The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 635

Chapter 635 The Warship Was Broken Open And Its

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All of the people present wore odd looks as they observed the scene before them. It seemed like Su Yu had a close relationship with the Empire of Darkness’s Lord Yi Yu.

Su Yu’s heart became heavy as he looked at Xia Jingyu, who was sleeping in his embrace. As he watched her, complex emotions welled up in his heart. Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu… Su Yu was distraught as he thought about them.

Su Yu shook his head and constrained his emotions, then led the people to the Heavenly Law Alliance.

In the warship.

The people in the warship were warily observing the movements of the enemies outside. They were carefully examining each corner of the center of the warship’s front section.

As time passed, the Xiao Sui’s complexion became more unsightly. He and the four others who were with him gradually despaired. It seemed like they were expecting the center of the front region to have some issues.

At this moment, the expression of a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert gravely changed, and it seemed like he had discovered something. He immediately left the group of guards that was examining the warship and flew back to the devilish purple-haired youth.

“Commander, there is a place in the center of the warship’s frontal region that is quite frail. In fact, its frailness is second only to the center of the warship’s underside.” The guard was quick to report this, as he wanted to take the credit for such a contribution himself.

When the devilish purple-haired youth, who had a nervous look on his face, heard him, a meaningful cold smile appeared on his face. “So, that piece of trash Fu Cangshan wasn’t wrong! There are some reckless elders in the Heavenly Law Alliance who dared to dismantle a part of the warship for materials! One can escape heaven’s punishment, but he can’t escape mine!”

The devilish purple-haired youth coldly laughed and revealed a cruel look. “Let’s start using the joint attack technique once again. Our target is the center warship’s frontal region.”

After he gave the order, the remaining seventy Half Fairy Realm experts gathered together and stood before the giant ring. They slightly adjusted it, changing its target from the center of the warship’s underside to some position in the center of its frontal region. The devilish purple-haired youth even joined them in this endeavor.

“Alliance Master, the situation doesn’t look too reassuring. They adjusted its target, and that Fairy Realm expert who is leading them,even joined the group of people that are attacking. It seems like they are quite confident.” Old Chen’s complexion became quite gloomy and his felt heart restless…

What happened? What did they discover in the center of the frontal part of the warship?

Long Juexin also felt quite restless. “Sirs, be ready for a fight. Our situation may change at any moment.”

The complexions of Xiao Sui and other four people all became quite pale, and sweat dripped from each of their foreheads profusely.


A loud rumbling sound echoed in the air as a huge light beam shot out of the ring. The light beam’s might was twice as powerful as their last joint attack. This was because a Fairy Realm expert had joined them.

A terrifying, destructive aura bombarded their four-colored light screen suddenly…


The light beam then got into a deadlock with it. A cracking sound was emitted from the four-colored light screen, while it intensely shook, and it seemed like it would surely be broken!

“It isn’t looking good! The light screen will be surely be broken!” Long Juexin shouted in a low voice. “Sirs, be ready and on your guards against it!”

Although they were surprised, they weren’t flustered. After all, even if their defensive formation was broken, they still had the more robust warship at their disposal. The center of the frontal region was one of the warships most sturdy parts, so it wouldn’t be penetrated.


A loud explosion sound echoed as a giant, long crack appeared in the four-colored light screen. The light beam continued on, soon bombarding the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship.


Another loud explosion sound echoed forth, and a scene that dumbfounded all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members appeared. A wide gap had opened in the firmest part of the warship’s frontal region, slicing through it effortlessly, as if it was just a piece of paper!

The powerful light beam then penetrated through the whole warship, burning everything that was in its way into ashes. The rooms, training arenas, and the flustered people who hadn’t managed to evade it in time were also instantly burned into ashes.

Many of those who died were some very talented youngsters, who should have been protected by the Heavenly Law Alliance. Yet, they all died tragic deaths instead.

The light beam’s powerful force not only destroyed a great expanse of the warship’s frontal region, but it also forcefully propelled the warship several miles forward. The imposing and towering warship flipped around and revolved as it was bombarded by such a mighty power.

