The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 638

Chapter 638 The Return Of Su Yu

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“Open this place, and I will immediately take my people and leave. Otherwise, if the people outside don’t see me coming out soon, they will start attacking, and your spineless elders won’t be capable of handling my Half Fairy Realm experts army. Moreover, you still have some good-for-nothings in your army, which can only harm you, so if you don’t want your Heavenly Law Alliance’s members blood to flow till it forms rivers, then obey my instructions. I will only give you one opportunity…”

Long Juexin coldly shook his head. “It’s too late. No matter what price we have to pay, we will surely let you pay it back with your blood.”

“The time it takes to brew a cup of tea is already enough for us,” Long Juexin shouted in a low voice.

It seemed like the First World Senior’s corpse received some order, and it emitted a bestial roar from its throat, while its body turned into an afterimage.

“Ahh!” The devilish purple-haired youth immediately emitted a blood-curdling screech, while his right arm turned into a fountain of blood that sprinkled in the air. There was even a claw mark on his chest. The claw mark was so deep, even his bones could be seen!

Fright welled up in the heart of the devilish purple-haired youth as he screamed! It was too terrifying! In fact, he felt like he wasn’t fighting a human, but a bloodthirsty ominous beast!

Its strike almost cut him into pieces, and it was only because he promptly reacted that he managed to use his right arm to offset most of its strike. Otherwise, he would have already been killed!

As he turned his head around and looked at the First World Senior’s corpse, he found that its palm was stained with blood. Even its face was stained with fresh scarlet blood! At this moment, its empty eye fell upon him, and as it roared, its body started becoming fuzzy once again.

The devilish purple-haired youth was extremely frightened, as he was already incapable of blocking any more strikes from it. At such a precarious moment, the devilish purple-haired youth shouted in a loud voice, which shattered the jade pendant on his chest, “Sir, please quickly save me!”

Surging spatial fluctuations were emitted from the shattered jade pendant, and a spatial crack appeared in the sealed space. Then, a dignified middle-aged man, who wore scarlet armor, strode out of the space.

He was square-headed and had big ears, yet he still possessed a dignified presence. His whole body emitted a terrifying aura. What was most mysterious about him was the intricate wyvern print that appeared between his brows…

“A Wyvern Saint Master.” Long Juexin sucked in a breath of cold air and his eyelids shivered.

He had already researched the enemies’ supreme commanders, finding that they were two types. The first type were charged with leading the troops, such as the devilish purple-haired youth commander before him. They were commonly seen, and almost all of the Fairy Realm experts belonged to this category. Their strengths slightly varied, and the weakest of them were just like the youth before him, Level One Fairy Realm experts, while the strongest were Level Three Fairy Realm experts.

The other type were all just observers behind the scenes, and they would mostly not show themselves at all. These commanders were addressed by their enemies as Saint Masters. These Saint Masters’ symbol was the wyvern print on their foreheads, and it was because of this that they had first started to be called the Wyvern Saint Masters.

They weren’t clear about their exact number, nor did they know how strong they were. They just knew that in the most critical moments of battle, there would always be a Saint Master who intervened.

For example, when the First World Senior started a massacre and tore a Fairy Realm expert apart, causing the otherworldly experts’ army to retreat in fear, a Saint Master had appeared. He called himself the Fifth Saint Master, and with just a wave of his palm, the First World Senior was struck down into the deepest part of the ground.

The battlefield situation changed because of it, and the human race started gradually retreating in defeat. Meanwhile, the otherworldly army started counterattacking, which resulted in a great number of casualties.

Even though the Fifth Saint Master swooped in and thoroughly reversed the battle, no one got a clear look at his face. All that they saw was a fuzzy light projection.

That battle was the first time that the Zhenlong Continent’s experts had ever witnessed a Saint Master, and they had never seen another one since. So, none of them had expected that another Saint Master would appear now!

“Greetings Eighth Saint Master.” The devilish purple-haired youth was quite overjoyed, and he immediately knelt down on one knee and saluted him.

The dignified middle-aged man emitted a terrifying aura, and he apathetically looked at the devilish purple-haired youth, who had obviously lost one of his arms. He then said, “Trash, a commander like you clearly fell into a trap…”

The devilish purple-haired youth didn’t dare refute him. Instead, he seemed extremely submissive and respectful towards the Wyvern Saint Master.

“But, I see that I still didn’t come in vain, as you lured out this corpse at least,” he said.

“Many thanks, Eighth Saint Master.” The devilish purple-haired youth seemed quite overjoyed, as if having rendered him such a trifling service was something great.

