The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 615

Chapter 615 An Elder Stern Criticism

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In the past, the Heavenly Law Alliance would always appear when the world was in danger. It would then protect the talented youngsters in order to provide the human race with an opportunity to rise up in the future. In this way, they were ensuring the next generation of new apex experts.

The Heavenly Law Alliance was always fighting for the world’s well-being. As such, it was the last fort of the human race.

When alien-people invaded the continent and caused great turmoil, it was the Heavenly Law Alliance that sheltered all of the young experts. Such altruism led all of the people to respect the Alliance.

Even Undead Phoenix Master, Zi Donglai, and Lin Yunhe were all willing to hold offices in it, despite their having already retired. They did this because they all respected the Alliance’s motto of selflessness and nobleness.

Even Su Yu himself greatly respected it, and although he had some conflicts with it in the past, it still didn’t hinder him from revering the institution. After all, there were very few organizations who wouldn’t work solely for fame and benefits. The Alliance, on the other hand, focused only on the continent’s bright future.

Even a faction as powerful as the Empire of Darkness, or just some random weak nobody, would still not sacrifice themselves for the continent. As such, the Alliance symbolized the greatest form of righteousness to man people.

“Brother Su Yu, you don’t need to be this nervous, we will just report the dangers that we ran into. We just need to speak plainly, without mincing words, and as many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders have honest and modest characters, they won’t deliberately cause any trouble for you.” When Gang Dalei saw that a solemn expression appeared on Su Yu’s face, he misunderstood it for nervousness.

Su Yu just faintly smiled at him in response. He wasn’t nervous, even when he was facing three Fairy Realm experts alone, much less now, when he was only facing Half Fairy Ream experts!

While they were chatting with each other, they reached the hall, which was in the central district of the Heavenly Law Alliance. It only had a few simple decorations, which weren’t luxurious at all. This austere style fit in with the Alliance’s traditions.

There were several elders in the hall, one of whom was the crafting master Lin Yinhe. He wore a faint smile as he looked at them.

Zi Donglai, who was dismissed from his duty as an elder and became just an ordinary member, was beside him. Joy and delight appeared on his face when he saw Su Yu.

However, he was still somewhat embarrassed, as he was still standing among the elders even now, and Zi Yunxiang, who came to report the completion of the mission, was beside him. Her eyes were fixed on the silver-haired youngster, and no matter how much she looked at him, she still found his silver hair to be dazzling.

Apart from these people, were some elders, which he didn’t know. They clearly must have come from one of the southern, eastern, or western continents, and since they were from these different continents, they subtly put some distance between one another. Lin Yunhe and Zi Donglai, who were the only people from the northern continent here, seemed quite isolated because of this.

Meanwhile, the three great elders of the northern continent, Undead Phoenix Master, Northern Extreme Sword Saint, and Snow Gazing Reverend, still hadn’t come here.

“Yin Yu..or should I call you Su Yu? It’s been a long while since I last saw you.” Lin Yunhe waved his hand at him, while he wore a gratified smile. “You didn’t just survive, you even ran into some fortuitous encounter! I heard that you killed two Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts alone! That is unbelievable.”

Lin Yunhe had a good impression of Su Yu because he had some great achievements in craftsmanship. But, he thought that it was a pity that he preferred pursuing power and rejected becoming his disciple.

“I’m glad that you still care about me, and really, I just barely escaped from such a calamity! I was lucky to run into some insignificant fortuitous encounter, and as for the two Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, I paid a great price to be able to achieve that, ” said Su Yu.

Zi Yunxiang tilted her head when she heard him. She wore a faint smile as she gazed at him and said, ‘This guy is still as fond of hiding his power as he always has been.”

She clearly remembered how easily he subdued the two Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, as well as how he had used some peculiar technique to quietly kill them. She still found such means quite terrifying, even after all this time. Gang Dalei twitched his mouth, thinking that this guy couldn’t even be slightly honest!

