The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Ominous News

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The deepest part of the core area of the warship.

If one was asked about the safest area in the warship, it would be none other than the resting place of the elders. Since they were the key figures of the Heavenly Law Alliance, they must be kept safe from any mishaps!

Within a long room, five elders were excitedly checking their surroundings. As they surveyed the room before them, they saw simple tables and decorations, very much like the other elders’ room.

“Tsk, the Heavenly Law Alliance is truly treating us elders poorly!” The brandy-nosed elder swept the room with his gaze. “Even someone with a high seniority like the elder Xiao Sui has been allocated to such a measly room!”

His words expressed what all of them felt at the moment, as every one of them was an outstanding and famous expert in the Zhenlong Continent as well. In fact, if they stayed on the continent, they would surely enjoy the worship and adoration of tens of thousand of people, as well as live lives of pleasure and comfort.

But, in the Heavenly Law Alliance, they had just plain tea, simple food, and a simple life. This was one of the regulations that was set up by the First World Senior, which specifically stated that all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s resources should be left for the outstanding youths, not wasted on meaningless extravagances!

Such a rule was extremely harsh and stringent, and all of the resources that were used to provide an elder’s room, as well as his monthly stipend, were all clearly budgeted according to its strict parameters. As such, the elders’ treatment was just slightly better than the youths’ by a tenth or two, and since such a simple life was unbearable for most people, especially those who were accustomed to a life of extravagance, not all of them had managed to adapt to it. Specifically, such ambitious people like the elder Xiao Sui, were still incapable of changing their ways of life, even now.

When he heard his words, an elder went along him, loudly voicing his opinion on the matter. “Yes! That’s really the case! Why must we make such great sacrifices to provide for the younger generation? We didn’t even mind condescending ourselves at first, but our current situation is quite bitter and disappointing!”

It seemed like his words expressed all that the people present here thought as well, as they all shook their heads in agreement. Such a consensus revealed how they were greatly disappointed by the Heavenly Law Alliance.

“After we pass through such a calamity, we should once again submit an official suggestion to the Alliance Master.” After Xiao Sui thought for a while, he spoke, while wearing a mysterious-looking smile, “But, let’s first go to my small pavilion, as I have prepared a surprise for all of you! I believe that you will surely like it.”

The other four elders became spirited at once, and their eyes shone with a resplendent light. One of them shouted with glee, “We finally have an opportunity of observing your famous small pavilion, and you also have a surprise for us? Elder Xiao Sui, you are truly considerate!”

Xiao Sui chuckled, then took a spectacular picture from his sleeves. The picture was of a misty world, which had a lake, in which an exquisite pavilion was set in its middle.

Such stunning scenery was extremely beautiful. Moreover, there were beautiful maids and pretty dancers, who wore clothes of all colors while they sang with lovely voices. It was a quite bustling and lively scene!

“Wow! A spatial magical treasure?” The brandy-nosed elder was astonished. “I already heard that the elder Xiao Sui was adept in spatial techniques, yet I didn’t expect that you were capable of opening a space even inside a picture! This picture’s price shouldn’t be any lower than a top-grade divine artifact!”

The other elders were also astonished! Since the picture was capable of containing such a vast space, then it shouldn’t be made from any ordinary materials!

As such, they had to believe that the materials had come from the Heavenly Law Alliance! But, what baffled them the most was that almost all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s resources were controlled and supervised by the Alliance Master!

So, how did he get them?

“Haha, Sirs, please come in.” Xiao Sui waved his hands, and as the picture distorted, a spatial cyclone appeared on it.

Then, led by him, the four elders entered it. The scenery which appeared before them was the same as the scenery depicted in the picture, and they also became the people who were depicted in the picture!

“Greetings, elder Xiao Sui.” The maids and dancers in the picture were unexpectedly real people, and after they detected Xiao Sui’s entrance, they immediately and respectfully all came to greet him. The head dancer, who had just spoken to him, was quite submissive, pretty, and extremely respectful.

“Isn’t she…The somewhat famous number one genius woman of the western continent, He Wantong?” The brandy-nosed elder was surprised when he saw her.

He Wantong had an oval face and charming eyes, and each of her frowns and smiles had a peculiar charm. As she danced around, her slim and gorgeous body, which was hidden under her clothes, became exposed every once in awhile, revealing her slim waist, thin snow-white legs, and alluring ample chest.

