The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Stone Shattering Heavenly Shock

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“The Central Prefecture’s King made a deal with the Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor to secretly kill the Jiuzhou Emperor. Their plan included the Ghost Clan’s army’s retreat! The Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor agreed to the plan and pretended to his army to retreat. Meanwhile, the Jiuzhou Emperor led his human clan to chase after them. Finally, the two fought against each other in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands,” explained the Eighth Saint Master.

He then added, “However, in the final moments, the Emperor’s brother, the Central Prefecture’s King, betrayed the Jiuzhou Emperor. He secretly used the Floating Life Door to summon the demon. This fatal blow caused the Jiuzhou Emperor’s weakness to be revealed. He was then injured by the Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor. With the combined attacks from the demon and the Ghost Emperor, the Jiuzhou Emperor’s body and soul were nearly annihilated.”

He continued his story, “Fortunately, the Five Great Guards made it in time to protect his remnant soul. However, they were also injured by the people that served the Central Prefecture’s King, all of whom were lying in wait for them! Seeing as they were almost going to be killed, Tian Jizi, who was one of the Five Great Guards, sacrificed his fairy artifact, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and made it explode! The explosion of the fairy artifact nearly destroyed half of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Even the Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor was scared enough to call for a retreat!”

His eyes grew wide as he recounted the explosion. “The explosion caused a strong spatial wave, which warped many of the experts on both sides into the space within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. They died, leaving behind their legacies, as they were trapped forever within it. That was why the place had become a place of exploration in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. I am sure you have wondered why there were so many divine traces in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. They were all warped into that place many years ago during that very battle.”

Hearing this, Su Yu suddenly understood it all! It was no wonder that there were such types in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! The greats of the human clan, ghost objects, demonic objects and more, could all finally be explained!

However, Su Yu was shocked to discover that Tian Jizi was one of the Five Great Guards to the Jiuzhou Emperor! He now began to wonder who the other four were…

“Tian Jizi died on the spot, as his body was destroyed. His soul was also devastated. It hid in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion and never appeared again. It’s been said that he held an emperor-based saint artifact. It is a pity that it was also destroyed when he died. With Tian Jizi’s sacrifice and protection, the four Great Guards were able to escape into the Zhenlong Continent with Jiuzhou Emperor’s remnant soul.”

The Eighth Saint Master continued, “At the time, the Zhenlong Continent was still in a sealed state. As such, it was only possible to enter it, but not exit from it. Therefore, even if the Central Prefecture’s King wanted to kill him, he could do nothing!”

“Once they had escaped to the Zhenlong Continent, the Jiuzhou Emperor’s remnant soul hid among the human world and never appeared again. His four Great Guards, who were all severely injured, were in dire states, so they decided to split up. They each built their own civilization in one part of the continent and left behind their legacies, while also protecting the Jiuzhou Emperor in secret,” he explained.

“After three years had passed in Jiuzhou, it had already been nearly three hundred years in the Zhenlong Continent’s time. In those hundreds of years, their arrival caused the abandoned Zhenlong Continent to become extremely developed. Various martial arts factions appeared and countless techniques were created. Also, during this time, the four big factions claimed to be the origins of the martial arts,” he said.

He then added, “These, of course, were the Empire of Darkness, the Heavenly Law Alliance, the Cangwu Abyss, and the Dusk Ridge.”

Hearing these four names shocked Su Yu, and the Eighth Saint Master recognized it immediately. He then said, “It seems like you have recognize them. These forces that have existed for thousands of years were established by the four Great Guards! They each protected the Jiuzhou Emperor from the East, South, West and North regions of the continent.”

The Empire of Darkness was one of the ancient forces from tens of thousands of years ago. The Heavenly Law Alliance had also appeared tens of thousands of years ago to protect the Zhenlong Continent’s descendants of the human clan.

Regarding the Cangwu Abyss… If the Eighth Saint Master was talking about the same Cangwu Abyss that Su Yu remembered, then Su Yu had also been there! It was where he had discovered Yun Yazi! It was a place that belonged to the Liuxian faction and was thought to have been destroyed many years ago.

In the past, deep in the underground, Su Yu had discovered the entrapped Yun Yazi within a tomb. In fact, he had discovered a very frightening jade corpse in that mysterious space.

