The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 625

Chapter 625 A Stupid And Stubborn Person

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Su Yu swept over the remaining elders with his gaze, making their hearts shudder. Even the strongest expert within the Heavenly Law Alliance, a Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, could be instantly killed by him!

All of the elders felt like their hearts rose up to their throats at this moment. They wondered whether Su Yu would go insane and slaughter all of the remaining high-level members of the Heavenly Law Alliance. At such a precarious moment, they couldn’t help but gaze at the oldest elders, like Old Chen, as they saw them as pillars of strength.

Old Chen asked, “Senior, Fu Cangshan and his grandson were already executed, so may I ask what you still need from the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Su Yu found Old Chen in the crowd, who looked at him, trembling with fear. This group of elders, each in their seventies, found in difficult to unexpectedly be calling a teen “Senior.” This disparity in positions truly seemed quite strange.

“Old Chen, you don’t need to be worried. Although I’m not a merciful fellow, I’m also not someone who will willfully slaughter the innocent,” Su Yu said calmly. His words seemed like they had a peculiar power in them, causing the tense crowd to relax instantly.

However, just after they had barely relaxed, Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold. He then said, “I don’t care how many fools of Fu Cangshan are left among you, and you can consider yourselves lucky that you didn’t jump out, but this will be the last time you will have such good luck.”

Among the people that were being swept over by Su Yu’s gaze, several of them had guilty consciences, as they were people who didn’t quickly respond.

Old Chen let out a weary breath from where he stood. Then, Su Yu spoke once again, “How’s the Alliance Master Long?”

He didn’t ask any specific one of them, but when they heard him, the elders all felt like his words were directly bearing down on them alone! He looked down upon all of them like an imposing conqueror! Such an imposing manner was more powerful and terrifying than any previous Alliance Master’s had ever been!

Old Chen and several other people felt somewhat ashamed when they heard him, as the last dialogue between Fu Cangshan and his grandson had enlightened them to understand that they had probably wronged the Alliance Master Long.

“Master, The Alliance Master Long is in…” Li Cheng spoke up when he saw that not one of them was replying.

However, before he finished his sentence, he was interrupted by Su Yu. “Let them speak.” He wanted the elders to tell him themselves.

“What? Are you speechless?” Su Yu swept them with his gaze. “All of you are old, and such words aren’t something that a young man like me should say to you, but yet, I must demand to know… How do you feel about how you dealt with such a matter?”

He shook his head, while his gaze was piercing and fierce. “In such troubled times, where the enemies are right in front of your eyes, your highest commander was easily impeached by you. Did any of you imagine how a group without a leader could confront the enemies if they attacked at such a time? Changing the commander battle war is one of war’s greatest taboos, yet such absurd an matter happened in the Heavenly Law Alliance!”

Su Yu spoke bluntly, without mincing his words. He was clearly angry. After all, the Zhenlong Continent was peaceful, so such turmoils rarely appeared.

The Heavenly Law Alliance, which was situated in the continent’s center, had never once fought against any faction, and the elders living here were accustomed to leading lives of comfort and leisure. It was only because of this that they made such a grave mistake like changing their commander while they were at war!

Su Yu’s words hit the nail on the head, and Old Chen and the others were all left speechless, utterly incapable of responding. They all felt their faces getting hot from shame.

Su Yu’s words were quite reasonable. While faced with Fu Cangshan and his gang, they really hadn’t carefully considered the matter properly.

“Your Excellency, aren’t your words somewhat too harsh?” Someone among the elders, spoke up, unable to bear listening to such harsh words any longer.

He was a red-faced and bearded elder, who had an unyielding temper. Hence, he couldn’t keep himself from responding.

A baleful look appeared on Li Cheng’s face, as he despised to see such impertinence in the elders. After all, while Su Yu was fighting, this red-faced, bearded elder didn’t dare say a word, but when he realized that Su Yu wasn’t someone who would kill innocents, he started running his mouth freely!

“Elder Xiao Sui, pay attention to what you are saying. How can you talk to our master in such a way?” Li Cheng put his hand on the hilt of his sword, which was resting at his waist.

