The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 618

Chapter 618 The Secret Execution

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“The only thing that I am worried about is that once Xiang’er leaves, she will have no one to depend on. Now that the continent is facing great complications, the invaders from the different world are behaving barbarically. Xiang’er being alone outside worries me, as she might be humiliated and tortured. Therefore, I hope you can marry her and look after her as her husband,” Zi Donglai said to Su Yu.

Su Yu suddenly became quiet and raised his head to look at Zi Yunxiang. Sensing Su Yu’s gaze, Zi Yunxiang lowered her head.

She was so nervous that blood had flooded her brain. She suddenly felt her entire body had go numb. She could barely breathe. She felt that the world around her was spinning and becoming darker.

Her soft skin flushed red like the sunset and gave off a dazzling glow. She was so lovely, no one could resist her.

Undeniably, Zi Yunxiang was a great lady with poise and beauty, which were qualities that were difficult to find in this world. As a man, if he were not touched by her charms, he was only lying to himself. However, Su Yu could not accept her, as he could not betray Xianer’s and Xia Jingyu’s love for him.

Seeing how Su Yu had become silent, Zi Donglai continued. “Su Yu, Qin Xianer is already gone. You should find your own happiness now!”

Zi Donglai then looked apologetically at Zi Yunxiang. “Perhaps, even if you have feelings for another lady and cannot take Xiang’er as your first wife, she can be your second wife! I only hope that you can fulfill the duties of a husband to look after her and protect her.”

Although, as a father, he of course wanted his little girl to be a first wife, but at this moment, he felt that he had no other choice now. He could only hope for Su Yu to look after Zi Yunxiang.

Besides, Zi Yunxiang was such a fantastic lady. Any man should consider himself lucky to marry her and protect her for life! However, being merely a second wife was surely a cruel thing, and it made one sigh in despair even thinking about it.

Su Yu sighed secretly. He was already indecisive between Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu. So, the thought of adding yet another woman to this mix was overwhelming indeed.

“Uncle…” Su Yu started speaking.

Seeing Su Yu had some unspeakable concerns, Zi Donglai seemed to understand Su Yu’s thoughts. He tilted his head and said, “Xiang’er, say something. Would you be willing to become Su Yu’s second wife?”

Zi Yunxiang was clearly very nervous. Hearing the two words “second wife” made her feel even colder.

As a second wife, she would have to share her husband with another person. This was a future that Zi Yunxiang had never expected.

Her concerns were not about her own love and feelings, but were more related to her own personal reputation and respect. Besides, Su Yu had another person in his heart. He loved Qin Xianer, not her.

However, oddly enough, although Zi Yunxiang did not want this in her heart, she could not bring herself to reject the offer. It was as if there was a formless demonic energy that was making it difficult for her to say no.

She slowly raised her gaze and looked at the long silver-haired figure with her glassy eyes. His figure was as bright as the sun. She could not see this brightness in any other person. Apart from Su Yu, there would never be anyone else who shone as brightly as him, nor who was as impressive as him in her heart.

“I… am willing,” she said softly.

Her head then lowered once again. The imagined shame was not as great as she had thought it would be. She only felt a slight sense of reluctance fill her heart.

Her heart was still willing at the end of the day. Even if she could only look at Su Yu quietly each day, that would be enough for her.

She is willing to even become a second wife? Gang Dalei suddenly understood that Zi Yunxiang had feelings for Su Yu. Otherwise, being such a beautiful lady that she was, she would never be willing to become a second wife!

“Su Yu, do you still need to consider this?” Zi Donglai sighed secretly. With his daughter willing to compromise, he felt relieved.

Su Yu was wavering in his heart as he looked at Zi Yunxiang. He could not imagine that a lady would actually agree to become his second wife. Such feelings made it difficult for Su Yu to reject this offer all of a sudden.

After he had calmed himself down, Qin Xianer’s and Xia Jingyu’s figures appeared in Su Yu’s mind. Su Yu sighed softly. He would have to apologize to Zi Yunxiang and say no after all.

“Hmph! You sl*t!” Right then, a cold snort could be heart from outside the jail.

Accompanied by the escort of Old Zhang and another elder, Fu Hongxue looked furious. His angry stare was directed towards Zi Yunxiang. “You would rather shame yourself by becoming this young fellow’s second wife than marry me!”

Fu Hongxue was angry beyond reason. He had personally asked for Zi Yunxiang’s hand in marriage from Zi Donglai, but had been rejected by both of them! Regardless of how hard he tried to please them, Zi Donglai would not be moved.

Zi Yunxiang never even gave him a second look. In fact, she was always mean and disapproving.

This was unforgivable! After all, he was Fu Cangsan’s grandson, and he was also well-respected in the Heavenly Law Alliance. Even the elders had to show him respect! However, not only did Zi Yunxiang not want to become his wife, she would even become a second wife to a young fellow who could not even protect his own life!

Zi Yunxiang was angered to the point of embarrassment. “You eavesdropped on us! How shameful!”

“If we are talking about shame, how about your being willing to become a sl*t? How could I match your shamefulness?” Fu Hongxue countered.

Zi Yunxiang was shaking with anger. “Yes, I willingly chose to be a sl*t! It doesn’t matter who I marry, as long as I am not married to a shameless b*stard like you!”

Fu Hongxue’s eyes turned cold. “Alright! I had initially come to ask for your hand in marriage for the last time, but since you have made your feelings clear, I have run out of patience! If I cannot have your heart, I will at least have your body! Old Zhang, drag her out!”

