The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 643

Chapter 643 A Delayed Execution

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Hearing this, Long Juexin stared at Xiao Sui coldly. At the same time, he shook his wrist and opened the picture scroll.

In the picture scroll, there was a pavilion with a nice view. Fairies were dancing and singing and appeared to be very alluring.

“Eh? Isn’t that dancer the number one genius in the west continent, He Wantong? Why is she in the picture scroll’s space?”

“And, that’s Liu Liu from the south continent!”

“And there’s more…”

After a while, all the ladies in the picture scroll had been identified. They were all significant females who were quite famous. They were also very well taken care of and were among the protected female youths in the Heavenly Law Alliance.

Right then, they were all gathered in the picture scroll’s space.

“Xiao Sui!” Long Juexin bit his teeth and his eyes were filled with a deep hatred.

The situation required no further explanation. He already knew why these ladies were within the picture scroll!

These ladies were either threatened or had tried to gain favor from Xiao Sui, which caused them to become his slaves! This was a very serious infraction of the law in the Heavenly Law Alliance!

None of the elders were allowed to taint the youths! If they did, they would be killed without exemption!

Thousands of years ago, someone might have tried to do such a thing. However, they all ended up dead. This meant that the elders in the later generations dared not commit the same crime! However, Xiao Sui had actually dared to do just that!

“All of you, come out now!” shouted Long Juexin angrily. He then imbued some Vital Energy to activate the space scroll and a vortex appeared.

While He Wantong was leading the other females in a dance, they all suddenly turned pale in front of the audience. The four elders who had fooled around with them also turned pale!


One of the elders, the beer-nosed old man, fell to the ground in shock. His odd behavior immediately attracted Long Juexin’s attention.

As his gaze narrowed, he asked, “Elder Wan Li, can you please tell me what you are doing?”

After all, the elder had become too closely associated with Xiao Sui not to be suspected as one of the elders who had also participated in soiling the young ladies.




Three continuous thumping sounds could be heard as the three elders next to the beer-nosed old man also knelt to the ground, while sweat dripped from all of their foreheads. They looked very uneasy.

“Hehe, what are all of you doing?” laughed Long Juexin angrily.

It seemed that the beer-nosed old man was not the only person involved, as four of the elders were clearly also involved!

“Alliance Master, please spare us! We were forced to participate by Xiao Sui!” begged one of the elders, his head bowed low to the ground.

It would have been better if they did had not tried to debate their ways out, as their attempts only made Long Juexin angrier.

“Did he tie you all up and forced you to commit the crime?” Long Juexin demanded to know.

After all, as five of the elders broke the same rule at the same time, Long Juexin was naturally going to be extremely angry! However, what shocked him the most was that the four elders looked at each other and started begging yet again!

“Alliance Master, please forgive us. We are talking about something else now!” The beer-nosed old man pointed towards the picture scroll. “This is called the little building by the balcony among us. The material it was made of was taken by Xiao Sui from the middle part of the battleship! For that reason, the middle part, which was known as the strongest part, was easily broken apart by the enemy. This was all because Xiao Sui had dug away a large part of the material!”

He then added in a whiney voice, “We could not withstand the alluring bait and were therefore blackmailed by him not to speak the truth. Please forgive us, Alliance Master!”

What? The audience started murmuring and shouting angrily all at once…

“It is no wonder that our battleship was broken apart with a single strike!”

“The middle part had been dug out by someone. It was even an elder who did it!”

“The downfall of the battleship caused countless deaths among our beloved families and friends. We have no homes to return to either. Was it all because of Xiao Sui’s pursuit of pleasure?”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

All of a sudden, tens of thousands of people were shouting angrily and venting their vengeful hatred! After all, the entire battleship of the Heavenly Law Alliance had been destroyed because of a single person, the loathsome Xiao Sui!