As this was happening, the people onboard all felt their heads spinning. Throughout this crisis, many of the warship’s rooms and buildings were heavily damaged. Countless flustered and frightened cries rang out, along with the loud sounds of cracking and crumbling buildings. It was indeed a mighty disaster!


A loud rumbling sound echoed as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship, which had proudly flown in the air for ten thousand years, fell down to the ground. As the great ship fell on the ground, it shot up a cloud of dust that engulfed a hundred miles.

As the dust wafted around, countless alarmed and frightened cries rang out from the warship. Sounds of people weeping, who had just lost their relatives and friends, could also be heard.

Although a few dozen people died in the light beam, the casualties caused by the fall of the warship reached a thousand. Countless plaintive cries echoed out from the warship. It was as if doomsday had arrived. The complexions of Long Juexin and the others were deathly pale.

“The Heavenly Law Alliance is done for! We are done for.” The aged face of Old Chen, who was in a sorry state, shivered, as he looked into the inside of the warship, which had crumbled and almost turned into ruins.

Long Juexin cried out in disbelief, “It’s impossible! The warship can’t be penetrated.” He was incapable of understanding why their joint attack was capable of penetrating the strongest part of the warship.

The complexions of Xiao Sui and his group were also deathly pale, and Xiao Sui would never have imagined that his dismantling some materials from the warship would cause such devastating damages to the Heavenly Law Alliance.

After Long Juexin returned to his senses, he immediately shouted, “Quickly go to the center of the frontal region. Let’s hope that we can still make it in time.”

All of the people looked gloomy, as they all knew that it was already too late. Yet, they still held some faint glimmers of hope, so they still responded to Long Juexin’s call, swiftly flying towards it.

“Elder Xiao Sui, what should we do?” The brandy-nosed elder’s heart sank to its deepest point, and he truly wished to skin Xiao Sui alive.

He kept saying over and over again that he dismantled just a small amount of materials from the warship, but from the fact that its defense didn’t manage to block even a strike, it was obvious that the ignorant and arrogant Xiao Sui almost certainly had dismantled all of it!

At such a moment, Xiao Sui and the other four elders were all regretting their deeds. It could be said that the destruction of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship was entirely their faults!

If the four of them had warned everyone in advance, they could still have combined their strengths and repaired the opening. Then, they wouldn’t have ended up with such great casualties and the warship would not have been overthrown. They became sinners, who would most likely be condemned for all eternity, just because they had wanted to enjoy themselves.

Xiao Sui felt a chill running down his spine as he faced the cold gazes of the other four elders. He was more flustered and frightened than any other person here, as he clearly knew what kind of great disaster he had caused.

“Why are you so flustered? We didn’t make any mistakes. This all happened because Long Juexin is incompetent and was incapable of obstructing the otherworldly invaders, and it was also because the magical treasure that was left by Su Yu is quite weak and frail. So, even if I didn’t dismantle some of the warship’s parts, it would have been destroyed by the enemies sooner or later. So, what does all of that have to do with me?” Xiao Sui spoke confidently.

The four elders’ hearts shuddered when they heard him. They couldn’t believe that Xiao Sui was capable of uttering such a cynical speech!

“Don’t be so worried! If neither you nor I confess, then how can they know anything for certain? Worst case scenario is that we would just need to flee and leave the Heavenly Law Alliance. After all, we have already contributed enough to the Heavenly Law Alliance, so we don’t need to die along with it!” Xiao Sui’s eyes flickered as he spoke.

The four elders were surprised. One of them asked, “So, you mean that we should avail ourselves of the opportunity to leave?”

The four of them glanced at each other and started considering it. After all, they were already among the Heavenly Law Alliance’s criminals of record, and regardless if the Heavenly Law Alliance managed to survive such a crisis or not, they would still be killed, so it did make sense for them to leave.

Xiao Sui nodded at them, then agreed. “Let’s immediately follow them and take the opportunity to leave while they are distracted by all of the chaos. Otherwise, Long Juexin will surely make a big fuss over a minor issue, and then he will surely punish us.”

