The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Reentering The Battleship

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“I’ll give you two options. The first is to die, and the second is to serve me.” Su Yu’s tone was not deafening, but the sixteen guards who heard what he said felt like a roaring clap of thunder had just blasted by their ears.

“Elder, I am willing to serve you from now on.” One of the smarter guards wisely decided to bow in respect, taking the risk on his own while others were still stuck in their frightened states.

As he did so, the others gradually followed. After all, their lives were their own, and no one wanted to die for no good reason!

“Alright, let go of your resistant thoughts. I will plant a seal in your soul to make sure you will not become traitors again!” Su Yu said.

Yesterday, they had served Long Juexin. Today, they had served Fu Cangshan. Tomorrow, they would serve Su Yu.

As such, Su Yu felt like he needed to somehow ensure they would not betray him in the future and serve someone else. Controlling them through their souls was the only viable way.

Suddenly, the facial expressions on many of the guards changed. They were clearly hesitant.

“Elder, I am willing!” The voice belonged to the short yet smart guard from before. He had let go of all his resistant thoughts in a heartbeat.

Su Yu glanced at him and asked, “You seem smart. What is your name?”

“I am Luo Xiong. I am willing to take you as my master. I will consider it my fortune!” Luo Xiong said.

Even Su Yu could not help but admit that this young man was smarter than most common people. When others were still paralyzed by their fears and insecurity, he had already found an opportunity to show his loyalty. His bravery and thoughtfulness were indeed commendable.

Su Yu nodded his head lightly, while his palm condensed a stream of thunderbolts and soul. This stream then formed a symbol, which he inserted into Luo Xiong’s soul.

Throughout this entire scene, Luo Xiong’s facial expression did not change. He was very calm.

After he took the lead, the others gradually lowered their heads as well, albeit reluctantly. Then, they each obediently allowed Su Yu to implant the Great Thunder Heart Technique within them. In an instant, Su Yu could control their lives and deaths!

“Luo Xiong, from now on, you are their leader,” Su Yu said.

Luo Xiong seemed happy about this. Indeed, being the first to display loyalty had its perks. From now on, if they followed this young man with unthinkable capabilities, the person who would have the most to gain was surely Luo Xiong!

Hearing this, the other fifteen guards exchanged glances secretly. They stared at Luo Xiong’s back and seemed displeased with the decision.

Su Yu was very sensitive to this, so he said, “If there is anything you would like to say, you had better say it now. If any internal conflict occurs in the future, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Su Yu’s eyes turned cold.

Hearing his words, the fifteen guards became silent and lowered their heads to avoid looking into Su Yu’s eyes. One of the guards was slightly bigger than the rest, and his aura was clearly much stronger than the others as well.

This was because the Spiritual Energy in his body was extremely pure, which also meant that it was only a matter of time before he broke through as a Three Crystals Half Fairy. The guard stood out and said, “Master, I am Li Cheng, the assistant leader of the annihilation team. As I have experience in leading already, I believe that I would be better at leading the team.”

In simpler terms, these guards were not used to bowing down to Luo Xiong. Before this, Luo Xiong was only a normal member of the team. As such, he was never of any special use, so he was relegated to behind the scenes tasks.

However, today, he had relied on his kissing up to Su Yu to become the leader. Hence, the others were naturally unwilling to accept him as such.

“Assistant leader, eh? Then you can continue to be the assistant leader,” Su Yu said coolly.

Li Cheng was unwilling to accept this decision, so he spoke up for himself courageously, “Master, I am much stronger than Luo Xiong.”

Luo Xiong, who was kneeling on the ground, felt a sense of awkwardness upon hearing this conversation that involved him. Even he knew that his weaker capabilities did indeed make it much harder to overpower the others.

“Hmm, you won’t be very soon.” Su Yu retrieved a bright golden fruit from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and tossed it over to Luo Xiong.

“When you have time, eat this. It will purify your Spiritual Energy and benefit you greatly,” Su Yu said coolly.