Su Yu shot a look at the red-faced, bearded elder, while inwardly shaking his head. It wasn’t people like Fu Cangshan, who fought for fame and wealth, which were the most dangerous. Instead, it was people such as Xiao Sui, who didn’t stand on any particular side.

Hence, he didn’t know his place! While Fu Cangshan caused internal strife among the high-level members,such an arrogant person as Xiao Sui might cause the whole Heavenly Law Alliance to be destroyed, especially in such troubled times! Such a conceited, obstinate, and self-opinionated person would sooner or later cause troubles for them all.

When he took a look at the other elders, he found that, although their expressions didn’t change, their gazes were filled with displeasure. Apart from Old Chen and several other elders, no one seemed to be listening much to Su Yu’s words.

Seeing this, Su Yu couldn’t help but lose in hope in them. “Fine, let them do as they please, I won’t say anything more. However, all of you should realize that the Heavenly Law Alliance doesn’t belong to just you, as it belongs to all talented youths. They are the one who will be the spark that will illuminate the future of the human race. Hence, you should careful how you proceed.”

As Su Yu waved his hands at them in dismissal, he made a signal to Li Cheng to sheath his sword. At this moment, Xiao Sui proudly spoke, “Supporting the human race is our Heavenly Law Alliance’s tradition, so you don’t need to teach us about such a matter.”

Su Yu didn’t even feel like replying to such a pig-headed person. Old Chen took a look at Xiao Sui and softly sighed. Xiao Sui was one of the older elders, but despite this, he still did what he liked and kept to himself. Hence, his lack of a genteel personality and his bankrupt state of integrity were quite clear to all.

He was putting on the face of a brave person who dared to speak his mind and didn’t fear Su Yu’s might, while in fact, he was really just a person who feared strong people and bullied weaklings! Hence, he was really just trying to impress the crowd.

It was only because he was assured that such a righteous person as Su Yu wouldn’t kill him that he bravely retorted the way he had just now. If Su Yu was ruthlessly killing people, he wouldn’t dare to utter even a word against him!

“Sirs, let’s put off this discussion for now. I have wronged the Alliance Master, and I must personally go welcome him back.” Old Chen couldn’t bear observing such a shameful sight any longer, so after he exchanged glances with several people, he left. As he walked away, his face was filled with disappointment and shame.

Following his lead, the other elders fell in behind him. After all, even if they just put on an act, they still needed to welcome back the Alliance Master together. Thus, in the twinkling of an eye, only Su Yu and his companions were left in the hall.

“Master, that hateful Xiao Sui used you to impress the crowd! What’s worse is that he looked down on you! You will only encourage him to continue with such behavior if you let him off this time.” As he spoke, the gaze which Li Cheng sent towards Xiao Sui’s retreating back was filled with scorn and displeasure.

Despite the fact that he was also not a good person, Li Cheng he still couldn’t bear to see someone like Xiao Sui disrespecting Su Yu! Although Su Yu seemed quite cruel and evil, he was still just and righteous.

“Just let them do as they please. I have already warned them, so what else is there to say?” Su Yu didn’t care about one sill elder, as Su Yu had experienced many trials. Hence, such a trivial matter was incapable of affecting him.

Li Cheng bowed as he retreated a few steps back and looked at Su Yu with some surprise. Su Yu was obviously just a youngster, yet he had an outrageously dignified aura.

If it was another person who was in his place, even if he didn’t flare up in anger, he would still hold a grudge against such a contemptuous elder! However, Su Yu remained calm and indifferent.

“Who knows whether he truly has a noble bearing or if he’s just putting on an act..” Li Cheng started making implications, while secretly still being careful to not rule out the fact that Su Yu was purposely reacting in this way to leave them a good impression among the crowd.


“Elder Xiao, I truly broke out into a cold sweat because of you, as you unexpectedly dared to speak to Su Yu in such a way!” While on the way to welcome Alliance Master Long, Xiao Sui started chatting with a group of elders. One of them, a brandy-nosed elder, smiled in admiration at him and voiced his opinion on the recent interchange.

Although all of them realized that Su Yu wasn’t some sinister or wicked person,they couldn’t guarantee that, if he was truly angered, he wouldn’t just flip his hand over and kill them all!

