The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Uprising And Seizure Of Position.

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When Su Yu was about to attack him, five dull sounds resounded, while five heads that were drenched with blood flew by their heads. The faces of those heads were filled with shock, confusion, and surprise, and they quickly died as their eyes’ lusters dimmed.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As the five heads rolled around on the ground, they were instantly covered in mud. Just after, the five headless corpses were thrown out of the stage. Their previously attached bodies were filled with countless scars.

Gang Dalei, whose face was filled with anger, was startled. These five heads were the heads of the executioners, who were about to chop off their heads!

Long Juexin’s mild voice transmitted from behind them, and he slowly turned around and faced them, an apologetic look appearing on his face. “I’m sorry for letting all of you suffer such a grievance.”

After he spoke, he bowed at all of them. Such a sudden and abrupt change in his manner startled all of them.

“Alliance Master, who are they?” Lin Yunhe looked in surprise at the headless guards, who had just attacked them. All of them were Long Juexin’s trusted guards, so they couldn’t understand why they had tried to kill them!

“Master Lin, I hope that you can forgive me for all of my affronts. Those five people were bribed by Fu Cangshan, and they were daily keeping a close watch over me. As such, I was obliged to use these means to get rid of them.” Long Juexin sighed. “It’s all because I’m too incompetent that I let that old thug Fu Cangshan secretly rope in so many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members while I was heavily injured. In fact, almost half of my trusted aides were roped in by him.”

Su Yu and the others finally understood everything when they heard his words.

“Fu Cangshan was planning on joining hands with some elders to target the Housemaster Zi and Master Lin, and if he succeeded, it would be difficult for you to escape death. This was why I used Su Yu’s matter as an excuse to arrest you early on, in order to protect your lives.”

As he spoke, Long Juexin took out a scarlet crystal. It was the Heavenly Law Core.

After he imbued some of his Spiritual Energy into it, a finely hidden formation appeared on the stage under their feet. It was a space teleportation formation!

“This place’s opening wasn’t completely sealed in the past, and the First World Senior left a formation here. Only the past Alliance Masters knew about it. Hence, Fu Cangshan is surely not aware of it. All of you, take it, this formation will teleport you to at least a hundred miles away from here, and as long as you immediately hide your auras, no one will detect you.” Long Juexin came over to them, took out a key, and unlocked their shackles.

It was only when it was Su Yu’s turn to be unlocked that he discovered that his shackles had unexpectedly already been opened! Moreover, the extremely hard shackles were distorted, becoming soft and malleable like a mass of cotton.

Such a sight startled and shocked Long Juexin, who immediately raised his head and faced Su Yu’s gaze. “You can get rid of them by yourself?”

Long Juexin couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air as he looked at the twisted and distorted shackles. What kind of monstrous power was able of twisting and breaking the Fairy Binding Shackles? Even top grade divine artifacts weren’t capable of breaking them with brute power alone!

“Then, doesn’t this mean that you were just pretending to be caught?” Long Juexin came back to his senses and realized that the shackles and the dungeon weren’t capable of entrapping Su Yu. If he wanted to leave, no one could stop him.

Su Yu casually threw the shackles away and revealed a faint smile. “You should be rejoicing that you didn’t harbor any wicked ideas. Otherwise, you’d be the one being killed!”

When his killing intent had just appeared, Long Juexin had revealed his true intentions. If he had been any later, by even just a moment, Su Yu might have mistakenly killed him!

Long Juexin saw absolute confidence in the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm lad before him, and he couldn’t help but sigh. “I truly didn’t expect that a small junior would grow into such an impressive man.” His speech was filled with melancholy.

“I’m somewhat puzzled about something, didn’t you hate me?” Su Yu assumed that Long Juexin still bore a grudge against him because of the disappearance of Long Aojue.

Long Juexin’s old face revealed a smile, which was somewhat melancholic and mournful. “I already lost both my son and daughter, and I don’t have anything to look forward to in this life. I only hope that the Heavenly Law Alliance can survive, and I also hope that you, who are the future of the human race, can evade the calamity which has struck the continent. It’s because of these things that I am able to let go of old grudges.”

The lonely and helpless Long Juexin’s body was heavily injured, and he had lost his daughter as well as the Heavenly Law Alliance. He had reached the lowest point in his life, and it was only because of this that he was able to see the true meaning of life and let go of all of his past grudges.

Su Yu was somewhat shocked by him. Is the person before me still the proud and arrogant Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master, who had such a high position and great authority? He had undergone an extremely drastic change, almost as if he had just shed his mortal body and been reborn.

“Alright, all of you should leave, I will announce to the others that you killed the five guards and escaped, but were successfully killed by me. I will then say that the five copses before us are your corpses.” As Long Juexin waved his sleeves, a flame shot out of them and burned the five corpses, so it was no longer possible to distinguish whether they belonged to women or men, let alone distinguish their detailed facial features.

“Such a trick can only keep them in the dark temporarily, and it can’t deceive them forever. As five of his spies died at the same time, without even a corpse left for him to check, Fu Cangshan will surely suspect something before too long,” said Lin Yunhe. “Alliance Master, why don’t you leave with us?”

