The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 626

Chapter 626 King Of Darkness

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As all of the elders moved forward to open the sealed door and let Long Juexin out, Long Juexin was thoroughly confused. Within a span of two hours, things had changed so drastically!

Suddenly, Long Juexin could smell the odor of blood that was coming from their bodies. Scanning the area with his eyes, he noticed that Fu Cangshan and his clan were all missing!

“What has happened? Where is Fu Cangshan?” Long Juexin’s heart was pounding.

If Fu Cangshan was still alive, he would not have allowed so many of the elders to come forward and find out the truth. That fact, coupled with the remnant aura on their bodies and Fu Cangshan’s and his followers’ disappearances, caused a crazy idea to pop into Long Juexin’s mind…

Could it be that Fu Cangshan had already…

“Alliance Master, Fu Cangshan has already been killed, along with all of the followers in his clan!” Old Chen replied.


As if a thunder had struck next to his ear, Long Juexin was elated. He had been in a secret rivalry with Fu Cangshan and his followers for two years. Now, in two hours, they had all been killed!

“Has Elder Jiu awakened?” Long Juexin was experiencing a level of joy that he had never experienced before. Even the injuries on his bodies seemed to have recovered somewhat.

Now that the world was in a chaotic mess, the existence of a peak martial artist like Elder Jiu would surely make the Heavenly Law Alliance a safer place!

Old Chen and the others froze, while Old Chen laughed at himself and said, “We were indeed aided by an elder. However, it was not Elder Jiu, but another elder.”

Another elder? Long Juexin’s smile froze and his heart thumped even faster. Apart from Elder Jiu, no one else in the continent was considered their elder. The only exception was the King of Darkness, who had been in isolation for centuries.

Did he personally visit the Heavenly Law Alliance?

Why did he come?

Long Juexin entered a state of deep thought. His joy had suddenly turned into worry.

The arrival of the King of Darkness was not a good thing, as the Empire of Darkness was in a dire state, and it could be taken down at anytime. As such, his arrival at the Heavenly Law Alliance could very well be a request for assistance!

No, since he already killed half of the elders, he must want to take control of the Heavenly Law Alliance!

Old Chen had this thought and was stunned. Did Alliance Master Long know Su Yu would come back?

“Alliance Master, he is in the big hall and has not left yet.” Old Chen tried to test him.

Long Juexin immediately hid the look in his eyes. One could not tell how serious he seemed. Without being angered but still being firm, he shouted, “Alright, everyone follow me!”

Seeing this, Old Chen now was almost certain that Alliance Master Long and Su Yu had already planned this earlier. In other words, this could have been a trap set by Alliance Master Long to lure out Fu Cangshan and all his followers out for a grand finale!

Thinking about it, Old Chen suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Such an intricate plan and execution! His respect for Long Juexin and Su Yu grew tremendously at that moment.

As they got closer to the big hall, Long Juexin’s footsteps became heavier. On the way there, he had tried to think of ways to resolve the situation at hand. However, he finally realized that all of his plans were pointless, as no martial artist in the entire continent knew how strong the King of Darkness truly was.

The only thing he could be sure of was that the King of Darkness must be the strongest person in the continent! In fact, the first time he had appeared several hundreds of years ago, he had wiped out the Yue clan and the Tu clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans. His might was even to the level of being god-like!

As he was already the strongest person back then, there was no way of telling how much stronger he had become since that time! Thus, all plans would be pointless in the face of such a dominating king!

With a heavy heart, Long Juexin prepares to enter the discussion hall. But, before he entered, he hesitated and stood on the same spot.

After a long moment of silence, he spoke with a hint of sadness, “Old Chen, how long have you been working with me?”

Old Chen was stunned and a bit confused by his question. “I’ve been here since the previous Alliance Master was serving. So, I’d say it’s been more than a hundred years.”

“A hundred years… Hehe. In those hundred years, I have been foolish yet also aware. Perhaps that is enough.” Long Juexin seemed very serious as he asked, “Old Chen, can you help me with something?”

What is going on? Old Chen was even more dumbfounded, while looking at the somber look on his face. “Alliance Master, please tell me.”

Long Juexin seemed relieved, so he smiled. “Thank you, Old Chen! Please light a stick of incense for Aojue and Wuxin on my behalf every year during the Qingming Festival. In that way, I will not feel too lonely.”

Old Chen finally understood that he was leaving his final message. His eyes opened widely. What is going on between the Alliance Master and Su Yu? Did the Alliance Master truly know who was inside?

Old Chen realized that perhaps the elder he had mentioned differed from the elder who Long Juexin had in mind. However, before he could voice this, Long Juexin had already stepped into the big hall with a determined look. It was as if he was ready to face death.

He shouted, “I’m counting on you, Old Chen!”


Thereafter, he shook his sleeves and closed the door that led into the hall. With the door tightly shut, only a limited amount of light now entered the hall.

Some distance away, Long Juexin could clearly see that the annihilation team stood respectfully on both sides of the door. They did not greet him with respect. Instead, they were awaiting the orders of another person!

Has the annihilation team fallen? Long Juexin’s heart sank slightly, while his gaze gradually moved upwards towards the center of the discussion hall. There, a figure was standing with his hands behind his back.

There were bodies everywhere, as well as streams of blood that seemed like little crimson rivers. The little light that was present shone upon the figure in an oddly mysterious way. As such, Long Juexin could only see the outline of the figure.

However, it was this mysterious figure which had put a great pressure on Long Juexin’s heart. This was a feeling that he had only experienced when facing Elder Jiu! It was the figure of a true king!

