The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Mysterious Woman

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The threat, which was not concealed at all, caused the four elders to shake with fear. They felt immense regret, as they were being blackmailed by Xiao Sui after all!

With their previous shady sexual behavior being used as leverage against them, they felt regretful, but could not even say a word in protest! If they had told the truth in time, everyone could have rushed over to fix the hole together.

But, if they had done that, their secret exploits in little building in the balcony would have been exposed after a thorough investigation. Then, their names and reputations would have all been drug through the mud by Xiao Sui!

So, they had chosen to hide the truth for now, hoping never to be exposed. With this hope in mind, the four elders decided unanimously to remain silent.

They knew that once the hole was discovered by the enemy, the only fate awaiting everyone on board of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship was certain death, as at that time, the strong men from the different world would descend upon them like a flood! They clearly knew that they could still prevent that from happening, yet, for the sake of their own lives, they had chosen to hide the truth and gamble on everyone else’s lives instead!

“What is the matter with the few of you?” Long Juexin was deep in thought when he suddenly discovered Xiao Sui and the other four elders were behaving oddly.

Hearing his question, the five people suddenly felt a shock in their hearts.

One of the old elders struggled internally, then pretended to be worried as he said, “We are only concerned that the otherworldly experts are sneaking around and exchanging opinions.”

Xiao Sui snorted. “It really disheartens me that the Alliance Master spoke in such a way. Do you think that we would actually do something to harm the battleship at such a crucial moment?”

The other three elders clearly agreed with this statement, as they each nodded their heads in silence.

Long Juexin glanced at them and said coolly, “The five of you have become much closer recently…”

Xiao Sui immediately countered the statement. “What’s wrong with that? Is there a new rule in the Heavenly Law Alliance that states elders cannot be friends with each other?”

Long Juexin’s gaze turned cold. Xiao Sui was countering his every single sentence, as if he could not bear to lose face in front of the others. His somewhat disrespectful and overly confident attitude just made Long Juexin’s killing intent grow stronger. However, he tried to control his emotions and simply chose to ignore the five of them.

In the external world, ten thousand meters away.

Above a barren and barely noticeable mountain, several people were hiding themselves within a patch of tall grass.


Right then, a man with long silver hair appeared from the skies. It was clearly Su Yu, who had previously left for the Heavenly Law Alliance. He was holding a broken communication pendant and had a concerned look on his face.

“Master!” Luo Xiong called out.

As a look of joy spread across his face, he led the other five annihilation team members out of their hiding place, the rushed to bow and greet Su Yu. Seeing them, Su Yu waved his hand. He looked very serious.

He then said, “No need to be too respectful at the moment. Are the others safe and sound?”

Luo Xiong answered, “Master, Housemaster Zi and the others are safe and unharmed. We also managed to meet up with Phoenix Master Qiu.”

“However…” Luo Xiong looked very sorry as he continued, “We came a little too late. Phoenix Master Qiu was heavily injured and is now being treated with Vital Energy by Housemaster Zi and Master Lin.”

Su Yu’s heart tightened when he heard this news. His figure then floated towards the patch of grass that was as tall as a human.

There, the figures of many people were scattered around. One was standing guard, two could be seen lying flat on the ground, as if they were dead, while three more sat cross-legged and seemed to be in states of deep meditation.

Phoenix Master Qiu’s pale face had traces of blood on it, and the imprint of a palm could clearly be seen on her bloody abdomen. This sight caused Su Yu to feel a chill in his heart. Xia Jingyu and Elder Jiu, who were both in comatose states, also looked horrible and had seemingly suffered a great deal.

“How is Phoenix Master Qiu?” Su Yu landed beside her before speaking another word.

He then started imbuing Vital Energy into her alongside Housemaster Zi and Lin Yunhe. Once the Vital Energy entered her body, Su Yu gasped and his facial expression immediately changed. This was because he saw that Phoenix Master Qiu’s injuries were far worse than he had first imagined.

