The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Fallen Continent

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“Su… Su… Yu!” Zi Yunxiang’s body was shaking as she released the little kylin with both hands.

She covered her mouth and her face as she cried out. Her pupils glistened with surprise as she looked on in disbelief.

Ever since Yin Yu was taken away by Lord Shen Ying from the Phoenix Cabinet, he had disappeared without a trace. Rumors spread, saying that he had died during the battle with the Fairies.

There had been no news of him for two whole years. Now, he had suddenly appeared before her eyes. Zi Yunxiang was crying happy tears.


The little kylin fell onto the ground as she released it. All of a sudden, it cried out in pain. It rubbed its sore butt with its tiny hoof, then climbed up with a pout. It then shook its hooves at Zi Yunxiang.

The fall had woken it up completely. With a single leap, it jumped onto Su Yu’s shoulder, while still staring angrily at Zi Yunxiang.

“Ah, this is your spirit pet. I am sorry.” Zi Yunxiang was surprised by the little beast’s spiritual intelligence. Her face was flushed with embarrassment for having flung it down just now.

Only then did the little kylin snort with its nose. It waved its hoof as if to say it was alright.

Its gestures made Zi Yunxiang laugh out loud. This little beast was very unique.

As they spoke, the armored young man who had not been suppressed rolled his eyes as he retrieved a long sword. He placed the sword’s blade against Zi Yunxiang’s neck in an attempt to use her as hostage.

Zi Yunxiang was surprised and tried to slip away. However, she could not be faster than a two crystal Half Fairy!

“Did I say you could move?” the young man yelled coolly from behind her. A flash of golden light appeared before the young man’s arm, then encircled it.


The armored young man’s arm suddenly fell to the ground! The sword fell to the ground along with his arm. He had been attacked by the sword energy! A pitiful yell could be heard as the young man cried out like a pig being slaughtered.

“You are so noisy! If you shout one more time, I will cut your throat!” Su Yu frowned.

Suddenly, the young man stopped crying out. He covered his arm, which was bleeding endlessly, the pain causing his face to spasm and twitch in agony.

“I will ask, then you will answer. What happened to the lady you were chasing a few days ago? Was she hurt?” Su Yu already had found out earlier that Xia Jingyu had successfully escaped.

As the two looked at each other and hesitated, Su Yu thundered, “The last person to answer me dies!” Su Yu’s tone was cool and his murderous intent was at its peak.

After going through the training in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Su Yu’s murderous heart was far greater than before. Whether he was affected by the evil energy or it was the fact that he had killed too many people, but he had begun to view people’s lives as meaningless.

Hearing this, the two armored young man started mumbling at the same time. “Wait, we will speak!”

“She did escape! She had some injuries, but they were not serious!” one of the two young man reported.

Zi Yunxiang was stunned. “Su Yu, are you asking about the Empire of Darkness’ Lord Yi Yu?”

“How do you know about her? Where is she now?” Su Yu asked in a hurry.

Zi Yunxiang stared at the two young men coldly. “They are lying to you! Lord Yi Yu was severely injured and is still unconscious. Undead Phoenix Master is still trying to save her. She initially accompanied us to return to the Heavenly Law Alliance, but for some reason, she changed her mind at the last minute. She went towards the danger zone on her own. When we discovered her, she was nearly dead!”

Hearing this, the two armored young men’s faces turned white!

“Knocked unconscious!” Su Yu’s voice sounded frighteningly cold, even to his own ears.

As he gazed over at the two men, Su Yu’s killing intent exploded. A formless white flame flashed by, instantly burning the two men’s souls into ashes. They did not even have the chance to cry out in pain, as they both died immediately!


Tossing away the two dead bodies, Su Yu hurried along. “Let us go. Bring me to her!”

Xia Jingyu had returned to warn him. She knew it was dangerous, and yet she purposefully came back to leave a message for Su Yu.