There was already no place for Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe in the Heavenly Law Alliance, so they couldn’t stay. This would most likely be the case for Long Juexin too, as it could clearly be seen how precarious his current situation was.

“There is no need, as I’m a member of the Long Clan and am a descendant of the previous Heavenly Law Alliance’s masters. I’m also the current Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master. All of you can flee, but I’m obliged to stay here and fight till the end. Just leave and don’t worry about me.” Long Juexin waved his hand in a dismissive manner at them, then turned around, his silhouette appearing quite lonely and desolate at such a moment.

“I hope that you can safely avoid similar disasters while you are in the outside world.” Long Juexin snapped his fingers and activated the formation.

Su Yu was quite moved by his speech, so he bowed at Long Juexin and said, “Senior Long, we will surely see each other again in the future.”

Gang Dalei’s expression was quite awkward now, as he also bowed to him. “I hope that you can forgive me for calling you an ignorant old man earlier.”

The faces of Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe were filled with grief. They also deeply bowed to Long Juexin and said in unison, “Alliance Master, take care of yourself.”

As a multi-colored radiance flickered, the five of them were teleported away. After the formation disappeared, no one was left on the vast and spacious stage.

“It’s time to leave here…” Long Juexin softly sighed.

At this moment, the sound of a great number of people flying in the air was transmitted to him. Long Juexin furrowed his brows, as he was wondering what had happened.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A great number of people flew in from a distant place. Many of them were elders, who rarely showed themselves. It was unknown why they had gathered and flew towards him.

“Alliance Master!” The oldest elder spoke. It was the elders among them, like Old Chen and several other people, who were apparently taking the lead.


After they landed, they anxiously looked at the stage. When they saw the charred five corpses, their expressions gravely changed.

“Alliance Master, I heard that you secretly executed Zi Donglai, Master Lin, and the others?” Old Chen anxiously spoke.

Long Juexin squinted his eyes at the elders. As they had rushed here just after he came to this place, it was truly too far-fetched to call it a coincidence.

When he swept his cold gaze across them, he found Fu Cangshan standing among them, just as he had expected. He was really the culprit behind the scenes!

“I didn’t secretly execute them, and it was only because they confessed to colluding with the other world that I got rid of them. I already planned to gather all of you to discuss this matter, and since you are already here, you can go ahead and inspect their corpses.” Long Juexin’s expression was calm and composed, but he was inwardly nervous, as he hoped that no one would notice the disappearance of the five guards.

He needed to just temporarily conceal this fact from Fu Cangshan, while convincing him to believe that Su Yu and the others were already dead. Long Juexin looked at Fu Cangshan, hatred appearing in his eyes. If Fu Cangshan hadn’t forced his hand, he never would have needed to use such a plan.

Several elders started inspecting the charred mass of flesh, but it was impossible for them to distinguish even the corpses’ genders, much less identify them. However, they could tell that there were truly five corpses.

“Where are their heads?” asked Fu Cangshan.

Long Juexin had already prepared his answer in advance. “During the fight, I cut off their heads.”

He casually waved his hand, and five charred skulls flew out from under the stage. The hearts of all of the people sank when they witnessed this gory scene.

Old Chen was extremely infuriated. “Alliance Master, why were you so rash? He decisively killed them, without having any evidence against them!

“This was a decision that I made after careful deliberation. Are you questioning my judgment?” Long Juexin replied coldly, while deeply resenting Fu Cangshan for forcing him into committing such an act.

At this moment, he noticed that excitement faintly appeared on Fu Cangshan’s face, which wore a deep and profound-looking expression. It was like he knew that his scheme had just succeeded.

Long Juexin’s heart thumped. Does Fu Cangshan know that the stage had a teleportation array? Has he already set up people to ambush them a hundred miles from here? Has he already secretly killed Su Yu and the others who were teleported?

Long Juexin became somewhat restless when he thought of such possibilities.

“Elders, are you still willing to follow such a demented Alliance Master?” Fu Cangshan suddenly spoke, unexpectedly targeting Long Juexin.

He then added, “Ever since he was heavily injured, he has become quite feeble, making it difficult for him to properly manage the Heavenly Law Alliance. Also, since his daughter died, his personality has greatly changed. Moreover, Master Lin and the Housemaster Zi were wrongly killed by the Alliance Master, and he did this without consulting any of the elders’ opinions first! He’s clearly incapable of distinguishing what’s wrong and right.”

“Elders, I want to ask you whether Long Juexin is really fit to be the Alliance Master?” Fu Cangshan raised the question, while scanning the crowd with his eyes.

Such an unexpected turn of events made Long Juexin feel like he had just fallen off a cliff. It turns out that Fu Cangshan wasn’t targeting Master Lin and the Housemaster Zi, but he was targeting him!

He had been deliberately suppressing them, faintly revealing the fact that he wanted them killed for Long Juexin to see! If Long Juexin didn’t care about such signs, he would have conveniently killed them!

But, if Long Juexin disposed of them, he would surely use something like a secret execution, as he would have dreaded Fu Cangshan’s intervention. Such a result was just what he had hoped for, as he could then make him a target of criticism and smear him for taking such an arbitrary decision!

This was the snare that was set up by Fu Cangshan from the very beginning!