The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Saving Elder Jiu

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Xia Jingyu’s and Su Yu’s hearts remained connected to each other. Holding Xia Jingyu’s hand, Su Yu checked her injuries.

The injuries in her bones and internal organs were gradually recovering, which must have been the work of Undead Phoenix Master. Apart from those things, Su Yu did not discover any other injuries. Why is Xia Jingyu still in a deep slumber?

“Who are you?” As the door was pushed open, a proper middle-aged lady entered. She had just shouted angrily, and her brows were deeply furrowed.

Gang Dalei immediately rushed over. “Elder, it is Black Snow Devil King! He is Black Snow Devil King, yet is also Su Yu!”

“Black Snow Devil King? You are Black Snow Devil King?” Undead Phoenix Master was very surprised by this, and many thoughts started to swirl in her head…

The same Black Snow Devil King who gifted Xianer a high grade divine artifact and lost his sight when his eyes were injured by Heavenly Wrath?

Hold on, Su Yu… Isn’t he the traitor who was criminalized by the Empire of Darkness?

He is actually Black Snow Devil King?

After a while, Undead Phoenix Master finally understood and accepted the truth. “I can’t believe that you kept this from me! I was worried sick! You are Xianer’s fiancé, which explains why you were so protective of her!”

“Unfortunately, Xianer…” Undead Phoenix Master started to say something, but lost her train of thought. Her face looked weak. When she found out that Xianer did not return, her spirits sank.

Su Yu said, “About Xianer, I will explain everything to you later. Dare I ask, Elder, where did you go earlier?”

Undead Phoenix Master was stunned. “Fu Cangsan asked me to go and discuss with him the crafting of healing elixirs. However, when I went, he had locked himself in his chambers. That is why I returned.”

Hearing this, Gang Dalei’s and Su Yu’s facial expressions turned cold.

“Elder, do you know what Su Yu and I saw when we arrived?” Gang Dalei asked her angrily. He then explained what had occurred, from beginning to end.

After hearing what he said, Undead Phoenix Master turned cold and shook with anger. “That b*stard! He dares to imitate Fu Cangsan and trick me into leaving! He wanted to use the opportunity to advance against Lord Yi Yu!” Just thinking about it made Undead Phoenix Master angry beyond reason!

If not for Su Yu and Gang Dalei, who had rushed there in time, he might have already gotten what he wanted! He could have done something regrettable to Xia Jingyu, who was lying helpless in a coma!

It was ironic that Xia Jingyu fought with her life to remain pure and did not fall into the hands of the different tribe, only to have nearly been tainted by her own people! It was shocking that such blasphemy actually happened in the Heavenly Law Alliance!

“Fu Cangsan, what a grandson you have! I will tell this to Alliance Master Long later, then we shall see what reputation you have left!” Undead Phoenix Master was beyond angry.

Su Yu looked much calmer. “Thank you, Elder. However, please do not get involved in this matter! The state of things in the Heavenly Law Alliance is very complicated. You should protect yourself. I will sort things out between myself and Jingyu.”

“Hmph! As a Heavenly Law Alliance Elder, how could I turn a blind eye? Do not worry. Even if I cannot get rid of that young fellow, it would be good to shame Fu Cangsan so that he will teach his grandson better!” Undead Phoenix Master was straightforward, displaying the composure of a proper Phoenix Cabinet’s Master.

Su Yu did not try to stop her. Instead, his attention turned to Xia Jingyu.

Having talked for a bit, Undead Phoenix Master said, “Her injuries have almost recovered completely. For some unknown reason, her consciousness has still not returned! However, there is no need to worry. Her consciousness is slowly returning. She should be awake very soon. You do not need to worry so much.”

Hearing this, Su Yu let out a deep breath.

“Compared to her, Elder Jiu is the one who is in real trouble.” Undead Phoenix Master went over to the next room over, while Su Yu followed her.

When he looked towards the bed, he saw Elder Jiu lying on it. His face had yellowed to the color of fallen leaves. The once vibrant and emotionally expressive Elder Jiu was now a weak and fragile old man.

Gang Dalei sat quietly in front of the bed. Regardless of how hard he tried to stay tough, one could still feel the sorrow that was in his heart at this moment.

After all, it was Elder Jiu was who had disregarded his oddities and brought him up. To him, Elder Jiu was both a master and a father.

Su Yu took a glance at the two together and raised his eyebrow. He could feel the remnant disastrous thunder that was pulsating in Elder Jiu’s body.

His physical body had been severely damaged. His consciousness was also in immense torture due to damages that his physical body had sustained. That was the reason he was still in a coma.

“Elder, is there no suitable healing elixir for him?” Su Yu asked.

Undead Phoenix Master sighed. “There are elixirs. At the end of the day, he has only suffered physical injuries. There are many healing elixirs for him. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that there is remnant disastrous thunder in his body, which is very difficult to deal with. Any external object that entered his body would be destroyed by the disastrous thunder instantly. As such, our medicine is not effective.”

