The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Su Yu Establishes Authority

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The Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts behind Su Yu instantly approached him. Su Yu’s gaze was calm as he said, “Fine, I intended to return to look for you, and since you have already come here by yourself, then I will just have to dispose of you here.”

Su Yu couldn’t forgive Fu Hongxue for lusting after Xia Yujing. Hence, Su Yu’s only way of dealing with such a vile person was to kill him.

“Eh? I almost forgot you! You are that ignorant lad. What’s so good about you that Yunxiang was even willing to become your concubine?” Fu Hongxue’s ice-cold gaze was focused on him, while he revealed a sinister smile at the corners of his mouth.

He then said, “I changed my mind. I want to wait awhile before I kill you, as I want you to watch how I will play with this sl*t till her death! I will also let her see how weak and useless her beloved really is.”

“Go after them!” Fu Hongxue waved his sleeves and shouted in a loud voice, ordering dozens of people to take action.

The group of Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts promptly responded, leaving afterimages behind them as they charged ahead.

Gang Dalei’s pupils contracted. “Housemaster Zi, Master Lin, Miss Zi, we should all separate. That way, at least one of us will be able to successfully flee from them.”

As he spoke, a barbaric aura was emitted from his body. He then waved his palm, and like a flood dragon rushing out of the sea, he slapped away a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, who was trying to grab Zi Yunxiang.

“Xiang’er, you must leave! Don’t worry about me!” Zi Donglai shouted in a stern voice, while his eyes became filled with anger and his heart sank.

They had just barely managed to flee, yet they had already found themselves facing another greater danger. His daughter might even suffer a fate worse than death. As a result!

“If any one of you can escape from such a great number of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s experts, then even pigs may be able to fly!” Fu Hongxue coldly sneered, then waved his hand at them.

Seeing this gesture, three Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts immediately understood his intention, so they directly went after three different people. Two of them went after Gang Dalei and the Housemaster Zi to kill them, while the last one went to capture Zi Yunxiang.

“Even if I die because of it, I won’t let you touch me!” Zi Yunxiang knew that she couldn’t escape death, so she decisively took a green dagger and held it to her throat. If they approached her, she would take her own life!

“Are you really trying to threaten me with such pitiful means? How laughable!” Fu Hongxue sinisterly laughed at her. “I was already prepared for this.”

“Xiang’er, be careful!” Zi Dongali suddenly shouted.

A transparent shadow suddenly appeared behind Zi Yunxiang. It was a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, who had taken advantage of the fact that they were distracted by the three Half Fairy Realm experts to use a magical treasure to hide his body.

It was a pity that Zi Donglai’s warning had come too late, and as the expert tapped into one of the internal blood energy channels in Zi Yunxiang’s back, her whole body immediately went soft. At the same time, the dagger fell out of her hand and her weakened body collapsed.

The transparent shadow that was behind her immediately placed her under his control, and as he tapped the ground with the tip of his feet, he flew back to Fu Hongxue’s side.

“Young master, I already captured her.” The guard bragged.

However, delight and joy unexpectedly didn’t appear in Fu Hongxue’s eyes at such a moment. Instead, Fu Hongxue’s gaze, which was fixed on him, became first filled with confusion, then surprise. It then became filled with terror.

The guard was startled, so he turned his head around. Only then did he discover that he was incapable of twisting his head around at all! This was because his whole body, from his neck downward, had been chopped off by someone!

His body had already fallen down, and only his head continued on, flying flew toward Fu Hongxue to report about completing his mission! As Fu Hongxue watched this scene in horror, he wondered…

What kind of sharp divine artifact could cut off someone’s head, without letting him feel even the slightest bit of pain?

Moreover, what kind of movement technique is so extremely quick and accurate to the point that it could let someone chop off the head of a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, who was flying at such a high speed?

All of the people present descended into a deadly silence. Even the two Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, who went to kill Zi Donglai and Gang Dalei, also stopped in their tracks.

After the head that was flying in the air lost its momentum, it fell upon Fu Hongxue’s bosom. After it rolled around for a bit, it managed to turn around. Only then did the guard finally understand what had happened.

At that moment, he witnessed a silver-haired youngster embracing Zi Yunxiang. He saw that the youngster had a small golden sword that was revolving around his hand. This scene was the last scene that the guard ever witnessed in his life.

“Are you all right?” Su Yu poured a thread of his Vital Energy into Zi Yunxiang’s body, which opened her clogged internal blood energy channel.

Zi Yunxiang was blankly staring at him, while nestling in his bosom. Slowly, her pretty eyes widened. She was startled, and couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of Su Yu possessed!

Fu Hongxue, Gang Dalei, and the others were also shocked by what had just occurred. It was fine that he instantly killed a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, but what was weird was that not one of them had managed to clearly see how he did it. They also didn’t know how he was able to save Zi Yunxiang.


