The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 623

Chapter 623 A Bloody Path

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Li Cheng’s expression became dignified, while his gaze became sharp. “Brothers, let’s make way for our master.”

As he angrily roared, the other nine guards became more spirited and energetic, but, they still didn’t forget to keep an eye on Su Yu out the corners of their eyes. They wanted to see whether he was watching their performance or not.

“Make way for the master!” The nine guards roared at the same time, while they turned into afterimages, then charged at the warship.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s strongest team had an astonishing imposing manner as they annihilated the other team. These twelve Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts were tantamount to a third of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s military power.

How could ordinary Heavenly Law Alliance’s members be capable of obstructing such a powerful team?

The guards, who were lying in ambush, weren’t injured by the flames. But, they immediately faced the team’s ferocious assault.

“Those who surrender will be spared, but those who dare to fight back will all be mercilessly killed.” Li Cheng swept away two One Crystal Half Fairy Realm experts, who tried blocking the opening. He then slammed them against the wall.

He was like a ferocious tiger as he stood in the air. He then looked at his battle companions with his cold gaze, while angrily roaring at them.

The pressure of the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, as well as the prestige of the annihilation team, forced the remaining guards to immediately surrender. The annihilation team was the cornerstone power of the Heavenly Law Alliance, and as such, it was its strongest symbol. Hence, everyone feared them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other nine guards immediately flew over. They then positioned themselves facing nine different directions to better ensure their safety.

“The annihilation team, the vice team leader Lu, is that you?” The person responsible for setting the ambush was dumbstruck when he recognized the ferocious enemies they were facing.

Because of this recent dreadful attack, which had great destructive power, they had assumed that the otherworldly experts were invading them. Yet, they were actually their comrades!

Li Cheng didn’t pay attention to him. His expression was still solemn as he surrounded the opening with the other nine guards.

The group then knelt down on one knee and said in unison, “Welcome, master.”

While they calmly and respectfully welcomed him, a youth, who had a long silver hair draped over his shoulder, leisurely strode forward and soared up in midair, while clasping his hands behind his back. As he came over, the annihilation team’s members didn’t dare to even breath, and they were extremely respectful and solemn.

When Su Yu’s feet landed on the ground, he scanned the guards with his gaze. His flame blast didn’t kill even a single person, despite having injured many of them.

They should be thankful that Su Yu still had respect for the Heavenly Law Alliance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have just been injured, but they would all have been burnt to ashes by his flame!

“If you don’t want to die, then just stay here. The following matter has nothing to do with ordinary members like you,” Su Yu spoke as he took a step forward.

Li Cheng’s body flickered, and he stood beside him to protect Su Yu. He then berated them in a deep voice, “All of those who try to obstruct us will die.”

The annihilation team had a great imposing manner, so no one dared confront them. They just anxiously looked at them as they walked to the deepest part of the Heavenly Law Alliance. It was only after they had reached it that the guards snapped back from their stunned dazes.

“Team leader, what happened? Why did our Heavenly Law Alliance’s annihilation team recognize him as their master?” one of the men asked his team leader.

The team leader just blankly looked at Su Yu and the others, who had just left, then absentmindedly shook his head. “I don’t know, but I do know that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master will surely change.” In his eyes, the youth seemed absolutely terrifying.

There was a great number of people in the hall, and many elders had been summoned here too. There was even a massive military force standing outside of the hall to protect it.

Fu Cangshan’s expression was calm and composed, while the complexion of Fu Hongxue, who was standing behind him, was filled with anxiety and fright.

“Fu Cangshan, only a short while had passed before summoned us here once again. What is the meaning of all of this?” Old Chen was somewhat displeased, as he was still incapable of accepting how Long Juexin was treated and dealt with.

The other elders also agreed with him about this inconvenient timing. After all, they had just left, yet here they were, already having been summoned to the hall once again!

Fu Cangshan said in a deep voice, “Sirs, our Heavenly Law Alliance is in grave danger.”

From Fu Cangshan’s deep voice and solemn expression, the elders felt something that something was different than usual, so they gradually calmed down to listen.

“Elder Fu, if you have something to say, then directly say it. The current Heavenly Law Alliance doesn’t have a master, so we need to discuss everything between us frankly,” said Old Chen.

Fu Cangshan became somewhat displeased when he heard him, as up till now, the Elder Chen wasn’t willing to recognize him as a temporary alliance master.


The ground started shaking at such a moment, and all of the elders were shocked. They hurriedly tried to keep their balance to avoid falling.

“What happened? Why is the warship swaying?” Old Chen was quite astonished, as such a matter had never once occurred before.

At such a moment, two guards, both of whom wore yellow clothing, entered in a great rush. One of them said, “Elder Fu, our current situation is not good! The warship was bombarded by someone, and an opening was blasted in it. Almost all of the teams involved in the ambush were injured, and they were all defeated!”

Old Chen and the other elders were all shocked when they heard his report. There were sentries in each corner of the Heavenly Law Alliance, and once they discovered some precarious situation, they would go to report it to them. These two were among these sentries.

“Were some teams involved in ambush? Who were they ambushing? Who blasted an opening in the warship?” Old Chen anxiously asked.

The baffling quake from a moment ago was no small matter, and since an opening had been made in the warship, this matter became even more grave. The yellow-clothed guards didn’t dare reply, so they looked at Fu Cangshan with inquiring gazes.

“It’s Su Yu,” said Fu Cangshan in a deep voice.

All of the elders were shocked and gasped.

