The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Little Building On The Balcony

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Hearing this, Su Yu’s heart shook.

Was this the final Mysterious Spiritual Liquid in the little pouch?

Xianer had even given up on becoming a Fairy in order to save the best for Su Yu! This thought made Su Yu hug Xianer even tighter in his embrace.

Su Yu’s heart was touched. As he held Xianer in his arms, his fondness towards her grew deeper.

“Thank you, Lady Wuxin, for letting me know. I know what to do.” Su Yu smiled gratefully. If not for Long Wuxin, he would not have heard the truth from Xianer herself.

Long Wuxin nodded. “If you mistreat Xianer, I will be the first to punish you! There is no other girl like her in this world.”

“Please don’t threaten Brother Su Yu, as he would not do anything to mistreat me.” As Xianer tilted her head and spoke, her face was flushed red.

Long Juexin wiped away his tears and gradually recollected himself. He returned Su Yu’s gaze in a grateful manner.

Long Wuxin had clearly stated that it was Su Yu who rescued her and Qin Xianer. As for how he did it, she did not explain, so he did not ask.

“The elders waiting outside must be growing impatient. Let us first deal with work,” Long Juexin said.

Su Yu and a few people nodded and moved to two sides of the hall.


When the door to the big hall opened, many of the elders from outside rushed in. Long Juexin did not sit on the Alliance Master’s seat. Instead, he stood next to it and looked down at the people from above.

As he glanced at each of their faces, his face showed a complicated expression. “Fu Cangshan and his accomplices have been eliminated. From now on, we must be even more united in our fight against the outsiders!”

Looking at all of the corpses of the elders on the ground, everyone’s hearts felt cold. This battle had caused the deaths of far too many elders. In fact, nearly half of the elders had been eliminated!

The upper ranks of the Heavenly Law Alliance had also decreased significantly. If there was another internal conflict, the Heavenly Law Alliance might destroy itself before the external enemies even arrived!

“Yes, Alliance Master!” Everyone agreed in unison.

However, Long Juexin suddenly walked down from the stage. As he came over to Fu Cangshan’s corpse, he retrieved the Heavenly Law Core.

“There is one more thing I must announce to you, to the Heavenly Law Alliance, and to the world!” Long Juexin held the Heavenly Law Core in his hands and looked very serious.

Everyone was shocked. They instantly wondered what was such a big deal that it needed to be announced to the entire world…

Is the Heavenly Law Alliance prepared to fight against the intruders from the different world?

“I, Long Juexin, as the current Alliance Master, will now step down from my position. Moreover, I recommend that Su Yu become the new Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance!” Long Juexin announced his shocking news.

Hearing this, the crowd suddenly broke out in an uproar.

“Alliance Master! No way!” Old Chen said, while he and the others were shocked.

After all, they had just eliminated Fu Cangshan and the other enemies with great difficulty. Hence, this was the best time for Long Juexin to pick up where he left off. He was giving away a perfect opportunity!

However, Long Juexin seemed to have already made up his mind. As he waved his hands, he spoke earnestly, “The Heavenly Law Alliance was always meant to support the human race and rescue the future of our world! I have already done everything I can! As all of you have observed, the continent is now facing a terrible chaos, one like it has never seen before. I have no power to maintain the current situation. The Heavenly Law Alliance requires someone who is stronger and who has the charisma to be the Alliance Master!”

He then added, “I am sure that you have all heard of Su Yu’s reputation. He is a man who cares deeply about righteousness and relationships! There is no reason to doubt his capabilities. His charisma has already clearly been observed by all of you. Hence, I believe that no one else is more suited to become the new Alliance Master!”

Long Juexin was giving away the position of Alliance Master to Su Yu! As Su Yu was not expecting this scene to unfold at all, he was stunned.

Naturally, he wanted to reject the offer. This was because Su Yu had always lived for himself, for his loved ones, and for the women he cared about deeply. He had never once thought about saving the world. He was not prepared to accept such a huge responsibility!

“Alliance Master, please reconsider!” Old Chen took the lead to advise against the decision.

However, Long Juexin had made up his mind. “There is no need to advise me. When I was imprisoned, I had plenty of time to think about all of this! The Heavenly Law Alliance is no longer able to be controlled by a normal person. It needs a unique leader, a worldly hero who is as strong as the First World Void Senior! I cannot even resolve an internal conflict, so how would I be able to lead the Heavenly Law Alliance through this disaster?”