After the other four elders considered it too, they also agreed that this was their only way out. After they finished discussing it, the five of them swiftly followed behind them.

Long Juexin’s heart sank even further as he witnessed all of the mess before him. Each corner was filled with rubble from destroyed buildings, as well as the stooped over bodies of people, all of whom were crying. Even the warship’s interior had already been turned into a crap-heap.

The hearts of the elders who followed behind him were also quite heavy at this moment, as many of the deceased had been the elders’ acquaintances. Just a moment ago, they were still chatting with them, yet now, they had been separated by death.

Amid this gloomy ambiance, they directly went to the region that had suffered the brunt of the attack. That place was completely void and empty. There wasn’t even rubble left within it, as everything had disappeared into nothingness.

There was a hideous-looking long gap in the space, and a destructive aura was still emanating from it. Its mere presence revealed to all of them how terrifying this strike had been. But, what was fortunate was that, even though an opening was made in the warship, they still didn’t start invading them, and even now, there wasn’t even a shadow of one of them to be seen!

A glimmer of hope welled up in Long Juexin’s heart, which had already been in deep despair. “Quickly seal it with your Vital Energy, then let’s take the materials in the storage room and repair the warship! Let’s hope that we can still make it in time.”

A glimmer of hope also sparkled in the elders’ hearts, and they all quickly used their remaining Vital Energy to seal the opening.

“We are still not defeated.” Old Chen was also quite surprised that the enemies hadn’t taken such an opportunity to invade them.

The group of elders, which was overjoyed by such unexpected news, started swiftly revolving their Spiritual Energies. After a short while, the gap was sealed by a great amount of Vital Energy. It then condensed a layer of defense, which would be difficult for Half Fairy Realm experts to penetrate.

“Alliance Master, it seems like the enemies have some misgivings about something, as they didn’t immediately invade us, which then gave us such an opportunity.” The complexion of Old Chen’s became rosier.

However, Long Juexin didn’t dare relax yet. “Eh, the enemies may have overlooked it, but we still mustn’t relax. Old Chen, take my badge, and immediately go to the storage room. Then, take some of the sealed warship’s materials. Let’s all hope that we can still make it in time.”

Since there was no time to lose, Old Chen immediately took the badge and swiftly flew to the upper layer of the warship. Su Yu had just come over at that time as well.

Luo Xiong’s complexion was quite grave. “If I remember correctly, then the quake came from the direction of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship. Did some accident occur in the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Su Yu shook his head. “It shouldn’t be from the Heavenly Law Alliance, as they still have the magical treasure that I left them. Also, the warship is quite firm and stable, so they will all be safe and sound. But, we should still immediately go over to investigate it.”

After the amount of time needed for brewing a half cup of tea had passed, the complexion of Su Yu, who had now reached a mountain’s summit that was about twenty miles from them, became ice-cold.

“Was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship destroyed?” Luo Xiong’s eyes widened, while his pupils contracted until they became as thin as needles.

What was before them was a giant ship! The ship was on the ground and it had a hideous-looking giant gap in one of its sides. Such an astounding sight shocked all of them.

“Who is it? Who possess such terrifying power?” The Housemaster Zi and Master Lin couldn’t believe it, as they had already stayed for a long time in the Heavenly Law Alliance and clearly knew how sturdy its warship was. Yet, somehow, an opening had still been made in it!

Luo Xiong’s complexion became grave. “This isn’t a single person’s power. It was certainly caused by a joint attack technique of some sort.”

His finger was pointing at a giant ring, which was floating in a distant place. He had already witnessed a similar scene on the battlefield, saw he saw how joint attack techniques were capable of easily destroying everything. However, there were just twenty people around the ring…

After Su Yu scanned the surroundings with his Soul Eyes, while paying extra attention to his sweep of the Heavenly Law Alliance, his expression changed and held a fierce gravity. “It’s awful. They have already invaded it! But, Long Juexin and the others still haven’t detected them! We should quickly rush over to them! Let’s hope that we can still make it in time.”