“Su Yu.” Zi Donglai wore a gratified look, while he bowed to Su Yu in front of everyone. “I still didn’t repay you for saving my life, and I also need to thank you for taking care of my daughter while I was in dire straits. I have waited three whole years to express my thanks to you.”

Su Yu reached out at him and helped him up, faintly smiling as he spoke, “Housemaster Zi, please don’t embarrass me, as it’s me who’s indebted to you for taking care of me. I should thank you.”

After all, he had recognized Su Yu’s worth, and he had even wanted to pass his mantle to him, but just after, he had been plotted against by Han Jianglin. As a result, the whole Zi family’s manor fell into his hands, which hindered Zi from passing his mantle to him.

Moreover, he even planned to betroth Zi Yunxiang to Su Yu at one time. Now that they were seeing each other again, the past matters were like scattered smoke, and the fact that three years had passed so quickly made them sigh.

“Even back then, I felt that you were destined to become someone extraordinary. I bet your current cultivation isn’t any weaker than any person in the older generation!” Zi Donglai felt a faint pressure transmitting from Su Yu’s body, and he couldn’t help but inwardly sigh.

If he had been more decisive during that time, Zi Yunxiang would have already gotten an excellent husband in Su Yu! Moreover, now he, who was her father, could not understand the peculiar glow in Zi Yunxiang’s eyes, which he could clearly see out of the corners of his eyes.

“Well, you are Su Yu, the past number one genius of the entire northern continent. Even this old man has heard about you!” A benevolent-looking old man from the southern continent, who had a fair complexion without any facial hair, and whose face was filled with amazement, came over at that moment. “I thought that you were dead, and I never once expected that your cultivation would progress to such a degree. It’s truly astonishing.”

Although Su Yu wasn’t acquainted with the old man, he still showed him respect by cupping his fists and saying, “Elder, you are praising me too highly.”

“Old Chen, you are truly flattering him! The northern continent is the weakest continent among the eastern, southern, western, northern and central continents, so its so-called number one genius isn’t worth mentioning! Also, he’s lacking when compared to the four great ancient clans and the Seven Lords of Darkness, let alone our Long Wuxin. As such, his fame has been truly exaggerated.” A red-faced elder from the western continent stroked his beard as he spoke the petty words.

Su Yu wasn’t angered at all when he heard him. He just smiled as he bowed at him and said, “Elder, you aren’t mistaken at all.”

“Even though you are still young, you are quite shrewd and quick-witted. The fact that you weren’t angered at all by my words just now shows that you are not that bad.” It was unknown whether the red-faced elder was praising or criticizing him.

The fair-faced Old Chen spoke up for Su Yu, “Old Zhang, your words were somewhat too harsh. As the northern continent is lacking in natural resources, it’s somewhat unfair to compare it to the other four continents, and since he managed to become the number one in the northern continent, then his potential and talent are surely quite excellent.”

“I was just speaking truthfully. I didn’t mean anything by it,” calmly said the red-faced old man. “Black Snow Devil King, who is also one of the northern continent’s young experts, once toppled the northern continent’s alliance in that million-mile chase! Many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders are paying close attention to this outstanding youngster as well, as many of them feel like it’s more appropriate for him to be crowned as the number genius of the northern continent.”

While he was speaking, he calmly gazed at Su Yu. “I’m frank and outspoken, and I don’t have anything against you, so if you can listen to my words, then they will be a good motivation for you. If you won’t listen to them, then just forget I said anything.”

Old Chen opened his mouth, but unexpectedly found himself at a loss for words. It was obvious to anyone that Old Zhang was deliberately disparaging Su Yu, yet he was using his status as an elder to make it seem like he was doing it for his well-being. But, even if they were angered by this, they couldn’t find any reasons to denounce him.

Moreover, what they were even more helpless against was that, with Black Snow Devil King’s fame, which shocked the whole continent, it was truly somewhat awkward to proclaim Su Yu as the number one genius of the northern continent.