Luo Xiong readily accepted the bright golden fruit. He stared at it with wide eyes, as he did not know what it was.

Behind Luo Xiong, Li Cheng sucked in a breath of cold air, and he could not help but look shocked. “Bodhi Divine Fruit? Tsk! This is the best divine object that is used to purify Spiritual Energy in the entire Zhenlong Continent! There are many people who could only dream of having it. It’s even been said that, when one uses it for the first time, one can instantly reach complete purification!”

He was getting really excited as he spoke. “Moreover, a single consumption is apparently equivalent to a hundred percent condensation of a Vital Crystal! However, this fruit became extinct thousands of years ago, and it hasn’t appeared again till now!”

Bodhi Divine Fruit? In the Jiuzhou Continent, it was known as the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. After some time, the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate’s fruits had ripened. There were at least ten of them now.

“It’s… It’s the Bodhi Divine Fruit?” Luo Xiong’s lips trembled and his palms were shaking. This was the legendary divine fruit of the continent. It had only ever been introduced in ancient literature. He never thought that he could actually obtain one!

If he consumed it, he would be able to break through as a Three Crystals Half Fairy very soon! In fact, if the crystallization succeeded, he might even break through as a Fairy!

“Thank you for your generosity, master. I am willing to go to the ends of the world for you!” Luo Xiong was beyond happy! He giddily stored it away while his comrades looked on with jealous eyes.

Su Yu observed everyone’s facial expressions, then, with the flip of his palm, he retrieved yet another fruit of the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate, then said, “The Bodhi Divine Fruit? I still have many of them. Whether you can get one or not will depend on your actions!”

“There are more! He actually has more!”

“My god, a second Bodhi Divine Fruit!”


The sounds of people continuously bowing down to Su Yu could be heard. “Master, we swear to serve you until we die!” they all cried out.

While the others secretly cursed their cunning behavior and faux flattery, the rest were bowing down to Su Yu. After all, this divine fruit was not something the Heavenly Law Alliance could provide for them! Only Su Yu, the mysterious yet eye-blindingly powerful young man, could do so!

Li Cheng knelt in the crowd and bit his tongue secretly, while staring at Luo Xiong’s back. Gazing upon the scene before him, Su Yu was very pleased with their behavior. Actually, this was the exact outcome that he had wanted to create.

“Brother Su, do you still need more followers? I am willing to serve you.” Gang Dalei rubbed his hands together and smiled as he walked over. His eyes had never left the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate.

Su Yu suddenly laughed out loud. He then tossed the fruit over to him and said, “Take it, as I don’t believe you really lacked any treasure.”

Su Yu was very straightforward. This fellow had been able to acquire a drop of the Blood of a Real Dragon out of nowhere. It was still contained inside Su Yu’s space ring. Su Yu was certain he had tons of other treasures on him.

Gang Dalei seemed to understand what Su Yu meant, so he sighed and asked, “Do you think that I am like you? You are able to roam around everywhere in search of treasures. In order to find a treasure to exchange for the Thunder Herb for my old man, I had to squat in that abandoned place for almost a month and a half, and I still did not find anything at all! I went through far worse than Qin Yushan, who had stayed in the seventh level to collect herbs!”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s jaw dropped. He felt pity when he heard of Dalei’s trials.

“What about mine?” A gentle sound came from the side, while a gentle hand with snow white skin was extended towards Su Yu.

Zi Yunxiang had wanted to appear demure. However, she felt shy in the end and only ended up embarrassing herself by approaching Su Yu. Her face was flushed red and she looked conflicted, which only made the situation slightly funnier.

Su Yu laughed heartily. “Yes, of course, I did not forget about you!”

He retrieved yet another fruit and placed it on her white palm. Su Yu felt satisfied as he saw the happy look on her face.

Su Yu then handed Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe a piece of fruit each. “Dear elders, it will benefit you to consume one of these. Please do not reject my request.”