Long Juexin’s heart thumped when he heard him, and he was quite astonished. “What do you mean? Is your target the First World Senior?”

Long Juexin already understood the implied meaning of their conversation.

The devilish purple-haired youth disdainfully looked at him. “Is such a weak faction like yours, which will collapse at the first blow, worth a Saint Master personally dealing with it?”


It was at this moment that the First World Senior, who flickered around like a ghost, rushed toward the devilish purple-haired youth, whom he recognized as him target. His terrifying physical strength could easily tear the youth into pieces.

“Hehe, the last time, the Fifth Saint Master was busy dealing with another matter, and it was just his clone that attacked. Otherwise, he would have already captured this corpse! So, why are waiting?” The Eighth Saint Master spoke calmly, while he leisurely took a ball from his hand.

The ball was flickering with powerful lightning, and its might wasn’t any weaker than the disastrous thunder in the elder Jiu’s body.

“If someone as powerful as you was still alive, then even I would be obliged to run away if I ran into you. But, it’s a pity that you have just a remnant soul left…”


At that moment, a disastrous thunder shot out of the ball and bombarded the First World Senior’s body.


As it roared, black smoke rose out of its body, while its empty and vacant eyes looked at the wyvern mark on the Eighth Saint Master’s forehead. As it stared at the mark, it seemed quite wary of it.

When Su Yu had once gone underground with several Deputy Palace Masters, he found that it was brimming with wickedly evil souls, and since the First World Senior often slept there, he figured that it would be impossible for him to not have been affected by them.

Just like what they had witnessed, the First World Senior was clearly already dead, and as his soul hadn’t scattered, even after ten thousand years, he gradually took on an evil nature.

“Go after him!” The Eighth Saint Master chuckled. It seemed like he had already expected such a result. He then casually threw the ball into the air.


The ball burst open, and a giant net, formed by disastrous thunder, came out of it. The net then engulfed the First World Senior.

The First World Senior angrily roared, and it seemed like he wanted to open his eyes, but as it came into contact with the thunder, a sizzling sound was emitted from his whole body and black air came out of it.

The First World Senior was incapable of using his body’s terrifying power! While still roaring, the First World Senior was completely engulfed and bound by the net.

“That’s enough.” The Eighth Saint Master’s relaxed and clapped his hands, while his gaze examined the First World Senior for a while. His gaze then fell on the jade box.

“This must be the jade box that the Fifth Saint Master asked me to look for. The gate should be sealed within it, and there should also be the spiritual artifact, the Violet Gold Imperial Robe, sealed within it. Hehe, even though he’s already dead, he’s still continuing to display his utter loyalty to that declined king!”

It was unknown which person was the “king” who he was referring to. When he tried to take the jade box away from the First World Senior, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows, as he discovered that the First World Senior’s corpse was still firmly holding onto it!

When the Eighth Saint Master used his whole body’s power and revolved his body’s Vital Energy, the whole warship shook, yet he was still incapable of separating the jade box from the First World Senior’s hands!

After he coldly snorted, the Eighth Saint Master took out a white dagger, which was emitting a powerful spiritual pressure. It was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, which wasn’t any weaker than the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship.

A cold glint flickered in the Eighth Saint Master’s eyes, and as he moved his hand, his white dagger arced in the air and flew towards the First World Senior’s arm. The Eighth Saint Master clearly intended to cut off his arm that was holding the jade box!


A clunking sound, which was the two metals colliding, was heard, and his

semi-manufactured spiritual artifact dagger only managed to leave just a faint mark on it.

“Such power! It’s almost equivalent to a Divine Master’s.” The Eighth Saint Master was quite surprised. “As expected of that king’s personal guard, even though he died a long time ago, his fleshly body is still powerful!”

There were many remnants of many Divine Masters in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, yet all of them had either been turned into ashes or had just left sparkling bones behind. Moreover, they had passed just a mere hundred years ago in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, while a whole ten thousand years had passed in the Zhenlong Continent!

Not only didn’t the First World Senior’s corpse rot, it even still possessed a power that was equivalent to a Divine Master’s, even though ten thousand years had already passed since its death! From just that point alone, it could be imagined how powerful he was when he was still alive!

“Fine, let’s take the corpse along with the jade box, then hand them to the Fifth Saint Master, as he’s the only person who can deal with it.” The Eighth Saint Master put away his white dagger as he instructed him.