Long Juexin was so angry, his already injured body could no longer withstand his overwhelming emotions. When he found out this last piece of news, the rush of blood to his head caused him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

His eyes then closed and he promptly fainted on the spot! He never would have thought that his tens of thousands of years of effort could be single-handedly destroyed by someone in the pursuit of his own greed and pleasures!

“Alliance Master! He’s fainted!”

“Oh my goodness!”

The crowd was shocked when they saw him faint, and they all began gasping and shouting. The panic caused a huge disruption.

At this very moment, Xiao Sui used the disruption as an opportunity to escape, and he started flying away. However, not long after he took off, he suddenly felt a tightening sensation around his shoulder.

He had been captured by a hand! Thereafter, having been spun around in a few circles, when his feet finally landed on the ground, he appeared right before Su Yu!

It was Wuhen’s hands that were pressing lightly on his shoulder. Wuhen then laughed and said, “Hehe, such a gutless parasite! It is rare for one person to have the ability to inflict such a disaster on tens of thousands of people.”

Su Yu held onto Long Juexin, as he just had fainted. As Long Juexin was the leader, that meant that no one else could control the situation until he woke up!

“Elder Su Yu, please take charge on behalf of the Alliance Master Long. I am certain he would agree with this decision were he conscious!” Old Chen was equally concerned that Long Juexin had fainted at such a crucial time.

As such, if the situation was not controlled by someone with strong capabilities, they would all be disbanded immediately! Although Old Chen himself was experienced, he did not have everyone’s respect. The same could be said about the other elders.

So, the only person capable was clearly Su Yu. After all, he had single-handedly killed fifty Two Crystals Half Fairies, forced a Grade One Fairy to kill himself, suppressed a Grade Two Fairy, and at the same time, had rescued the First Void World Senior!

Su Yu frowned, as he was reluctant to take charge. However, it seemed like there was no other option.

“Alright, while Long Juexin remains unconscious, I will take care of things in the Heavenly Law Alliance. However, after he awakens, I will leave,” said Su Yu.

As soon as he spoke, the noisy crowd immediately grew quiet. All eyes were looking at Su Yu with deep respect. In fact, they respected him even more than Long Juexin.

The youth before them was even stronger than the greatest Fairy and greater than even a mysterious monster. The pressure he exerted on them felt no less than a mountain on their bodies! At that moment, one could hear a pin drop!

Such an effect surprised Su Yu as well. He found it hard to believe that his one action could cause such a mighty response.

“Now, I will deal with them on behalf of Alliance Master Long.” Su Yu’s cold gaze fell upon Xiao Sui and the other four elders.

Xiao Sui’s heart was pounding. However, he felt oddly confident when facing Su Yu. From the two experiences he had gone through with Su Yu before, Su Yu had seemed to be slightly afraid of him.

With that thought in mind, Xiao Sui tried to fight for his life. He showed a pouty facial expression as he snorted and said, “Young boy with yellow fur, what right do you have to persecute me on behalf of Alliance Master Long? I have served the Heavenly Law Alliance religiously for half of my life. Even if I did not achieve anything great, I put in a lot of effort. Thus, I am not someone an outsider like you can persecute!”

He then added, “Although I did indeed made a mistake, it was not intentional one! Besides, Alliance Master Long has still not claimed that I am guilty. So, how can you have the right to punish me?”

His righteous yelling made everyone in the audience even angrier. If someone did not know the truth, one might even think Su Yu was harming an innocent elder for some worthless mistake.

But, in reality, Xiao Sui had committed a crime that deserved the punishment of Form and Spirit Destruction! However, according to him, he had done it unintentionally!

Regardless, the audience was very certain that Xiao Sui could not survive this coming confrontation, no matter how good he was at debating. After all, everyone present wanted to skin him alive, eat his flesh, and drink his blood!

“You are right. Against someone like you, I will not bother staining my hands.” Unexpectedly, Su Yu had let him go. “Leave now.”

Xiao Sui was beyond happy, as he assumed that Su Yu was indeed afraid of him! Without wasting another second, Xiao Sui turned and took off into the sky.

