The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 633

Chapter 633 A Great Disaster

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Elder Xiao Sui snorted and put on a calm front. It seemed like he was just saying to them, “You can do as you please.”

This ignorant old man… Long Juexin clenched his fist as killing intent flickered in his eyes for a moment. The Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders had already gone through a blood purge, and only about ten people were left. Losing anymore people would greatly affect them!

Moreover, Xiao Sui didn’t violate any expressly stipulated rule, and even though he was the Alliance Master, he couldn’t just casually frame him with something. It was because of this that he temporarily let Xiao Sui off the hook, even though he really wanted to get rid of him.

“Sirs, you can be relieved, as with Su Yu’s magical treasure, we will be safe for the time being. But, we must still not relax or let down our guards. We must cooperate together and immediately repair the damaged formation to ensure that nothing goes wrong.” Shock and regret flickered in Long Juexin’s eyes as he gazed at the fragmented eighteen seals.

He had already witnessed their joint attack technique in the last great battle, and it was unknown what kind of peculiar magical treasure the giant ring was, as it was unexpectedly capable of fusing the Vital Energy of such a great number of people! Joint attack techniques weren’t really rare in the Zhenlong Continent.

In fact, some factions even had their own joint attack techniques. But, their joint attack techniques had strict requirements, one of which was that they all needed to first set up a special formation that would concentrate all of their energies.

Moreover, all of those using these techniques should have great control over their Vital Energy. Also, the quantity of energy imbued by each of them should be quite even, as just a small difference would cause a great change in its power, and if anything went wrong, the energy being fused would get out of control and explode before they even had a chance to attack their enemies. This would naturally cause the formation to be destroyed and their people would be injured!

It was because of this that they only appointed regular teams who went through rigorous training regimes and were capable of properly cooperating with one another. Only these people were authorized to use such powerful joint attack techniques.

But, even though they had such a technique, they would still rarely use it, as few enemies would actually wait for them to set the formation, motionlessly standing there and letting them attack them! Such flaws greatly limited its uses.

The otherworldly experts had astonishing craftsmanship techniques, and just a simple ring magical treasure was capable of being substituted for the use of a formation. Moreover, it was also capable of coordinating the energies that were being fused. Regardless of the amount of energy poured into it, it would still be able to perfectly coordinate and fusing everything, then burst out with a terrifying might!

The last battle of the Zhenlong Continent that year had reached an unprecedented intensity, and such a ring had appeared many times within the enemies camps, of which they had three. The might bursting out of such joint attacks was truly devastating.

The number of Zhenlong Continent’s experts who died in that battle from joint attacks was far greater than the number of those who died in head-on confrontations. This helped to explain why such an artifact was a nightmarish weapon in the eyes of the Zhenlong Continent’s experts.

The people who survived the attacks immediately felt their hearts shuddering once they returned to their senses. It wasn’t yet time for celebrating and getting excited, so all of them quickly joined together to work on repairing the seals.

As they worked, four layers of the seals were soon repaired, and it was already once again capable of resisting another joint attack technique. Hence, the people could be considered safe for the moment.

“Alliance Master, apart from this place, do any other regions of the warship need to be consolidated?” Old Chen, whose face was pale, casually asked him.

He was trying to assess their overall security. He had figured that, if their enemies didn’t have any others means, they could be considered as having passed the worst of the crisis.

“There is no need.” Long Juexin replied without giving it a second thought. “This place is the frailest part of the warship, and the defense of its other regions isn’t something that the eighteen layers seal could compare to. As such, the enemies would just be wasting their efforts if they tried attacking its other regions, and no matter how much they tried using their joint attack technique, they would still not be capable of damaging it.”

He then added, “In fact, in the last battle, the warship took nine strikes of their joint attack technique, yet it wasn’t damaged at all! So, you can feel at ease about it. As long as we properly protect this place, the Heavenly Law Alliance will be invulnerable to any other attacks.”

How could they not know how tenacious this warship is? If it wasn’t firm, then it would have already been destroyed by their joint attack technique in the last battle!

“Sirs, come over here. Let’s work harder and completely repair the eighteen layers seal. That was, we can be free of all worries.” Long Juexin beckoned at them, while joy welled up in his heart.

All of them relaxed, and although they were tired, they considered themselves very lucky. After all, it was a miracle that they had managed to survive such a great battle without any casualties!

In the outside world.

The devilish purple-haired youth, whose expression was gloomy, gravely looked at the giant seal. “Wasn’t that old man injured and knock unconscious by lightning tribulation? Where did such an expert come from?”

Three Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts were respectfully standing beside him, waiting for his orders.

“You should secretly contact Fu Cangshan at once. He unexpectedly didn’t inform us that such a person appeared in the Heavenly Law Alliance. This caused us to suffer grave casualties!” The devilish purple-haired youth coldly snorted.

One of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, which were his personal guards, immediately took a strange jade pendant and imbued it with his Vital Energy. The jade pendant didn’t glow, but only stayed dim. This indicated that it hadn’t been activated.

“Commander, the jade pendant that we planted in his skull didn’t have any response. He should have…” The Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert’s complexion became somewhat unsightly, while he spoke with hesitation.


