The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 627

Chapter 627 New Alliance Master

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“A nice surprise?” Long Juexin’s heart, which still hadn’t had a chance to calm down, started intensely throbbing once again.

In the past, if Su Yu said that he would give him a nice surprise, then he would probably just dismiss it with a laugh. After all, as he was the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, what kind of nice surprise could a youngster give him? But now, his heart couldn’t help but shudder, as a nice surprise of someone as powerful as the current Su Yu should surely be something extraordinary.

“Alliance Master Long, didn’t you have any expectations or hopes about it after you got the news of my return, even though the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was closed?” Su Yu faintly smiled.

Alliance Master Long’s eyes, which were filled with expectation, quickly dimmed, and the grief and pain which he had suppressed for so long appeared in them. How could he not think of such a possibility? After he heard that the Black Snow Devil King, who should have been already dead, returned alive from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he still held onto some hope that his daughter Long Wuxin might also return. But, that was just an empty hope.

Su Yu’s words stirred up the grief and pain which he had constantly restrained, and he felt desolate and lonely. He didn’t even have a single relative in the whole world. He was all alone.

“Alliance Master Long, it seems like you will surely not be disappointed by such a nice surprise.” Su Yu faintly smiled, while he opened the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Two light balls, each about the size of a thumb, flew out of it, then started to gradually get bigger. Finally, they both became the size of a normal human. When the light disappeared, two women’s bodies were revealed.

They were both sitting cross-legged, and it seemed like they had just finished cultivating, as they were resting to adapt to their bodies’ changes. The two of them emitted extremely powerful auras, which weren’t any weaker than any of the guards in Su Yu’s annihilation team.

There was a faintly visible ring of light above their heads, which was condensed by Vital Energy. Upon this ring of light were many ancient and mysterious characters. The ring of light floated just three inches from their heads, and as its radiance shone on their bodies, their beautiful complexions seemed even more alluring.

This was especially the case for the petite and dainty one, as the portion of the ring of light above her seemed even more tangible and dazzling. Her refined face seemed like it belonged to one of the legendary fairies, almost like it was finely carved by a grandmaster’s knife. It was extremely mesmerizing.

She was Qin Xianer, and the other woman was Long Wuxin. When they were being hunted by Chou Zeming, Su Yu had placed them in his spatial ring to protect them, and now, since they were already out of danger and had finished their cultivations, he had let them out.

Before those rings of light had even become visible, Long Juexin was already fixedly staring at the tall body that was on their right side. It had an aura, which he found familiar because of their blood relationship, and as he looked at it, he forget himself and could only blankly look at the body, whose features were gradually becoming clearer.

It was only after determining that it was truly his daughter, who had died in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, that he pronounced her name while trembling, “Long Wuxin…”

When he called out her name, it seemed like a drop of spring water fell on Long Juexin’s dried heart, moistening it and causing his lonely body to start shining once again. Long Wuxin, who was gradually waking up, opened her eyes when she heard a familiar voice calling her. She was, at first, somewhat confused, and only after she got a clear look at her father did she become clear-headed and realize who had just spoken.

“Father, why are you crying?” Long Wuxin was startled.

In her senses, she felt like just two short months had passed since their separation, and she had passed most of that time cultivating within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Hence, the time, at least for her, had passed in just the twinkling of an eye. She had no idea that she had actually been separated from her father for more than two years!

“I’m… I’m all right.” Long Juexin’s heart and body were shuddering from delight and joy. Su Yu smiled as well.

“Well… Big Brother Black Snow?” Qin Xianer, who had just woken up, mumbled to herself.

As she spoke, her gem-like sparkling eyes slowly opened. They were bright and crystal clear. They had the purest radiance in the world.

While still somewhat dazed, Xianer scanned the surroundings with her big and watery eyes. Since she didn’t see Su Yu, she curled up her small mouth and repeated the words, “Big Brother Black Snow…”

Her gaze suddenly fell on a silhouette, which she found to be quite familiar. She wrinkled her jade-like nose in doubt and revolved her lotus-like head as she looked at the silhouette.

When she got a clear look at it, she absent-mindedly muttered, “Brother… Brother Su Yu…”

She went from confusion and surprise to shock, while her eyes started brimming with tears. Ever since she had been taken out of the Liuxian faction by the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, they hadn’t met until just now. In just the twinkling of an eye, almost three years had passed!

She, of course did not know that they had actually already been reunited. But, he had reunited with her as Black Snow Devil King!

Pity and affection welled up in Su Yu’s heart, as he got a close look at her exquisite face, which had tears streaming down it. He faintly smiled as he spread his arms open.

“Uuuu… Brother Su Yu…” Xianer was crying tears of joy as she pounced into Su Yu’s embrace like a butterfly.

“Uuuu… I finally get to see you once again! I thought that I would never see you again.” As Xianer spread her arms open and tightly pulled at Su Yu’s neck, the sight of her face, which had tears of joy streaming down it, was quite touching.

Su Yu felt somewhat ashamed of himself as he looked at her. This was because he wasn’t able to inform her of his true status early on.

“Xianer, you’ve grown up so well.” As Su Yu held Xianer’s small body in his embrace, he felt her warmness and cotton-like softness.

During these last three years, Xianer had become taller and seemed even more slim and graceful. She was already started to mature.