However, since they were both too old, their absorption of the purifying effects from the fruit was not as good or efficient as the youngsters. Hence, it could be said that giving the fruits to them was a complete waste.

Seeing as Su Yu had lavishly given away three more fruits, the guards felt a bleeding sensation in their hearts. It was as if Su Yu was slicing away at their portion of meat! It made them very anxious. After all, they had no idea how many of the fruits Su Yu had left.

“Do not call me elder anymore. In the journey of martial arts, the stronger one comes first. Hence, you are merely making fun of us!” Lin Yunhe laughed bitterly. “However, I will still accept this fruit. Although it is of no use to me, I can gift it to a younger person who I admire.”

Gang Dalei’s nose twitched. “Master Lin, do you admire me?”

Lin Yunhe laughed at his joke. “You little b*stard! You already have one. Why are you still vying for my treasures?”

In the midst of being scolded in a joking manner, Gang Dalei laughed and replied, “There is no harm in having more treasures!”

“Alright. Let’s not waste any more time. I need to return to the Heavenly Law Alliance for a while!” Su Yu said. “Luo Xiong, you will lead five other men and protect the rest as they head towards this location. Meet the Undead Phoenix Master there. This is a communication pendant. Take it, and I will be in touch with you later.” As he spoke, Su Yu handed him a communication pendant.

Undead Phoenix Master? Zi Donglai and the others were surprised when they heard this. They immediately wondered why the Undead Phoenix Master was outside of the battleship.

After thinking it through, they suddenly understood the meaning behind it! Su Yu had arranged to get the Undead Phoenix Master’s help in shifting Elder Jiu and Lord Yi Yu away!

In other words, before any drastic changes had occurred, Su Yu had already felt that something major was about to happen. Hence, he had made earlier preparations!

Zi Donglai suddenly felt a chill in his heart. This Su Yu was such a quick-witted man!

He suddenly sympathized with Fu Cangshan. It was a sad thing for him to be in opposition with such a man, who had frightening capabilities and even more frightening thoughts. He even felt chills run down his spine when he thought about being in opposition with a man like Su Yu.

“Li Cheng, the ten of you will accompany me to the Heavenly Law Alliance for a short trip,” Su Yu ordered.

Hearing this, Li Cheng was very happy, as this was his chance to finally accomplish something! Luo Xiong, on the other hand, looked slightly concerned. He was wondering if his spotlight would be taken away by Li Cheng.

“Protecting them is more important than any other accomplishment. They are the most important people in my life.” Su Yu seemed to have read Luo Xiong’s mind, as he spoke without even turning his head around to face the group.

After finishing his sentence, Su Yu led the team of guards and flew towards the Heavenly Law Alliance. As they landed at the bottom of the Heavenly Law Alliance, Li Cheng requested, “Master, allow me to establish communications to open the formation!”

As Su Yu stared at the bottom of the battleship, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Master, the battleship of the Heavenly Law Alliance is extremely tough. It is a legendary semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. The only way to enter it is to activate the formation from within. This is because any external force is incapable of breaking through it,” Li Cheng explained, as he was eager to accomplish his task.

Su Yu stood up with his hand raised. He then said meaningfully, “Is that so? I personally feel that we should not take the normal route!”


Li Cheng suddenly felt blinded as a red object appeared in Su Yu’s palm. Swiftly thereafter, a bout of terrifying flames rose upwards!

The area where the formation stood was completely burned through! Cries of people in pain could be heard from the hidden places around them.

A large number of strong soldiers were lying in wait at the place of the transportation spell. In fact, the number of guards was far greater than usual!

As such a long time had passed since they had battled, they must have felt the need to come super prepared! Hence, once Su Yu and the others entered the place of the transportation spell, they would surely have been killed!

However, what made Li Cheng even more surprised was the fact that Su Yu had actually broken through the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship!

Is this the battle power of a Fairy?

What is the true limit of this overly strong young man’s capabilities?

“Aren’t you going to lead the way?” Su Yu asked him coolly, interrupting his thoughts.