The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Marriage Proposal

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“Alliance Master, wait a while!” Old Chen said. He and several of the alliance’s elders were quite surprised by what had just happened.

“How could you listen to just Fu Hongxue’s side of the story and immediately arrest Zi Donglai and Master Lin? The two of them were already members of the Heavenly Law Alliance before the invasion of the other world even started, and they had a great performance in the great battle, which occurred several years ago in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. So, how is it possible for them to have been spies from the other world? Alliance Master, please carefully consider this, as if you act carelessly and rashly, you will end up disappointing many elders,” Old Chen advised.

“Also, Alliance Master, even if we left the matter of the two of them aside for now, how is it possible for Gang Dalei, who is the elder Jiu’s disciple, to have colluded with the other world? It’s hard for me to believe such an accusation,” Old Chen said.

Just like Gang Dalei once said, many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders were righteous and just fellows, so they all started to follow Old Chen’s lead and make their own appeals for them.

Although it’s common knowledge that one shouldn’t anger a crowd, Long Juexin still clung to his decision and coldly said, “I have already decided! The current Heavenly Law Alliance is in a precarious situation, so we can’t tolerate any mistakes, and as long as someone seems suspicious, he should be investigated thoroughly! If that person is found innocent, then we will surely let them off.”

“However, such decision is still somewhat impulsive! Alliance Master, please..” Old Chen was still persisting in convincing him to reconsider.

Long Juexin still wore a cold look and said, “Old Chen, as you are trying to persuade me over and over again, is it possible that you are affiliated with them? If that is the case, then maybe we should arrest you too…”

What? Even Old Chen might be arrested? After they witnessed such a sight, everyone was extremely puzzled.

Why is Long Juexin being this rash? Did he lose his mind after he lost both his son and daughter?

Ever since he got the news of Long Wuxin’s death in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Long Juexin had become quite depressed, and based on how he had inexplicably become so angry at this moment, it seemed truly possible that he had lost his mind and become a madman! Many elders felt their hearts shuddering as they thought of such a possibility, as letting a madman be the Alliance Master would truly put the Heavenly Law Alliance in grave danger!

“Arrest them!” Long Juexin coldly snorted.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

“How dare you?” Gang Dalei angrily roared. “Ignorant old man! You have become muddle-headed and tyrannical! Do you want to cause the Heavenly Law Alliance’s destruction?”

Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe were also disappointed by him, and when they took a glance at each other, they both felt that Long Juexin had truly lost his mind. When they received the Heavenly Law Alliance’s summoning, they both joined it on account of its stellar reputation.

They even befriended a righteous person like Old Chen within it. However, once a disaster struck the continent, the Heavenly Law Alliance started changing.

It all began with Fu Cangshan fighting for fame and wealth in secret, using all of his means to rope all of the factions into siding with him in suppressing Zi Donglai. Now, the Alliance Master had become willful and dogmatic, arbitrarily making decisions without consulting anyone! In this way, he had disappointed all of the Alliance’s elders.

The current Heavenly Law Alliance was indeed very different from the past one…

“You dare to resist? That will only aggravate your crime.” Long Juexin coldly snorted.

Gang Dalei became somewhat anxious and agitated when a group of Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts rushed at them. Among them, only he and Su Yu had reached the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm, so it would be difficult for them to face such a great number of experts.

Moreover, if it was just the two of them, then it was still manageable, but there were still Zi Yunxiang, Zi Donglai, and Lin Yunhe among them, and they couldn’t confront Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, as it would be difficult for them to protect them while fighting in such a chaotic battle. They would definitely be hindered by such a distraction.

“Su Yu, what should we do?” Facing such a precarious moment, Gang Dalei went to Su Yu, as he had great confidence in him.

Su Yu, whose expression was calm and indifferent, swept the surroundings with his gaze. “Let’s surrender,” he calmly said.

Surrender? Gang Dalei couldn’t believe what he had just heard! Black Snow Devil King who he knew was proud and unyielding, would never surrender! But now, he unexpectedly chose that very thing!