Old Zhang smiled. “Yes, Master.”

“How dare you?” Zi Donglai was deeply angered and stood up suddenly to shield Zi Yunxiang.

Even Lin Yunhe, who usually took the high road, could not help but be angered by such an affront. “Young one, that is enough!”

Gang Dalei was even more angered. “You b*stard, scheming behind the elders! If you dare, fight me openly!”

Facing their anger, Fu Hongxue merely stared at Gang Dalei and laughed coldly. “What a brainless dumb*ss! Apart from shouting nonsensically, what else can you do? You are a mere prisoner, so why would I fight you?”


Old Zhang opened the jail door and laughed coldly. “Housemaster Zi, I am sorry! This is an order from the master. It is not what I want.”

As he spoke, he grabbed for Zi Yunxiang. Zi Donglai wanted to stop him, however, his hands were tied. Hence, he was no match for his opponent and was easily pushed away by Old Zhang.

Su Yu sighed in his heart. It seemed like he would have to give up on his plan. Standing up slowly, Su Yu exerted energy with his five fingers and was about to break apart the chains…

“Stop it!” Right then, a low shout came from outside the jail. Two rows of guards stood by as Long Juexin arrived on the scene.

His cold gaze surveyed the area. He then yelled coolly, “What are you all doing?”

Old Zhang’s eyelids jumped and he stopped what he was doing immediately. He quickly came out of the jail and bowed. “Greetings, Alliance Master, I found out that they were hatching an escape plan, so I came to question them. Please check them thoroughly, Alliance Master.”

“That is right, Alliance Master Long. I, Fu Hongxue, can attest to this fact,” Fu Hongxue said.

Long Juexin’s cool appearance softened somewhat. “Alright, I understand. Both of you, leave now. I shall begin questioning them now.”

Fu Hongxue smiled. “Yes, Alliance Master!” After speaking, he walked out of the jail with the two elders.

As they reached the outside, Fu Hongxue’s facial expression darkened. “This piece of trash came at the wrong time!”

Regardless of how barbaric he was, in front of Long Juexin, he still had to hide his true feelings. With a cold look, Fu Hongxue turned back and gazed at the jail one last time before walking away.

Inside the jail.

Long Juexin stood outside the jail with his hands crossed. He looked coolly at the five people in front of him.

“Alliance Master, please get rid of the useless people, like Fu Hongxue. He will surely bring trouble in the future.” Lin Yunhe’s anger was still apparent.

Long Juexin took a look at the disturbed Zi Yunxiang, who was still crying softly. He said coolly, “I do not need you to teach me how to do things!”

“Bring them all!” Long Juexin waved his hand in a grand motion, while the two rows of guards flooded into the jail to grab Su Yu and the rest.

Zi Donglai was surprised. “What is the meaning of this?”

Long Juexin said nonchalantly, “You have colluded with external parties from the different world. As this is such an important matter, how could we discuss it in a place like this?”

In other words, he wanted to bring them somewhere safe to carry out the investigation. Everyone suddenly felt uncomfortable in their hearts.

Under the suppression of the two rows of guards, they were brought to the lowest part of the battleship. On the way, they did not even bump into a single person.

“Alliance Master, where are you taking us? The bottom of the battleship is an unoccupied area, so that is not a suitable place for an investigation.” Zi Donglai’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

Long Juexin snorted coldly. “You will find out when we arrive!”

Everyone’s hearts felt even more disturbed. The foreboding feeling was becoming stronger and stronger. Finally, they reached the deepest part of the battleship.

The place looked abandoned, as wild grass grew all over the place. It was not occupied by anyone.

A somewhat burned area could be seen, as if it had been buried in an abandoned world. Apparently, there was once a great battle, which was when the external world broke in.

The battleship now had a huge gap in the bottom part, which had suffered a blast from a strong martial artist. The opening had been mended since that time, but the place was no longer suitable for anyone to live within it and was therefore abandoned.

Long Juexin had brought them to the center of this abandoned place to an empty stage. It used to be a competition arena. There were splats of blood that could be seen on it!

“This must be the place where the Heavenly Law Alliance execute criminals!” Zi Donglai was shocked.

She had heard of a folklore that said that there used to be a place where the Heavenly Law Alliance executed the truly evil people. However, it was rarely used because the executions would usually be personally observed by the Alliance Master.

The only people who knew about this place were Long Juexin and his special guards. No external people would know about it. It was supposed to only be folklore, but now they seemed to have discovered that it actually existed!

Zi Donglai was even more angered by the fact that Long Juexin had actually wanted to execute them, not investigate them as he had said!

“It seems like you all see the situation clearly now. That is good,” Long Juexin said coldly. “Bring them up on the stage!”

Lin Yunhe’s eyes were filled with pain and sadness. “Alliance Master, is this really what you want?”

He still had a very small hope that Long Juexin was not as evil as he was acting. However, in the end, such a sad scene still had to occur.

“Do not blame me. If you blame anyone, you should blame yourselves for getting into trouble with someone you should not offend!” Long Juexin had his back to them, and his voice softened before turning serious again. “Execute them! Do not leave anyone alive!”

The two rows of guards had already decided who among them would be the five executioners. They each stood in front of one person and retrieved a huge sword. They were soon waving the swords in front of the five people’s necks.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes in silence. They were immediately filled with a chilly light as he thought to himself…

It is about time. The moment is just right!