The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Ridding of a mortal shell

"Senior Qiu, you have seen him before. He is the champion of the Holy Meet, Su Yu!" Xia Jingyu had a sparkle in her eyes, she was excited.

Him? Qiu Changjian raised his brows even higher.

Qiu Changjian was going by the book. Even though he had not pursued the matter, Su Yu did indeed disrupt the Holy Meet.

The Holy Meet represented the Sanctuary, and its honor would not be sullied. He acknowledged that the Fiery Minister's decision to strip Su Yu's right to participate was indeed effective as a warning to everybody else. It had reminded everybody that the order of the Holy Meet was not to be disrupted, no matter your potential and abilities.

"Why do you recommend him?" Qiu Changjian asked patiently. He did not want to embarrass Xia Jingyu in front of everyone.

In his heart, Qiu Changjian did not intend to give Su Yu a chance.

But, Xia Jingyu only said one sentence in response A sentence which completely changed his mind!

"My Holy Decree was given to me by Su Yu!" Xia Jingyu was blushing like a red lily after a rain, shy and gentle.

"Take me to Su Yu! Immediately!" Qiu Changjian abruptly stood, exiting the secret chamber with big strides.

Qiu Changjian was utterly shocked.

Xia Jingyu's Holy Decree was of medium level. Just what level of Holy Decree did Su Yu, who had taught the Holy Decree to Xia Jingyu, achieve?

Qiu Changjian had nearly buried Su Yu in the dirt and he was secretly regretting his actions.

At the arena, Su Yu had destroyed Bai Qixiong's cultivation level and energy source with a single strike from his palm.

Bai Qixiong had been devastated. His cultivation level was completely destroyed. He could, at most, be a martial arts teacher in the futureteaching martial arts theories to beginning martial artists.

But, he was still alive. Perhaps he should count his blessings.

As the right-hand man of the First Prince, he was bound to be the target of the Third Prince's punishment. Su Yu, in destroying his cultivation level, had indirectly saved his life.

His thoughts and feelings were conflicted, but Bai Qixiong did not dare protest any further. He was lucky to have survived the royal battle for the crown.

"Thank you, Mister Su, for not taking my life. This is the Saint Level technique that the First Prince gave to me to learn, as well as my understanding of it over the years. I lost the bet, and now this is yours." Bai Qixiong delivered the manual, trying not to stutter.

A manual for a Saint Level technique was an extraordinary item; to take it out in public was inviting people to take his life.

Su Yu raised his brows, to think that there was really a Saint Level technique!

After Bai Qixiong dragged his heavily injured body away, Su Yu flipped open the manual.

As he analyzed the notes Bai Qixiong had made over the years, Su Yu started to understand the saint-level technique.

"Floating Light Shadow, a Saint Level technique; it is considered the best of the movement techniques. There are a total of three stages. At Stage One Top Class, you move like a shadow, present in a separate realm.

"At Stage Two Top Class, you can stride over water.

"At Stage Three Top Class, you can fly, ride light, and clutch shadows."

Su Yu was shocked, it was indeed a Saint Level technique! And, it was related to movement techniques.

His Cloud Shadow Trick was only a basic level technique, its potential was limited. It no longer proved useful to Su Yu.

This Saint Level technique was given to Su Yu at just the right time.

Cultivating Floating Light Shadow to Stage One Top Class allowed him to rival the speed of a Level Six Peak. Cultivating it to Stage Two Top Class would allow him to be as light as a feather and enable him to walk on water. He could do a short burst of flight as long as there was a point of support around him. Cultivating it to Stage Three Top Class would allow him to fly!

Thump, thump

Su Yu's heart beat wildly, especially at the thought of Stage Three Top Class. Flight, this This is a feat only doable by the fabled celestial beings. At least in this world, only the Holy King has achieved such a degree of movement techniques.

Unknowingly, Su Yu immersed himself in the technique as he attempted to gain insight into it.

He immediately accelerated time.

After the cleansing by the two drops of red liquid, Su Yu's manipulation of time was far more effective than it previously had been.

Previously, while he was active he had been able to accelerate time by fivebut, now he could speed it up ten times. When he had been calm, he had been able to accelerate time thirty times faster than normalnow, he was capable of speeding it up fifty times.

Every minute Su Yu put into learning the technique was fifty minutes for another person, nearly an hour.

As he studied, Qiu Changjian and Xia Jingyu approached.