When he looked at Zi Yunxiang and the others out of the corner of his eyes, Gang Dalei bitterly laughed. Su Yu should have been afraid that they would be injured. While not putting up any resistance, Su Yu and the others were easily taken down by them. Then, some shackles, which were manufactured with some special materials, were placed on them.

“Haha, the Fairy Binding Shackles! Master Lin, who would have expected that you would end up tied up by the magical treasure that you made yourself?” Fu Hongxue laughed at him.

Many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s magical treasures had been made by Lin Yunhe, among them were the Fairy Binding Shackles. They were made from some special steel, and even Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts were incapable of getting out of them. Since they were already bound by them, it would be utterly impossible for them to escape!

Lin Yunhe didn’t take even a single look at Fu Hongxue. He just looked at Long Juexin and said, “Alliance Master Long, please return to your senses! The current Heavenly Law Alliance has already become a place where even some trifling vile people can hold power! People are started losing faith in it! I truly hope to be the last one subjected to such unjust treatment!”

Even when he was in such state, Lin Yunhe was still concerned about the future of Heavenly Law Alliance.

“Don’t waste your breath! Take them away!” As Long Juexin waved his sleeves, the guards took them away. Then, the hall descended into silence.

“The Heavenly Law Alliance has changed.” Old Chen wanted to help them, but found that his hands were tied. He could only look up to the sky and helplessly sigh.

Many people had complex feelings about all of this. The change of Long Juexin’s personality, especially while the Heavenly Law Alliance was facing such troubled times, would certainly cause it to be in imminent danger in the future.

Such a scene didn’t affect just Su Yu and the other four people who were wronged along with him, but it affected all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members!

In the dungeon…

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s dungeon was made from refined steel, the same kind that the shackles binding them were made of. Besides someone who had a prowess equivalent to the Fairy Realm, it would be impossible for anyone else to break through the shackles and escape. There were many extremely vile and vicious people who had been caught by the Heavenly Law Alliance since ancient times, but no matter how astonishing their means were, none of them had managed to break away from these shackles.

“Father, how will they deal with us?” As Zi Yunxiang nestled against Zi Donglai’s body, her eyes were filled with worry. She seemed quite helpless.

Zi Donglai furrowed his brows, a trace of worry appearing in his eyes. But, he still lightly patted her shoulder and consoled her. “Xiang’er, don’t worry. I believe that Su Yu surely didn’t collude with the otherworldly invaders. They will surely clear our names sooner or later.”

Zi Yunxiang bitterly smiled, then said, “Even at such a moment, you still console me. In such circumstances, it doesn’t matter whether we are guilty or not. Long Juexin will surely punish us, even if we were innocent, just to appease Fu Cangshan’s faction.” Although she was young and inexperienced, she could see their current circumstances clearly.

Fu Cangshan’s power had risen dramatically, and his faction gradually became more powerful. As the number one expert, Long Juexin, was now severely injured and still hadn’t recovered, he would surely be afraid of Fu Cangshan.

Moreover, Fu Cangshan was always in discord with the people from the northern continent, so it wasn’t just a coincidence that Zi Donglai was exempted from duty. Since Fu Cangshan was putting pressure on him in secret, Long Juexin would surely sacrifice them to temporarily appease him.

“It seems like you already understand everything. It’s all because I’m too useless and wasn’t able to protect you.” Zi Donglai wore a bitter expression.

Zi Yunxiang shook her head. “No, father, you raised me, and I am the fruit of all your efforts, so how can you say that you didn’t protect me? If anyone is to blame, then it’s surely those vile men!”

Zi Donglai softly sighed, while his eyes were still filled with worry.

Gang Dalei was extremely infuriated. “They are just a group of dirty cowards! Once my teacher wakes up, I will surely wipe them all out! Our human race’s last fort was tarnished by those bast*ards!”