Su Yu’s heart bled when he discovered this. He felt like what he owed Xia Jingyu could never be repaid in this lifetime.

A woman’s intuition told Zi Yunxiang that the relationship between Su Yu and Lord Yi Yu was much more than a friendship. This made Zi Yunxiang slightly uncomfortable and she her chest tighten. “Alright.”

On their way, Gang Dalei was healing himself, so she started to feel much better. Seeing how Su Yu’s brows were furrowed, he tried to comfort him. “Su Yu, do not worry. The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master is the continent’s number one elixir manufacturing master. He has a great understanding of the healing techniques. Lord Yi Yu will be fine.”

Su Yu’s heart could only care about Xia Jingyu’s safety. He nodded. “Yes, I hope so.”

“Dalei, how is Ling Xiaotian? I have been away for two years and was not able to maintain the Vital Energy. He is now…” Su Yu now had another concern in his heart.

Hearing this, Gang Dalei’s facial expression froze. He was surprised. “Have we met before? How do you know my name? Moreover, what is the relationship between you and Ling Xiaotian? How did you know Ling Xiaotian was here with us? He was brought here by Black Snow Devil King…”

Hold on a second!

Gang Dalei and Zi Yunxiang simultaneously froze and looked towards Su Yu in shock! Since Su Yu had disappeared, an infuriated Black Snow Devil King had appeared out of nowhere!

Thereafter, Black Snow Devil King entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion for more than two years. During that exact time period, Su Yu had disappeared and even cultivated mysterious capabilities!

Could Black Snow Devil King actually be Su Yu?

“Yes, it is me. Back then, the name Su Yu was criminalized. In order to move around conveniently, I changed my appearance and pretended to be Black Snow Devil Prince. I was not able to tell you the truth. I hope you can forgive me.” Su Yu apologized, especially to Zi Yunxiang, as he could tell my her face that his disappearance had affected her greatly.

Gang Dalei was stunned speechless. “My Brother Black Snow is the number one genius in the north continent, Yin Yu? I would never have imagined it! I think nobody in the entire Zhenlong Continent could have dreamed that Su Yu did not actually disappear, but was disguised as Black Snow Devil King this whole time. You even walked among us all this time!”

Zi Yunxiang was filled with dissatisfaction. Back then, when she found out that Su Yu had died in the Fairy battle, she fainted on the spot. For several months after that, she could not get over it. What made her angrier was the fact that Black Snow Devil Prince had personally been to the Heavenly Law Alliance, but did not try to find her.

Sensing the two different emotions coming from the two of them, Su Yu remained silent. There were many things he could not explain.

Now that he had increased his capabilities tremendously, the people capable of threatening him within the Zhenlong Continent had grown less and less. So, he no longer worried about affecting the people around him. In other words, Su Yu did not need to hide his status anymore.

“Wait a second! When the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion ended, you never appeared. We all thought that you had…” Gang Dalei’s voice trailed off.

Su Yu said coolly, “There was an accident. I had to stay back for half a day. That is all there is to it.”

Gang Dalei only believed him half-heartedly.

“Can either of you tell me what happened in the Zhenlong Continent? Who were those two men earlier? When did two unfamiliar two crystal Half Fairies appear in the Zhenlong Continent? Has the Zhenlong Continent really fallen?” Su Yu asked.

Hearing his many questions, the two’s joy of reuniting with Su Yu quickly faded away. In its place were their two frowning faces.

“Su Yu… The Zhenlong Continent is no more.” Gang Dalei hesitated for a long while before speaking in a dangerously low tone.

Zi Yunxiang’s eyes filled with sadness. “In the two years that you were gone, many things happened in the Zhenlong Continent. It is no longer the same as it was before. You can sense for yourself, as even the air in this place carries the sad stench of change.”

The air? When Su Yu first returned to the Zhenlong Continent, he was so worried about Xia Jingyu’s safety that he did not pay any attention to the difference in the air quality.