The devilish purple-haired youth slapped him away, leaving him badly mangled.

“You are just a group of trash.” The devilish purple-haired youth’s expression became distorted, and he seemed ferocious, like an angered lion. “You are just a group of good-for-nothings! It was only because I felt that such a moron might still have some use that I spared his life while we were in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds! I even bestowed medicinal pills to him, which helped his cultivation greatly advance. I did this so that I could get more info about our enemies in the Zhenlong Continent.”

He spat. “But, such trash didn’t even manage to get the Alliance Master’s position, even after two years, and now, he’s been killed by someone!”

If such words were spread in the Heavenly Law Alliance, they would surely cause great turmoil. Fu Cangshan was unexpectedly the spy of the otherworldly experts, yet he even tried to accuse Su Yu and the others of being spies.

When such great change was occurring in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds that year, the elder Jiu, Long Juexin, and the others were quite busy. Hence, they didn’t come in time to help with it. Only Fu Cangshan led a group to go and investigate what could be done.

But, all of the people who went with him died, and only Fu Cangshan managed to escape and return. After that, his cultivation greatly advanced, and he became the number one expert of the Heavenly Law Alliance!

From that point onward, he started unceasingly recruiting people to join his side, and he gradually rose to a place of great authority in the Heavenly Law Alliance. He even started to defy Long Juexin, even managing to get his position just a day ago! But, he was unfortunately killed by Su Yu.

The unexpected appearance of Su Yu had clearly disturbed the otherworldly experts’ plan. If Fu Cangshan was still in the Heavenly Law Alliance, he would just need to make some disturbance and the whole Heavenly Law Alliance would descend into chaos!

The three Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts didn’t dare refute him, as it was only because of Fu Cangshan that they managed to find the Heavenly Law Alliance’s location. It wasn’t a coincidence at all, as the Zhenlong Continent was quite vast and big, and they could never manage to chase them all across such a deserted land.

Fu Cangshan secretly communicated with them, informing them of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s approximate location. Then, their armies quickly spread out and started patrolling the area. It was only when their patrols were killed that they came over, as only then did they ascertain the Heavenly Law Alliance’s precise location.

According to their plan, Fu Cangshan would cause a disturbance in the Heavenly Law Alliance, leaving them without a commander, and their army would then take avail of that time to attack them, thus taking down the Heavenly Law Alliance by coordinating inside and outside offensives.

However, none of them had expected that the Heavenly Law Alliance still had a hidden expert…

The devilish purple-haired youth already felt that something was unusual, just from the appearance of that extraordinary magical treasure. He immediately supposed that the person they would face was most likely a thorny Fairy Realm expert!

“Commander, what should we do?” one of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts asked him, as he felt that the current situation was quite precarious.

They had lost their information network with the death of their spy, so they were incapable of knowing which expert was protecting it. They were also incapable of dealing with its powerful defense.

The devilish purple-haired youth disdainfully looked at it, then revealed a ferocious look and said, “I don’t believe that I’m incapable of destroying this turtle shell.” Despite what he said, he clearly knew how outrageous its defense was, so he assumed that it would be probably impossible for them to destroy it.

The devilish purple-haired youth’s eyes suddenly shone. “All of you, stop attacking it and immediately probe the center of the warship’s front section.”

The Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts didn’t understand what he was up to, as the frailest part of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship was none other than the center of its underside, and they had already tested the other places to assure that it was impossible for them to be destroyed.

Even though they were confused by his order, the other Half Fairy Realm experts still dispersed and flew to investigate.

In the warship.

The elders, who were paying close attention to the enemy’s’ movements, became somewhat wary and vigilant.

“Alliance Master, are they looking for the warship’s weak points?” Confusion appeared on Old Chen’s face. “From the fact that they attacked the center of its underside, it can be seen that they already knew its weakest point. Are they trying to look for other weak points?”

Long Juexin had a bad premonition. “If that’s truly the case, then it’s good for us, as our defense of all parts of the warship is extremely tenacious. Hence, there won’t be any issues. But, why do I still feel somewhat restless?”

The others looked at each other in dismay when they heard him, as they had to agree that the movements of the enemies outside were truly odd. But, they still had confidence in the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship’s defenses.

There were five people among the crowd whose expressions gravely changed at that moment, becoming quite unsightly. The brandy-nosed elder’s eyes flickered, and he secretly looked at Xiao Sui and the other three people.

If he remembered correctly, Xiao Sui’s small pavilion space was created by using the warship’s materials. Moreover, it just happened that he dismantled them from the center of its front section!

Did some gap appear on that region’s defense because Xiao Sui dismantled a part of it and such a fact was discovered by the enemies? The elder was stunned to think of such a thing.

Xiao Sui’s heart was also thumping at the moment, as he had a bad premonition when the enemies started examining the center of the front region. Then, when he saw the four elders looking at him, his heart throbbed even faster, but he still didn’t let it show on his face.

Instead, he coldly transmitted his voice to them. “What are you getting flustered for? I just took a part of it! Moreover, don’t we still have that lad Su Yu’s defensive artifact? It would be better for you to keep your mouth shut, as if the small pavilion was exposed, then I won’t conceal the fact that you played with those young women that night!”