The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 636

Chapter 636 First Void World Senior

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While Long Juexin was waiting for the others to repair the gap, Old Chen held the Alliance Master’s badge and rushed over to the upper level of the battleship. At the moment, a huge sealed round ball was floating at the uppermost level in the space.

The round ball did not have any opening, and it was completely on its own as it rotated quietly in place. There was not even anyone standing guard over it. As such, it appeared to be even less guarded than the place where the elders were staying!

However, everyone in Heavenly Law Alliance knew that this round ball’s importance was only second to that of the Heavenly Law Core in the Heavenly Law Alliance! This was because all of the resources that the Heavenly Law Alliance needed were in this one round ball! This included medicine, techniques, treasures, materials and everything related to the cultivation of the masses in the Heavenly Law Alliance.

Someone from the outside could not possibly imagine why a place of such importance would not be guarded by even a single person! However, only the people from the Heavenly Law Alliance knew that, in fact, the round ball was even stronger than the battleship itself!

This was because the round ball itself was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. It was a treasure that the First Void World Senior had carried with him wherever he went. It had been preserved until this day and was used as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s main storage for all of its resources.

Old Chen rushed to the front of the round ball with the badge in his hand. This round ball could only be opened by the order of the Alliance Master. After the Alliance Master imbued it with Vital Energy, the round pearl would sense the presence of the badge and grant a person access through the door.

“I hope everything is not too late for us!” Old Chen mumbled to himself.

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship was made of a material that could not be found anywhere else in the entire Zhenlong Continent. It was said to have been gathered from a different world and was very unique.

Not only was the material incomparably tough, it also had very strong attributes. Before being refined, it would present itself in a liquid form. However, once it was refined by flames, it could be turned into a stronger, solid form. It was very mysterious.

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s huge battleship was made with this mysterious material. Although the battleship seemed severely damaged now, it could be fixed right away once the liquid was obtained. Thus, it could still be salvaged!

As Old Chen condensed his Vital Energy and imbued it into the badge, patterns that looked like a tortoise’s shell began to appear on the badge. Swiftly thereafter, the surface of the floating round ball started showing similar patterns of the tortoise’s shell. Gradually, a crack that could fit one person’s passage into it started appearing.

A mighty spiritual pressure then began emitting from within the crack. This was a pressure caused by the shapeless condensation of the Spiritual Energy of the many treasures stored within.

Even Old Chen gasped secretly in surprise upon seeing this. In all of the tens of thousands of years in the Heavenly Law Alliance’s existence, apart from the Empire of Darkness, no other place could compare with this in the Zhenlong Continent.

He felt thoroughly moved, but he also knew that time was of the essence. So, he immediately entered the crack.

However, as soon as one of his feet stepped inside it, his facial expression changed and he yelled out, “Who is there?”

He suddenly felt an odd aura behind him. The aura appeared very suddenly and there was no signs of it before. It was as if it had appeared out of thin air!

Old Chen’s heart dropped. It frightened him that he was too weak to discover the opponent’s presence before this moment!

“Hehe! So, is this where the Heavenly Law Alliance stores its prized treasures?” An evil and teasing voice came from behind him.

Old Chen’s body quivered as he slowly turned his head around. Behind him was an armored young man with an unspeakably evil aura.

He had long purple hair and his arms were crossed in front of his chest. His wore a devilish smile on his face as he inspected the huge round ball that was before him.

“You! It’s you!” Old Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. He felt as if something was stuck in his throat and he could barely speak!

The enemy army’s commander was actually inside the Heavenly Law Alliance! It was not that they had failed to seize the opportunity to break in while the gap was created. Instead, they had already entered and were hiding! The alliance’s people had not yet discovered them!

Thinking about this made Old Chen’s facial expression turn grave. He then asked, “If you had already come here long ago, why did you not attack us earlier?”

The purple-haired armored young man did not take his eyes off of the round ball. As such, he had not even looked at Old Chen once.

Although a Two Crystals Half Fairy was of an elder position in the Heavenly Law Alliance, Old Chen was merely an ant in his eyes. In fact, he could have killed Old Chen in a single motion. Hence, he felt no need to pay any attention to Old Chen at all.

As for the queries, the purple-haired young man did not even have to answer. However, as he was a trickster at heart, he wanted to toy with Old Chen, so he asked in reply, “Hehe! What do you think? If I had appeared from the beginning, would you have willingly opened this door?”

He clearly knew that the door could only be opened by the Heavenly Law Alliance’s badge. It even required a special chant as well. Thus, without the Heavenly Law Alliance Master’s personal order, he would not have been able to open it, even if he were able to locate the place.

The purple-haired young man laughed lightly. “Although your meager storage is probably filled with rubbish items, something from there is still better than nothing. Before you are all destroyed, I will trouble myself with the burden of keeping it all on your behalves!”

Old Chen hated himself for being so careless. He had unknowingly just opened the storage for the enemy! With the flashing of a bright light, Old Chen secretly imbued Vital Energy into the badge.


The opened crack started closing once again!

“Hmph, do you actually think a small trick like this will work in front of me?” asked the purple-haired young man as he laughed and waved his hand.

At that moment, a secret force that could not be detected by the naked eye suddenly rushed towards Old Chen with a destructive pressure. Old Chen’s face turned pale, as the secret force of a Fairy was extremely frightening. Although they stood miles apart, Old Chen could feel the secret force sealing off everything around him.