Now that Su Yu paid attention to it, he was stunned. “Eh? What happened? The air in our Zhenlong Continent seems to have a slight increase in the concentration of spiritual energy.”

Gang Dalei replied, “It is not a slight increase. It is a ten-fold increase in concentration! My reaction was the same as yours. I did not notice the change in the spiritual energy at first. That is because we were both used to the dense spiritual energy in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Therefore, we were not immediately aware of the change in the spiritual energy in the Zhenlong Continent.”

Zi Yunxiang touched her chin, which was as white as snow. “Yes, it is a ten-fold increase. That was the reason why the geniuses in the Zhenlong Continent were able to obtain cultivation opportunities that were never before available to them. I was even able to become a Heaven Master in two short years because of this. It all began two years ago, when there was a change in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.”

A change in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds? Su Yu’s heart leapt.

If one talked about the most mysterious place in the Zhenlong Continent, it would be the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Back then, a frightening dragon tail appeared in the swamp. The seal of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was broken, allowing Sheng Ge to escape into the skies.

That black colored swamp was a mysterious place that Su Yu could not forget to this day…

“When the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was first started, the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds also suddenly opened! When this happened, Elder Jiu and the others were all at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage and could not make it back in time. So, the strong martial artists of the Heavenly Law Alliance made their move, entering it to investigate what had happened,” Zi Yunxiang said.

She then added, “However, the first group of strong martial artists who entered all died. Only the leader, Fu Cangsan, came back alive. He said that a large number of unknown strong martial artists had appeared in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, and that within it, the City of Crime was empty. Everyone had disappeared without a trace! Thereafter, they were attacked by a large group of unfamiliar Half Fairies!”

He eyes were wide as she concluded her part of the story, “Nearly the entire army was killed! Fu Cangsan was lucky enough to escape, then led everyone else who had survived out of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.”

As Zi Yunxiang paused, Gang Dalei continued where she had left off. “That is not the end of the story! When my master received the news about the change in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, he immediately rushed over in hopes of sealing it again. However, three strong Fairies appeared all of a sudden! Each of them was a fifth grade Fairy!”

He took a breath, then concluded the story with wide eyes. “My master fought against them on his own, and in the end, he was defeated and had to turn back. He only had time to take some important items with him. These included Ling Xiaotian and the Dragon Coffin. Thereafter, he retreated to the continent with a group of elder strong martial artists!”

Hearing this, Su Yu was slightly relieved.

But, apparently he wasn’t done talking, as he said, “From then on, strong martial artists continuously came from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, gathering in large numbers. Our Zhenlong Continent martial artists had tried many times to fight back with our formations in hopes of pushing them back. However, their Fairies only increased in number! The final report from our Zhenlong Continent martial artists observed that they had more than thirty Fairies among them!”

He took a breath, then continued. “The Zhenlong Continent martial artists were either heavily injured or killed. Heavenly Law Alliance Master Long Juexin was also severely injured. He is still recovering from his wounds to this day. The number of fallen was countless on both sides. This is the most devastating defeat in the history of the Zhenlong Continent! This was also the final time we grouped together to fight against them.”

He then added, “After half a year, the Zhenlong Continent’s greatest disaster occurred! The strong martial artists from the different world charged in and took over the north continent, including the Snow Listening Tower, the Phoenix Cabinet, and the Hundred Territories Alliance. All of these large forces were occupied overnight!”

His eyes were as big as saucers now. “Thereafter, they conquered the east continent, the south continent, and the west continent! In fact, except for the middle continent, where the Empire of Darkness had set up a protected area and forcefully held them off, the rest of the regions had already fallen!”

hapter 612: Entering The Heavenly Law Alliance

Su Yu was quite shocked by what he had just heard. The Zhenlong Continent unexpectedly went through such drastic changes in just two years. The continent was invaded and occupied by some other world.