The Third Prince had a respectful expression as he attempted to awaken Su Yu.

Qiu Changjian attempted to break Su Yu's trance with a look of approval. Su Yu was learning a technique on the spot after a heated battle. This person did not waste any time when it came to cultivating techniques.

Su Yu would not awaken for a while yet. Qiu Changjian sat down and asked the Third Prince and Xia Jingyu about Su Yu's past.

Upon learning that Su Yu's journey to the capital was for the Duke of Xianyu's sake, Qiu Changjian was deeply touched. "To sacrifice his life in gratitude. Great!"

After understanding the entire situation, the impression Qiu Changjian had of Su Yu completely flipped. He now had an extremely positive opinion of Su Yu.

After half an hour, Su Yu gradually woke up. He wore a confused expression, with a slight wrinkle in his brows. He had many questions on his mind.

Manuel held tightly in his hand, Su Yu was doubtful that it was indeed a Saint Level technique. Not because it was too hard to comprehend, but rather it was too simple!

He had been learning it for the past half an hour, equivalent to twenty-five hours in the outside world. It had only been a day, but Su Yu had already achieved Stage Two Lower Class!

Even with Bai Qixiong's comments and the cleansing of his soul, it should not have been this easy.

He had only reached Stage One Lower Class of the Purple Star Thunderbolt after multiple days of brainstormingand that was also a Saint Level technique.

But, in just one day, he had already achieved Stage Two Lower Class of the Floating Light Shadow!

How could the difference in difficulty between understanding the two Saint Level techniques be this huge?


A gust of wind hit Su Yu's face while he was still in deep thought.

Su Yu immediately stifled his confusion, subconsciously striking out with his palm.

At this point, he no longer needed to recall representations of the Holy Decree in use in order to enter the mental rhythm required.

From the point of view of an outsider, Su Yu was like a man in a painting, separate from the mortal realmhis palm reached out and threatened to drag people into the dissociated realm as well, where they would face his strikes.


What had mildly shocked Su Yu was that his palm disappeared as soon as he struck with his Holy Decree.

In surprise he looked up, only to see a face full of admiration.

"Holy Disciple Qiu?" Su Yu retracted his palm. He did not understand the situation. Qiu Chandjian displayed no killing intent, why did he strike?

At the Holy Disciple's side, Xia Jingyu was visibly excited. She seemed to have gained an understanding of the situation, as she recalled Su Yu's palm just now.

Su Yu's Holy Decree seemed to have evolved. It was now more complex and smoother, more natural and harmonious. Previously, his Holy Decree had been clumsy, with traces of other's interpretations.

Today, he had stripped off everything mortal surrounding his Holy Decree, returning the move to its most natural statehe had achieved true synchronization with nature.

"Advanced level Holy Decree! Great!" Qiu Changjian was utterly shocked!

Su Yu was completely clueless, he didn't understand Qiu Changjian.

"Junior Su! You have a day to prepare. Tomorrow, you and Junior Xia will enter the Heavenly Sanctuary with me!" Qiu Changjian was relieved as he walked off heartily.

Xia Jingyu smiled as innocently as a white lotus in fresh rain. She gave a detailed account of the events that had led her there to Su Yu.

"Ah? Only you and I may enter the Heavenly Sanctuary?" Su Yu was shocked. He had thought that he was not fated to enter the Sanctuaryhe had never thought that Xia Jingyu would recommend him and allow him to enter the Heavenly Sanctuary, which was of an even higher tier than the regular Sanctuary.

"Thank you, Jingyu." Su Yu was filled with gratitude. Both twists of Su Yu's fate had been due to the efforts of Xia Jingyu.

Xia Jingyu smiled, her clear eyes flashing with light. "You imparted your Holy Decree to me; now, I can return the favor. We're even. Let's help each other in the future."

Su Yu was smiling. He looked at Xia Jingyu, his heart filled with gratitude.

If Xianer was the love of his life, Xia Jingyu was his lucky star. For Xianer, Su Yu felt only lovebut for Jingyu, Su Yu was overwhelmed by gratitude.

Xia Jingyu blushed as prettily as a sunset as Su Yu stared at her with his starlike eyes.

Together, they were as beautiful as the setting sun and fresh snowthey were celestial.

Xia Linxuan was confused. He walked towards the side of the Duke of Xianyu and sighed. "My duke, let me have this son-in-law, lest you have to worry in the future."