Xianer happily chuckled when she heard his compliment. As he listened to her same pure little laugh, a deep affection welled up in Su Yu’s heart. As he stroked her head, he couldn’t help but blame himself when he recalled how his feelings for her had once wavered in the past.

“Brother Su Yu, this is for you…” It seemed like Xianer suddenly recalled something, and she took a small pouch from her waist. The pouch was bulging, and it was filled with countless objects.

Su Yu curiously took it from her, and when he came into contact with it, he felt a faint space power being emitted from it. Surprisingly, it was a spatial storage artifact!

After he opened a small slit in it, he was startled by the objects within it. What first entered into his sight were the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds’ special products, the Dragon Abyss Fruits! Su Yu was quite familiar with them, as most of them were gifted to Xianer by Black Snow Devil King.

There were also many precious pills, which could increase one’s Spiritual Energy and cultivation. These never appeared in the market, and it was obvious that they’d been bestowed upon her by the Undead Phoenix Master.

The last objects in the pouch were some mysterious scrolls and spiritual liquid. All of these things were all quite tidy and neat, and one could tell that they had been carefully stored.

“Xianer, what are those objects?” Su Yu asked her in confusion.

Xianer’s face became flushed, and she twisted the corners of her skirt nervously with her small hands. She then said nervously, “Brother Su Yu, I left them for you, as I know that it’s quite difficult and strenuous for you to cultivate by yourself.”

Su Yu was shocked when he heard her words. His heart was instantly warmed by them. They had obtained just a limited number of Dragon Abyss Fruits in the past, and many of them were badly damaged, but Xianer had apparently used only the damaged ones back then. She had saved the few complete and intact ones, preserving them till today.

Moreover, a portion of the medicinal pills, which were secretly provided to her by her teacher, the Undead Phoenix Master, were also stealthily hidden by her. These she had also saved to gift to Su Yu this day.

Such objects were utterly useless to the current Su Yu, but he still felt like a clap of thunder had just struck him, and he found himself incapable of recovering from such a shock, even after a long while. She had saved her best objects for him as always, and although time had continued to pass since they had last met, her heart still remained the same as before.

Su Yu felt his throat becoming dry, and he found himself at a loss for words. He couldn’t find any reason to ever let down or betray such a pure-hearted woman.

“Xianer…” After a long while, Su Yu spoke in a hoarse voice, “Why did you do all of this for me?”

As Qin Xianer lowered her head, her big and bright eyes didn’t dare face Su Yu’s, and she faintly moved her mouth to say, “It’s because I… I have only you and my father.

Her only relatives were her father and Su Yu, and to her, these men were both extremely close relatives. One of them was her father, while the other one was her husband.

Su Yu was shocked even more, as even though they still hadn’t finished their wedding ceremony, Xianer already regarded him as her husband! Xia Yujing’s image suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s mind, and his heart couldn’t help but throb in pain as he recalled his past hesitations.

How could he betray her and let her down?

As Su Yu lowered his head and kissed her forehead, Xianer’s lovely body shook and her face became flushed. She shyly raised her head, closed her eyes, then shyly presented her rosy lips for him to kiss.

Her current bashful appearance, and how she seemed like a red lotus that he could easily pluck, made her both beautiful and alluring. Su Yu kissed her rosy lips, and as he felt their softness, elasticity, and sweetness, he completely forgot himself. It was only after a long that Xianer slowly separated from him, her breathing becoming somewhat rough.

As Xianer, whose face was flushed, gasped for breath, her small chest, which was pressed against Su Yu’s chest, was intensely heaving up and down. Peculiar desires welled up in Su Yu’s heart as he looked at the lovely woman before him. As he felt her burning hot body against him, a fire started gradually rising in his belly.

Xianer keenly detected his odd state, and her face became even more flushed, while she buried her head in his bosom, she didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

She shyly spoke in a low voice, “Brother Su Yu… If you want it, then I will give it to you any time you want.”

After these three years had passed, she was no longer that little naive girl, who assumed that they would just kiss each other on their first night. Now, both her heart and body had grown and maturated.

Affection for her welled up even more in Su Yu’s heart as he softly embraced her. He felt like he was incapable of ever letting her go again.

If I had such a wife in this life, then how could I ever ask for more?

“Su Yu, you should properly cherish Xianer, as she has already given up many things for you.” After Long Wuxin finished her reunion with her father, she sighed and spoke to him.

Su Yu looked at her, and nodded as he smiled. “I understand.”

Long Wuxin shook her head in pity. “No, you don’t understand what Xianer has given up for you. We obtained a Fairy King’s remnants. They were the remnants of an Almighty Divine Master. At first, we assumed that almost all of the objects should have already been picked by other people, but we found a secret space by chance, and the true remnants of that Almighty Divine Master were there. It was there that we found a Fairy King’s remnant soul.”

She then added, “In fact, Xianer was the true inheritor chosen by that Fairy King’s remnant soul. Hence, I only obtained a tenth of his legacy, while the other nine tenths were all given to her, but yet, her cultivation was still the same as mine.”

A Divine Master’s remnant soul? Su Yu was quite surprised by this, as this legacy was truly extraordinary.

“There were ten drops of a Fairy King’s blood in the legacy, and each of them was a previous spiritual liquid that could greatly increase one’s cultivation. I just consumed one of them, and after cultivating for two months, my cultivation already broke through to the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm! Xianer consumed just two of them, and left the others for you. If she didn’t leave them for you, she would have already broken through to the Fairy Realm,” she explained to Su Yu.