“Then, doesn’t this mean that even a part of the Empire of Darkness, which is in the northern continent, was occupied by them?” Su Yu was quite worried about his Yinyu Area.

When Zi Yunxiang heard him, she nodded. “Eh, it’s already occupied, and apart from some sharp-witted people who managed to escape early on, almost all of its residents were confined there. Such a change happened so abruptly, the continent was occupied in just one night.”

“How did they treat the people in the territories that they occupied?” Su Yu’s heart tightened.

Zi Yunxiang,’s expression became somewhat ice-cold. “They didn’t commit any large-scale massacre, but from those two people’s actions, you can obviously tell that they are treating the Zhenlong Continent’s people like livestock. They kill, loot, and rape as they wish, and they don’t stop at anything. Although the lives of the people in the occupied territories aren’t in danger, they can’t avoid being humiliated, and who knows how many people have been deprived of their wealth or how many people’s wives or daughters have been raped.”

A cold glow shone in Su Yu’s eyes. Those people had extremely terrifying powers and talents, and they all had superiority complexes in the face of the Zhenlong Continent’s people. They were all indulging in their darkest desires while they were in the Zhenlong Continent, committing all kinds of evil and wicked deeds.

“All of the people who managed to escape hid in the wilderness or entered into the boundless sea. Some were even sheltered by our Heavenly Law Alliance. Apart from that, all of the other places in the Zhenlong Continent turned into hells on earth.” Zi Yunxiang clenched her fists.

Such a disaster had abruptly descended down upon them, and it was so intense, the Zhenlong Continent had already fallen into the enemies’ hands.

“The Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship is hiding, and our five-person group is one of the patrolling teams. The warship is stopping for a rest now, and we need to reinforce the surrounding security, but who would expect that, after we left the warship for just a short while, we would run into two Half Fairy Realm experts? We must quickly go back and notify them! We mustn’t stay here any longer,” said Gang Dalei.

Su Yu nodded at him, while his gaze drifted between Gang Dalei and Zi Yunxiang. He then spoke in meaningful tone, “The geniuses sheltered by the Heavenly Law Alliance shouldn’t be just the two of you?”

He was asking trying to figure out the status of these two youngsters. One of them was the disciple of one of the Zhenlong Continent’s three great Fairy experts, the elder Jiu. The other one was the daughter of one of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders, Zi Donglai.

Their status was many times higher than that of ordinary geniuses, so he wondered why they had been sent to execute such a dangerous mission. Moreover, why had no one been sent with them to protect them?

Su Yu immediately noticed many doubtful points regarding their situation. Both of their expressions became unsightly when they heard his question.

Gang Dalei bitterly laughed. “My teacher was sheltered by the Heavenly Law Alliance, and since we are living under their roofs, how could we not lower our heads to them?”

Wait, it wasn’t strange that Gang Dalei was being sheltered by them, but why would someone like the elder Jiu need to be sheltered?

“Four days ago, my teacher’s tribulation descended upon him, and although I brought a Thunder Herb for him, for some unknown reason, this time tribulation lightning was many times more terrifying and powerful than I expected, so my teacher was heavily injured by it. In fact, he’s still in a comatose state now.”

He took a breath, then continued. “He was being nursed by Undead Phoenix Master, but what was even more terrible was that, since he failed in passing his first tribulation, his second tribulation will descend down in the next few days! As he is still unconscious, what do you think his fate will be while facing the second lightning tribulation?”

Most likely, he would probably be turned into a puff of smoke by it! As such, the elder Jiu’s fate was clear and obvious.

He was now just an old man who would shortly die. So, it wasn’t unreasonable that his disciple suffered from such treatment. But, arranging such a mission for him was still somewhat too vicious.

The elder Jiu hadn’t died, yet they were treating his disciple in such an abhorrent way. One had to wonder how the elder Jiu could die peacefully die while his disciple was stuck in such an awful situation…

“And, what about you? Is the Housemaster Zi also heavily injured?” asked Su Yu.

