The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Odd Changes In The Alliance

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“You!” Old Zhang’s face was flushed with red. He appeared to be very angry.

However, he did not speak with a hint of blame in his voice. After all, from the beginning to the end, Su Yu had not been disrespectful. So, all he could do was swallow his pride and anger.

“Fine, I will remember this!” Old Zhang waved his sleeves and walked away amid many of the elders’ laughter.

However, Gang Dalei did not want to let it go. “Hehe, Elder Zhang, is this all you have got left at your age? Can’t you stand a little bit of humiliation?”

Old Zhang’s face turned even redder. He hated them both very much at this moment.

Just as the crowd was making lots of noise, two rows of guards entered the hall and stood on both sides to welcome a significant person. The atmosphere felt unusually grand and proper.

The only person deserving of such a grand entry would be none other than the Heavenly Alliance Master himself, Long Juexin. Amid the grand welcome, a noble-looking middle-aged man entered the hall.

He walked like the wind and gave off an uncommon aura. There was a sense of oppression about him that seemed to float in the air.

The elders on both sides stood up as a sign of respect. Compared to how it had been in is prime, Long Juexin’s aura felt slightly unstable now. It seemed like he was still afflicted by his injuries.

He also looked pale and unenergetic. In three years, he seemed to have aged ten years or more.

“Everyone present, let us get down to business.” As Long Juexin spoke, he sounded very serious. The elders stood on both sides and waited patiently.

“Dalei, Yunxiang, tell me what you observed when you were facing the enemies.” Long Juexin took a quick glance at Su Yu as he spoke to his two underlings.

Gang Dalei recollected himself and, in all seriousness, described the encounter with the two crystal Half Fairies in great detail. Once he was done, Long Juexin’s heart sank.

“What do you think?” he asked. One could tell that he was very serious.

“Alliance Master, the invaders from the different world have increased their area of surveillance. A month ago, they had not surveyed this far,” Old Chen said solemnly.

“Yes. They are starting to invade the smaller forces to increase their area of control.” Another elder spoke, obviously worried.

The elder then added, “The past two years, they have only been conquering the bigger forces. They never stepped into the smaller forces or the abandoned areas. This was because many of the bigger forces that belonged to the Phoenix Cabinet were still retaliating. It seems that they have stabilized their influence over the bigger forces completely now. They are currently starting to invade every single corner of the Zhenlong Continent.”

In the past two years, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship had travelled to many abandoned places. Now that the invaders from a different world were conquering all of those places, their protected area of activity was getting smaller and smaller.

“We can hide for a while, but not forever,” Old Chen said. “However, Elder Jiu has been heavily injured. If we rely on the initial generation of elders, there is no way we can fight back.”

The situation was indeed turning sour. Everyone had become silent. From now on, every day would look bleaker and bleaker.

“In conclusion, we cannot remain too long in this place. Let us activate the battleship and leave immediately.” Long Juexin retrieved a red ball as he spoke. It looked like a crystal and shone brightly before everyone’s eyes.

“The Heavenly Law Core! It is the nuclear treasure that is used to control the battleship. It was always controlled by the Alliance Master!” Gang Dalei said excitedly to Su Yu in a low voice.

Su Yu observed silently. After it was imbued with spiritual energy, the Heavenly Law Core emitted a formless wave, which then activated the abilities of the battleship.


After some light shaking, the battleship starting moving. Its speed then increased gradually. Only then did the audience become slightly relieved.

“Next, we shall discuss another matter.” Long Juexin’s gaze locked onto Su Yu. “You were the one who saved them. Is it true that you also single-handedly killed two crystal Half Fairies?”

Su Yu said plainly. “Yes, but it was just a matter of luck.”

Long Juexin shook his head lightly. “No way, no matter how I view it, such an accomplishment is not something that can be explained away by mere luck.”

As someone with three crystals, Long Juexin could naturally see through Su Yu’s cultivation. Hearing this, many of the elders were shocked.

“What? This youngster is also a two crystal Half Fairy?” Old Chen was surprised as well, as he could not see through Su Yu’s cultivation.

He had thought that Su Yu had some method to conceal it. His heart believed that Su Yu used some kind of technique or treasure to instantly kill the two same level Half Fairies. So, hearing that Su Yu actually a two crystal Half Fairy himself greatly shocked Old Chen.

“Another peak genius at Gang Dalei’s level!” One of the elders sighed in surprise. Then, many of the other elders began to comment on this new revelation…

“There are many talented people in the new generation. We are all old…”

They were all over a hundred years old, but they had only reached the two crystal Half Fairy level. On the other hand, the young geniuses had easily accomplished the same level much earlier than they had.

“It is all because of the fortuitous encounters in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Breaking through by good luck! That is all.” Su Yu said.

He was not merely being humble, as the Zhenlong Continent’s environment was indeed worse-off when compared to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. So, for someone to have fortuitous encounters in the pavilion was not an odd thing.

As Long Juexin’s gaze lowered, a sadness flashed in his eyes. He immediately asked, “Su Yu, are you willing to stay in the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Hearing this, Gang Dalei was extremely happy, so he secretly looked at Su Yu. After all, the Zhenlong Continent was going through a massive disruption, and now that the invaders from the different world had even appeared in rural areas, there was no other safe place. It would make sense for anyone to want to enter the Heavenly Law Alliance to avoid such misfortunes.

“Once you enter the Heavenly Law Alliance, you will no longer be restricted. If you feel that you can survive on your own, you can leave at anytime,” Long Juexin added.

Su Yu gave it some thought, then eventually agreed. “Alright, I accept your offer.”

Hearing this, Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe both smiled in a relieved manner. Zi Yunxiang was beyond happy.