The other elders were also astonished when they noticed her, as He Wantong was one of the most famous beauties among all of the sheltered youths! As such, she had many pursuers. Even the oldest elders had heard about her fame!

But, as she was just concentrating on her cultivating at the moment, she wouldn’t usually come out. Hence, she didn’t care at all about the youths chasing after her.

This allowed her to keep a good reputation among society as well. Yet, no one could expect that, in fact, she wasn’t cultivating, but was working as a dancer in the elder Xiao Sui’s small pavilion!

“Hehe, Tong’er.” As Xiao Sui chuckled and beckoned at her, He Wantong sweetly smiled at him, then pounced at his bosom like a butterfly.

The Heavenly Law Alliance Master held her slim waist with one of his hands, while his other hand went under her clothes and stretched toward her chest, quickly grabbing one of her nipples. He then started fondling it.

He Wantong softly groaned, while her face became somewhat flushed. It seemed like she was already accustomed to this kind of thing.

However, such an erotic scene dumbfounded the other four elders. It appeared that He Wantong had become the Xiao Sui’s exclusive property at some unknown time!

This amazed them because they knew that the Heavenly Law Alliance strictly forbade all elders from stretching their hands toward any of the youths! In fact, all of those who violated this rule would be beheaded!

If it wasn’t for such a prohibition, sheltered youngsters would never be able to evade perverted high-level elders’ clutches! As long as any one of them was somewhat pretty, the young females would surely be ensnared and bamboozled into a somewhat sick relationship like what was happening to He Wantong right before their eyes!

“Why are you blankly standing there and staring? Why don’t you quickly go entertain the elders? It will be up to you whether you can get into their good graces or not.” Xiao Sui chuckled as he spoke to the maids and dancers.

All of the remaining maids and dancers revealed charming looks as they went forward and started taking care of the four elders. The four elders were both shocked and displeased by the fact that such a beauty as He Wantong was being defiled by Xiao Sui.

“Sirs, enjoy yourselves as you like. They were all properly trained by me, so they are astute and considerate, knowing what should be said and what shouldn’t be said. So, you don’t need to worry about anything.” While fondling the beauty at his bosom, Xiao Sui tried to pull the others down along with him into his debauchery.

After all, if he could get them to join him, they would also become guilty of breaking the rules. Hence, they would not dare report him, as if they did it, they would die with him! All of them didn’t know what to do, so they started hesitating.

“Sirs, why do you still hesitate? More than half of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders died today! So, even if they found out about our breaking the rules, they would just turn a blind eye to it, as they are so short of manpower, they won’t dare punish us. Besides, if they ended up killing all of the elders, how could Alliance Master Long protect the Heavenly Law Alliance alone?” Xiao Sui chuckled, while calmly analyzing the situation aloud.

The four elders started wavering when they heard him. After all, if they didn’t comply with Xiao Sui, he probably wouldn’t let them leave. They finally understood what this surprise was that he had been talking about…

While facing the maids’ and dancers’ teasing, they quickly succumbed to the temptation, and they all took a pretty woman and started venting the desires that they had been suppressing for many years. Erotic voices started echoing throughout the small pavilion, and touching and sensual music could be heard wafting through the air.

This revelry continued for a half a day. After the elders finished enjoying the pretty bodies, they started drinking wine and chatting, while being served by the maids and dancers, whose faces were somewhat flushed now.

“Haha, from today onward, all of you are my close friends, and you can come anytime to join me in my small pavilion to drink and chat merrily.” Xiao Sui chuckled and raised his glass in a toast.

After they enjoyed themselves some more, the elders’ complexions became somewhat rosy. Since they had already tasted these ladies’ sweet tastes, it would be difficult for them to go on without them. Hence, Xiao Sui’s devilish plan had succeeded. They were hooked, and they would definitely be coming back!

“Elder Xiao, may I ask you how you got the materials for refining this space? After all, refining such a place would need a tremendous amount of resources, right?” The brandy-nosed elder’s eyes were filled with envy, as who wouldn’t want to possess such a mysterious place, where he could stealthily drink and enjoy himself while playing with young, beautiful, and talented women?

Xiao Sui didn’t keep it from him, openly admitting, “Hehe, isn’t getting such things quite easy? The Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship has many unused rooms, so I just dismantled them and took back those wasted materials, then made use of them here.”


