The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 632

Chapter 632 The Might Of The Spell Formation

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Suddenly, a huge energy collided with the light beam. It was as if a person had knocked his head against a huge mountain. The energy was immediately reflected away!

Thereafter, the Heavenly Law Alliance became stabilized and no longer shook. However, everyone, including Long Juexin, felt a chill in their hearts!

As the entire combined attack had been blocked and deflected, everyone had to wonder just what kind of defensive treasure this was!

On the outside.

The monster-like armored young man with purple hair was coldly looking at the battleship, which was about to fall apart. An evil smile was on his face.

Suddenly, the combined light beam was reflected backwards! The strong beam of light directly hit all ninety-nine of the guards, which suddenly messed up their entire formation!

Nine of the guards, none of whom had expected such a thing, had not had time to dodge the reflection. They were instantly disintegrated as the light beam passed through their bodies. There was nothing left of them!

Once the light beam broke through the formation, it shot towards the monster-like armored young man with purple hair. The evil facial expression on his face froze as soon as the light beam was deflected once more.

His face now revealed an ice cold expression. He extended his hand forward in a grabbing motion to actually catch the incoming light beam!

The strong destructive power was instantly turned into a forward-pushing power, which he threw far away. Only then did the light beam gradually fade away. Luckily, since the purple-haired young man’s body was covered by a layer of purple Vital Energy armor, the light beam had only caused a superficial injury on his right palm.

“I can’t believe this bunch of rats actually had a hidden card up their sleeves!” The purple-haired young man looked cold as he gave an order, “Attack them with all our power. Sink their battleship! Don’t even bother capturing the females alive! Everyone must die!”

He gave this order not because he had become angry and thus changed his tactics, but because he had noticed the difference in the spell formation. This meant that it was not as easy to break through anymore. As such, the only way to destroy the Heavenly Law Alliance completely was to bury everyone alive!

Hearing his new order, the remaining ninety-nine armored guards who had survived the deflection became filled with murderous intent and rage. After all, they had just lost nine of their men!

Now that the harsh order had been received, they were actually glad! None of them felt a tinge of mercy in their hearts towards their enemies, so they started using all of their strengths to fill the giant light loop with Vital Energy!

Suddenly, a gigantic light beam that was three times bigger and had a much wider circumference than the last one was shot out. This caused the entire space to begin vibrating.

The entire Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship also started shaking lightly. This was an attack that looked like it would completely demolish the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship!

Inside the battleship.

Everyone was looking at the colorful light and the spell formation. There was a dead silence in the air. Everyone’s hearts were still thumping from the initial shock of this new appearance.

They wondered, What kind of treasure is this, to be able to withstand such an attack?

They then looked at Qin Xianer, whose face showed both worry and anger. At that moment, all of them felt as if their brains had been short-circuited. They then began to wonder…

What did Su Yu leave behind for Qin Xianer?

Right then, the Heavenly Law Alliance started shaking again. Even the colorful light screen began to experience an intense vibration.

Qin Xianer’s face turned white. She seemed to be struggling with controlling the four round pearls. In fact, the four round pearls just might stop working anytime, as the spell formation looked like it was about to collapse!

Long Juexin was the first to recollect himself after seeing this. While he was surprised, he was also terribly happy! It appeared that Su Yu had left them a heaven-defying treasure!

“Quickly! Everyone, let’s imbue our Vital Energy in order to activate the treasure!” Long Juexin so happy, as his heart had just been filled with a new hope!

Everyone in the Heavenly Law Alliance also started smiling and felt hopeful once again. Without hesitation, they quickly started imbuing Vital Energy into the spell formation!

One person’s Vital Energy, two persons’ Vital Energy, three persons’ Vital, and eventually, countless people’s Vital Energy was rapidly absorbed into the spell formation! At that moment, the four round pearls had never shone so brightly!

Then, suddenly, it exploded in Su Yu’s hands! After all, Su Yu’s Vital Energy could not match everyone else’s in the Heavenly Law Alliance combined!

The four light screens shot out once again. However, those were not normal light screens, as these light screens had nearly become a part of the physical realm! In fact, the four light screens were huge and were still expanding even further with each passing moment!

“Continue!” As Long Juexin was beyond happy now, he did not reserve any of his little Vital Energy remaining.

Everyone became excited as they saw what was happening, and they continued to imbue large amounts of their Vital Energies. Then, as people continuously rushed over to imbue their Vital Energies, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s four round pearls exploded in a colorful display of lights!

In a few breaths’ time, a magnificent view came into sight! Four light screens that were huge beyond comparison appeared. They connected the ground to the sky and extended for miles. They even completely covered the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship!

This was the combined light beam attack from the different world! It struck unto the light wall and had a huge impact! However, the light beam that was three times stronger could not even cause the light wall to vibrate. Instead, it was instantly deflected!

“Oh no! Quickly, retreat!” The purple-haired young man’s face suddenly sank and he shouted out urgently.

He was the first to escape, as he dashed across the skies.


Instantly, continuous cries that were filled with pain and agony could be heard. Apparently, the light beam had become even stronger after it was deflected than when it had first been shot out.

All of the armored guards had not expected such a thing to occur. As such, twenty of them were unable to dodge the deflection in time and were instantly turned into ashes!

Apart from that, ten others were severely injured by the light beam, their body parts disappearing into oblivion! In that instant, one-third of their men had either been killed or heavily injured!

As he stared at the humongous light screen, the purple-haired young man seemed deep to be deep in thought…

What kind of treasure is that? Which expert is holding down the fort in the Heavenly Law Alliance? Could it be that old drunkard who refuses to die?

At that moment, a loud cheer of joy and happiness came from the Heavenly Law Alliance. They had just found out about the casualties in their opponent’s army.

They could still not believe that the treasure that was left behind by Su Yu was already so frighteningly strong! The thought of this made Su Yu even more mysterious in everyone’s minds.

“Coughs… Lady Qin, did Su Yu say anything else when he left behind the treasure?” Long Juexin could not suppress the excitement in his heart, as he asked the same question again.

Qin Xianer blinked her large eyes. “He didn’t say anything else. He only told me to pass this item, which would protect everyone when the Heavenly Law Alliance faced any danger, to the Alliance Master. He then said he had something to deal with on the outside. But, I am sure that he will be back soon.”

Hearing this, everyone, including Long Juexin, felt their faces redden slightly. They had all underestimated Su Yu, as the treasure that he had left behind was indeed powerful!

In fact, if it had not been for Qin Xianer’s playing around with it, they would have all died in vain! Now, everyone looked at Qin Xianer in a whole new light. They suddenly felt an additional sense of respect and fear towards her. After all, she was Su Yu’s fiancée, his dearest beloved!

“After this, I will invite Su Yu to take up the position of Heavenly Law Alliance Master once again. I hope everyone will consider the bigger picture in this matter. If anyone dares to object to this out of his own greed and desire for gains, I will disregard the Heavenly Law Alliance’s rules and kill that dissenter first!” Long Juexin had made up his mind that the Heavenly Law Alliance must be passed on to Su Yu!

Hearing this, a few of the elders understood what Long Juexin meant and all turned to stare at Xiao Sui simultaneously! During normal times, they had only felt a mild displeasure when they thought of him, due to his prideful behavior. However, they now despised him!

Seeing the hateful looks on the faces of the crowd, Xiao Sui looked embarrassed. However, he did not feel so in his heart.

Even so, now that the disaster was over, he naturally would not bug Su Yu anymore. Instead, he would continue to enjoy his life in the Heavenly Law Alliance. After all, Su Yu would not dare do anything to him!