The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Demon King

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With two loud cries, the two elders who were blocking the annihilation team suddenly died, as their chests had been cut wide open! Li Cheng had killed two opponents at his own level with a single slash of his blade!

Although it was a sudden attack that took them by surprise, it clearly showed that his capabilities were much greater than a normal Two Crystal Half Fairy! The slash had immediately halted the elders who were rushing over, all of whom took in a gasp of cold air.

They actually dared to kill someone!

Two members of the annihilation team flew side by side and dragged Old Zhang from amid the crowd, all the way out of the big hall. On the way, Old Zhang could be heard begging loudly and occasionally yelling angrily.

After some time, however, it all came to an end after a solemn knocking sound was heard. A guard from the annihilation team entered. He had a bloody head in his head and bowed respectfully to Su Yu as he said, “Master, as you ordered, we have chopped off his head.”

Su Yu glanced at Old Zhang’s head. His dead eyes were still wide open. Su Yu nodded slightly. “Alright, throw it away.”

As the guard tossed it onto the ground like a piece of trash, the bloody head rolled around a bit. Wherever it landed, the elders scurried away from it, thinking to themselves how horrific this situation was…

This was too cruel!

He has killed someone for only saying a few words!

Old Chen said in a deep voice, “Su Yu, have you really colluded with the different world to kill our people in the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Su Yu stood with his hands behind him. His gaze pierced through all of them, including Fu Cangshan. It then landed directly on Fu Hongxue. “If you believe everything that Fu Cangshan says, why do you bother asking me?”

Old Chen was dumbfounded. What does he mean?

“Su Yu, you have colluded with people from the different world. What do you want?” Fu Cangshan clearly knew the truth. However, he still wanted to kill Su Yu, and it would be odd if Su Yu had not come back for revenge.

Yet, much to his surprise, Su Yu only replied with a cool look and said, “I believe you should ask your dearest grandson first! As for your wanting to kill the five of us, that must come later! I came back this time primarily for your grandson, Fu Hongxue!”

What? He has come all this way to look for Fu Hongxue?

What hateful thing has he done?

Fu Cangshan was stunned and had many thoughts swirling in his head. Why wouldn’t I know about my grandson’s behavior?

“Hongxue, what have you done? Tell me the truth!” Fu Cangshan snorted coldly.

Fu Hongxue’s face turned white as snow and sweat was falling from his forehead as he said, “I accidentally got into trouble with Su Yu. I didn’t do it on purpose…” Fu Hongxue tried to cover things up.

However, right then, Li Cheng laughed coldly. “If you dare not speak the truth, I will! After all, it is not some great secret! Everyone was just afraid to speak up, as we were worried that Fu Cangshan might do something to us!”

He then explained further, “He pretended to send a message on behalf of Fu Cangshan to divert Undead Phoenix Master’s attention and cause her to leave her room. He then nearly did something unspeakable to Lord Yi Yu, who had fainted. If Su Yu and Gang Dalei hadn’t caught him in the act, he would have proceeded with his evil intentions!”

He continued, wide-eyed, “Thereafter, he went to the jail and tried to do something disrespectful towards the entrapped lady Zi Yunxiang. Luckily, Alliance Master Long made it there in time! Later, he led us to lie in wait for Housemaster Zi and the rest, with the intent to kill them all!”

He concluded by saying, “All of these things went unnoticed by elders like you. However, people like us, who were the ones who carried out the dirty deeds in the annihilation team, know everything!”

Hearing this, many of the elders became furious. Even though they all knew what kind of a person Fu Hongxue was, they had not thought that he would have the guts to do such shameful things! He even dared to send a fake message to get his way with Lord Yi Yu. It was such a lowly thing to do!

As for Zi Yunxiang’s case, they were not overly surprised.

“Our master had returned to get rid of this b*stard on behalf of the Heavenly Law Alliance! Based on what I know, many girls have already been tainted by him in the Heavenly Law Alliance. There are probably even more cases that we do not know about! This kind of person needs to be dealt with once and for all!” When Li Cheng worked as a guard, he had secretly reported all of these things to Long Juexin before. However, due to previous circumstances, Long Juexin had to pretend not to know about any of it. All this time, he had been trying to endure it. However, now that Su Yu had come back to kill Fu Hongxue, Li Cheng felt very happy!

After all, Fu Hongxue had crossed the line. In doing so, he had become the person Li Cheng hated the most! Therefore, he was willing to expose Fu Hongxue on his own accord.

