The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Two Options

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“Do you know me?” Su Yu frowned slightly.

“No… No, I do not.” The Eighth Saint Master dared not look Su Yu in the eye.

Su Yu’s pupils flashed with an odd light as he said calmly, “Alright, please step aside. I will question you later.”

Hearing this, the Eighth Saint Master did not even hesitate. His forehead was filled with cold sweat as he stepped aside, not showing any signs of wanting to run away. His attitude was extremely respectful!

This scene shocked the purple-haired young man, who wondered…

What kind of person is this silver-haired young man, as even a Saint Master was this afraid of him?

“Were you the one who broke the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the battleship?” asked Su Yu calmly, while he lifted his gaze towards the purple-haired young man.

The purple-haired young man detected suddenly that a great danger was upon him. He stepped back continuously, while turning his gaze towards the Eighth Saint Master in a plea for help. However, right then, the Eighth Saint Master lowered his head and did not dare to return his gaze.

“Your Excellency, I had no intentions of offending you. Please forgive me.” The purple-haired young man felt a certain pressure coming from Su Yu, so he spoke shakily.

Forgive you? Su Yu shook his head lightly. As the Eighth Saint Master had not injured a single person, Su Yu could talk to him later. However, as this young man had destroyed the battleship and caused many casualties, even if Su Yu did not belong to the Heavenly Law Alliance, he could not forgive such a man!

“Since you have come, I will make it so that you stay here forever,” Su Yu said calmly.

The purple-haired young man’s facial expression changed drastically and he instantly made a move to run away! Sensing a deadly threat was upon him, the young man mustered all of his strength and took off towards the external environment. His figure turned into a stream of light as he approached the battleship’s crack.

Once he made it outside, based on his capabilities as a Grade One Fairy, even Su Yu would not be able to catch up with him. As the crack was not too far away, in a breath’s time, the young man would be able to move past it.

Just as he was about to make it through, a pink mist appeared in front of the crack. A kylin that was the size of a palm suddenly walked out of the mist and fiercely stepped on him with one of its hooves.


A cry of pain could be heard, as it appeared to have stepped right on the purple-haired young man’s nose! He was crying out in pain as he covered his face with his hands. All the while, the little kylin was looking very proud of itself.

“I will kill you!” The purple-haired young man was very angry that this little pink b*stard had blocked his way during such a crucial moment as this!

However, just as he spoke, he could hear a voice with a cool intent from behind him say, “I am afraid you cannot kill anyone other than yourself…”


The sound of air rushing forward could be heard next to his ear. The purple-haired young man felt goosebumps on his skin as a sense of danger filled his heart. However, he was quick to react, quickly retrieving two paper puppets from his sleeves.

The paper puppets were surrounded with Vital Energy and instantly transformed into two figures that looked exactly like the purple-haired young man. They were both as thin as paper, but from the front, one could tell no difference between them and the actual purple-haired young man!


The sound of metal coming into contact with metal could be heard. The paper puppets’ material was unknown, but it must have been pretty strong, as they were able to block the small golden blade for a while. However, it was only a short while.


With a single flip, the small golden blade cut the paper puppets apart. Seeing this, the purple-haired young man became tense. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

After all, his paper puppets were of the most excellent grade of high grade divine artifacts and were very strong. After several tests, many semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts, which were known to be very sharp, could barely scratch his treasures!

In fact, this was the very first time that they had been directly cut apart! But, even though the had been cut apart, the appearance of the two paper puppets had at least given him time to get away!

“Don’t push me any further. I am sure you would not want me to take everyone down with me.” The purple-haired young man retreated into the battleship.

He was wearing a colorful glove. It was a glove that had been made from the Thunder Herb. At the same time, he retrieved a shiny hammer from his sleeves.

“The disastrous thunder in here is sufficient to kill all of you. Although I may also be struck by it, none of you will be able to dodge it!” shouted the purple-haired young man angrily.

The Eighth Saint Master raised his head and his pupils contracted. His serious-looking face instantly sunk. “You b*stard! Put that thing away! Do you plan to kill me as well?” he demanded to know.

The purple-haired young man was frightened by his anger. However, with death staring him in the face, he suddenly found more courage in his heart and yelled, “Hmph! If I put it away, will you save me? After all, you did not even retaliate, but just surrendered to the enemy immediately. Eighth Saint Master, I must say, you are the biggest embarrassment out of all of the Saint Masters!”

Hearing his slanderous words, the Eighth Saint Master was speechless. He could only stare at the treasure as he said to Su Yu, “Master, please be careful, as this was a treasure that I had offered previously to the Seventh Saint Master that supposedly would be delivered by him. However, I cannot believe that he dared to use the item that was gifted to him by the Fifth Saint Master. He sure has guts, if so!”