Zi Yunxiang softly sighed. “That isn’t the case. Besides, how can my father be compared to elder Jiu? The power structure in the Heavenly Law Alliance has experienced some changes, and my father was crowded out by them, so he was deprived of his status as an elder. Then, Fu Cangshan’s grandson was recently sheltered by the alliance, and he took a fancy to me and wanted me to become his concubine. But, since I wasn’t willing to do that, I was sent to carry out this dangerous mission.”

“Who’s Fu Cangshan?” It wasn’t the first time that Su Yu had heard this name. He had been first person to enter into the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds to investigate it. He had actually managed to come back alive by a fluke!

“You should have already heard his name,” said Zi Yunxiang. “The Northern Extreme Sword Saint Zhao Wuji, the Undead Phoenix Master Qiu Ningshui, and the Snow Gazing Reverend Fu Cangshan were all elders of the Heavenly Law Alliance, which came from the northern continent.”

When he heard her explanation, Su Yu finally understood. He had once heard about these people. The Northern Extreme Sword Saint came from the Hundred Territories Alliance, while Undead Phoenix Master Qiu Ningshui came from the Phoenix Cabinet. The Snow Gazing Reverend Fu Cangshan came from the Snow Listening Tower. Now that they had been mentioned, he recalled that the Snow Listening Tower’s Master was particularly awful.

“All of the people in the Snow Listening Tower are just scoundrels, and they even use such cheap ways to force someone to marry them!” Su Yu disdainfully snorted.

“You should absolutely not say such words in the Heavenly Law Alliance! Fu Cangshan’s cultivation has greatly advanced, and he’s now already at the peak of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm. He may even pass his tribulation at any moment, and his strength has already surpassed the Alliance Master Long’s!”

He then added, “The Alliance Master Long was heavily injured in the fight within the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, and it was only because of Undead Phoenix Master’s help that he manages to survive. Fu Cangshan’s current authority and influence is quite great, and it was only because he wanted to promote his trusted aid to the role of elder that my father was deprived of his duty as an elder. This was okayed because the current Heavenly Law Alliance is vastly different than the past one.”

It seemed like the master of the Heavenly Law Alliance had indeed changed. After he left for two years, the power structure of many of the factions had become quite complex.

“Be at ease. I understand, and I won’t cause trouble,” Su Yu said. After all, he came to the Heavenly Law Alliance just for Xia Jingyu and Ling Xiaotian, and if his hand wasn’t forced, he would surely not stir up any trouble.

They continued chatting, while they flew towards the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship. What they didn’t know, was that in the place where the two armored youngsters had died, a middle-aged man, who wore a cold expression and blue armor, was coldly looking in the direction from which Su Yu and the other had just left.

The man sneered. “I finally found you…” While he was speaking, a Fairy Realm’s spiritual pressure spread out from within him.

In the Heavenly Law Alliance.

After he got to witness the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship for the second time, there wasn’t any amazement on his face. This was because he had experienced and seen all kinds of great and mysterious warships in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, so the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship were somewhat lacking by comparison.

Moreover, with his eyesight, he could easily make out that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship was just a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, making it barely adequate. After they reached the warship, a light pillar descended upon them, engulfing them and teleporting them inside.

When they landed on it, Su Yu immediately felt a cold and austere air. When he scanned his surroundings, he saw two rows of soldiers, all brimming with killing intent, who were warily looking at them.

It was only after they confirmed that they were from the patrol team that they put their weapons away, then continued sealing the teleportation formation and guarding against any enemies who might use it to intrude into the warship.

“Please inform Alliance Master Long that the tenth patrol team has returned, and that we have some important matters to report back to him.” Gang Dalei instructed a guard, before speaking with Su Yu. “Black Snow, well, Su Yu, I will bring you to see Undead Phoenix Master. She’s currently looking after my teacher and the Lord Yi Yu.”