Long Juexin narrowed his eyes and tried to see the figure more clearly. However, it was still difficult to tell exactly who the person was. He could at least tell that it was a young person’s figure.

It is very surprising that the King of Darkness has maintained such a young appearance! Long Juexin was secretly surprised. No one would have thought that the King of Darkness was actually so young!

Looking at the young figure, Long Juexin felt an additional measure of pressure. He then said, “Alliance Master Long Juexin asks for your forgiveness for not having welcomed the King of Darkness.” Long Juexin picked himself up and tried not to appear disrespectful as he greeted him.

He moved!

In the little bit of light present, the King of Darkness could be seen moving! Long Juexin became more and more nervous as he gripped his palms secretly.

Finally, the figure turned around and was now facing him directly. Long Juexin could not tell if it was his own wishful thinking, but he seemed to feel that those deep-looking eyes could see through space!

Just the thought of this possibility made Long Juexin’s entire body go numb. He sucked in a breath of cold air in his heart and thought, Such sharp eyes!

Long Juexin’s heart was now in his throat. He was extremely nervous! After all, this was the strongest person in the continent, an existence that could easily end his life!

“King of Darkness? Where?” Long Juexin’s heart froze as the King of Darkness asked him the question. In fact, the voice sounded very familiar!

The person who had just spoken was walking over very quickly, and as Long Juexin could gradually see his face getting clearer, Long Juexin suddenly gasped. He felt as though he had been struck by lightning and he became flabbergasted!

“Su… Su… Su Yu!” After stuttering for a moment, he finally spewed out the name! He could not believe his own eyes! The figure who he had believed to be the King of Darkness was actually Su Yu!

No, wait! Could Su Yu have been some sort of a disciple to the King of Darkness?

Recalling how Su Yu had once used the name of Black Snow Devil King, it did sound very similar to the Seven Lords of Darkness. However, Long Juexin recollected himself and looked around before asking, “Where is the King of Darkness, and what are you to him?”

Su Yu blinked in confusion. As he had never been acquainted with the King of Darkness, he had to wonder what kind of a relationship he could possibly have with him!

“Er, has the King of Darkness been here?” Su Yu started sweating as he looked at Long Juexin’s nervous expression.

Could the King of Darkness have been here without my noticing? The thought made Su Yu shiver secretly. If that were true, then the King of Darkness’ might was too frightful!

“Aren’t you a disciple of the King of Darkness?” Su Yu’s strange reaction caused Long Juexin to enter an even stranger state of confusion!

Su Yu shook his head with certainty. “I do not know him.”

Long Juexin was shocked. “Then, why did you appear here? Wait a minute. Didn’t the annihilation team try to stop you from entering?”

Su Yu was not sure how to answer him, so he simply said, “I have always been here…”

Always been here… Long Juexin seemed to become aware of something after hearing those words. However, he did not hold on to the thought, but asked, “Then, didn’t the elder who came by chase you away? Did he allow you to stay here?”

Long Juexin could not figure that part out. Since the annihilation team was here, the elder must be around here somewhere too. And if so, he had no reason to allow Su Yu to stay on.

“Eh? Elder? Which elder?” Su Yu seemed to understand something and asked the question directly.

Long Juexin pointed at the corpses all over the floor. “Of course it is the elder who killed Fu Cangshan, as well as all of his accomplices!”

Su Yu’s face froze. After all that explanation, Long Juexin had still misunderstood him!

Su Yu had no idea how Old Chen had described the situation to him. How have I suddenly been described as Black Snow Devil King?

“Eh… If you mean the elder who killed Fu Cangshan and the rest, then you probably mean me… If there is no one else in mind…” Su Yu unnaturally pointed at himself. This was such a huge misunderstanding!

Long Juexin was stunned. “You?”

Long Juexin was slightly dumbfounded. Su Yu had just said that he killed so many strong people! Long Juexin could not wrap his head around it!

Li Cheng, who had stood by the door this whole time, could no longer bear watching this conversation, as Long Juexin’s behavior was funny, but also pitiful. He was the Heavenly Law Alliance Master after all, yet he behaved in such a laughable manner. It was all because his capabilities were not as strong as others, so he was easily surprised.

“Alliance Master Long, Su Yu is my master. He was also the person who led us back to execute Fu Cangshan and these pests in the Heavenly Law Alliance!” Li Cheng finally spoke up.

Hearing this, Long Juexin finally accepted the fact that Su Yu was the King of Darkness who he had been looking for. While feeling very awkward, Long Juexin seemed to enter a state of space-time distortion. As such, he felt like everything was unreal and his thoughts started to whir around in his mind…

Was Su Yu really this powerful?

Could it be that this was all done by the annihilation team? Was Su Yu merely assisting them?

Seemingly able to guess what Long Juexin was thinking, Li Cheng spoke in advance to prevent Long Juexin from making a fool of himself any further. “The annihilation team only killed two people. The remaining nineteen of them, including Fu Cangshan and his grandson, were all killed by my master.”


Long Juexin’s heart thumped hard. He couldn’t believe that Su Yu had single-handedly killed nearly all of them!

“Su… Elder, dare I ask, what kind of cultivation do you have?” Long Juexin finally believed it.

Being able to take control of ten members of the annihilation team and have them call him master was truly a symbol of Su Yu’s having achieved the highest level of strength and capability. It was beyond his imagination as to how one person could be able to kill so many elders.

“Please do not call me an elder. Just call me Su Yu.” Su Yu laughed lightly. “I have been waiting here to bid farewell to you, Alliance Master. Also, there is one other surprise I have for you.”

Su Yu laughed mysteriously.