Regardless of where he tried to run, there was no way that he could escape the large area that was covered by the secret force. In this midst of his hopelessness, Old Chen slowly closed his eyes and waited for his body and soul to be destroyed.

The purple-haired young man, on the other hand, showed no expression. It was as if he was only killing a worthless ant. However, all of a sudden, the purple-haired young man focused his gaze towards the crack.


A soft knock could be heard as an old, dried up and lifeless palm was extended out of the crack. The palm was emanating a very strong force.

The fist’s force and the secret force were expanding in the air. After a soft knock was heard, each of them extinguished the other simultaneously.

“Who is hiding there sneakily? Come out now!” shouted the purple-haired young man with a low voice. He looked slightly more serious now.

Thump. Thump.

Footsteps could be heard from within the crack. Every single step caused Old Chen’s heart to beat wildly. He suddenly realized something and turned around to look at the figure that coming out of the crack.

He could not help but be shocked as he yelled, “First Void World Senior!” He was surprised that the First Void World Senior was inside the storage!

“It’s you!” The purple-haired young man looked equally surprised. How could I not have known about the Heavenly Law Alliance’s First Void World Senior’s corpse?

In the big battle between both sides, this corpse had killed many of the otherworldly experts. As a corpse, its methods were cruel and unimaginable, far worse than a living person’s.

Right then, as if it had sensed a Fairy’s presence, the corpse had appeared on its own initiative! It was dressed in a robe and its left hand was holding a mysterious black casket, while its right hand dangled vertically at its side. Its eyes appeared lifeless, just like two empty holes. It was this very corpse that had, on multiple occasions, supported the Heavenly Law Alliance.


The First Void World Senior let out an low growl, like a beast. It sent chills down everyone’s spines.

The purple-haired young man became cautious and took several steps back to maintain some distance between him and the corpse. His face was filled with concern.

He then asked, “Did you all set this trap for me?”

Old Chen’s heart thumped. Hold on a second, could this be the Alliance Master’s plan?

“Did you only just find out? It’s too late!” Right then, a cold yet serious voice came from behind them!

They turned, and behind the First Void World Senior’s corpse, another figure had suddenly appeared! It was none other than Long Juexin, who had clearly been mending the gap at the front of the battleship!

He held the Heavenly Law Core in his left hand, while his right hand showed a symbol. Layers of space were shaking and gradually dispersed around him. Old Chen felt like he had just woken up from a dream!

As Long Juexin controlled the Heavenly Law Core, he knew about everything that happened in the battleship. So, Old Chen had to wonder… How could he not have noticed the many people who had barged in?

However, as these people went into hiding after barging in and did not attack immediately, it seemed as if they had an ulterior motive. As such, Long Juexin decided to play along, while luring them to a place with less people. Luckily, the only person who had come along was the purple-haired young man!

This is exactly what led up to this present scene! At the moment, Long Juexin controlled the Heavenly Law Core to open up an unknown transporting formation that brought the First Void World Senior into the storage.

“Hmph! You seemed to have forgotten that I have several experts with me…” The purple-haired young man’s words may have been bold, but his face sank as he spoke them.

He thought he had been so smart. He could not believe that he had fallen into a trap!

The Heavenly Law Core glowed with a red light in Long Juexin’s left hand. All of a sudden, a loud booming sound was heard! Pieces of the wall started falling all around them, sealing up the entire space in the upper layer of the battleship, which is where the storage was, right at the center!

The material that was used to make the huge wall was exactly the same as that which was used for the battleship. It was indestructible. Based on the powers of a normal Fairy, there was no way it could be broken. Thus, they were all sealed inside with no escape in sight!

“There’s no way for you to contact your followers now,” Long Juexin said coolly.

The purple-haired young man’s face sank even further. Indeed, it was impossible for such an important storage to not be guarded at all! These mechanisms of the huge wall were passive weapons that had been placed to lock intruders inside! Even he could not possibly break the huge walls to escape without his followers’ assistance!

“How dare you small ants set me up?” The purple-haired young man seemed deeply upset and was determined to fight back!

A long green bow appeared in his hand, along with a golden arrow. He extended the bow very quickly, then shot the golden arrow out like a ray of light.

Its trajectory was aimed right at the Heavenly Law Core in Long Juexin’s palm! Once the item was broken, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battleship would crumble into pieces.


However, the robed figure flashed by suddenly. The First Void World Senior’s corpse had instantly teleported in front of Long Juexin’s body!


A crisp sound was heard as the scary-looking golden ray of light pinged off of the First Void World Senior’s chest. It was as if it had bumped into solid metal!


The golden arrow was instantly deflected and fell to the ground. Strands of cracks could be seen on the arrow.

“Tsk!” The purple-haired young man took in a breath of cold air. Such a strong physical body!

Even though that strike was one of his strongest strikes, it had not even harmed his opponent the slightest bit! Indeed, as rumors had it, the First Void World Senior, who used to be a very strong person physically when he was still alive, had a corpse that had not deteriorated, even after so many years!

When the two sides were in the big battle, the corpse had been surrounded by three otherworldly Fairies. Yet, it remained completely unharmed! Instead, one of the otherworldly Fairies was torn into pieces by this corpse!

A tinge of fear and panic suddenly appeared in his heart. The proud demeanor and teasing smile on his face had already been replaced by a look of someone who was in a state of serious contemplation.