The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 611

Chapter 611 A Mysterious Palm Print

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What appeared before Su Yu’s eyes wasn’t the continent that he expected, but a giant palm print. More specifically, it was an outrageously tremendous palm print!

The blue star was engulfed in a thick fog, and the continents took just a tenth of its scope. The shape of the continent wasn’t like the ones in his previous world, the Earth, but it was in the shape of a palm print.

The hollow of the palm-shaped continent was the place where the Empire of Darkness’ headquarters was situated. As for the four sides of the hollow of the palm, that was where the eastern, southern, western and northern four continents were located.

The Wolong Snowfield, which had existed since ancient times and passed through the northern continent, as well as the territories of the Hundred Territories Alliance, Phoenix Cabinet and the Snow Listening Tower all unexpectedly took up just one of the palm’s vein lines.

As for its four fingers, they were all engulfed by the sea, but only a small portion of them were revealed. The revealed parts were mostly scattered and boundless islands. In fact, Shenyue Island was just a small island at the tip of the index finger.

Such a shocking scene thoroughly astounded Su Yu. His Zhenlong Continent was unexpectedly just an outrageously tremendous palm print.

The former Zhenlong Continent shouldn’t have been in such bad shape. It had only become like this because it had been slapped by some mysterious palm. He suddenly thought of the countless similar palm prints that he witnessed on Shenyue Island, so he immediately associated it with them.

Countless prosperous and flourishing civilizations had been destroyed by such a palm print. Su Yu wondered…

Was the Zhenlong Continent also once destroyed by a palm print?

Who did it? Who had such outrageous power?

The answers to these question were quite obvious. Only an All Creation Realm old monster had such terrifying power.

The shocked Su Yu, who still had many unanswered questions, was suddenly pulled down by the silver light beam. He fell and landed on the Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

As he landed, dust rose up and scattered everywhere, and while Su Yu waved his sleeves at it, he suddenly noticed that something was amiss. It wasn’t strange that there wasn’t anyone here, as he had returned late, but the fact that the stage was covered in dust was very eerie. It was as if no one had stepped upon it for more than two years!

Was there a difference in the speed of time? As Su Yu was proficient in time power, he quickly understood such a strange phenomenon.

“I didn’t expect that the difference in the elapse of time between the two realms was more than ten folds!” Su Yu involuntarily muttered. “In this case, I have already been gone from the Zhenlong Continent for more than two years!”

Su Yu felt like he had been separated from the world for a whole generation! Su Yu got lost in thought…

The Vital Energy that I left for Palace Master Ling was enough to keep him alive for just a half year, and now that two years have passed, doesn’t this mean that..

Su Yu suddenly came back to his senses, while his heart immediately tightened. He then tapped the ground with the tip of his feet and went through the teleportation gate to return to the outside world.

After teleporting, he found himself on a vast and spacious mountain summit, and when he looked down from it, he had a panoramic view of the mountains and rivers around him. Su Yu didn’t have time to properly enjoy such a sight, and when he wanted to fly away, the sound of a jade ornament rang in his ears.

He was startled by it, so he lowered his head and looked in the direction of the noise. He immediately saw that a jade ornament had been placed at the summit, and once it had sensed the aura of a human, it had started ringing!

He grabbed it, and crushed it. Suddenly, a fog seeped out of it, which then formed the image of a fairy-like beautiful woman!

Xia Jingyu? Did you leave this? Su Yu was quite surprised. He then heard a female voice, as if it was coming from the ornament.

“Su Yu, if you found the message that I left, then quickly leave and look for a place to hide! Don’t show yourself, as the Zhenlong Continent has already fallen into the enemies’ hands…” Her speech suddenly stopped, as it was engulfed by frantic laughter.

He then heard the voice say, “Quickly chase after this woman, as she unexpectedly dared to come back! Hahaha, we will have fun tonight!”


The jade ornament finally completely shattered in his hand, and Su Yu’s heart couldn’t help but tighten. He had clearly seen that someone was chasing Xia Jingyu!

What happened? Who in the Zhenlong Continent would dare to brazenly oppose the Darkness Lord?

And, what did she mean? What is this matter about the Zhenlong Continent’s falling into enemies’ hands? And, how is Xia Jingyu doing now? Had she been caught?

Su Yu, who just came back to his senses, was instantly engulfed with worries. Su Yu suddenly recalled the warning that the Ghost King had given him before he left, when he had asked him to quickly leave the Zhenlong Continent, as he would be in danger if he tarried!

Did he know that the Zhenlong Continent would face some great danger?

Su Yu became even more nervous, so he flew into the air and went towards the place where Xia Jingyu’s image in the jade ornament had fled.

“I hope that I can still make it in time,” Su Yu mumbled, his expression ice-cold.

With Su Yu’s cultivation, he could cross millions of mountains in just several seconds. As he had already been pursuing her for several hours, he had crossed more than ten million miles! He knew that such a blind search was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but he had to at least try!


The noise of people fighting, along with a woman’s sweet shouts, entered his ear suddenly. He found the woman’s voice somewhat familiar, but it was somewhat indistinct, not clear enough for him to pinpoint who it belonged to.

Was that Xia Jingyu? Su Yu decisively flew towards the voice.

“Haha, such a sealed and desolate land like the Zhenlong Continent unexpectedly still has some two goods within it! That’s not too bad!” A few men were standing in a group, two of whom were acquaintances of Su Yu.

