The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 640

Chapter 640 The Central Prefecture's King

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When the devilish purple-haired youth returned to his senses, his complexion became as black as a pig’s liver. As he was gazing at Su Yu, he felt the same stifling feeling that he had while he was facing the Fifth Saint Master, as if just a single thought from him could determine his life or death!

Intense despair welled up in his heart, as he didn’t have any hope of escaping. Even the most powerful disastrous thunder would be easily quelled by Su Yu, so there was nothing that he could try!

As he gazed at the charred and badly mangled corpses out of the corner of his eye, the devilish purple-haired youth felt his heart shuddering. If he waited till Su Yu attacked him, his fate wouldn’t be any better than those corpses!

After all, he had destroyed the Heavenly Law Alliance, so Su Yu certainly didn’t have any reason to have mercy on him. As he thought about the fact that he might be burned to death by raging flames, he started hesitating and wavering.

He thought that it would be better for him to kill himself than to experience such a painful and miserable death. This was the only choice…

“I will remember all of you.” Grief welled up in the devilish purple-haired youth’s heart. It was hard to believe that just a moment ago, he was still the commander of a great army, and now, he was being forced to kill himself!

It was all because of Su Yu that he had fallen into such dire straits! He viciously glared at Su Yu, his gaze filled with hatred.


His blood rushed into his forehead, then sprinkled into the air like a fountain. His eyes quickly lost their luster and his body weakly fell on the ground. At that moment, he had no trace of life left in him.

A solemn Level One Fairy Realm expert had just been forced to end his own life. Seeing this, Long Juexin and Old Chen were both flabbergasted. In fact, if they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, they would have just laughed if they had heard the news from someone else, simply taking it for a joke.

Both of them felt their hearts intensely thumping as they took another look at Su Yu, and even though he didn’t emit the slightest bit of pressure, they still felt like he emitted a peerless pressure, and both of them personally witnessed how great it was.

The Eighth Saint Master softly sighed as he looked at the devilish purple-haired youth’s corpse. A short while ago, he was still angrily cursing him, saying that he was the disgrace of all of the Saint Masters.

The Eighth Saint Master then said, “It isn’t like I’m willing to surrender without trying to fight him, but it’s just that I clearly know that your current fate would be mine too if I tried to oppose him.”

Su Yu calmly looked at the eighth Saint Master and asked, “Tell me… How did you hear about me?” Su Yu already knew all about the Saint Masters’ origins.

The Eighth Saint Master hesitantly looked at Long Juexin and Old Chen, both of them immediately understanding what his look implied.

“Su… Senior, we will immediately go to assemble the dispirited residents,” Long Juexin said, being careful to not call him by his name.

Su Yu nodded at the two, then said, “First go to appease them.”

He was speaking of all of the people who were on the ship, as they were all alarmed and anxious. Hence, there was a need for the Alliance Master to promptly step forth and calm them down.

After a moment, just Su Yu and the Eighth Saint Master were left in the room, along with the bound First World Senior of course.

“Speak! How did you hear about me?” asked Su Yu once more.

The Eighth Saint Master laughed bitterly, then said, “Fine, I’ll tell you. It isn’t like it’s some secret. I came from the Jiuzhou World. You must have already heard about it while coming into contact with the talented youngsters in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. The Zhenlong Continent isn’t the only world in the universe, and it’s even an extremely small and insignificant corner of it. In fact, if it was compared with Jiuzhou, it would be just like a small human city.”

Su Yu’s heart intensely thumped when he heard this fact. He couldn’t believe that the vast Zhenlong Continent was unexpectedly just tantamount to one of Jiuzhou’s mere cities!

How great and extensive were such cities? And, what kind of world was Jiuzhou?

“Since you met Jiuzhou’s geniuses, how could Jiuzhou overlook you?” asked the Eighth Saint Master. “Your name is already quite famous in our central prefecture, as you, an outstanding genius from a desolate land, unexpectedly fought many famous apex experts. Hence, it would be difficult to overlook someone with such prominent achievements.”

Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold. “How did you know all of this about me? Were you spying on us?”

The Eighth Saint Master’s heart shuddered when he felt Su Yu’s killing intent, so he hurriedly said, “Please don’t make rash conclusions. I’m not someone from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, so how could I manage to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which is heavily guarded? In fact, we had another way of seeing what was happening inside. As such, we can faintly detect any powerful and intense fluctuations within the pavillion.”

He then added, “We just detected that certain people appeared there and fought with you, and that you defeated all of them.”

Su Yu’s expression became even colder. “Then, doesn’t this mean that you witnessed the whole battle?” Su Yu was on his guard now, as he had used almost all of his magical treasures in this fight, as well as objects that shouldn’t be exposed, like the prototype Fairy artifact.

The Eighth Saint Master smiled bitterly. “You don’t need to be worried about it, as it’s extremely difficult to pry into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, especially while hiding it from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. So, we just faintly detected who won and who was defeated. We don’t have any idea about the particulars.”

Still suspicious, Su Yu carefully observed his gaze. Only after he confirmed that he wasn’t lying did he relax a bit. It was clear now how he knew Su Yu, which also made it understandable that he had surrendered without even attempting to put up a fight.

It was indeed a pity that they had no idea that Su Yu was now temporarily incapable of using his most powerful means, like the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, and the Evil Ghost Bloodline. They also had no idea that his current strength was limited.

