The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Handling The Aftermath

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When the Eighth Saint Master followed Su Yu’s gaze, his heart thumped and he became nervous. He then said, “This jade box is called a demon box and it has unknown origins. We do know that it came from a meteor that fell down on the central prefecture.”

He then took a breath before continuing, “When people discovered the meteor, they found five boxes in it, and when they detected that a Floating Life Door existed within it, four of them were sealed by the Jiuzhou Emperor, while the last one was handed to the current central prefecture’s king so that he could examine it and investigate its origins. But, just after the king solved the demon box’s secret, he summoned a true demon, which heavily injured the Jiuzhou Emperor.”

He looked at Su Yu, then added, “We are now here under the king’s orders. We have come here to collect the other four demon boxes. The jade box in the First World Senior’s hands is one of them. So, we attacked the Heavenly Law Alliance just so we could get it.”

The demon’s hair, which Su Yu ran into in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, was just a thread of hair from a true demon. If just a thread of his hair is so extremely powerful, how terrifying must he be in the flesh?

“How can someone summon the demon?” Su Yu was interested now. If he could clearly understand a Floating Life Door’s secrets, then he might could become invincible and all-powerful!

But, such a matter wasn’t really what Su Yu hoped for, and the Eighth Saint Master just bitterly laughed anyway. “The central prefecture’s king alone knows such a secret, so it’s impossible for it to spread.”

Su Yu was somewhat disappointed by his answer. He frowned a bit, then nodded, all while looking soberly at the jade box.

“Your Excellency, I have already told you all what you wanted to know, so can you please let me go?” the Eighth Saint Master asked nervously.

Su Yu nodded, not giving much thought to it. “Eh, I don’t mind sparing you, but you already know too much, so I can’t let you go back to them! Hence, from now on, you will serve the Heavenly Law Alliance and protect the Zhenlong Continent.”


After Su Yu spoke, a seal, formed by the fusing of an arc of lighting with his soul power, appeared on his palm. The Eighth Saint Master laughed bitterly, and it seemed like he had already expected such an outcome. So, he decisively released his soul, taking the seal into it.

Only after the Great Thunder Heart had entered his body, did he know how terrifying it truly was. The soul power in it had a close link with Su Yu, and just a single thought from Su Yu could make the lightning explode, thus annihilating his soul!

“Master, I, Wu Hen, greet you once again,” The Eighth Saint Master knelt down on one knee and said.

“You can just call me ‘young master,’ as it’s more convenient,” Su Yu said, as it would cause trouble to him if it was to become known that a Fairy Realm expert was calling him master.

Su Yu then nodded at him and said, “Okay, now follow behind me and let take care of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s matter.”

As they tapped the ground with the tip of their foot, the two of them grabbed the First World Senior and flew through the air like sparrows. When they looked down at it, they saw that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship had already turned into a puddle of an unknown liquid, which had formed into a wide lake.

Also, all of the objects that had been inside the warship had sunk to the bottom of the lake. One couldn’t help but sigh, seeing how the once glorious Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship, which had existed for ten thousand years, had turned into a mere swamp.

There were more than ten thousand people who had survived the calamity and escaped from the warship. At the moment, their complexions were all quite pale, and they all stood there in a daze, sadly looking around the desolate surroundings.

Some of them were sobbing over the deaths of their friends or relatives, and some of them were sorrowful because they had just lost their homes. Others just stared blankly into the void because they didn’t have any hope for the future.

But, even though the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship was destroyed, Long Juexin still possessed his rallying power, so he gathered all of them.

“Senior Su.” Long Juexin came over to address Su Yu, his tone extremely respectful.

Su Yu’s heart slightly sank as he asked, “How many people died?”

Long Juexin was quite sorrowful as he replied, “Our casualties reached several hundred, and since the warship was destroyed, all of the products in it were also destroyed, except for the objects that were carried away by the people in their clothes, of course. All of the other objects sank in the lake. Old Chen is now leading a group of people who are trying to recover some of them.”

“Can’t the warship be repaired and returned to its former state?” A peculiar glow shone in Su Yu’s eyes as he looked at the liquid that had formed the lake.