Three of her veins had burst, her internal organs were badly damaged, and many of her bones had been broken. Thankfully, these injuries were still curable by Vital Energy.

However, the most troubling thing was that her Dantian had been greatly impacted. The Vital Energy Crystal that she had worked so hard to condense appeared to be cracking continuously.

As such, a large amount of Vital Energy was leaking from the crystal and torturing her physical body! Wherever the Vital Energy passed, that part of her body was mercilessly damaged. The strong Vital Energy had even affected her consciousness and sent her into a deep comatose state.

Now, her life depended on Zi Donglai’s and Master Lin’s imbuing of Vital Energy within her to suppress the uncontrollable Vital Energy in her body. Otherwise, she would be killed by the Vital Energy that was now going haywire within her! At the moment, her life was literally hanging by a thread!

“How did her condition become so serious? Housemaster Zi, Master Lin, what did you discover when you found her?” Su Yu asked as his pupils contracted. He was filled with confusion.

After all, he was just teaching Xianer how to train in the Heavenly Law Alliance when the communication pendant had suddenly broken. It was Luo Xiong who had initiated contact with him, and he had only said one thing… “Phoenix Master Qiu is in danger.”

Hearing this, Su Yu had immediately rushed over. In order to protect Xianer from harm while he was away, he had left behind four round pearls. He still did not know what had happened to them.

Housemaster Zi looked very serious and shook his head. “We do not know for sure either, as we just recently arrived ourselves. In fact, we had come to meet Phoenix Master Qiu at the address you provided. However, when we got here, we found that Phoenix Master Qiu had already passed out on the floor and was heavily injured. We were unable to find out who had injured her so severely.”

Master Lin stared intently at Phoenix Master Zi’s abdominal injury. He hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Based on my observations, Phoenix Master Qiu was only struck with a single palm attack. However, this palm attack must have been extremely frightening and should have killed her instantly. However, for some reason, the attacker must have held back, which explains the heavy injury. Otherwise, we would probably be looking at Phoenix Master Qiu’s dead corpse by now!”

As Su Yu focused his gaze on her bloody abdominal area, he could faintly see a very defined yet thin imprint of a palm. If he was not mistaken, it belonged to a lady! The person who had injured Phoenix Master Qiu was a lady!

Moreover, the palm imprint that was left behind had a very significant and dangerous aura that was attached to it. Just from taking one look at it, Su Yu could feel his eyelids jumping slightly.

As he took a deep breath, Su Yu’s eyes shot out a cold light and he said, “This was done by a very strong Fairy! Dare I ask, Housemaster Zi, apart from the otherworldly experts, how many Fairies are there in the Zhenlong Continent?”

Housemaster Zi and Master Lin entered deep states of thought upon hearing his question. Clearly, Phoenix Master Qiu was not assaulted by an otherworldly expert. Otherwise, the opponent would not have preserved all three of their lives.

This was especially true for Elder Jiu, who had become a prime target of the otherworldly invaders. Thus, the only possibility was that an expert from Zhenlong Continent had done this! Hearing this and then coming to this immediate awareness, the two thought deeply about it for a long while.

Then, Master Lin said, “If it were two and a half years ago, I could tell you with absolute certainty that only Elder Jiu, First Void World Senior, King of Darkness and the mysterious Ninth Saint Master from the Yue clan were Fairies! However, since then, the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds has been opened, so the existence of Spiritual Energy has increased significantly. It is very difficult to be sure of the number now!”

Master Lin then added, “The Zhenlong Continent was always unable to create Fairies because of its poor environment and lack of Spiritual Energy. However, two and a half years ago, this condition changed and these requirement could now be met. Within these recent two and a half years, it is unknown whether some of the peak Half Fairies broke through as Fairies.”

Master Lin paused, then added, “Based on what I know, the most possible creation of Fairies would have been in the Empire of Darkness, as they have a few experienced peak Half Fairies who had reached the peak for many years through cultivation. Now that the environment had improved, it would not have been difficult for them to break through as Fairies.”