“Hmph! All of that is nonsense. How can we judge my grandson’s behavior based on your superficial speech?” Fu Cangshan asked. “Besides, it is difficult to persuade the masses…”

Hearing this, Li Cheng became quiet and did not speak anymore.

“Hehe, who said we wanted to persuade the masses? I want to take his life, and my only reason being that I simply want him dead! It does not matter whether other people believe these claims or not!” Su Yu said coolly, while he started walking forwards!

The discussion was over. Clearly, the negotiations had failed.

“All elders present, let’s work together to subdue this young man before we speak any further! I will give everyone a clear explanation about my grandson after all of this has ended!” Fu Cangshan was using a delay tactic.

Most of the elders did not move. After all, Li Cheng did not look like he was lying. Moreover, Fu Cangshan’s intention to protect his own grandson above all was too obvious.

As all of the elders cared about their own images, they weren’t keen on the idea of possibly tainting their own images for a hateful youngster. Hence, the crowd did not move forward to surround Su Yu. Instead, they all walked backwards and opened up a pathway for the grandfather and his grandson.

Only Fu Cangshan’s own men had responded to the call. Seeing as this was the final moment to salvage what they had, they knew that they must act now! After all, if Fu Cangshan was defeated, they would also suffer a horrible end!

“We must first capture the leader of the pack. We must kill Su Yu!” one of the elders shouted, while more than ten elders charged forwards from all directions, converging upon Su Yu.

Li Cheng turned serious. “Get into formation!”

Ten members of the annihilation team heard the order and immediately surrounded Su Yu in order to protect him. The great battle had started!

Each of the members of the annihilation team were outstanding, most of them being experienced elders with shocking battle powers. However, they were still outnumbered.

Their defensive formation only lasted for a short while before an opening was created! This was because an odd change had occurred in the circumstances faced by Su Yu and his comrades.

Right then, a few figures flashed through the crowd and were charging towards Su Yu! They also belonged to Fu Cangshan’s camp. However, they did not lend a hand as the situation was not looking bright for him. However, now that they could see an opportunity to attack, they hesitated no longer!

Their participation had caused the defensive formation to collapse immediately! Multiple figures tore the formation wide open and were prepared to fight the annihilation team to the death! The circumstances were clear all of a sudden!


Eight figures consecutively entered the fight to surround and attack Su Yu and his people. Seeing the change of circumstances, Fu Cangshan let out a sigh of relief in secret. It seemed that the situation had been stabilized.

However, Su Yu, who had been standing in the center with his hands behind his back, finally lowered his hands. He looked around coldly in all directions and asked, “Those who are supposed to come out should be out by now. Should I now clear away the traitors on behalf of Alliance Master Long?”

With a sliding sound, a bright green spiritual ruler appeared in Su Yu’s palm. Holding the spiritual ruler, Su Yu did not bother to turn his head as he slapped the ruler down in the direction to his right.


A sound, similar to a watermelon being crushed open, was heard instantly. The surrounding attackers all sucked in a breath of cold air as they witnessed how Su Yu had easily killed an elder. The elder who was trying to attack Su Yu had died, his brain having been crushed into pieces!

The elder’s blood splattered all over Su Yu’s clothing. Some of it even landed on his face. His handsome face looked oddly eerie and evil with the blood smeared all over it.


As the crowd was still in a state of shock and confusion, Su Yu’s figure suddenly disappeared. Then, four consecutive slaps could be heard.

Four of the elders who were attacking him had suddenly died the same way. Their brains were all crushed into pieces!

Even though were many people present, none of them could see how Su Yu had carried out the deed! By the time that they heard the slapping sound, Su Yu had already pulled back his hand!


Once again, while they were all still surprised and confused, Su Yu had killed someone else! However, his shadow still remained at its original spot.

Everyone present felt chills run down their spines. Regardless of who it was, be it Old Chen, who had not participated in the battle, or the surrounding attackers, everyone felt chills run down their spines!

Was that a human’s soul?

The elders present were not Vital Energy Crystal Half Fairies. However, a few of them were Two Crystals Half Fairies. However, for Su Yu, their cultivations did not matter, as regardless, they all died from a single slap of his ruler!

In everyone’s eyes, it looked as if Su Yu was slapping open watermelons. A single slap would kill one of the elders! This scary murder method was terrifying to watch!

“Ah! I am done with this!” one of the elders who was surrounding Su Yu shouted. He then ran away. It was as if he had seen a ghost!

All of the elders who were surrounding him were petrified now. After all, they thought that they were working together to kill a wolf. However, they realized much later that it was actually a lion wearing a wolf’s skin coat!