Xiao Sui coldly snorted, then said, “What’s there to be afraid of him? He’s just a lad who is wet behind the ears, and even if he was an evil and wicked fiend, so what? What should be said, I will say! After all, the number of bridges that I have passed through in my life is far greater than the number he has passed through, yet he still wants to lecture me? Unacceptable!”

Many elders looked at him, some of whom somewhat admired how he had dared to refute such a fiend as Su Yu.

“Elder Xiao, it’s known in the Heavenly Law Alliance how upright and outspoken you are, and that Su Yu was utterly shaken by you and didn’t dare refute you! It can even be said that he was deterred by your noble bearing.” The brandy-nosed elder squinted his eyes as he spoke.

When they heard him, the other elders, who had just gotten a new lease of life after such a harrowing affair, revealed looks of reverence and respect.

“Yes! That cold-blooded and ruthless demon was left speechless in the face of the elder Xiao! News of this matter will surely spread!”

“Only brother Xiao managed to deter such demon, and tonight, I will hold a feast to offer a toast to brother Xiao, as you have redeemed the dignity of all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders today!”

This group of elders, who had a good relationship with one another, started flattering each other profusely. They especially were holding the elder Xiao in high esteem…

“Surely, we must raise a glass to the elder Xiao!”

“Su Yu was a ferocious person who slaughtered half of our Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders, yet brother Xiao was able to deter him with words alone! I truly look up to you!”

Xiao Su modestly nodded at them and said, “I was just doing my duty, so you don’t need to make a big deal out of it. But, we still must surely gather together tonight! Why don’t we gather in the small pavilion that I just established?”

All of them were delighted when they heard his suggestion. They eagerly began planning the coming evening’s festivities and gossipping amongst themselves.

“I heard that the elder Xiao’s small pavilion was a magical treasure that was made from countless and varied materials, like the Flying Clouds, Illusory Snow, and others objects of the like! It’s also capable of converging the surrounding Spiritual Energy, making it an excellent divine artifact! As such, he wouldn’t easily let just anyone enter it! Thus, we are surely being honored today!”

“The small pavilion? Wow! If that’s the case, then count me in! Tonight’s feast will surely be one for the history books!”

Old Chen and the others couldn’t help but furrow their brows when they heard the raucous erupt behind them. Even if he disregarded the fact that they should be solemn and serious while going to welcome the Alliance Master, the fact still remained that their behavior was shameful, as they shouldn’t be trying to regain their dignity by making fun of Su Yu!

Just the fact that they were still in the mood for making merry and organizing a drinking party while the Heavenly Law Alliance was in such trouble times was already outrageous! It was just like what Su Yu had said, they were accustomed to living lives of comfort, thus, their senses of crisis had already been obliterated!

Old Chen felt a faint sense of foreboding welling up in his heart. Su Yu probably wasn’t mistaken when he pointed out the greatest danger of the Heavenly Law Alliance. They were flailing not because they weren’t strong enough, but because their carefree attitudes were crippling them!.

Long Juexin’s room.

Long Juexin was startled when he saw the group of elders excitedly coming over. He immediately wondered what kind of ploy Fu Cangshan was hatching. However, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of killing intent coming from them.

Still, he remained somewhat wary as he greeted them. “Sir, I’m truly honored by having all of you come to visit me.”

Old Chen felt too ashamed to show his face when he heard Long Juexin’s greeting. “Alliance Master, can you please dispel our doubts by telling us what truly happened at the stage? Please describe it to us.”

Long Juexin raised his brows when he heard his question, and he faintly felt like the situation had turned for the better.

Did Old Chen and the others figure everything out? Have they truly come to me to find out the truth?

No matter whether this was also one of Fu Cangshan’s ploys or not, the current situation couldn’t become any worse if more people knew the truth. So, he started informing them how he was forced to use such tactics to gain the trust of his enemy. He then told them how he had handled Su Yu and the others, as well as how he had fallen into such a trap.

Old Chen couldn’t help but deeply sigh when he heard all of it, and he prostrated himself on the ground and bowed to him. He then said, “Alliance Master, we were muddle-headed. Please forgives us.”