The corpse had been dead for many years, yet it still gave Su Yu a shockingly scary feeling in his heart. In the end, Su Yu had obtained a jade box, which had become the shelter for Yun Yazi’s soul. To this day, it still remained in his bosom!

As for Dusk Ridge and the Heartless Old Man, Su Yu recalled the old man in a wall painting at the Twilight Mountains. The old man had displayed a mysterious and natural Divine Decree, which tore open the skies with a single point of his finger.

The scene seemed deeply mysterious, and it was also there that Su Yu had acquired his Divine Decree. Finally, the old man in the painting had been destroyed by a palm print from the skies. It was very possible that the remnant trace in the Twilight Mountains was the Dusk Ridge itself!

So, this meant that Su Yu had been to all four places of the origins of martial arts!

“As the Zhenlong Continent gradually developed, various experts came into being. However, this did not last very long. After three hundred years in the Zhenlong Continent, which was only nine years in Jiuzhou, an incident that destroyed the Zhenlong Continent occurred!” his eyes grew wide as he recounted the tale.

“After the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands had turned the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion into a place of legacy for disciples to train, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was activated! As a spatial fairy artifact, it could simultaneously connect Jiuzhou to the sealed Zhenlong Continent! One could only imagine the effects that this connection could have!” he smiled at the mere thought of it, even now.

He then added, “Once the Central Prefecture’s King found out about this, he personally led experts into the Zhenlong Continent to kill the Jiuzhou Emperor! The battle was extremely devastating! Not only did the four Great Guards’ injuries fail to heal after three hundred years, they became even worse!”

He shook his head. “In the fierce battle, the four Great Guards were all killed, and their factions were annihilated overnight! However, they still could not find the Jiuzhou Emperor. Hence, the Central Prefecture’s King ordered the ten Great Bright Light Guards to destroy the entire civilization to ensure the Jiuzhou Emperor’s appearance.”

He took a moment to take a breath, then continued. “The ten Great Bright Light Guards had cultivated a legacy of a single bloodline, which was the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. A single strike of the palm could annihilate an entire place’s civilization! In less than a day, the civilizations that had accumulated in the Zhenlong Continent for three hundred years completely vanished! However, Jiuzhou Emperor still did not show himself.”

He shook his head again. “They did not know that the Jiuzhou Emperor’s body had been recovering and was at a critical juncture in that recovery process. As such, he could not detect what was happening in the continent. That was until the first Great Bright Light Guard, Xue Di, lashed out!”

His eyes grew wide again and he started talking a bit faster, “His Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm was far greater than the other nine’s. His single strike could wipe out the entire Zhenlong Continent! Already, nine-tenths of the continent had been sunk by his attack. The only part remaining was also destroyed, and underground lava started spewing out from it. The remaining part of the continent soon turned into a sea of flames.”

He tried to calm down and slow down his speech as he retold the event. “Right then, the Jiuzhou Emperor was promptly awakened and angered as he discovered what had happened. He immediately unleashed his supreme divine power to force the Central Prefecture’s King into exile. Then, once again, he sealed off the Zhenlong Continent!”

He then shook his head once more and said in a low voice, “However, all life on the Zhenlong Continent had already been annihilated. Moreover, the Jiuzhou Emperor had used his own blood to extinguish the underground lava! His blood was evaporated by the hot lava and turned into water vapor, which then formed clouds in the sky. Thereafter, the clouds turned into rain and fell upon the earth.”

He finally concluded his story. “The rain continued for exactly a hundred years! The sunken earth became a vast sea, and the remaining land became what is now known as the Zhenlong Continent!”

This was the origin of Zhenlong Continent!

Hearing all of this left Su Yu speechless! He finally understand where the abandoned palm prints had come from.

He also finally understood why there were palm prints not only on the land, but on the seafloor as well! It was because the sea used to be part of the Zhenlong Continent!

Moreover, the Jiuzhou Emperor had used his own blood to extinguish the lava and caused it to rain for exactly a hundred years. Such an existence, who was almost akin to the Creator, made Su Yu feel endlessly moved with respect and admiration for him. However, Su Yu paid the most attention to one person… The Central Prefecture’s number one Bright Light Guard, Xue Di!

After all, he was the one who had heavily injured Tian Jizi and plotted his death! By then, Su Yu finally understood why Tian Jizi had said that the Zhenlong Continent’s people had Xue Di’s aura. It seemed that Xue Di’s palm attack on the continent had left an aura behind, and anyone who was born in that place had more or less been tainted by the aura.