Long Juexin shook his head. “The warship’s main material is the Nine Heaven Mysterious Water, and before it is refined, it will be in a liquid state. Only after being refined will it then turn into a solid, but such water could only be refined one time, and when it turned into a liquid state once again, it would gradually congeal, thus making it impossible to use again.”

Just as he said, the lake could be seen right at this moment, gradually congealing and turning into a solid. Old Chen and the others, who were fishing objects from the lake, fled from it in a panic.


After a while, the vast lake turned into a giant gray stone.

The face of Old Chen, and several other elders, was filled with sadness, as they had found pitifully few objects.

“Alliance Master, we managed to save just these few objects from the storage house in time,” Old Chen said.

The fifteen elders had managed to just save about a dozen bottles of medicinal pills and some precious cultivation methods, as well as a handful of divine weapons. Such objects clearly weren’t enough to sustain ten thousand people for even half a day.

“Is this really all that we have left?” Long Juexin’s lips shivered and his expression became bleak.

“Alliance Master, please guide us,” said Old Chen. He needed direction, as the ten thousand people who had survived didn’t have homes or any support systems to rely upon.

Long Juexin laughed at himself, feeling very inadequate at the moment. After all, they didn’t have any resources left, and they didn’t even have a place of refuge. The worst part was, there was no hope for repairing and using the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship once again.

At this moment, Xiao Sui and the other four people with him stealthily shared glances with each other. Then, Xiao Sui spoke in anguish. “Alliance Master, you aren’t really completely to blame for the Heavenly Law Alliance’s destruction, as you did your best. You don’t need to blame yourself.”

After giving him a little pep talk, he did have to add, “But, we are still in danger, so we must quickly leave this place. Each person should go his own way, and his fate will entirely depend on his own luck, as well as upon destiny.”

The restless crowd became even more worried when they heard his words. They all started wagging their tongues, and it seemed like they would shortly get out of control. After all, such words, which bordered on issuing an official disbandment, meant that the Heavenly Law Alliance would shortly come to end!

“Shut up!” Old Chen shouted angrily.

He couldn’t believe that, at such a precarious moment, not only didn’t Xiao Sui try to appease the crowd, he instead even proposed disbanding! It was truly hateful.

Xiao Sui wore a cold expression, while he coldly shouted, “Elder Chen, you should have a proper look at reality! It was all because of you guys not doing your bests that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship self-destructed. The reality is that all of us should immediately go look for a place to settle down, rather than staying here without anything to rely upon!”

After hearing that, Old Chen became even more angry. “Wait, did you just say that it was because of us that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship self-destructed?”

Xiao Sui snorted as he spoke. “Wasn’t it? Is there is still a need for me to mention in which person’s hands the Heavenly Law Core shattered?”

Such words left Old Chen at a loss of words, despite how infuriated he was!

“You have nothing to say about it? Then, just shut up!” Xiao Sui curled up the corners of his mouth, then turned to look at Long Juexin and said, “Alliance Master, please give the official order. Do it for the well-being of everyone here.”

Long Juexin’s heart shuddered. He couldn’t help but admit that what Xiao Sui had just said seemed reasonable. They were indeed incapable of protecting these ten thousand people, as they didn’t have the invincible warship, nor did they have enough resources to provide for such a great number of people. Hence, it seemed like it was necessary to disband the Heavenly Law Alliance…

“Is it for everyone’s well-being, or is it just for your well-being?” At this moment, a cold voice transmitted from behind Long Juexin.


Suddenly, the afterimage of someone flickered. Then, as the Eighthh Saint Master searched Xiao Sui, he found several objects on him. They were unexpectedly ten bottles of precious medicinal pills, as well as several Immortal level cultivation techniques. He even had nabbed some divine weaponry materials!

“Hehe, even amid such a situation, you still thought to add to your own wealth..” Even Wu Hen couldn’t look at such a sight and not be disgusted, so he immediately ridiculed Xiao Sui.