Lin Yunhe sighed. “Dalei, don’t be too rash! I think that it’s still too early to judge, and I believe that Long Juexin will surely treat us fairly. Although he had some selfish motives and was all along siding with his son and daughter, he’s still considering the well-being of the Heavenly Law Alliance and the Zhenlong Continent’s people.”

Lin Yunhe then added, “He probably became somewhat unstable after losing his children, so he ended up making rash decisions. But, after he calms down, he will probably realize his mistake.”

Zi Donglai chuckled. “Master Lin, from your words, it’s obvious that our fates will be completely up to the Alliance Master Long’s decision.”

“If he treated us impartially, then I, Zi Donglai, would surely sacrifice my body and fight till the last glimmer of my life for the Heavenly Law Alliance. However, I’m worried about what will happen to Xiang’er after my death, as that bast*rd would surely not let her off. He may even do something atrocious to her.” What Zi Donglai was most worried about was his sole daughter, Zi Yunxiang.

“Father, don’t say such things.” Zi Yunxiang’s eyes became flushed, her nose started running, and she was trying to hold back her tears. Both of them had been dependent upon each other for countless years, so they had a deep familial love between them.

Zi Donglai softly sighed, while feeling guilty. He couldn’t help but gaze at Su Yu, who was sitting cross-legged calmly to the side.

From the moment they came here until now, Su Yu was just calmly and quietly sitting there. As he looked at his slim body, which was brimming with dazzling potential, Zi Donglai had a regret that he could never get over.

“Su Yu, aren’t you worried?” After Zi Donglai hesitated for a while, he finally spoke to him.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes and lightly shook his head. “What will happen will happen regardless, so why worry about it?”

He was now waiting for an opportunity. Besides, if he wanted to leave, then no one could stop him, but he wasn’t the sole person in need of escaping. There were several of them here. As such, he needed to take his time and consider this at length, to ensure that they could all safely leave, not just Su Yu.

Zi Donglai thought about Su Yu for a bit, then said, “Su Yu, as Qin Xianer is your fiancee, and she still hasn’t come back, I hope that you aren’t too sad.”

Everyone knew that Qin Xianer was Su Yu’s fiancee, as Su Yu had once barged into the Phoenix Cabinet while holding the status of the Deputy Master Yin Yu to look for her. This heroic act was so impressive, news of it had spread far and wide immediately.

Since Qin Xianer hadn’t returned from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, her fate was already obvious. Su Yu was startled by his words, as Qin Xianer was still cultivating inside his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Also, since she had reached a critical juncture in it, he didn’t want to disturb her.

He found himself somewhat embarrassed and said, “I’m quite fine, and in fact, Xianer is…”

“You don’t need to mention it. I know that you are surely quite aggrieved now, but life is continuously going forward, and being too attached to her won’t be of any benefit to you. Instead, it will only harm you. I wonder whether you’ve ever considered taking another wife?” Zi Donglai still spoke of his aim in the end, then sighed in low voice.

Overhearing their conversation, Gang Dalei raised his brows and gazed at Zi Yunxiang. He then revealed an odd smile and laughed. “Hehehe!”

Lin Yunhe chuckled too, while he wore a quite meaningful look. It seemed like Zi Yunxiang understood what her father wanted to say, so her face became flushed and she held onto her father’s sleeves. She then started pulling at them with all of her strength, while her eyes became misty. It was unknown whether she wept because of bashfulness or anxiety.

Zi Donglai continued on. “Su Yu, I will ask you once again, are you willing to marry my daughter? I know that it was only because you were worried about us that you and Gang Dalei did not dare to resist them, and I also know that you can easily get rid of your shackles.”

The other people were shocked when they heard that Su Yu was capable of easily getting rid of the shackles!

“Although I don’t know you well and haven’t been in contact with you for a long time, I clearly know what kind of person you are. Since you are this calm and collected, then you must surely be planning something.” Zi Donglai unexpectedly saw right through Su Yu.

He then added, “Myself and master Lin are already just weary old men, who have lived long enough, so if you can escape, just take Xiang’er and Dalei with you. You can leave us here.”