As Su Yu had come here just for this exact matter, he promptly nodded at him.

Zi Yunxiang said, “Go meet them without me. I need to see my father first. If he knows that you are still alive, he will truly be quite excited and happy.”

“Then, let’s meet after that,” said Su Yu. He then took quick steps as he went to Undead Phoenix Master’s abode.

As Gang Dalei guided him, they directly went to the middle of the warship. There were many elders living there, and the guards who were protecting it were quite strict and rigid. Gang Dalei needed to verify his status three times along the way, and only after they went through three checkpoints did they finally reached the warship’s inner parts.

“As the Heavenly Law Alliance will occasionally suffer the otherworldly experts’ assaults, many battles will then occur, where they all leave heavy casualties behind them. It was because of this that Undead Phoenix Master, who was specialized in alchemy and healing arts, became even more important and critical. This is why she’s heavily guarded and protected.” Gang Dalei explained the situation while they were walking.

He then suddenly raised his brows and shouted, “Hey you! What are you doing here?”

When they turned a corner in a corridor, they discovered that there was a youth, who was wearing magnificent clothes, standing before Undead Phoenix Master’s room. He was stealthily peeping into the room through a crack in the door.

When he heard Gang Dalei’s shout, not only wasn’t he afraid, he even furrowed his brows as he looked at him defiantly. “There isn’t any place in the Heavenly Law Alliance which I am not allowed to enter!”

“I am asking you specifically what you are doing here?” It seemed like Gang Dalei loathed and abhorred this guy!

“That isn’t your business. That old man will shortly die, yet you still dare to be this confident. You are truly lucky that you managed to come back alive.” The magnificently clothed youth was fed up, and he stopped peeping, then coldly snorted before he left in a huff, thoroughly disregarding the guards.

Su Yu revealed a confused look. “Brother Dalei, who is he? it seems like he doesn’t have an ordinary status.”

Gang Dalei disdainfully replied, “What status are you talking about? He’s just relying on the influence of his grandfather, who spoiled him. Oh, that’s right, Miss Zi also mentioned him just a moment ago.”

It was Fu Cangshan’s grandson, who tried to force Zi Yunxiang into marrying him and made troubles for her in secret!

“What was he peeping at?” Su Yu was disgusted by him as well, and when he walked to look from the place where the youth had just stood, his expression turned ice-cold.

From such angle, he could had a clear view of the unconscious Xia Jingyu, who was laying on the bed, which was in the middle of the room. After Gang Dalei came over to him and also looked from that spot, he immediately understood what the lad had been looking at.

“That bast*rd! He dares to have ideas about an unconscious woman!” Gang Dalei was quite infuriated. “He’s truly a shameless scoundrel! If my teacher was awake, I would never have to bear his sh*tty existence!”

“What’s his name?” Su Yu tried to hide the cold glint in his eyes, but killing intent still leaked from them.

Gang Dalei was startled, and he hesitated as he spoke, “Fu Hongxue, but brother, don’t do anything stupid! The Heavenly Law Alliance is the only place where we can survive, and if we want to continue staying here, we must keep the peace with him. So, please don’t stir up trouble, as that kid is extremely ruthless and sinister, so he will surely bear grudges.”

Su Yu calmly nodded at him. “Okay, I understand.” However, Gang Dalei didn’t notice the killing intent that still flickered in Su Yu’s eyes.

After they entered the room, Su Yu immediately looked at Xia Jingyu. She had a beautiful jade-like complexion, and even though she was in a coma, she still seemed like the most beautiful woman in the world.

She was currently laying on the bed, her brows deeply furrowed. It seemed like she was wracked with worries, even in her sleep.

“Jingyu, I came back.” As Su Yu held her hand, their shared warmth touched his heart.

At that moment, Xia Jingyu’s tightly furrowed brows loosened, and she became quite serene and peaceful.