When Old Chen had a clear at what was going on, he was extremely angered. “Xiao Sui, you dared to take advantage of this disaster to steal and attempt to line your own pockets?”

Long Juexin flew into a fit of anger as well. He could not believe that Xiao Sui had dared to be this wanton and unbridled! The ten thousand members of the Heavenly Law Alliance all flew into an uproar when they witnessed such a scene.

The reason why he had so vigorously urged them to disband the Heavenly Law Alliance was clearly because he wanted to flee with their wealth! His actions angered all of the people present…

“Such a person isn’t fit to be an elder.”

“I really mistakenly believed that the elder Xiao Sui was just and upright. It turns out that he’s just a hypocrite!”

Many voices condemning him could be heard, while the people all angrily cursed him. Xiao Sui found himself utterly isolated at this moment, as all of the people had clearly given up on him.

Xiao Sui’s expression became unsightly. He couldn’t understand how Su Yu had been able to detect the stolen goods, as he had been so careful to hide them! He could not know that Su Yu’s bright eyes, which seemed like they couldn’t see anything, were in fact Soul Eyes, which had the power of seeing through everything!

Long Juexin was already extremely angered. “You truly aren’t fit to be an elder, and from now on, as the Alliance Master, I announce that you are stripped of your position as an elder! So, get lost, as the Heavenly Law Alliance doesn’t need someone like you lurking around!”

Xiao Sui’s cheeks twitched for a while and anger appeared on his face. After all, he had devoted much time and effort in service to the Heavenly Law Alliance, and although he didn’t have any great exploits, he still worked hard for them. Yet now, he had been expelled just because of some measly objects! It was truly humiliating.

“Fine, I will leave.” Xiao Sui waved his sleeves and left.

He had already expected that he would leave eventually, but he didn’t expect that it would be after losing all of his prestige and ruining his reputation! It only poured salt in the wound that it was done before the gazes of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members!

However, after he walked for a short while, Su Yu spoke once again, “What is this? Let me have a look at it.”

Su Yu slightly furrowed his brows as he looked at a sealed scroll, which was among the objects taken by Wu Hen.

Wu Hen was startled and he lowered his head. He then looked in surprise at the picture scroll. “A spatial scroll? Although it’s crudely made, its materials appear to be somewhat special…”

As his voice trailed off, he passed the scroll to Su Yu.

After Su Yu received it, he carefully examined it, confusion quickly appearing in his eyes. “Alliance Master Long, isn’t this scroll made from the same materials as the warship’s? So even the elders have such materials?”

Long Juexin was startled by this new information, and when he sized up the picture scroll, he was truly astonished. “Nine Heaven Mysterious Water? Impossible! This material is one of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s top secrets, and it isn’t allocated to the elders! It’s only ever been held in the Alliance Masters’ hands! Moreover, as its stored in the storage house, it’s impossible for anyone else to manage to gain access to it!”

Even a Level One Fairy Realm expert like the devilish purple-haired youth was incapable of entering that storehouse, much less Xiao Sui! Since this was the case, everyone had to wonder where he had gotten it from…

Xiao Sui’s body stiffened and his heart intensely thumped. Meanwhile, the other four elders’ expressions became extremely unsightly, as they were all very nervous.

“Xiao Sui, where did you get Nine Heaven Mysterious Water? It would be better for you to give me a proper explanation for this matter soon rather than later.” Long Juexin’s gaze became ice-cold.

Xiao Sui rolled his eyes, then gave him a somewhat indifferent look as he turned around and snorted. “I had some ways of getting it… Besides, it isn’t like I stole it from the storage room, so why do I still need to explain it to you?”

After Long Juexin heard this, he started hesitating…

Is there really another place in the Zhenlong Continent that has Nine Heaven Mysterious Water, apart from the Heavenly Law Alliance?

Su Yu’s brazen attitude left Long Juexin at a loss for what to do. After all, he couldn’t just carelessly accuse him of a crime before all of the people here, especially without proper evidence!

Taking advantage of his being tongue-tied for the moment, Su Yu calmly suggested, “Let’s first open the picture scroll. Won’t we know everything if we have a look inside?”