In that case, there was no way to identify who had severely injured Phoenix Master Qiu!

“However, if Phoenix Master Qiu’s injuries can be healed, and if we can fully suppress the messed up Spiritual Energy within her, perhaps she could then tell us who did this evil deed!” Housemaster Zi said.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed with a stark coldness. He was clearly concerned for her, as Phoenix Master Qiu had been very helpful to him.

Before this, Su Yu had relied on her to take Xia Jingyu and Elder Jiu away from Heavenly Law Alliance to protect them. This had allowed Su Yu the opportunity to wipe out Fu Cangshan and his followers in Heavenly Law Alliance without worrying about the pair’s safety. He never thought that Phoenix Master Qiu would be heavily injured to the point of entering a coma in the process!

As such, Su Yu felt that he was indebted to her! So, he must save her now! Moreover, Su Yu still needed Phoenix Master Qiu’s assistance to cultivate his Evil Destroying Silver Eyes in order to recover his eyesight!

“Alright, let us first suppress the Vital Energy. We can discuss the healing process when we get back to Heavenly Law Alliance! There is an abundance of resources there that would benefit her recovery!” Su Yu said seriously.

Housemaster Zi and Master Lin were stunned as they thought…

Return to the Heavenly Law Alliance? How could we return based on our current status? Wouldn’t that be like turning ourselves in?

Thereafter, having listened to Su Yu’s explanation, they sucked a few breaths of cold air, still thinking…

Fu Cangshan and his followers have all been wiped out? Not even a single one of them remains? More than ten elders were killed, just like that?

Apart from feeling a chill in their hearts, they saw Su Yu in a brand new light! This man was not only very capable, but he was also filled with great charisma!

“I hope that the Heavenly Law Alliance can stand on its own two feet again after such an incident. Such a trial is not necessarily a bad thing for the Heavenly Law Alliance, as hopefully, this will make it stronger.” Master Lin sighed softly.

Thereafter, the three combined their efforts to suppress the malfunctioning Vital Energy within Phoenix Master Qiu’s body. After an hour had passed, the Vital Energy was gradually stabilizing and coming under their control.

Finally, it had all been forcefully suppressed within the Vital Energy Crystal. All three of their Vital Energies had been wrapped around Phoenix Master Qiu’s Vital Energy to prevent it from leaking again.

“That’s enough. Once we return, we will find out if there are any specific medicines to help her recover faster.” Su Yu did not relax yet. “However, her consciousness might take a longer time to recover.”

Housemaster Zi said in consolation, “Her life is no longer at risk at least, and her waking up is only a matter of time. There is no need to worry too much, as you have done your best.”

Master Lin smiled too. “I also believe that she will awaken one day.”

“Accompanied with the fortuitous words of two elders like you, let us quickly return to the Heavenly Law Alliance, as it is still in a dire situation. Someone needs to be there to hold down the fort. We should not be away for too long,” Su Yu said.

He turned around and looked like he was about to carry Phoenix Master Qiu out, when a figure suddenly appeared from the side. It was Zi Yunxiang, who had been on guard duty.

“Let me do it.” Zi Yunxiang’s face turned slightly red. She did not dare to look at Su Yu directly. Her red cheeks were very beautiful.

Su Yu gave it a thought, but did not reject Zi Yunxiang’s offer. Phoenix Master Qiu was from the Phoenix Cabinet after all. As such, she had protected her own body all of her life. Surely, she would not want to be carried around by some man like him!

“Thank you, Yunxiang.” Su Yu nodded to her gratefully.

“It’s… It’s nothing.” Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful pupils glowed brightly and her heart thumped slightly. She carefully avoided Su Yu’s gaze as she mumbled her answer.

Su Yu nodded, then walked over to check on Xia Jingyu and Elder Jiu. The two of them were not seriously harmed.

Seeing this, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief. Naturally, he then started to carry away Xia Jingyu, leaving Elder Jiu to Housemaster Zi and Master Lin.