The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Killing With His Bare Hands

Du Yuntian's body flew backwards and landed on the floor outside the arena with a heavy thud.

Ding Qing looked over. Du Yuntian's arms were burned to smithereensthe ligaments were only connected by a layer of skin.

His chest was bloody, his beating heart barely visible. Every part of his body was covered in bloodhis chest barely rose with breath, Du Yuntian's life was in danger!

Su Yu had nearly killed Du Yuntian with only one punch? Just how scary were Su Yu's abilities, now that he had broken through to the next level?

The expression of the thirteen inspectors changed. Their eyes flashed with caution. "Thunder Flare!"

The purple flames were not fire but residual heat created by concentrated thunderboltsalso known as thunder flares. Their power was even mightier than that of thunderbolts. What sort of Saint Level technique is able to harness thunder flares?

But it was not the time to admire the thunder flares.

Du Yuntian's life was in danger. He had been beaten within an inch of his life; the Fiery Minister would not be let this incident slide so easily.

As predicted, the Fiery Minister had a merciless look on his face. Flames of anger shot out of his eyes as he kept his muderous fury in check.

Even if Du Yuntian could be saved, he would be crippled. His arms would never regenerate, Du Yuntian was destined to be useless.

The Fiery Minister's majestic aura blanketed the surroundings. The boundless flames rippled in the air. Loud as angry thunderbolts, his aura struck the hearts of everyone present like a heavy hammer, "Insolence, murderer! To think you would deal such a sinister blow during the Holy Meet! I, as the Minister of the Sanctuary, remove your right to participate in the meet."

The declaration came just as Su Yu's victory was secured, making him the otherwise undisputed King of the Holy Meet. Anyone on his level, in his generation, could not contest him.

But, the cancellation of his right to participate by the Fiery Minister had caused his attainment of the crown to become moot.

While the audience was fearful, they were also angrythey understood a great unjustice had just been done to Su Yu.

Du Yuntian had come at Su Yu with the intent to kill in every stroke, along with trying sneak attacks at every opportunity; why had the Fiery Minister not stopped him?

Only now, when Du Yuntian had been mortally wounded by Su Yu, did the Fiery Minister decide to punish Su Yu.

Where was the justice?

The clean, just image of the Sanctuary faded in the hearts of many martial artists.

Su Yu had not looked at the Fiery Minister. He slowly made his way down the arena without turning his head. His voice was hoarse, cold, and pitiful, "The duke is dead. The Holy Crown means nothing to me now."

The duke was already dead. What was the point of obtaining the Holy Crown?

There was only one thing left he needed to do.

Su Yu needed to kill the First Prince!

"Quick! Protect me!" The First Prince wore a look of fear as an unspeakable terror welled up within him.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh

Three guards of Level Three Lower Tier of the Martial Paths covered the First Prince as he hurriedly made his way down the arena, their expressions grave.

The First Prince felt regret. Had he known that he would agitate Su Yu to the point of a breakthrough, he would definitely not have attempted to execute the Duke of Xianyu.

To be honest, he had been wrong to target the Duke of Xianyu at all.

He had originally been in a good position to become a monarch and rule the land, he could have controlled a million acres. But, he had become overambitious and, in framining the duke, had destroyed everything.

Su Yu advanced slowly, his eyes blood red, as he stared straight at the First Princewho was fearfully hiding behind the guards.

"Diabolic Sword! Kill!"


The guard in front, who blocked the First Prince, shut his eyeshis body contorted as he died painfully.

A person of Level Six Lower Tier of the Martial Paths in the Holy Meet, such as that guard, was easily of equal power to a top ten demon student.

But, a gaze from Su Yu had killed such a person with ease.

"Quick, protect me!" The First Prince howled angrily, fearful for his life.

Scarytoo scary! The Su Yu now was terrifying!

As long as the First Prince could escape back to the palace, he would assemble the empire's best and destroy Su Yu with every possible weapon and warrior at his disposal.

"No one can save you" Su Yu's voice was hoarse. It was merciless and brought chills to those who heard it.

"Diabolic Sword! Kill!"

The second guard dropped dead.

"Diabolic Sword! Kill!"