She then added, “We must first eliminate the disastrous thunder before we can heal his injuries. However, the frightening power of the disastrous thunder cannot even be withstood by his Fairy body, much less anyone else! If it were not for my insisting on bringing Elder Jiu here, I am afraid that he would have been cast outside, as no one can handle the disastrous thunder in his body.”

In truth, Undead Phoenix Master still wanted to mention that it did not matter if Elder Jiu woke up, as there was a second wave of Heavenly Disaster coming his way! Even when he was at his peak, Elder Jiu could not withstand the disastrous thunder. So, now that his body was heavily injured, it did not seem possible that he could overcome it.


Gang Dalei suddenly smacked himself on the face. Two drops of tears welled up in his eyes instantly. “It is all my fault! If I had followed his orders to retrieve the thunder-based treasure, this would not have happened. Master would not have been injured to this extent by the disastrous thunder!”

Su Yu felt discomfort in his heart. This was because he had acquired the thunder-based treasure beforehand. However, even if Su Yu had not interfered, Gang Dalei would have been stopped by Yang Yidao. Thus, he would never have had the chance to acquire the treasure regardless.

“Why don’t I give it a try?” Right then, Su Yu suddenly spoke up.

Undead Phoenix Master asked him strangely, “You? What methods do you have?”

Gang Dalei rubbed away his tears, perking up. “Brother Su, if you can save this old fellow, I, Gang Dalei, will do anything for you!”

Su Yu waved his hand. “Do not say such things. The only person who can save him is Undead Phoenix Master. I can only find ways to remove the disastrous thunder from his body.”

“Can you really do that?” As Undead Phoenix Master noticed the confidence in Su Yu’s words, she was surprised.

Su Yu laughed lightly. “Well, by my estimate, I have an eighty percent chance of succeeding. However, I cannot be bothered by anyone during the process. I hope you two can stand guard outside and prevent anyone from entering.”

“Alright! I will leave the old man to you! I will stand guard for you!” Gang Dalei said, then immediately bounded outside with energetic steps. The excitement in his heart could be felt by everyone.

Undead Phoenix Master rolled her eyes in discontent. “You have become much stronger these last two years, as you would even conceal something from me now!” However, she still obeyed and immediately left the room.

Even though she was upset by his secrets, Su Yu’s behavior was only normal. It was not a matter of trust. He was simply being smart.

Su Yu rubbed his nose. If it were a normal technique, he would not have minded their observance. However, some things were not meant to be seen in public.

Su Yu retrieved a jade box that was about the size of his palm. There was a black colored hair that looked like a needle lying in it.

“The Demon’s Hair can definitely lure out the disastrous thunder. However, the demon energy is merciless, and Elder Jiu is still very weak. If the demon energy entered his body, it would only make things worse.” Shaking his head, Su Yu took it away.

Thereafter, he retrieved a five-colored jade object. It was the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

Looking at the evil seal on it, Su Yu shook his head. “This will not work either. It is temporarily sealed and would not absorb the disastrous thunder.”

Finally, Su Yu retrieved a five-colored, beautiful, and soft armor from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

“This is the only thing I can try,” he mumbled. This was the Thunder Herb Armor that Wu Aoyue had spent days and nights crafting. He had not thought that he would use it so soon, but now was as good a time as any!

After placing the armor on Elder Jiu’s chest, the five colors of the Thunder Herb gradually seeped into Elder Jiu’s skin and flesh. The light then spread to every corner of his body. Wherever the five colored light passed through, the destructive disastrous thunder would become absorbed into the armor, as if it was facing its arch nemesis.

Elder Jiu’s complexion seemed to be recovering as the pain decreased. After a short while, Su Yu removed the Thunder Herb. When he squeezed it, a sizzling sound was heard. Su Yu’s finger felt numb after this sizzle, so he quickly removed his hand.

“Aye, the Thunder Herb seems to be able to convert the absorbed disastrous thunder into a defensive effect!” Su Yu had made a surprising discovery.

The eighty-year-old Thunder Herb had an additional effect! Not only could it absorb disastrous thunder, it could even convert it for its own usage as a defensive property! This specialty was something that hadn’t been discovered at the Exchange Festival.

The disastrous thunder must have been very powerful to hurt Elder Jiu this badly. Now that it had been turned into a defensive component in the Thunder Herb Armor, it was very useful! Such an unexpected gain made Su Yu feel very satisfied.

As Elder Jiu had helped him before, Su Yu was willing to help him to get rid of the thunder purely out of goodwill. This additional gain had been completely unexpected!

Outside, Gang Dalei was pacing back and forth as if he had lost his mind. He mumbled to himself unceasingly.

“Elder, how much of the disastrous thunder do you reckon Su Yu will be able to eliminate from Master’s body?” Gang Dalei rubbed his chin.