Their will to fight collapsed immediately. With one person running away, while fearing for his life, the others certainly didn’t want to continue the fight! In the midst of the panic, many of the elders started to run away!

“Hmph! Since you have chosen to attack me, you must pay the price!” As he spoke, three golden lights shot forth from within Su Yu’s sleeves.

After five or six crying sounds were heard, the elders, who had not gotten far yet, were all killed, each having suffered severe cuts. When the massacre came to an end, the crowd’s thumping hearts would not stop beating wildly!

In the dead silence, blood covered the floor. The odor of blood even filled the entire hall. This was the bloodiest day in the history of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s existence, as more than half of the elders had been killed by a single person!

Su Yu, the killer, now stood in the center of the pool of blood. Right then, no one dared utter a single word.

As they faced Su Yu, it was as if they were facing a huge wild beast. The pressure they felt was suffocating to the point where everyone was panting.

Fixing his sleeves, Su Yu shook off the blood on his body. Without any feelings whatsoever, Su Yu seemed totally unaffected by that fact that he had just killed so many people. This made sense, as ever since Su Yu had trained in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he had become much more callous and indifferent to death and suffering.

His gaze now landed on Fu Hongxue once again. “You should not have thought about doing those things to that person.”

Fu Hongxue took a few steps back shakily. He looked at Su Yu as if he had seen a frightening demon!

He felt immense regret in his heart. If he had the opportunity to do it all over again, he definitely would not have set his eyes upon Lord Yi Yu and Zi Yunxiang! Fu Cangshan swallowed his saliva in a desperate manner, while he sat on the Alliance Master’s seat and did not dare budge.

However, Su Yu did not forget about him. Instead, he asked coolly, “Fu Cangshan, as an elder in the Heavenly Law Alliance, how should we deal with those who cheat and offend others?”

Fu Cangshan’s heart was beating wildly. He tried to calm himself down in order to reply. “We should… Kill them!”

“Then, why are you still hesitating?” Su Yu’s eyes gradually turned colder.

Seeing the look in Su Yu’s eyes, Fu Cangshan’s body turned cold. He actually wanted Fu Cangshan to kill his own grandson!

Realizing this, Fu Cangshan felt immense pain and unwillingness. However, in order to save his own life, he had no other choice. He had to be cruel!

“Hongxue, please do not blame your grandfather. You broke the laws. As an elder, I have to deal with this in accordance with the law!” Fu Cangshan tried to swallow the pain and wear and emotionless expression.

Fu Hongxue angrily lashed out. “Are you going to kill me? This was all done as you ordered! You wanted to take the place of the Alliance Master. You ordered me to set traps secretly to help you plot against Long Juexin. The biggest trespasser here is you! The person who should die is you! I do not deserve to die!”

As Fu Hongxue was so used to being pampered, his selfish personality reared its ugly head again in such a crucial moment. After all, he had no intention of sacrificing himself for the sake of someone else!

Hearing this, all the elders present started muttering loudly…

Long Juexin was plotted against? How was he plotted against?

Fu Cangshan’s facial expression darkened. “You darned b*stard. Why won’t you admit your faults, even in the face of death? I have no choice but to be cruel!”

After he finished speaking, a painful cry was heard. Fu Hongxue had just been slapped to death by his dearest grandfather!

It was actually kind of a funny story, as Fu Hongxue had been able to escape all troubles thus far because of his grandfather’s protection. The irony was that he ended up dying at his grandfather’s own hands!

“Everyone, the source of the crime has already been dealt with. After this, I will reflect deeply on…” Fu Cangshan quickly bowed respectfully to everyone present.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Fu Cangshan could no longer utter another word. This was because a small golden blade had just pierced through his chest!

“You, you…” Fu Cangshan’s eyes turned darker, and just as he was about to faint, he heard a few final words in his ears. It was a soft sigh from Su Yu, who was playing with his small golden blade. “You have spoken well. The source of the crime indeed. You shall reflect well when you have gone down to hell!”

The Fu family’s grandfather and grandson had both died. One was sentenced to death by Su Yu, while the other one was killed by Su Yu himself! Such endings left the elders who had survived dumbfounded.

A lot of the elders who died were killed because of their sudden changes of mind. This was especially true of those who jumped out in the final moment. They had indeed died unjustly! If only they could have suppressed their inner greeds for fame and power, they would not have been killed by Su Yu.

Looking at the silver-haired young man, who stood amid the pool of blood, no one could look away. They all pondered in their hearts…

What kind of an existence is he?

Is he a king or a demon?