“Old thief, where are you running to?” someone from the audience, who could not tolerate the scene, instinctively tried to stop him.

However, Su Yu waved his hand lightly and said, “Let him go.”

At Su Yu’s command, the person who had wanted to interfere felt an immense pressure and immediately stopped. The audience was dumbfounded. They could not understand why such a b*stard, who had committed great crimes, should be let go.

Is Su Yu trying to protect Xiao Sui? Or… Is he truly afraid of Xiao Sui?

They could not comprehend Su Yu’s action, neither could they agree with it. After all, he was not one of the Heavenly Law Alliance members, so he would could not truly understand the pain of losing family members and friends.

After that, many of them began to lose hope. They had counted on an outsider to rebuild the Heavenly Law Alliance. It appeared that they had hoped for too much.

“As for the four of you…” Su Yu turned his gaze towards the four elders, who were still kneeling on the ground.

His gaze turned cold as he flashed by them and tapped each of them on their foreheads. Thereafter, four continuous cries in pain could be heard. Immediately, the four people fell to the ground as they had and died from suffocation!

“You each withheld important information due to your sinful desires, which caused the downfall of the Heavenly Law Alliance and the deaths of countless people! You spoiled young ladies and broke the rules. Therefore, your punishment is death!” Su Yu announced.

This action stunned the audience once again. They had thought that, based on the way that Su Yu had just dealt with things a moment ago, such that even a mastermind criminal like Xiao Sui was let go, the four of them would have been let off the hook as well. Unbelievably, they were all killed on the spot!


Right then, Wuhen’s figure disappeared, and his true body flew high up into the skies. Very soon after that, he had closed the distance between himself and Xiao Sui.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Sui, who still looked very happy, suddenly felt his heart race.

Wuhen laughed sinisterly. “Of course, I am obeying the prince’s order to execute you.”

“What? Hold on. He had said not to touch me…”

Before he could finish the sentence, Xiao Sui’s heart sank down to the deepest part of his chest. Although Su Yu had said that he would not taint his hands, he did not say someone else could not taint theirs!

Right then, Su Yu’s cold voice could be heard. “Finally… Elder Xiao Sui, For digging out the battleship’s material and causing the destruction of the battleship, on top of enslaving young ladies, you deserve the punishment of Form and Spirit Destruction in accordance with the law!”

Wuhen sighed. “The prince did not touch you because he did not want to taint his hands. He did not let the alliance members touch you because he did not want them to taint their hands. This kind of task will have to be done by me, even though I also find it disgusting! Get ready… The Form and Spirit Destruction is not something that will kill you swiftly. You will really regret your dumb actions…”


Wuhen retrieved a knife as his eyes lit up and his body dashed over to Xiao Sui. With the flash of Wuhen’s figure, Xiao Sui could be heard crying out in pain. A piece of flesh had been cut from his arm, and fresh blood spilled out in all directions.

Thereafter, the figure flashed again, and yet another piece of flesh was cut off. The same scene repeated itself over and over again, while the skies were filled with droplets of blood, accompanied by endless cries for mercy and of sorrow.

Wuhen only stopped when Xiao Sui’s body was left with the frame of only his bones and internal organs. Finally, Xiao Sui stopped breathing.

The audience felt chills down run their spines. This was the cruelest punishment in the Heavenly Law Alliance, the Form and Spirit Destruction!

In this punishment, the body’s flesh would be cut off, while the soul suffered in a state of pain. Finally, both the body’s form and the person’s spirit would be destroyed! In common terms, this was known as dismembering the body.

Once the punishment was over, everyone looked at Su Yu even more respectfully. They had initially thought that Su Yu was truly afraid of Xiao Sui. Now, they knew that it was not the case at all.

The four elders, including the beer-nosed old man had not died in pain. However, Xiao Sui had to suffer the pain of having his body dismembered! Su Yu’s cruel punishment showed that he was definitely not a merciful elder.

Old Chen was stunned for a while. He then turned to look at Su Yu with an added sense of wariness.