He then explained, “This treasure is a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact that contains a frightening disastrous thunder. It would turn anyone below the Grade Two Fairy would into dust instantly! He had never trained with this treasure and would not be able to control the disastrous thunder within it. Once it is activated, the thunderbolt would not only kill him, but all of us, as well as many of the members in the battleship. I am afraid that more than half of us would die or be injured.”

Su Yu’s gaze was calm as he thought about what he had just heard… The Fifth Saint Master and the Seventh Saint Master, who were they?

Su Yu had heard about the Saint Master long before any normal person in the Zhenlong Continent had. This was because the year when he had successfully acquired the Pure Divine Decree, he had triggered the Heavenly Might, and it was the Ninth Saint Master who had bestowed it upon himself to suppress Su Yu on behalf of the Heavens, then chased after him, while he ran for his life!

Luckily, the Heavenly Law Alliance had appeared just in time, and the First Void World Senior had helped Su Yu escape the disaster. For this reason, Su Yu now knew about the Eighth Saint Master, the Seventh Saint Master, and the Fifth Saint Master.

“Alright, I understand,” answered Su Yu nonchalantly as he stepped forward. His eyes were filled with a coldness as he asked, “Do you want me to make the move, or do you want to do it yourself?”

The purple-haired young man started panicking as Su Yu came closer. Is this fellow really not afraid of death?

After all, this treasure was used by the Fifth Saint Master, so its might is truly shocking! As such, even the Eighth Saint Master is wary of it, how much more should Su Yu, who is only a Half Fairy, be wary of it?

“Alright, you asked for it. Even if I must be heavily injured, I must eliminate you!” The purple-haired said, while he prepared himself for whatever may come next.

Perhaps the disastrous thunder may turn him into ashes. However, he knew that, if he did not use it, he would certainly be killed by the young man before him! The only option was to fight to the death!

He used his left hand to imbue Vital Energy into the hammer as the thunderbolt started moving about crazily. Waves of red thunderbolts, which looked like small snakes, started jumping around, while streams of a destructive aura emanated from the hammer.


A loud thundering sound was heard as a red disastrous thunder boomed forth with a destructive might! As this happened, the air around it appeared to be sizzling and everyone nearby felt their bodies turning numb, as if bits of lightning were floating through every inch of their flesh and blood!

Simultaneously, everyone felt a strong vibration in their hearts. Everyone’s eyes stared at the red disastrous thunder as they felt their hearts knocking against their throats! A feeling of death closely approaching filled everyone’s hearts.

Long Juexin and Old Chen both turned numb. They dared not move in the face of this disastrous thunder. The destructive intent in the disastrous thunder caused them to not have an ounce of resistance in their hearts.

Even the Eighth Saint Master’s facial expression changed drastically. Using Vital Energy to protect his body, he continued to retrieve countless protective treasures to surround himself tightly. Even then, his face was still pale as paper and hopelessness filled his heart.

After all, a treasure that had been used by the Fifth Saint Master was not something a mere Grade Two Fairy like him could withstand. However, he was not as fearful as Long Juexin and Old Chen. Instead, his gaze was focused on Su Yu.

Everyone else was deeply frightening and shocked. Only Su Yu continued to ignore the frightening disastrous thunder as he approached the purple-haired young man slowly and carefully.

“Die!” The purple-haired young man was truly shocked by Su Yu. Even against the thunderbolt, Su Yu did not do anything to protect himself and was still walking towards him!


Suddenly, a sound like the lightning dragon’s roar could be heard. The red disastrous thunder had turned into a remnant shadow as it departed from the hammer. However, the instant the disastrous thunder had left the hammer, a scene that shocked everyone speechless appeared!

Not only did Su Yu not step backward, he even took a step forward! At that moment, a suit of colorful armor appeared in his palm, which he pressed against the red disastrous thunder!

The angry sound of thunder that had filled the skies was suddenly muted! The red disastrous was directly suppressed by the colorful palm and was forced back into the hammer!

The scene made Long Juexin and Old Chen widen their eyes. They both wondered simultaneously…. Suppressing the disastrous thunder with a single hand… Is this something a human could do?

The Eighth Saint Master’s pale face had recovered some of its initial red flush. A bittern grimace shown on his face as he laughed at himself and murmured, “I have truly met a little monster.”

The purple-haired young man was stunned. His entire body froze and he could no longer move. His heart was filled with a blankness and he couldn’t help but wonder… Could even the disastrous thunder be forcefully suppressed?


His palm was empty, as Su Yu had softly taken away the sharp hammer in his hand. Toying with the sharp hammer, Su Yu did not even lift his head as he asked coolly, “Do you want me to make a move, or do you want to kill yourself? This is the only time that I will ask you…”