After Fu Hongxue came back to his senses from his initial state of shock and terror, he threw away the head of the guard, who had died with his eyes wide open. He then turned around and fled. “Kill him! All of you, charge at him.”

After the group of Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts hesitated for a while, one of them, who was quite old and seemed like their leader, loudly shouted, “All of you, charge..”

His voice, as well as his life, came abruptly to an end when he pronounced the last word. This was because his throat was suddenly cut straight across by a small golden sword.

As his blood splattered around, his eyes’ luster dimmed and his body fell down on the ground. A frightening thumping sound echoed as he hit the ground.

“Ahh! Let’s quickly flee.” Such a scene made terror and fright well up in the hearts of the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, and they loudly cried out in panic. Their current appearances were worlds apart from their previous imposing and ferocious-looking looks.


As a golden light ray flickered, the last speaker’s head flew up to the sky. Such a bloody scene thoroughly frightened the group of Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts.

“Did I say you that you could leave?” A calm voice fluttered from Su Yu’s mouth, and although his tone was calm, it still seemed quite intimidating to them. Iit was even more imposing and terrifying to them than the Alliance Master’s own words!

“If any of you dare to take just a single step without my permission, you will die.” Su Yu put down Zi Yunxiang, then calmly ordered them all to look around.

The group of Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts stopped moving like he had ordered them to. At that moment, a golden ray flickered three times, and with each flickering, it took along with it a person’s life!

Such a weird and peculiar technique utterly frightened them. Beads of sweat started seeping from their foreheads, yet no one of them still dared to wipe them away. This was because they weren’t sure whether their heads would fly away while they were trying to wipe their sweat off of them!

“Fine, everything is all right now.” After Su Yu put down Zi Yunxiang, he looked at Zi Donglai and the others, whose gazes were all still filled with worry. “Are those people the strongest guards in the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Su Yu suddenly understood why the Zhenlong Continent’s army had so many casualties! It wasn’t just because they were weaker, but it was also because they didn’t have any fighting spirit! After all, he had just killed three of them, yet they all obediently stopped moving after he ordered them to, like obedient dogs!

If they had scattered and fled in different directions, it would have been impossible for Su Yu to kill all of them. However, they didn’t have the guts to take such a risk, so they had obediently rolled over and surrendered. Su Yu could almost imagine how overwhelmingly one-sided the battles in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds must have been!

After Master Lin came back to his senses, he sucked in a breath of cold air. He started to sympathize with the guards. “You shouldn’t make things difficult for them. The Heavenly Law Alliance rarely participated in the continent’s fights, so they are quite lacking in real battle experience. Hence, you shouldn’t blame them for such behavior, especially after meeting a monster like you!”

After all, Su Yu could instantly kill any one of them with just a wave of his sword. So, of course they would fear would fear him! Even the Master Lin and Zi Donglai felt like they wouldn’t have any better performance than them if they had run into some terrifying existence like him!

Gang Dalei sucked in a breath of air. “I always thought that I was a monster. It was only after witnessing the current you that I discovered that I’m still human, and it is you who is the true monster here!”

At first, Su Yu’s power was weaker than Gang Dalei’s, but after they took the trip to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Su Yu became an existence that Gang Dalei could only look up to.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he heard them calling him a monster. He then said, “Alright, I will take a trip to the Heavenly Law Alliance. I first intended to take a trip there just for Fu Hongxue, but since the Alliance Master Long is in dire straits, then I will conveniently help him as well.”

Zi Yunxiang’s admiration of Su Yu reached its extreme point at this moment. She even started feeling like she didn’t dare to directly look at him, as he was too dazzling, like a spiritual god!

Such a great disparity between the two of them made Zi Yunxiang feel an even greater pressure upon her, yet it also led her to admire him even more. The youth, who had needed her protection in the past, had now evolved into a spiritual god-like existence!

“I will go with you, since those guards were already subdued by you, you don’t need to worry about our safety.” After Zi Yunxiang came back to her senses, her face became somewhat flushed.

Su Yu decisively shook his head. “This is out of the question. The source of my worries was never those guards, but the First World Senior, who still hasn’t shown himself. If Fu Cangshan already took control of him, then you will become one of my weak points while I fight him.”

When he heard him, Zi Donglai’s revealed a relieved look. “You don’t need to worry about such matters, as the First World Senior would only reveal himself to someone who had a prowess at the Fairy Realm or above.”

Lin Yunhe nodded. “That’s true, so you don’t need to be concerned about it.”

“Well, that’s exactly why I should be worried, then…” Su Yu chuckled.

Eh? When the four of them understood the implication of his words, they were immediately petrified.

“Do you mean that you can display power at the Fairy Realm?” Zi Yunxiang asked, clearly shocked.

At this moment, even Zi Yunxiang couldn’t help but see him as somewhat of a monster.

“It’s because of this that I need to go in alone,” said Su Yu. After he paused for a while, he then said, ” Wait here for a moment.”

After he spoke, he soared up and swept over the remaining sixteen guards with his piercing gaze.