A bronze wine cup fell to the ground and rolled away, while the four elders’ complexions became extremely grave. A look of fright even appeared on the face of the elder who had just dropped his cup!

“Elder Xiao Sui… You actually dismantled the Heavenly Law Alliance’s property? That is a capital offense, which will surely send you to your death!” The brandy-nosed elder was overwhelmed with shock, as Xiao Sui’s gall was greater and far crazier than he had even imagined!

“The Heavenly Law Alliance warship’s materials are extremely excellent, but elder Xiao Sui, aren’t you worried that by dismantling it, you may have damaged the warship, thus weakening it, which the enemies could use as an opportunity to invade us?” One of the other elders was also frightened by his actions.

“Why are you wearing such an expression? Are you like that Su Yu, who’s afraid of his own shadow? After all, the parts that I dismantled were all barely useful parts, so dismantling them will barely affect the warship at all!” Xiao Sui became somewhat displeased by their obvious and needless worry.

“Aren’t you underestimating our Heavenly Law Alliance warship?” Xiao Sui was quite carefree, so he continued. “After all, it went through thousands of years of battle without being destroyed, so its firmness isn’t something which you can imagine. Plus, the materials that I took are just a drop in the ocean… It won’t affect it!”

The elders, who were restless, slightly calmed down when they heard him say this. He was indeed right that the Heavenly Law Alliance had thus survived through thousands of years, all while bearing many calamities. This time would surely be like the previous ones, so their worries were surely unnecessary.

“It’s truly the case. The continent may be destroyed, but our Heavenly Law Alliance warship will surely not be damaged!” The brandy-nosed elder agreed.

Xiao Sui coldly sneered. “The reason why Su Yu managed to barge in was just because they removed the teleportation formation’s defense to ambush him. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to destroy the formation and barge in, and as long as we don’t come out to fight them, even if the otherworldly invaders surround us, they won’t be able to harm us.”

The other four elders approved of his opinion when they heard it.

“That Su Yu seemed quite powerful, yet he’s suspicious like a rat! How can such confidence truly occur, and why would the otherworldly experts invade us while we are changing our commander? He’s still trying to vainly lecture us by saying that changing the commander while in battle is a great taboo.” As he mentioned Su Yu, Xiao Sui became somewhat proud of himself. “Even if he is strong, so what?”

The other four elders’ faces glowed when they heard him. One of them laughed and said, “Hehe, elder Xiao Sui, you aren’t mistaken! How could we let a wee lad lecture us? It’s lucky that we had you, as you truly honored us by suppressing him two times in a row! For this, let me raise my glass to you…”


A collision sound was heard, which was caused by extremely intense quakes. The small pavilion started intensely rocking, while the dancers started screeching and flew away in a panic. Such an accident caused the group of elders, who were partying, to be splashed by many cups of spilled wine.

After the quaking came to an end, Xiao Sui’s expression became quite gloomy and cold. “Which person in the outside world dared to touch the picture?”

It was only when someone outside shook the picture that those who were inside of its space would be affected. The four other elders were also angered, as they were just starting to enjoy themselves!

“Come along with me! Let’s go take a look…” Xiao Sui coldly snorted as he activated the spatial cyclone and returned to the outside world along with the five elders.

There wasn’t anyone in Xiao Sui’s room, and moreover, because of such intense quakings, the whole room almost collapsed! Its walls became filled with fissures, and it seemed like it had just experienced a destructive attack.

The elders were angered and surprised by such a sight. “What happened?” one of them asked.

At this moment, they heard flurried footsteps outside. It was a group of Half God guards, who were converging in the center of the warship.

“Stop! What happened?” Xiao Sui furrowed his brows, as he had a bad premonition about what was happening.

The guard became respectful when he saw the elder Xiao Sui. “Elder Xiao Sui, we were discovered by the otherworldly experts, and we got entangled in a fight with them. Just a moment ago, the enemies used a large scale joint attack technique and bombarded the warship with it. The Alliance Master is now summoning all of us to come help in the front line.”

After he spoke, the guard asked in surprise, “Elder Xiao Sui, weren’t you aware of this? We already started fighting against the otherworldly experts half a day ago, so why are all of you..”

What? Half a day ago? That was just the time when they had entered into the small pavilion…