“Hehe, I can find you to train in the future! There are many training grounds on the battleship.” Gang Dailei clapped Su Yu on the back goodnaturedly. He was clearly happy for Su Yu.

Elders like Old Chen were also very happy about this outcome. “Congratulations Alliance Master, you have succeeded in recruiting yet another talented youth.”

Long Juexin felt relieved. “In this case, Su Yu, please follow the guards and get the official inspection handled.”

At that moment, two cool-looking Two Crystal Half Fairies walked in from outside the hall. A clothed corpse stood quietly behind them! It was the First Void World Senior’s corpse!

All of a sudden, Lin Yunhe’s facial expression changed. Gang Dalei’s smile also faded away.

“Alliance Master, if it is only a normal inspection, why do we need to use the First Void World Senior’s corpse?” Lin Yunhe could feel that something was wrong.

Zi Donglai also frowned. “Alliance Master, by saying ‘inspection,’ you meant that we should check someone who is about to be accepted, right? The check is to identify whether the person has had any connections with the invaders from the different world. As such, a normal investigator would be sufficient. Alliance Master, what is the meaning of involving Two Half Crystal Fairies and the First Void World Senior?”

Long Juexin waved his hand. “Do not misunderstand. Su Yu’s battle power is too overwhelming. For safety purposes, it is just better for us to take extra precautions.”

Su Yu’s eyes narrowed. Is he suspicious of my purpose for coming to the Heavenly Law Alliance?

“Alliance Master, please…” Lin Yunhe was still trying to negotiate with him.


A loud knock was suddenly heard, as. Long Juexin had been so angered that he slapped the table. His face looked gloomy as he spoke. “Am I the Alliance Master, or are you? It is not up to you to tell me how to do things!”

He then turned to address Su Yu. “Su Yu! Since you are entering the Heavenly Law Alliance, you have to adhere to the alliance’s restrictions. Now, I want to check your status. You must cooperate! Someone come and hold Su Yu down.”

The first half of his sentence sounded like he was trying to appease Su Yu. However, the next half of his sentence showed a completely changed attitude. He wanted to take Su Yu down in public!

“What is going on? Why do we need to hold him down?” Zi Donglai finally felt that something was amiss.

Long Juexin was not merely welcoming Su Yu to the alliance. Instead, he wanted to use this opportunity to capture Su Yu!

At that moment, a well-dressed young man walked into the hall. He was accompanied by Old Zhang and another Two Crystal Half Fairy.

“Fu Hongxue?” Gang Dalei suddenly became angry. “Is this your doing, you b*stard? Alright, I will take you down first, then question you about the dumb thing you did earlier!”


Gang Dalei aimed at the gap between the guards. Then, with a slide of his shoulder, he dashed over like a ghost.

Old Zhang and another elder could only yell out as they tried to protect Fu Hongxue. However, Gang Dalei’s mouth revealed a smile, while an inhumane aura could be felt exploding from within his body. His entire being had suddenly become three times faster!

Gang Dalei’s shadow flashed by as he swiftly approached Fu Hongxue.But, just as he was about to succeed, Gang Dalei heard a cold yell next to his ears. It sounded like a clap of loud thunder.


His entire body shook. It was as if Gang Dalei had been struck by lightning. At the same time, there was a mark on his chest that looked like a palm had just hit him.

Gang Dalei yelled out in pain as he was sent flying backwards. His legs etched a line on the ground, which helped to stop himself from moving back any further.

He looked angrily at the person who had just attacked him. It was none other than Long Juexin!

“Don’t you have any respect for your Alliance Master?” Long Juexin covered Fu Hongxue as he said coldly.

Gang Dalei was trying hard to suppress his anger. “He nearly tainted Lord Yi Yu!”

“Shut up! Your words are unbelievable!” Long Juexin shouted coldly. “What are you all waiting for? Capture Su Yu, Gang Dalei, and Zi Yunxiang! I suspect that the three of them are colluding with the invaders from the different world!”

He said this because Su Yu had oddly killed two people at his own level, while Gang Dalei and Zi Yunxiang were suspected of being bribed. Gang Dalei heard what he said and became angered. He also found the situation quite funny.

“You are an old fool! You cannot tell right from wrong!” He was angry, especially when he saw that Fu Hongxue was laughing coldly behind Long Juexin.

“Dalei, stop speaking, as he is merely seeking revenge.” Su Yu extended his hand to hold back the furious Gang Dalei.

When his son, Long Aujue, had disappeared, Long Juexin could not forgive Black Snow Devil King. Now, he was only using this opportunity to get rid of him.

“Revenge? I am merely looking after the safety of the battleship!” Long Juexin said lightly. “Now move!”

“Please wait, Alliance Master!” Zi Donglai’s facial expression changed drastically.

Even his daughter had become a suspect, so her fate would definitely be imprisonment! If he was not there with her, this ludicrous and barbaric Fu Hongxue might use the opportunity to taint his daughter with his dirty hands!

“If my daughter is a suspect, then wouldn’t I be a suspect as well?” Zi Donglai asked angrily.

He had sacrificed a lot for the Heavenly Law Alliance, as he used to be one of the elders. As such, his loyalty was unquestionable!

However, unimaginable to him, Long Juexin said coldly, “You are right! All related people are suspects! Now, move immediately! Su Yu, Gang Dalei, Zi Yunxiang, Zi Donglai and even Lin Yunhe, capture them all! Whoever dares to retaliate will be killed without exception!”

Even poor Lin Yunhe had now been dragged into it! Suddenly, a huge number of Half Fairies flooded into the hall. There were at least ten of them, and they surrounded the previously named people from all sides.