, then clasped them behind his back, while a cold glow appeared in his eyes. “Which teacher can really be aloof and indifferent while seeing his disciple being bullied? I didn’t intervene at that time in order to stimulate his whole potential. But, now I will intervene in order to rid him of unnecessary trouble.”

If Su Yu was here, he would surely be astonished, as it was the first time anger appeared on Yun Yazi’s face. Yun Yazi clearly remembered how Su Yu had entreated him.

The remembrance of his sorry and downcast state, as well as his helpless and desperate expression, still tormented Yun Yazi to this day. It broke his heart that Su Yu, who never had asked him for anything, was forced into such a state.

Hong Luan became quite nervous and tense when she detected Yun Yazi’s killing intent. “Are you trying to start a fight here? This place is in the middle of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, and once you make a disturbance here, the other two All Creation Old Monsters will surely come and investigate!”

Yun Yazi calmly shook his head. “Even if they came here, what could they do? If they dared to obstruct me, I will kill them too.”

After he spoke, Yun Yazi casually waved his palm at her in a slapping motion. At that moment, Hong Luan felt like she bore an extremely terrifying and grandiose power, which caused her whole body to tremble in fear.

When she could no longer withstand it, she shouted in terror, “Divine power, you are a god!”


As a dull sound was heard, Hong Luan’s voice abruptly stopped, while her body stood still in its place. Her eyes started quickly losing their luster, immediately taking on an ash-gray color, while all of her life force disappeared. A solemn All Creation Realm expert had been killed with just a wave of a palm!

Yun Yazi took back his palm and clasped his hands behind his back. He then took a step forward and disappeared into the void. After just a single minute had passed, two extremely powerful fluctuations spread out from the two mysterious places in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

After half a day, two indistinct light projections appeared here. One was black and the other was white. They each stood on one side of Hong Luan’s corpse.

“Who did it? Was it the Jiuzhou King?” An extremely aged voice transmitted out of the white projection, its tone filled with shock.

After that, a crisp and melodious voice transmitted out of the black projection. “That’s probably the case, as all of the kings are contending for supremacy. Even All Creation Realm Old monsters can’t control their own fates.”

“We may have some troubles, since the supervisor died in our territory. That king may use it as a reason for making trouble. So, we should quickly go back and prepare for this.” As the black projection flew off into the air, it seemed quite impatient and anxious.

The white projection stood there for a while, then also left, still laden with worries. After all, no one knew at the moment what kind of troubles the death of an All Creation Realm Old Monster would bring to the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

In the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Xia Jingyu was anxiously running in the direction that Su Yu had left from. She was chasing after him, as the shocking evil energy which had just appeared made her extremely restless and uneasy.

Her instinct was informing her that such a person was not Su Yu, but some kind of impostor. Most likely, it someone else who was occupying Su Yu’s body!

Xia Jingyu was traveling along the sky that was brimming with evil energy, when the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion started shaking! A formless space power started descending upon each person’s body, then engulfed them and teleported them out of this place!

“No! Wait!” Xia Jingyu was quite anxious, as she felt that she could not leave without knowing first whether Su Yu was still alive or not. But, she had no idea how she could resist the rules set up by a Fairy artifact!

As a rustling sound echoed, Xia Jingyu was taken out by it. However, what she didn’t detect at this moment, was that a transparent fragment had attached itself to her body as she was being teleported away.

Similar scenes appeared throughout the entire Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. In the Zhenlong Continent’s Mysterious Heavenly Stage, a rustling sound echoed as many geniuses appeared, including Xia Jingyu, Gang Dalei, Qin Jiuyang, Qin Yushan, the ancient clans’ three geniuses and the Empire of Darkness’s Great Lords.

However, the most apex existence among them didn’t appear, and neither did all of the apex geniuses, like Su Yu, who ranked first in the great competition, Long Wuxin, Gui Wang, and Bai Luo.

Two of the other people who disappeared along with them were the Ancient Clans’ genius woman and the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Qin Xianer. They still hadn’t teleported back, so it was assumed that they were probably already dead.

Just as Xia Jingyu’s feet landed on the ground, she anxiously examined her surroundings and looked for Su Yu. But, she didn’t find him among the crowd.

She became downcast and absent-minded, as she clearly knew what it meant. Surely, Su Yu must already be dead.

She was incapable of accepting such a fact, especially now, when they had just managed to confide in each other. Moreover, after such a long while, she finally knew that Su Yu loved her back! This could not be their ending!

“Black Snow Devil King didn’t return?” After Gang Dalei examined the surroundings, he softly sighed.

Qin Jiuyang also detected that he wasn’t here, so he was also somewhat downcast. “I truly didn’t expect that Black Snow brother would die. He even saved my life! I managed to come back, while he didn’t.”

The several Great Lords of the Empire of Darkness also sighed inwardly, as he had saved them too. In fact, Su Yu had helped all of the people here in some way or another. They had all managed to return, while Su Yu had remained there forever.