He looked at them all and gave his final reasoning. “Moreover, you are all very clear about the condition of my body. I am afraid I am no longer suited to remain as the Alliance Master! Su Yu is the best candidate! No one else could be more suitable in all of the continent!” Long Juexin said forcefully.

In terms of capabilities, Su Yu could instantly kill a Three Crystals Half Fairy! In terms of charisma, he had single-handedly killed half of the elders without mercy! These were the required qualities of a leader, and Su Yu had them both.

As Old Chen and the others realized that Long Juexin was truly stepping down, they sighed deeply. They then turned their attentions to ponder about Su Yu. Indeed, as the Alliance Master had said, the situation at hand was reaching a dire point. They truly required a new Alliance Master like Su Yu!

Most of the elders became quiet and were seriously considering Alliance Master Long’s words. With Su Yu as their new Alliance Master, perhaps things would change for the better. After all, his invincible capabilities were very much needed by the Heavenly Law Alliance.

The only person who laughed bitterly was Su Yu himself. He had truly never thought about having a part in saving the world. So, having given it some thought, Su Yu decided that he would reject the offer for now. However, before he could voice out his rejection, a group of elders, who were led by Xiao Sui, started exchanging glances and speaking up…

“Wait! I disagree!” A loud and clear voice was suddenly heard. The crowd automatically gave way to Xiao Sui, who was coming forward.

He took a glance at Su Yu and said with certainty, “Please reconsider this, Alliance Master. I do not think that Su Yu has the ability to take on the role of the Alliance Master!”

He went on to explain. “In terms of experience, I think Su Yu is still too young. He has far less experience than elders like us! In terms of leadership, he had only once been the Deputy Palace Master. That is incomparable to elders like us! Considering both of these aspects, Su Yu is not suitable to become the new Heavenly Law Alliance Master!”

His words seemed reasonable. However, in truth, he was only trying to use his old age as an excuse to belittle Su Yu. After all, age could not decide everything. Although they were very old, their experiences may still not match those of Su Yu’s.

Su Yu had come so far since the days that he was with the martial arts training institute of the Xianyu prefecture. Every step of the way was filled with danger. He had been through ups and downs in his life.

Most of these elders lived secure and stable lives, and as such, they could not be compared to Su Yu. In terms of leadership, no matter how unworthy Su Yu was, he was still better than these elders who had decided to change leaders amid such a dire situation!

Long Juexin frowned slightly. “Elder Xiao Sui, this is an important moment that relates to the very future survival of the Heavenly Law Alliance. I hope you think about it seriously for the sake of everyone involved.”

Xiao Sui’s personality particularly bothered Long Juexin, as he was always using his experience to woo the crowd! If it were a normal discussion, Long Juexin could overlook it. However, it was now regarding the changing of Alliance Masters!

“What do you mean, Alliance Master? What I said was the result of my serious thoughts!” Xiao Sui looked unhappy. “I was only thinking of the Heavenly Law Alliance. I said what I thought in my heart! If you feel that I should not have said it, then pretend I never said anything at all!”

Seeing how he was shifting the blame, Long Juexin was secretly angered. This lack of objectivity from sheltered elders was sometimes a far more dangerous threat than people like Fu Cangshan! As an example, these folks were making a mess of this issue regarding the Alliance Master!

“Elder Xiao Sui! Please allow me to say a few words.” Long Wuxin stood out heroically. She was emotionless as she spoke. “If Elder Xiao Sui thinks that being older can be the decisive factor for experience and leadership capabilities, why don’t you compare your cultivation and true capabilities?”

She added, “Based on your age, you could practically be Su Yu’s grandfather. With such a huge age gap, why are your capabilities not even close to his? To put it more harshly, you have lived such a long life, yet it was not as well-lived as Su Yu’s, and you have had several decades longer to do it! Have you lived these hundred years in a dog’s body?”

She was filled with pride. She looked down upon people like Xiao Sui, who used their age to push others down, despite their not having capabilities that matched others’. Apart from being harsh, her words deeply affected the remaining elders.

Even Long Juexin felt a little taken aback. After all, all of the folks from the older generation present were below Su Yu in terms of capabilities. So, was she implying that they were they all living in a dog’s body all this while?

However, some of them secretly agreed with her that age could not decide everything. Hence, they also believed that youths should not be looked down upon. After all, Su Yu’s capabilities exceeded the older generation, while his experience may not necessarily be any less than theirs.