The third guard dropped dead.

In the blink of an eye, three Level Six guards were brutally murdered.

All that was left was the First Prince, who fearfully retreated.

The scene was strikingly similar to their previous confrontation in the Xianyu prefecture.

Green robed guards fell one by one to Su Yu's Diabolic Sword, until even the Second Royal Prince was executed.

The influential First Prince now faced the same fate.

The Fiery Minister was livid. Su Yu had crippled his disciple, disregarded his punishment, and had now killed in his presence. Did he have no regard for the Minister of the Sanctuary?

"You all deserve death! Why have you all not attacked him yet?" The Fiery Minister angrily slammed his hand on the table, his expression merciless.

But the twelve inspectors hesitated. Some stroked their noses, others looked aroundbut, no one attacked.

It was clear that the Fiery Minister's actions had displeased the inspectors.

Did the Minister believe he had the right to disregard Du Yuntian's clearly muderous actions, simply because he was his disciple? Then, after ignoring such obvious offenses, suddenly punish Su Yu for a similar crime?

The twelve inspectors felt the angry stares of countless members of the audience; the reputation of the Sanctuary had been ruined by the Fiery Minister.

There was one inspector amongst them, however, who attacked without hesitation.


Each of the inspectors were at least Level Seven, their abilities were no laughing matter.

The attacking inspector was fast as lightning.

In the blink of an eye, a tall figure appeared in front of the First Prince.

Fang Yun! Fang Yun of the Xianyu prefecture martial arts training institute!

His eyes sought justice. "Insolence, murderer. You killed in the presence of many. I, as an inspector, have to get rid of you." Fang Yun scolded. In truth, Fang Yun had other motives for killing Su Yu; he could not let the people of the Sanctuary know that it was him who had chased Su Yu out of the martial arts training instituteor he would definitely face punishment.

Also, it was not guaranteed that Su Yu would not seek revenge on him in the future. It was better to use this opportunity to kill him now, just as he had tried to in the arena of the Golden Assessment back in the martial arts training institute.


Fang Yun's strike was decisive. A stream of vital energy gathered at his fingertip, sharp and piercing, as he attempted to pierce a hole through Su Yu.

A Level Seven could kill a Level Five with a flick of his finger.

The power of the vital energy was immense. Under normal circumstances, even people at the peak of Level Six have simply accepted their fate.

But, Su Yu's blood red eyes were oddly calm.

He had remembered this attack, this image of Fang Yun; the Duke of Xianyu had saved him back then when Fang Yun had tried to kill him with his vital energy.

Su Yu was overcome with a sense of dj vu. Today, that scene was reenactedthe Duke was dead, though, and Su Yu was much, much stronger.

"Those who block me shall die!" There was no light in Su Yu's eyes. Purple flames danced on his fists as he struck outward.

Rumble, crash


Thud, thud, thud

Fang Yun let out a groan and retreated. His finger was in great pain. A purple flame burned on his fingertips.


Hurriedly, Fang Yun transferred vital energy to extinguish the remnants of the thunder flare.

What a powerful thunder flare! The rest of the twelve inspectors were secretly shocked.

Fang Yun was utterly shocked. Since when had Su Yu been able to match his blows? In the past he was but an ant, a simple student.

"You stubbornly resist! A heavier crime!" Fang Yun let out an angry howl, a mixture of anger and shame. He had been bested by a youth in front of such a massive audience!

The First Prince's fear was allayed. With Fang Yun stopping Su Yu, he felt completely relieved. A show of hatred flashed in his eyes.

The only person who had made him feel so wretched in his entire life was Su Yu!

"Haha! What can you do against me, the First Prince?" The First Prince stood at the exit of the arena, turned his head, and coldly laughed. "I'll not stop at killing the Duke of Xianyu. I will exterminate Qin Xianer and the rest of your family!"

Su Yu's blood-red eyes were calm, his voice deep and hoarse, "You think you can live past today?

"I told you. No one can save you, not even the heavens." Su Yu's words were composedyet, they pierced the soul of the First Prince, and lingered in the air of the arena.

Fang Yun let out an angry laugh. "Die!"