One of the two men was Gang Dalei, who had just returned from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion five days ago. The other one was the only woman in the group, Zi Yunxiang.

In the two years that he hadn’t seen her, Zi Yunxiang’s cultivation had broken through the Dragon Realm and entered into the Heaven Master Realm. Such a swift and quick advancement truly astounded and surprised Su Yu.

The cultivation of the other three people was almost the same as hers, as they were in the Heaven Master Realm. Currently, it seemed like they were carrying out some tasks under Gang Dalei’s leadership.

“Hehehe, when you mentioned ‘two goods’, were you talking about their talent?” The other man, who was clad in white armor, smiled evilly and fixedly stared at Zi Yunxiang.

“It’s obvious that I’m talking about the women’s looks, and although this last woman was inferior to the one we chased last time, she’s still not bad. We let the other woman escape, so we mustn’t miss this one! In fact, we should properly enjoy tonight, so that our patrol of this place doesn’t end without a good harvest.” The armored man, who spoke first, chuckled.

“Alright, let’s take care of their leader before discussing it, a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert like him can be considered as one of the Zhenlong Continent apex young experts, but it’s a pity that he had run into us.” one of the two youngsters said. The pair then glanced at each other before they coordinately attacked him at the same time.

“Zi Yunxiang, take them along with you and flee. I will block them for you.” Gang Dalei tore his upper body robe, then revealed his hideous-looking flood dragon’s head.

Such an astounding sight terrified the armored youngsters, and they all stopped what they were doing.

Zi Yunxiang took the opportunity to lead the group and flee. “Follow behind me! After we travel three miles, we must then separate and flee in different directions. After all, they are really after me alone.”

She was quite decisive, as she knew that with her meager power, she wouldn’t be able to help Gang Dalei. Instead, she would just cause him to lose his opportunity to escape because he would be concerned about her.

However, she clearly knew that Gang Dalei’s chances of successfully escaping were near zero. This was because he had just broken through to the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm, so facing the join assault of two Half Fairy Realm experts did not bode well for him.


In accordance with her guesses, an intense fluctuation spread from behind her. She could vaguely hear Gang Dalei’s pained coughing.

“You truly scared me, what kind of freak are you?” one of the two armored youngsters asked, then joined hands with the other one. The pair then slapped Gang Dalei down onto the ground, which caused a big crater to appear. Gang Dalei, who was coughing blood from his mouth, was filled with hatred.

“Eh, he’s even weaker than I expected. I will go to catch that woman, then kill the rest of them. I will leave this freak to you,” one of the armored youngsters confidently said.

“Fine. You mustn’t let her slip by this time. I want to embrace a beautiful woman tonight and have some fun.” The other armored youngster’s gaze fell upon the fleeing Zi Yunxiang’s back.

She had a lovely slim body, and she was as beautiful as a butterfly. Although she was frantically fleeing, her natural grace and charm couldn’t be hidden.

Even though such a woman wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, she was still a rare and charming woman, so it would be a marvelous experience to have her under you and listen to her lovable moans!

Beauty, you are truly making my heart itch for you. I must surely take care of you tonight.


The armored youngster turned into a breeze of wind, and moving as fast as lightning, he chased after her, instantly overtaking her. Zi Yunxiang’s face was filled with anger and shame, and despair welled up in her heart. She wondered if she would really have to endure such humiliation before her death.

When the youngster excitedly extended his hand to her, a pink fog appeared before him. Suddenly, a yawning small kylin walked out of the pink fog, while swaying.

It had pinks scales and exquisite small horns. It seemed quite lovable. It also seemed like it had just woken up, and its gem-like beautiful purple eyes were confusedly looking at the youngster.

The armored youngster was stunned, as he was wondering where this demonic beast came from! The youngster, who still was yet to come back to his senses, felt the world before him darkening as the small kylin instantly flung its hoof at him and stamped his face.

“Ahh!” A miserable shriek rang out, while the youngster immediately spouted a large amount of blood and two of his teeth fell out!

His body rolled on the ground, writhing back and forth in pain. After the small kylin flung its hoof at him, it had immediately turned into its illusory state, so all of the recoil force of their collision hadn’t affected it at all.

As the small kylin yawned lazily, it felt like it was still dreaming. After it swept its gaze over its surroundings and discovered Zi Yunxiang, it ran towards her and pounced at her bosom, then started rubbing its head against her ample chest.

Zi Yunxiang quickly extended her hand and embraced it. The small kylin yawned several times before it laid fully on her bosom. Zi Yunxiang, who was still confused, just blankly stood in her place.

Where did this mysterious demonic beast come from? It was quite amazing, and it could fling away a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert with just a wave of its hoof!

“Where did this mysterious demonic beast come from?” The armored youngster was quite infuriated, and without turning his head back, he loudly shouted, “Big brother, why have you not taken care of that trash? There is a thorny demonic beast here, so quickly come over and help out.”

A calm voice immediately transmitted from behind him in response, “Don’t worry. I already brought him here for you.”

The armored youngster was startled, and his expression gravely changed. There was unexpectedly a person behind him, yet he hadn’t detected him at all.

As the armored youngster turned to look at him, he was almost frightened stiff. He saw a handsome youth, who had silver hair, calmly standing where he had been just a moment ago.

He was holding a person in each of his hands, one of them was the injured Gang Dalei, and the other was his companion, whose eyes were filled with shock. Neither dared to move an inch.