“You…” Xiao Sui was secretly angered and felt thoroughly embarrassed.

Long Wuxin asked coolly, “Me? What about you? If you think you are stronger than Su Yu, come out for a battle! Or, do you think that you can scare off the invaders from the different world with your words? If you are not capable of doing either of those things, then shut up! The Heavenly Law Alliance is facing a very dire situation. All of you should be serious about this! Otherwise, if the Heavenly Law Alliance is gone, what will happen to all of you?”

Xiao Sui had thoroughly lost his reputation. His heart was filled with anger. However, he was not afraid of Su Yu. This was because he knew Su Yu better than anyone else, so he was sure that Su Yu would not touch him because of his words.

However, Long Wuxin was a merciless woman. She would not kill him, but she was still capable of heavily injuring him in front of everyone. Therefore, after struggling for a while, he decided not to counter her argument.

Long Juexin was secretly displeased by his lack of action. He knew that Xiao Sui was someone who usually bullied the weak but feared the strong!

When they all had shut up, Long Juexin turned towards Su Yu and asked, “Su Yu, are you willing to take up this great responsibility for the Heavenly Law Alliance? Are you willing to keep the fire burning for the human clan?”

Based on what most of the elders thought, Su Yu had nothing really going for him at the moment. So, regarding the offer of becoming the Alliance Master, Su Yu could not have asked for anything better. This was the best opportunity to increase his influence. As it truly was a heaven-sent gift, there was really no reason as for why he would reject it.

However, Su Yu was very clear about his rejection. “I am sorry, Alliance Master Long, but I am afraid I do not have the ability to accept such a burdensome responsibility! As Elder Xiao Sui said, there are many aspects in which I am still lacking. I am afraid I am not suitable to take up this position.”

Perhaps most people thought that Su Yu had been met with great fortune to take control of the Heavenly Law Alliance. However, Su Yu himself understood that the Heavenly Law Alliance was really a burden to him. Not only would it be of no use in expanding Su Yu’s capabilities, it would even require him to protect a lot of the talented generations in the continent.

Still, his surprising rejection caused every to be shocked and confused. However, Long Juexin seemed to have predicted it. After all, Su Yu was not someone who cared about fame or benefits.

“I hope you will at least reconsider.” Long Juexin thought about it and reluctantly took back his offer.

Su Yu nodded. “I will.”

The change in Alliance Master did not occur after all. As the meeting ended, many of the elders gradually left. Now, only Long Juexin and a few of the others remained.

“Su Yu, stay for a couple of days in the Heavenly Law Alliance. Xianer and Wuxin received the same legacy, so they can share with you about what they have learned in their cultivations. It has been good for the both of them. After that, it won’t be too late for you to leave with Xianer.” Long Juexin was secretly trying to stabilize Su Yu.

However, Su Yu saw through Long Juexin to recognize his true intention. Still, Su Yu rubbed Xianer’s small hands and agreed with a nod. “Alright!”

“Elder Xiao Sui!” The group gathered around Xiao Sui spontaneously.

“You have showed your prowess once again, Elder Xiao Sui!” One of the elders with a drunkard’s nose laughed as he spoke. “This is the second time you have overcome Su Yu, isn’t that so?”

Hearing this, another person laughed loudly. “This is interesting. I had my reservations when Elder Xiao Sui managed to overpower Su Yu the first time around. However, this time it truly happened! I can’t believe Su Yu rejected the offer! I think Elder Xiao Sui’s words must have hit Su Yu hard. He was probably concerned with those thoughts, and that was why he rejected the offer!”

Hearing this, Elder Xiao Sui’s dark expression changed for the better. “Why would he be concerned? Perhaps he had other thoughts as well!”

Although he said those words, his facial expression showed that he had claimed all the credit. With everyone’s support, Xiao Sui felt a lot better.

He suddenly remembered his promise for the day and said, “Everyone, if you are free, come over to my little building on the balcony. We can discuss the Heavenly Law Alliance’s situation over some drinks. What do you think?”

Hearing this, the crowd naturally agreed happily. After all, they had waited a long time to visit Xiao Sui’s little building on the balcony.

“Haha, that’s right. We shall continue talking at the little building on the balcony! Xiao Sui’s fearsome attitude towards Su Yu is worth discussing! We must talk about it thoroughly over drinks!” one man in the crowd said, as he and a group of laughing men headed towards Xiao Sui’s place.

What they did not know was that there was a dark cloud slowly approaching the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship from across the sky…