However, Su Yu could not understand why Tian Jizi had said that he had failed the Bypass and was destroyed by a fairy artifact. The truth was that he had been secretly plotted against by the Central Prefecture’s King.

Giving it a thought, Su Yu laughed bitterly in his heart. Tian Jizi also had his own hidden motives.

To prevent Su Yu from fearing the Central Prefecture’s King and refusing to accept the promise of revenge, he had twisted the story and said that he had died from failing the Bypass. In fact, he only briefly mentioned that he was plotted against by Xue Di!

After understanding the details of these incidents, Su Yu let out a deep, long breath. At last, the mystery behind the palm prints had finally been revealed. This was a mystery that lasted tens of thousands of years! The reality was that the Zhenlong Continent was facing the opposition of an entire prefecture!

“How many of you have come this time?” Su Yu’s heart sank slightly, as the might of the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm could easily wipe out an entire civilization.

This was something that could only be achieved by a Divine Master. In other words, the arrival of any of the ten Great Bright Light Guards would mean the arrival of an invincible existence!

As if understanding Su Yu’s concern, the Eighth Saint Master said, “This time, only the Black Shadow Guard came, as it is a secret mission!”

Su Yu raised his brows. “Oh? Why is that the case?”

The Eighth Saint Master replied, “The fight for the place of the Jiuzhou Emperor will begin within a hundred years. As such, many of the kings are trying to find way to plot against each other now. The Central Prefecture’s King naturally would not dare to attack so obviously, like he did hundreds of years ago. Therefore, he ordered us, the Black Shadow Guard, to carry out the deed of capturing the Jiuzhou Emperor in secret!”

He then added, “According to the Central Prefecture’s King’s estimates, the Jiuzhou Emperor’s old wounds had been re-injured in the battle tens of thousands of years ago. As such, his cultivation now would probably not be very great, which meant that he could still be dealt with by the Black Shadow Guard.”

Is that really the case? Su Yu sighed softly in relief.

“In that case, did all of the members of the Black Shadow Guard come with you?” Su Yu asked.

The Eighth Saint Master shook his head. “No, only myself, the Seventh Saint Master, the Sixth Saint Master, and the Fifth Saint Master came this time. There is also the Ninth Saint Master, who has been here for tens of thousands of years already…”

Su Yu knew of the Ninth Saint Master, the old man from the Yue Clan, as he had tried to kill Su Yu many years ago. Su Yu was relieved to hear this, as if it was only the Black Shadow Guard, Su Yu could still handle them.

“Based on Your Excellency’s battle power, perhaps you will not need to be wary of those like me. However, the Fifth Saint Master was a potential replacement in the Bright Light Guards, so you should still be careful around him. He has mastered the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm to a great extent, and his battle power is certainly very frightening. Although he is only a Grade Five Fairy, his Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm is so strong, even a Grade Nine Fairy would be wary of him,” the Eighth Saint Master said.

Eh? Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm? Su Yu’s heart suddenly became heavy. Based on his current battle power, he could not even be certain of defeating a Grade Four Fairy, let alone a Grade Five Fairy! As such, there was no way he could withstand a Grade Nine’s battle power!

Su Yu’s heart calmed down somewhat after he touched the two mechanism puppets in his bosom. Yu old monster had once gifted him these two puppets. One of them had the battle power of a Later Stage Fairy.

However, he was not sure at which Grade the puppet stood. Nevertheless, with them on his person, the situation did not seem as bleak.

As the First Void World Senior lowered his head to look at the ground and continued to cry out softly, Su Yu felt a sadness in his heart. He was once one of the Five Great Guards of the Jiuzhou Emperor.

As such, his cultivation must have reached the All Creation state. However, now, he was merely a walking corpse.

As Su Yu looked towards the jade box in the corpse’s hand, he was shocked once again. The Cangwu Palm Master’s corpse had a jade box! The First Void World Senior’s corpse also had a jade box!

Moreover, the rock that was left behind by the Dusk Ridge Man had a Floating Life Door, which was now in Su Yu’s soul. In other words, the two other jade boxes also contained the Floating Life Door, and the Floating Life Door could be used to summon the demon!

As he stared at the First Void World Senior’s jade box, Su Yu’s eyes began to narrow. He then asked, “There is one more thing that you have not explained to me, isn’t there?”