“This is probably his fate.” Gang Dalei sighed. “Destiny is no respecter of one’s cultivation, and although we were weaker than him, we clearly had great destinies.”

“We managed to return safely to the Zhenglong Continent after going through many hardships, so we should live our lives to the fullest.” Gang Dalei tried making everyone, including himself, feel better. All of the people nodded, somewhat relieved by his words.

They all felt like the two months that they had passed in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion were more like two extremely long years. In fact, they might not experience the hardships they went through there even after several years of living in the Zhenlong Continent!

“Well? Where is my teacher? And, where have the elders gone?” Gang Dalei suddenly discovered that there wasn’t anyone in the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. It was completely desolate!

There was even a thick layer of dust that had accumulated on the ground. It was like no one had stepped into this place this entire two years!

“What’s going on? We just left for two months, so why does this place seem like it wasn’t crossed by anyone in two years? Moreover, why weren’t they waiting for us here?” An ancient clan’s genius also discovered some oddities about the place.

Gang Dalei crossed his arms before his chest and spoke in a deep voice,”The elapsing of time in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion is slower than in the Zhenlong Continent, and although two years passed in the Zhenlong Continent, we passed just two months in it.”

“This fact doesn’t really matter, but what’s really strange is… Where did they go? It seems like they all left after we just entered into it. Did your elders inform you that they would leave early on?” Gang Dalei swept over them with his gaze as he asked.

Even if the elders left, they should still have come back after their two-month trip ended, so it was quite odd that there wasn’t even one of them here to welcome them back.

One of the three great ancient clans’ geniuses shook his head. “They said that they would stay here and wait for us to come back.”

An odd look appeared on Gang Dalei’s face, as the elder Jiu had also said that he would pass those two years here. But, there was no sight of him here. Such a fact obviously indicated that some great matters had occurred in the Zhenlong Continent, which forced even the elder Jiu to leave the stage.

“Everyone, let’s leave here.” Gang Dalei had a bad premonition about all of this, so he took his leave first.

Qin Jiuyang and Qin Yushan cupped their firsts at the people here, then also hurriedly left. The three great ancient clans’ members also felt that this matter was far from reassuring, so they also left.

“Lord Yi Yu, should we also go to report back to the king?” asked Lord Qing Zhu.

After all, he wasn’t concerned with Xia Jingyu anymore, as the current Xia Jingyu was already faintly emitting the Vital Energy’s aura, so she had obviously already reached the Half Fairy Realm. As he was just a Half God, he was obliged to curb himself while facing her.

“All of you, go back first without me. Bring this voice transmission jade pendant with you. I still have some matters to take care of, so I’m temporarily unable to go back with you.” Xia Jingyu threw a jade pendant at him, along with the Empire of Darkness’ inherited magical treasure, the Feather Needle of Darkness.

Somehow, the Lord Qing Zhu did not know that she was planning to wait for Su Yu. Although he wasn’t pleased by her staying behind, he didn’t dare obstruct her. So, he left the Mysterious Heavenly Stage along with the other Great Lords.

Now, only Xia Jingyu remained in the vast and spacious stage…

In the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Su Yu slowly turned over, and the remnant pain that was transmitting from his body made his mouth.

“Did you wake up?” a warm voice transmitted from behind him.

Su Yu turned his head around and saw Yun Yazi, who he quickly greeted, “Greetings teacher, many thanks for helping me.”

He quickly thanked his teachers, as he clearly remembered the state his body had been in before he fainted… He was on the verge of exploding and dying! Since he was now safe and sound, he immediately knew that Yun Yazi had obviously helped him.

“Your performance surpassed my expectations.” Yun Yazi turned around and faced him, his benevolent face filled with gratification and praise. “Your potential has truly surpassed my expectations.”

Su Yu’s great potential could be seen from the fact that he had managed to survive consecutively fighting many powerful enemies. Su Yu modestly said, “I was just lucky, and I picked up some treasures that helped me survive until now.”

“Haha, you don’t need to make such modest remarks! You should first take a look at your body’s current state.” Yun Yazi chuckled.

As Su Yu immediately started checking it, he was amazed to discovered that a second Vital Energy Crystal had already condensed within his Dantian at some unknown time. He had already became a Two Crystal Half Fairy Realm expert!

The tremendous energy which burst out inside his Dantian should have oppressed and repressed his second Spiritual Energy Crystal, enabling it to change into his second Vital Energy Crystal! The appearance of another Vital Energy Crystal meant that his Vital Energy quantity had doubled by one fold.

Not only would the might of the magical treasures that he now used became even more powerful, he would also be able to fight for a longer amount of time. This was because he wouldn’t consume his Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy as quickly as before!

“What else?” Yun Yazi smiled as he spoke.

There’s more? Su Yu continued checking his body, suddenly noticed something. “My soul! It’s more powerful than before… By a whole fold!”