“Understood.” The devilish purple-haired youth promptly took a glove that was glowing in five colors. The glove had been made from a Thunder Herb and was immune to thunder and lightning.

He then sucked the First World Senior, along with the thunder net, towards him, then grabbed them.

The Eighth Saint Master then said, “What we need to take care of next is the Heavenly Law Alliance. You can handle it like you see fit, but you should capture all of the young women alive. The Fifth Saint Master’s cultivation has reached a critical juncture, and he will successfully master his cultivation method soon. Hence, he needs a great number of virgin women for his cultivation, and you should properly prepare them for him!”

“Understood.” The devilish purple-haired youth smiled, as he was glad to be of service.

Just after that, the youth revealed a ferocious look as he turned to gaze at Long Juexin and said, “As you dared to plot against me, I won’t let you have an easy death!”


A golden ray shot out of the sleeves of his remaining arm. It was unexpectedly a golden arrow! It was extremely fast, almost as fast as lightning!


Surprisingly, the golden arrow’s target wasn’t Long Juexin, but the Heavenly Law Core in his hand! As a crisp cracking sound echoed, countless fissures appeared on the crystalline Heavenly Law Core. Then, it turned into countless splinters.

Long Juexin’s complexion became deathly pale, as he just knew that the warship would self-destruct!


The Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship started disintegrating, and its materials were quickly melting into a liquid. Even the giant walls around them were quickly melting!

“Hehe, I told you that I wouldn’t let you off lightly!” The devilish purple-haired youth coldly spoke. “I want you to personally witness how all the men in the warship will be killed, and how all the women will be captured and sent to the Fifth Saint Master to be enjoyed by him!”

As he took glee in such sweet revenge, he revealed an evil grin. He then coldly ordered, “All of you, obey my orders! Kill all the men and capture all the young women!”

His guards should have already assembled outside the giant walls by this time, and his order would have determined the whole Heavenly Law Alliance’s fate. But, he suddenly sniffed the reeking smell of blood from outside the walls.

The devilish purple-haired youth furrowed his brows, wondering if they had already started slaughtering them without first waiting for his orders. He widened his eyes and gazed towards his guards’ direction to see that the outside was filled with charred corpses!

They were more than fifty of them, all badly mangled, and a bloody smell was seeping out of them. He could easily recognize from the remnants of their clothes and weapons that all of the corpses belonged to his subordinates!

Moreover, all of them had been burned to death. Not one of them had managed to escape! His pupils immediately contracted, and he just couldn’t believe that this was possible.

Who could instantly kill fifty-Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, along with three Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts? It would be difficult for even the Eighth Saint Master to achieve such a feat!

He then noticed a youth who was standing among the charred corpses. He was clad in a black robe and had strange silver hair. His face was handsome, rivaling that of the legendary immortals.

The youth’s left hand was holding a scarlet umbrella, while his right hand was behind his back. A small pink kylin was standing on his shoulder, lazily yawning.

Such a stunning youth, who was gracefully holding an umbrella, seemed quite out of place, as his surroundings were quite bloody. This youth instantly caused the devilish purple-haired youth’s heart to madly palpitate with fear.

“Who..are you?” he asked, trembling.

Su Yu calmly directed his gaze at him, his face remaining expressionless and indifferent. Not even the slightest bit of anger could be seen on it. Yet, the calmer Su Yu seemed, the more frightening he became.

“Who do you think am I?” Su Yu asked, while he slowly folded up his Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella.

The devilish purple-haired youth’s gaze became grave as he shouted in a deep voice, “Stop putting up a front! I’m asking whether you were the one who killed these people or not? There isn’t anyone here besides you.”

At this moment, an imposing voice transmitted from behind him. It was extremely grave and deep. “Retreat!”

The devilish purple-haired youth was startled, and he turned his head around and looked behind him. The Eighth Saint Master’s current expression was even more grave than when he faced the First World Senior. It was like he was now facing some even greater enemy.

His heart couldn’t help but thump and he had an extremely bad premonition when he gazed at the strange silver-haired youth once again. He then asked Su Yu, “Your Excellency, can you let us leave? We didn’t know that the Heavenly Law Alliance was protected by such a profound expert like you! We hope that you can forgive us.”

What astounded the devilish purple-haired youth the most was that the Eighth Saint Master didn’t even condemn him, despite the fact that their army was completely slaughtered by him. In fact, he had even asked him to let them off!

Moreover, when he carefully observed him, he found out that the Eighth Saint Master’s forehead was already drenched in sweat. Moreover, his palms were equally sweaty!