Regardless, Su Yu’s expression was still calm and indifferent. “I understand. Thanks for your advice…”

“Eh, it’s good that you can understand, and although you are vastly lacking when compared with Black Snow Devil King, if you work hard, it isn’t like you can’t surpass him one day. It was only because I have seen that your talent is laudable that I say such things. So, do your best in the future.” Old Zhang waved his sleeves pridefully, as if he was some powerful and profound expert.

Su Yu immediately acknowledged his advice and didn’t refute them. He had already gone through many trials and hardships, so he truly didn’t feel like dealing with such childish ploys.

“Haha, Elder Zhang, Su Yu may not want to bother with you, but I don’t have such a calm temperament.” Gang Dalei became angry when he saw how calmly Su Yu bore this man’s insults.

Old Zhang calmly spoke, “Is the elder Jiu’s brilliant disciple just an impolite and impudent kid?”

Gang Dalei coldly sneered. “Oh really? What are you pretending and putting up a front for? All of the people here clearly know why you are targeting Su Yu! You didn’t just stop at taking the Housemaster Zi’s post, as you still continue to target him to drive him away! Since you know that Su Yu has a good relationship with him, you couldn’t bear jumping in and fanning the flames! If my teacher was here, I would not tolerate your dastardly deeds!”

Old Zhang slightly furrowed his brows. “You went too far with such words. As there are many elders here, you should pay attention to what you say. Otherwise, I won’t mind teaching you how to conduct yourself with integrity for the elder Jiu.”

His proclamation was truly arrogant, as he dared to teach even the elder Jiu’s disciple how he should behave! If the elder Jiu was safe and sound, he would not dare to utter such words. But now that the elder Jiu was in a coma, there was no need to fear him.

“Well, aren’t you pleased with yourself?” Gang Dalei snorted two times. “Elder Zhang, I also don’t mind teaching you how to conduct yourself with proper integrity. I will teach that you shouldn’t judge and look down upon people with your dog eyes.”

Gang Dalei viciously laughed. “Do you know who Black Snow Devil King really is? This man who you said Su Yu is so vastly inferior to?”

Old Zhang calmly replied, “Why would I care about that?”

“Hmph! You surely need to care about it, as Black Snow Devil King is none other than Su Yu himself, who in your eyes isn’t worth anything!” Gang Dalei was exultant now. “Su Yu just changed his appearance and became Black Snow Devil King! What’s laughable is you, who disparages people with your dog eyes, while acting as if you are some able person teaching him a lesson! You don’t even know that the person standing before you is Black Snow Devil King himself!”

All of the people were shocked by this revelation! They all were talking about this new development…

“How’s it possible for Black Snow Devil King to be Su Yu?”

“Now that he mentioned it, didn’t Black Snow Devil King suddenly appear in the northern continent after Su Yu disappeared?”

Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe wore faint smiles as they looked at Old Zhang, whose expression stiffened. They had already learned this truth from Zi Yunxiang earlier.

“This old fool was always fond of putting up a front, and now he has embarrassed himself by doing so!” Lin Yunhe chuckled. He was secretly pleased by this, as his good friend, Zi Donglai, had been awfully bullied by him. Zi Donglai also chuckled.

As Zi Yunxiang, who was beside him, saw how shocked the elders were, she became proud of her knowing Su Yu, as no matter whether he be Su Yu or Black Snow Devil King, his status was dazzling and prominent either way!

After Old Zhang’s expression stiffened, he found himself quite caught. He was incapable of extricating himself from this situation gracefully, so he said in a deep voice, “Su Yu, since you are Black Snow Devil King, why did you try to fool me?” What he was most angered about was the fact that Su Yu didn’t say a word about this, thus allowing him to embarrass himself!

Su Yu raised his head and calmly said, “I didn’t try to fool you. I just felt like there was no need to mention it, especially since you are quite fond of teaching people. I thought I should just let you enjoy yourself!”

His words only made Old Zhang’s awkward situation worse.