The relieved expression on the Duke of Xianyu's face froze slightly. He glanced over at the back of Su Yu, feeling deeply apologetic and worried. He eyes gradually lit up and, shaking his head, he said, "In my life, I will only acknowledge one son-in-law, and that is Su Yu! Nobody should dare come in between him and Xianer!"

"...Have you ever thought of how powerful those are in Fenghuang Valley? If they found out that Xianer had a fiance, could you guarantee Su Yu's safety?" Xia Linxuan sighed, looking at the back of Su Yu, full of pity.

If Xianer had stayed by the side of the Duke of Xianyu, she would have been happy with Su Yu, forever husband and wife, without anybody to disturb them.

But Xianer's appearance in the Fenghuang Valley had changed everything.

Considering Xianer's status in the Fenghuang Valley, Su Yu could never be with her. Those people in the Fenghuang valley would try everything to break off the engagement.

Of all the schemes they may attempt to break the engagement, one was obvious; they would attempt to assassinate Su Yu.

With the Fenghuang Valley's power and arrogance, Su Yu was but an ant in their eyes. His death would not be remembered.

Why not let Su Yu enter the Heavenly Sanctuary and allow him to break off the engagement before any attempt on his life could be made? This would solve their problems. It would resolve Su Yu's impending crisis, it would benefit Xia Jingyu, and it would curb the worry of the Duke of Xianyu. Three birds with one stone.

"Wait let's wait. I don't think Su Yu will give in to anyone or nation. Give him some time. Su Yu will prove to those in Fenghuang valley that he is worthy of Xianer." The Duke of Xianyu was expectant and could not bear to cancel the engagement.

Su Yu had traveled great distances for himhe was even willing to give up his life. How could he cancel his engagement with Xianer?

Even though Xianer's mother had passed on, she had had much influence in the Fenghuang Valley when she was alive. As such, thanks to her mother's legacy, Xianer had been treated like a treasure during her time at the Fenghuang Valley. There was no telling how the people of the valley would react to finding out about her engagement.

Originally, the Duke of Xianyu's plan was to let Senior Qin send both Su Yu and Xianer to Fenghuang Valley. Senior Qin held a letter prepared by the Duke of Xianyu for someone to receive in the Fenghuang Valley.

The letter stated that the engagement may be broken only if Su Yu's life could be guaranteed, so that he may live in Fenghuang Valley.

But the situation had changed drastically. The Duke of Xianyu could no longer bring himself to cancel the engagement.

How could the duke be willing to let a benevolent son-in-law such as Su Yu down?

Thus, he had changed his mind. He would acknowledge only Su Yu as his son-in-law in this life. Even if the Fenghuang Valley were to interfere, he would never change his mind!

But, his conviction was not enough to preserve the engagement. Su Yu had to become stronger, strong enough that the Fenghuang Valley could not belittle him. They had to accept him, only then could he truly be together with Xianer. Otherwise, a mere engagement would not be able to hold the two together.

Xia Linxuan shook his head and deeply sighed. "You think that the people in Fenghuang Valley would give Su Yu time? That they would wait for Su Yu to grow?"

The Duke of Xianyu was startled as he processed this...

Lin Xiao suddenly walked in, whispering a report to the Third Prince.

"Hmph! This old fox's ears are pretty good!" The Third Prince's gaze was cold.

He thought for a moment, then strode towards Su Yu. "Brother Su, the Duke of Qin has heard of the defeat of the First Prince and has fled the capital with his family. I am bringing guards in pursuit. Do you want to come?"

The Duke of Qin had secretly ordered Guard Chen to assassinate the Holy Seal bearer, this was an unpardonable crime.

The Third Prince had finally, legitimately gotten rid of the First Prince's ardent follower, with the added effect of making his death a warning to others. Now that the First and Second Princes had lost their lives, their followers no longer had a leader. The Third Prince had stepped out to kill all followers of his deceased brothers as a warning to the world.

Those who do not follow the rules will end up like the Duke of Qin!

"The Duke of Qin?" Su Yu's gaze turned cold.

In the past, the Duke of Qin had forced him to give up his girlfriend, Jiang Xueqing. Qin Feng had ambushed him multiple times. The Duke of Qin had sent Guard Chen in pursuit of him. If Su Yu had not become more powerful, he would have been done in by the Duke of Qin long ago.

In the past, Su Yu had been cautious and shrewd. He knew of a saying, however; if you do not kill a snake with your first blow, expect it to bite back.