“Wasn’t Su Yu already secretly executed by the Alliance Master Long? Yet, now you are informing me that Su Yu came here? Fu Cangshan, what kind of joke is this?” Old Chen spoke bluntly, without the slightest trace of politeness.

Fu Cangshan bore his anger and restrained himself as he spoke, “All of you may not know this, but when I interrogated the Alliance Master Long a moment ago, I learned that the five charred corpses belonged to his five trusted aides. I also discovered that Su Yu and the others were already secretly released.”

He then added, “All of this was a part of Long Juexin’s ploy. He arrested them just because he wanted to take them out of the battle! I already felt that Su Yu and the others were colluding with the otherworldly invaders, and just when I was about to make a move, Long Juexin detected it and arrested them in advance before secretly liberating them to preserve their lives! Now, Su Yu has brought the otherworldly invaders to attack us!”

Many elders were skeptical about his words, as it was extremely unimaginable that the Alliance Master Long was a spy who colluded with the otherworldly invaders. However, when they thought about his recent strange behavior, they couldn’t help but believe it. Only Old Chen and several other people were still skeptical about it.

“No matter what, since the otherworldly invaders attacked us, what we must first do is chase them away. Then, all of those who invaded us must be killed.” Fu Cangshan slapped the table and shouted in a loud voice, “Elders, please fight along with me! Let’s chase the invaders away, so that we may preserve the human race’s last fort!”


A loud creaking sound echoed as the hall’s door was pushed open. The elders, who were the closest to it couldn’t help but furrow their brows.

One of the elders asked, “Who is so rude and impolite to interrupt us in the middle of our discussion of such an important matter?”

His voice suddenly stopped, as he discovered that the people who had just entered were members of the annihilation team. They were led by Li Cheng. This disturbance behind them made many elders turn their heads around and look at the new arrivals.

Old Chen furrowed his brows and asked, “Li Cheng, why aren’t you at your post, and why did you come here? Did some elder call you over?”

Li Cheng turned a deaf ear to his words, while he orderly lined up before the door with the rest of the annihilation team’s guards. As he lowered his head, his expression became respectful. The elders present here were quite familiar with such a scene, as this was a treatment which only the Alliance Master could enjoy.

“It’s impossible! Did the Alliance Master Long come too?” Old Chen exclaimed. He and many of the elders were quite surprised.

Fu Cangshan and Fu Hongxue were also startled, each having many questions popping up in their minds…

What is happening?

How did Li Cheng and the others manage to come back alive?

It is fine that they survived, but why has Alliance Master Long come here?

While them and all of the elders were still bewildered, an extremely young person strode into the hall. He had a thin and tall build, and he wore simple clothes.

He also had flowing silver hair that was draped over his shoulder. His complexion was extremely handsome, rivaling that of the legendary and ethereal immortals.

“Su Yu, it’s you!” One of the elders recognized him immediately.

As the annihilation team was directly managed by the Alliance Master, it was loyal to him alone. So, the elders were naturally wondering what was happening.

“Hehe, elders, we meet once again.” Su Yu softly chuckled.

Circumstances had indeed changes, as in the past, he was a prisoner that was taken away by the annihilation team. Now, he came back as the master of the annihilation team! Many of them were incapable of accepting such a great change.

“Li Cheng, what are you doing? Why are you lowering your head to such a kid?” Elder Zhang, who was among the crowd, who had no idea what was happening, berated them.

He was incapable of understanding why Li Cheng had done such an absurd and preposterous thing. However, Li Cheng still continued lowering his head without moving or speaking.

“Someone come over and drag this kid out of here.” Old Zhang felt that the current turn of events was far from encouraging. He started pondering the situation in his mind…

How did the lad come over here?

Are Fu Cangshan’s words really true? Was he really colluding with the otherworldly experts? If so, did they really blast an opening in the warship and enter it?

Su Yu calmly spoke, “This person is quite noisy, so drag him out and behead him.”

He was helping a villain like Fu Hongxue do his evil deeds, and he even wanted to make some trouble for Zi Yunxiang, as such trash would only bring shame to the Heavenly Law Alliance if he was allowed to stay.

“Annihilation team, don’t make a move,” one of the elders said.

Many elders were angered by this scene. They didn’t understand how the Heavenly Law Alliance’s annihilation team could be directed by an outsider. Moreover, he even wanted to behead an elder right in front of them!

However, Li Cheng didn’t care about them, and he made a signal to two Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, who immediately turned into afterimages and charged at the elder Zhang.

This only angered the elders even more, as one of them shouted, “Annihilation team, do you want to revolt?” As a matter of fact, they were loyal to Long Juexin alone, and since they had started secretly obeying Fu Cangshan, they could already be considered rebels.

However, Li Cheng didn’t care about them, he just coldly swept his gaze over them and said, “I’m sorry, but the annihilation team is undertaking a mission now, and all of those who dare to obstruct us will be executed.”

Such overbearing and arrogant words made the elders laugh very angry. They were obviously revolting, yet they wanted to quell them with the Heavenly Law Alliance’s laws!

The elders who belonged to Fu Cangshan’s faction immediately started fighting the two annihilation team’s guards, successfully obstructing them. The elder Zhang, who noticed that the current situation was looking far from good, took the opportunity to retreat and hide among the crowd.

Li Cheng’s expression became gloomy, as this was an important opportunity for demonstrating his worth before Su Yu. He could not let Su yu witness him not being able to handle the elder Zhang!

Li Cheng coldly snorted as he pulled out his sword, which flickered with a cold glint and seemed capable of tearing the sky open.