"Space! Time! Manipulation!" The pupils in Su Yu's blood-red eyes flashed with previously unseen brilliance.

Time froze.

Fang Yun was furious; his palm slowly made its way toward Su Yu.

The audience's dazed expressions gradually changed.

The flow of air became slow and heavy.

Though accurately speaking, everyone had not slowed downit was simply Su Yu, who had entered a faster spacetime.

With the cleansing of two drops of red spirit serum, he could cause time around him to double in speed, even when he was in a heated battle.


He stepped forward and sprinted toward the First Prince.


Fang Yun struck with his palm but hit only air; he was lucky that he did not fall.

What happened? Su Yu had vanished?

Fang Yun noticed the movement behind him and his expression immediately changed.

In that short moment, Su Yu had moved in front of the First Prince!

The First Princestill unawarehad that villainous smile on his face. He had only deciphered a blur, and suddenly another figure stood in front of him. A pair of blood-red eyes were but an inch away from him.

At such a close distance, every breath was audible.

"Ah!!! You're a ghost!" The First Prince was severely frightened, his face turned white as a sheet.


The First Prince quickly felt for the jade pendant at his chest. If he crushed it, he could let out a blow equivalent to a peak of Level Seven.

But, his hand was quickly neutralized.

"No one can save you!" Su Yu's cold eyes harbored limitless hatred.

It was the First Prince who had destroyed Su Yu's family. He had caused Xianer to go into exile in a faraway place, unknown to Su Yu. The Duke was executed, the inhabitants of the manor depressed and defeatedall because of the First Prince.

"Stop!" The Fiery Minister was furious.

It did not matter if he killed anyone elsebut to kill a member of the royal family in front of him, his reputation would surely be destroyed.

Su Yu disregarded the words and clasped onto the First Prince's neck with his palm.

The First Prince's eyes widened, his expression frightened. He felt a terror, unlike anything he had felt before.

"SuYu, release me, I was wrong"

The Royal First Prince was at the mercy of Su Yu.

His heart was filled with regret. Framing the Duke of Xianyu had been the most unpardonable mistake of his life.

Su Yu's blood-red eyes possessed no pity. He mercilessly shook his head, his voice hoarse and sad. "it's too late, the duke is dead. You shall pay with your life!"

"No." The First Prince let out a roar of injustice.


At the next moment, Su Yu had ripped off the First Prince's head, and held it in his hand.

The crowd gasped, completely shocked.

Su Yu had ripped off the First Prince's head in front of the empire.

The crowd was absorbed in the scene.

Su Yu carried the head of the First Prince and walked to the head of the Duke of Xianyu. He placed the bloody head of the First Prince in front of the Duke's.


Su Yu knelt. His action was felt by every member of the crowd.

He placed both hands on the ground and deeply kowtowed.

This kowtow caused many hearts to tremble. It was as if time stopped at this moment, and the heavens wept alongside Su Yu.

"Father, I have come too late!" The sad, trembling voice reverberated around the arena.

Su Yu had entered the Holy Meet, not for fame or shock, not for prestige and honor, but to seek revenge for his benefactor.

Countless people had respect for Su Yu.

Even the high and mighty twelve inspectors were silent and respectful.

The purple figure kneeling on the ground was imprinted in the minds of many.

Countless years later, they would still remember the frighteningly talented youth who had appeared at the Holy Meet and defeated everyone in the empire with nine straight victoriesbefore abandoning all honor in order to kneel in front of his benefactor's corpse.

This prayer would forever be in the hearts of many.

Fang Yun was dazed for a moment, but his eyes regained a cold expression.

"Insolence, murderer! Killing a member of the royal family is a crime that warrants death! Hargh!"

Su Yu slowly lifted his head, and pitifully laughed. "Father! You have seen me defeat everyone in the martial arts training institute in the past. Today, please continue to witness my fight to the death!"

His great revenge was over. If the people of the Sanctuary did not want him alive, then he would kill. He would flip the Sanctuary over.

"Kill!" Su Yu suddenly stood up, purple thunder flares enveloped his fists.

His limitless killing intent pierced through the heavens and spread across the clouds.