The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Unexpected Rescue From Danger

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The object left by Su Yu?

All of the people here were surprised, and their eyes lit up in wonder…

Did Su Yu already predict, before he left, that the enemy would attack us? And, was it because of that…He left something for us?


Four fifteen feet-tall balls, which shone in four different colors, flew out of Qin Xianer’s pocket and started revolving around her. They were flickering in mesmerizing and resplendent colors. Qin Xianer immediately became quite fond of them and happily chuckled.

“A defensive magical artifact?” Long Juexin became somewhat puzzled, as he had assumed that what Su Yu left would have been some powerful offensive divine artifact.

Even though they joined the powers of such a great number of people, they were still incapable of preventing the formation from being destroyed. So, he had to wonder what use the defensive magical artifact left by Su Yu could have.

If Su Yu was still here, then he might still hold out some hope. But, as it was just a trifling magical treasure, which would be, at most, a top-grade divine artifact, he couldn’t imagine how it could block the otherworldy experts’ attacks.

Old Chen’s eyes flickered for just a moment before they dimmed. He then revealed a bitter smile and said, “Su Yu shouldn’t have been aware that the defense of each layer of this eighteen layers seal is tantamount to that of a top grade divine artifact, and as eighteen of them overlayed, they wouldn’t be any weaker than a

semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. Hence, the magical treasure left by him won’t be of any use.”

If Su Yu left an extremely powerful offensive magical artifact, they might still be have been able to depend on it for dealing with the otherworldly experts, but what had appeared before them extinguished any glimmers of hope.

Qin Xianer was displeased by their attitudes and pouted. “Brother Su Yu said that we can protect the whole Heavenly Law Alliance with this object.”

Long Juexin could only smile bitterly while facing her. Only Su Yu’s pure fiancee would blindly believe his words.

“Alright, this magical treasure was clearly left by him to protect you, so you should use it.” Long Juexin had an aggrieved look on his face as he faced all of the elders and guards. “Sirs, please withdraw. The formation will be broken soon. Then, I will make the warship self-destruct. Please protect the geniuses of the human race and go flee in different directions. That way, at least some of them will manage to escape. After all, they are the last hope of our Zhenlong Continent.”

Make the warship self-destruct? Grief and resentment welled up in their hearts when they heard his commands. Is our current situation this hopeless?

“Alliance Master, what about you?” asked Old Chen. If the warship self-destructed, then some of the elders could still manage to escape. But, what about the Alliance Master?

Long Juexin looked up to the sky and smiled sadly. “The Heavenly Law Alliance came to an end at my hands, and I’m ashamed to face the ancestors of my Long Clan. I’m also too ashamed to face any of the previous alliance masters and elders. Hence, I will stay here and fight until the end, along with the First World Senior. As long as I still have breath left in me, I will continue fighting, and I will try to gain more time for you.”

Long Juexin’s eyes were filled with determination, even when facing death. All of them could leave, but he, as the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, should stay and die with the First World Senior amid the last fort of the human race.

Shock appeared on Old Chen’s aged face, as he was quite emotionally moved by him. This was their Alliance Master, who, at such a precarious moment, was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

“Father, I will stay with you.” Long Wuxin sweetly smiled a smile that was filled with pride, fighting spirit, and a similar determination. Her short black hair, beautiful complexion, and charming body seemed like they were frozen in time, and she seemed quite heroic and mesmerizing at that moment.

“There is no need for me to leave, so how can I forget my home? The Heavenly Law Alliance is my home, after all. I have nowhere to go but here.” Old Chen chuckled and waved his sleeves as he stood beside Long Juexin.

“Count me in.” Another elder walked out, calmly coming to stand at Long Juexin’s side.

Just after that, seven or eight elders gave up on fleeing and chose to do the same. Long Juexin felt quite gratified, but he still firmly shook his head and said, “You don’t need to sacrifice yourselves. You still have an important mission of protecting and escorting the talented descendants of the human race to safety. If you don’t accompany them, all of them will surely end up dead.”

“Old Chen, I will leave them in your care.” Long Juexin bowed to Old Chen and the other elders. “Elders, I will leave the descendants of the human race to you.”

All of them became quite sorrowful when they heard his words, They wondered if this would be the end of him.

“Father!” Long Wuxin became anxious, but Long Juexin just waved his hand at her and interrupted her, “Wuxin, don’t speak. All people will die one day. I am just choosing where I will die.”

He turned his head back, while affection and worry appeared in his eyes. “What I’m most worried about is who will take care of you when I’m not by your side?”

He finally experienced and understood what kind of feelings Zi Donlai had that day, while he was imprisoned and was so worried about his daughter.

“I hope that you can safely live on, and when this calamity comes to end, please look for a husband who is to your liking, then continue our Long family’s lineage. If you manage to do that, then I can peacefully rest in the underworld.” Long Juexin smiled bitterly.

Since he had already lost his son, the mission of spreading their family lineage would fall on his only daughter’s shoulders.

“Father…” Long Wuxin’s shoulders were shaking, while her eyes were brimming with tears.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship slightly shook, and the two faintly glowing layers that remained started flickering with resplendent lights. This indicated that the formation would be shortly destroyed.

At that moment, the warship intensely shook, as the terrifying joint attack technique started annihilating the two layers, which had been left out of the formation.

Their last moment had arrived…

“Sirs, please be ready. When the formation is broken, I will make the warship self-destruct. So, please take care of yourself.” Long Juexin took a scarlet crystal ball from his bosom and clutched it in his hand.

Some of them wept, while there some of them laughed bitter laughs. All of them were pained as they waited for the gradual destruction of the Heavenly Law Alliance.

On this day, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship would self-destruct, and the Heavenly Law Alliance would be destroyed. All of them closed their eyes and waited for such that dark and mournful moment to arrive.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The warship’s quakings became more intense, and the formation started to shatter. The Heavenly Law Core in Long Juexin’s palm started emitting cracking sounds as he tightly clutched it.

At any moment, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship would self-destruct…

However, at this moment, Qin Xianer, who had finally managed to activate the four balls after playing with them for a long while, curled up her mouth and resentfully muttered, “It’s truly difficult to activate this set of magical treasures that brother Su Yu left!” She then wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Seal it!” As Qin Xianer’s fair finger pointed outward, a light beam was shot out of all of the four balls.

The four light beams combined to form a four-colored light screen. After the light screen appeared, it covered the entire area that surrounded the formation.


A crisp sound echoed, and the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship slightly rocked. The two layers that had been left out of the formation had been destroyed. Moreover, a giant condensed light beam penetrated through the formation, then shot towards the warship!