Seeing how worried he was, Undead Phoenix Master had mixed feelings. She was both amused and angered. “How should I know?”

Gang Dalei was silent. However, the worry in his eyes was clear.

“However, if he is able to get rid of half of it, I can ask Alliance Master Long for help with the other half. Perhaps Void World Senior’s carcass could get rid of the other half!” Undead Phoenix Master said. “I am only worried that Su Yu has underestimated the thunder. Based on his capabilities, it would be difficult to even get rid of one-tenth of that thunder!”

She took a deep breath, thought for a moment, then added, “Forget it! If he can get rid of three-tenths of it, I will settle the rest. I could use the Bypass Pill that I have kept for many years to get rid of two-tenths of the thunder. I will then ask for help from Alliance Master Long.”

Undead Phoenix Master bit her lip. She had clearly given up the hope of bypassing on her own.


The door opened, and Su Yu’s relaxed face appeared. He did not seem tired at all.

Gang Dalei’s heart sank. Did he fail?

“Brother Su, were you able to eliminate half of the disastrous thunder?” Gang Dalei asked urgently.

Su Yu was stunned. Half? If he was removing it, of course he would remove all of it.

Seeing how stunned Su Yu looked, Gang Dalei’s heart sank even further. “Does this mean that you could not even remove four-tenths of it?”

“What are you trying to say?” Su Yu was confused. He looked at Gang Dalei, then at Undead Phoenix Master.

Seeing his confused look, Undead Phoenix Master sighed in her heart. “Su Yu, tell us directly. How much of the disastrous thunder in Elder Jiu’s body did you remove? If you managed to eliminate three-tenths of it, I have methods to get rid of the rest of it. If not…”

Su Yu finally understood, so he said, “Did I not explain myself before removing it? Naturally, I would remove all of the disastrous thunder, not just a part of it.”

Suddenly, Undead Phoenix Master and Gang Dalei showed the same facial expression, like they were seeing a ghost. Even Void World Senior’s carcass was only capable of removing half of it, yet Su Yu had single-handedly removed all of it with ease!

“Let me have a look!” Undead Phoenix Master collected herself and rushed in.

Gang Dalei’s heart was beating wildly as he followed after her. Before he could reach Elder Jiu’s bed, he heard Undead Phoenix Master shouting in surprise. “Oh my god! Where is the disastrous thunder? Su Yu, where is the disastrous thunder? Did you eat it?”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at her. You are the disastrous thunder!

“Let us not waste time. Give the medicine to Elder Jiu quickly. His second Heavenly Disaster is about to arrive. Before then, help his body recover as much as possible,” Su Yu said.

However, his next sentence shocked Gang Dalei and Undead Phoenix Master. “Although, I could help him bypass the Heavenly Disaster. But, if his body is too weak and he gets killed by the disastrous thunder, you would both blame me.”

The two looked at him as if they had just seen a monster. They both stared at Su Yu without blinking their eyes.

“Brother Su, what did you just say?” Gang Dalei could not believe his ears.

A Half Fairy was saying that he could help a Fairy bypass the Heavenly Disaster! If Su Yu had said this earlier, Gang Dalei might have laughed at him dismissively, as it surely would have been a joke.

However, he now looked very serious. From the way he had just removed the disastrous thunder, Su Yu might really have some ultimate technique to conquer the Heavenly Disaster!

Su Yu blinked his eyes. “Helping him to bypass the Heavenly Disaster is within my capabilities. After all, Elder Jiu helped me before. Now, I am returning the favor.”

Within his capabilities… those three simple words fully conveyed Su Yu’s confidence and ability to achieve what he said!

“Tsk, young man, if you can help me to bypass the Heavenly Disaster as well, I will allow you to marry Xianer!” Undead Phoenix Master sucked in a breath of cold air. She realized she could no longer see through the young man.

Su Yu became silent. Why would I need her to allow this?

“When you need help, just ask,” Su Yu finally said.

Undead Phoenix Master was very satisfied. She immediately retrieved the healing elixir and fed it to Elder Jiu. His yellowed face was quickly recovering its normal color.

“Alright, we can finally begin the healing process. Within three days, his injuries should be fully recovered.” Undead Phoenix Master clapped her hands and let out a huge sigh.

Gang Dalei was filled with surprise and joy. He rushed over to give Su Yu a big bearish hug. “Brother Su, thank you! If you need me to do anything for you in the future, you only need to ask!”

Su Yu laughed. Gang Dalei’s personality was unspeakably forthcoming.


Right then, the door opened and a guard came in. “Leader Gang, please go to the main hall with this young man to report what you have discovered.”

Undead Phoenix Master turned serious. “Just in time. I would like to see how Fu Cangsan will deal with this humiliation!”

However, Su Yu stopped her and said thoughtfully, “Elder, I would sincerely like to ask for your help with something…”

A coldness filled Su Yu’s eyes, which were flashing brightly.