In fact, the most powerful move Su Yu currently was capable of was fusing with an Origin, and Su Yu would definitely not easily use such a technique, as it might leave him heavily injured. Moreover, his personal strength was, at most, equivalent to a Level Three Fairy Realm expert.

But, there was still something that Su Yu was bewildered by in the Eighth Saint Master’s tone. It seemed like they had a hostile relationship with the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

“Can you tell me about your status?” Su Yu asked.

The Eighth Saint Master replied, “I’m from the central prefecture, and I’m the eighth commander of the Black Shadow Guard, Wu Hen.”

“The central prefecture?” It was Su Yu first time hearing about such a place.

“The Jiuzhou Continent is divided into nine prefectures, and the central prefecture is one of them. The central prefecture’s guards are the guards and direct subordinates of the central prefecture’s king, and they are divided into two divisions, which are the Bright Light Guard and the Black Shadow Guard. The Bright Light Guards are responsible for all open protection affairs, while the Black Shadow Guards are responsible for executing tasks in secret,” he explained to Su Yu.

All of the kings of the past mortal dynasties had their own secret forces. These forces took care of all secret and covert matters. The central prefecture’s king was no exception to this tradition.

“What is the relationship between the central prefecture and the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands?” asked Su Yu.

“The Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands are situated at the border of the central prefecture. It was a territory that wasn’t willing to pledge an allegiance to us. As such, they are always opposing us. Understandably, they are seen as being a real thorn in our king’s side,” he answered.

He then added, “It was only because of a few mostly bureaucratic reasons that the central prefecture’s king couldn’t attack them or deal with them properly, and since the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands aren’t willing to openly oppose our king, nominally, they are still considered affiliated to the central prefecture, while in fact, they are independent and by themselves. But, the central prefecture still sent an All Creation Realm Old Monster to protect them because they are nominally affiliated to us.”

Su Yu had already seen such an Old Monster! It was Hong Luan!

Su Yu now had a general understanding about them after he heard his explanation. He then said, “Fine, then what kind of orders did the Black Shadow Guards receive from the king? And, why did they come to the Zhenlong Continent? Since it’s just a wasteland, which is even inferior to a mere city in Jiuzhou, why did you waste such an effort? It’s truly puzzling.”

Su Yu waited for his reply, as this was the matter he most wanted to know about. The Eighth Saint Master hesitated for a while, then answered him respectfully, “We are, in fact, looking for someone…”

“Who?” Su Yu was quite surprised that such a mighty and imposing force would come here just for one person!

What kind of person was this greatly valued? Su Yu was incapable of comprehending it.

The Eighth Saint Master wore a solemn look as he said, “This person was once in the central prefecture, and he was a peerless apex expert, who stood at the peak of Jiuzhou. He had a peerless power, and he almost even became the emperor of Jiuzhou, meaning that he would have governed all nine prefectures!”

Su Yu was quite shocked by this news, as being the Jiuzhou Emperor was a great title!

Such an astounding secret shocked Su Yu so much that he couldn’t help but ask, “Who is it?”

The Eighth Saint Master’s eyes flickered, while he softly shook his head. “I don’t even know who this person is, but I know that he’s surely in some corner of the Zhenlong Continent, as his guards are still here…”

He then added, “Since your Excellency has such great cultivation, you should surely have a prominent status in the Zhenlong Continent. So, you may have already seen some of his guards, and even if you didn’t see them, you should have at the very least heard about them.”

The Jiuzhou Emperor’s guards? Su Yu was shocked by him once again.

The Eighth Saint Master saw his confusion, so began to explain, “The Jiuzhou Emperor was also once one of the nine kings, and he was the king of the central prefecture. Only after his cultivation reached a great level was he able to obtain the opportunity of being crowned as the emperor. But, before he ascended to the throne, someone plotted against him, almost annihilating him body and soul!”

He shook his head, then said, “It was only because of his five guards’ protection that his remnant soul managed to escape. He then fled to the Zhenlong Continent, and since the continent was cut off from the rest of the world, he managed to barely survive there till now.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “Was the person who plotted against him the current king of the central prefecture?” Su Yu suddenly thought of Yun Yazi for some unknown reason.

Is it him?

Remnant soul, betrayal, peerless expert… All of those clues point to none other than Yun Yazi!

“You are correct. It really is the current king of the central prefecture, who is my esteemed master.” The Eighth Saint Master blushed with shame. “Such news has already spread in Jiuzhou, but since they didn’t have any evidence against him, no one dared to question him.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “Why don’t you tell me more about it? What happened in that year? Since Jiuzhou Emperor had such peerless power, ordinary plots shouldn’t have worked against him, right?”

The Eighth Saint Master nodded. “Your Excellency, you are truly wise. What the central prefecture’s king used wasn’t some ordinary plot, however. The central prefecture’s king secretly colluded with the Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor and ambushed the Jiuzhou Emperor. It was only because of this that they were able to almost destroy both his body and soul.”

The Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor? Su Yu was shocked once again.

After all, the Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor, who used the Underworld Pearl, was almost invincible. Moreover, his invasion of Jiuzhou was a great calamity that almost exterminated their whole race!

It was only because he peculiarly returned back to his world by himself that the Jiuzhou Continent had been spared! In fact, the secrets hidden behind this strange retreat remained a mystery to this day!