The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 644

Chapter 644 The Onset Of A Campaign

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“Alliance Master Su, where should we go?” Old Chen had started calling him “Alliance Master,” since Su Yu had temporarily replaced Long Juexin.

Everyone present became spirited, as what Old Chen had just asked was what they were also most concerned about. After all, the people were now homeless, so searching for a safe place to settle was the utmost priority.

Su Yu swept over them with his gaze. Most of the remaining ten thousand people were talented youngsters from all corners of the continent, and although they were gifted, their cultivations were still weak. Hence, finding a safe place for them to stay was a thorny problem.

Su Yu furrowed his brows and asked, “Where should we go? We are the true owners of the Zhenlong Continent, so don’t’ you find asking such a question is quite laughable?”

Old Chen’s face blushed. It did seem ridiculous that they were the Zhenlong Continent’s native people, yet they were being forced out and oppressed by the invaders. It was truly a shameful situation.

“Alliance Master Su, what do you mean?” Old Chen asked him.

“I’m obviously implying that we should take back our land.” Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he answered him.

“Alliance Master Su, do you want to start a war with the other world?” Old Chen was both shocked and frightened now.

Su Yu nodded. “What other solution is there? Will the otherworldly people peacefully return our lands to us?”

They didn’t try to hide their conversation from the others, and all of them became quite restless upon hearing it. The thought of more fighting made all of the people very nervous.

“Do you truly want to fight the other world? Even when we were at our peak state and many of the continent’s factions joined forces to face them, we were still utterly defeated. So, what else could we do now?” Someone in the crowd immediately started questioning his decision.

“That is truly the case, Alliance Master Su, so please carefully reconsider this. Our strength and fighting experience are both lacking, and it will be difficult for us to be of any use in the battlefield. We don’t fear death, but we don’t want to die in vain either.”

He then added, “Our current priority is looking for a place for settle down. Then, after that, it won’t be too late to try taking back our land. By then, we will also have accumulated more strength and power…”


In the end, even Old Chen’s will wavered, and he started doubting Su Yu’s ability to properly lead…

How could we fight the other world with our current meager power? Won’t we just die in vain like moths being sucked towards the flame?

“Alliance Master Su, as long as we have planted good seeds, we don’t need to worry about the future. So, we should consider such a matter at length. We might should even wait till Alliance Master Long has awakened before discussing it together, as it will be difficult for to convince the masses on this course of action,” advised Old Chen.

As he looked at the indignant crowd, whose faces were filled with panic and fright, Su Yu’s expression became ice-cold. His eyes emitted a cold glow. In just a short moment, the noisy youths quieted down after they were swept over by Su Yu’s gaze.

“Have you finished expressing your opinions?” Su Yu asked the crowd calmly, yet no one dared to respond.

Su Yu didn’t hide his disappointment in them as he looked at them and said, “There is something that I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time…”

Eh? The people heard this and became somewhat restless.

“Are you really the human race’s future hope?” Su Yu looked at them before he turned to gaze at the distant sky. Such words displeased many of the youngsters, who wondered what he meant. Most of them felt that he was looking down on their talents and aptitudes.

Some of the youngest teens were even more displeased than the rest, and many of them grumbled about Su Yu under their breaths…

“You just had the luck of being born three years early than me and obtaining some good fortune in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. My talent isn’t necessarily worse than yours!”

“I admit that you’re extremely amazing and that your fame shocked the whole continent, but for you to demean us like this…”

Many youngsters were both revering and envying Su Yu. After all, how could they be willing to accept the fact that someone of the same generation as them, or even younger than them, was unexpectedly already standing at the summit of the continent?

Su Yu picked up on the low grumblings and sensed their bad attitudes, so he spoke sternly, “When your home was occupied by the enemies, what were you all doing? When your friends were killed and slaughtered by the enemies, what were you doing? When your women were being defiled by the enemies, what were you doing? You were just hiding in the Heavenly Law Alliance!”

He looked at all of them sharply, then demanded to know, “When I proposed starting a fight to recover our land, save your friends, and take back your women, what was your reply?”

Su Yu’s words were dignified and solemn, and as they fluttered to the people’s ears, the people all felt like they had just been struck by a clap of thunder that bombarded the deepest parts of their hearts. His words truly shocked their souls.

He was right, after all. When their faction was destroyed, and when their senior or junior brothers were being slaughtered and were suffering, they were just calmly observing them from the safe place, the Heavenly Law Alliance. They really had just looked on as their brothers and sisters suffered such a calamity!

“If you were truly the future of the human race, then I must say that the human race doesn’t have any future!” Su Yu’s words were quite harsh, but they resonated with all who heard them. “The people who are the true hope of the human race are those who can sacrifice themselves and spill their own blood, fighting till their last breaths for their friends and women!”

His words had hit the nail on the head. The people had always used their status as the future hope of the human race to hide their cowardice and to enjoy the Heavenly Law Alliance’s protection, all while having clear consciences. But, they had all been mercilessly exposed by Su Yu just now.

Although, there more than ten thousand people here, this place was still extremely quiet and calm, as Su Yu’s words had rendered them all speechless. After all, Su Yu was right. They were all just a bunch of cowards.

Old Chen sighed softly, and he found himself at a loss of words. However, he had to agree with Su Yu. Moreover, it wasn’t just the case for the youngsters, as even the elders were deceiving themselves when they had assumed that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship would never crumble and that they could live safe lives of comfort within it. Even though turmoil arose in the continent, they still hadn’t felt threatened by it at all.

Living in the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship, which had never fallen in ten thousand years, led them to become apathetic to such a danger, and they unknowingly turned into cowards. It was like they were living in a tortoise shell!

“Alliance Master, let me participate in the war.” A hoarse voice came from the crowd. It had come from a trembling man, who was just thirty years old, yet he already looked like a middle-aged man.

His empty left arm sleeves were fluttering in the wind, acting as a sad reminder of his tragic past. He had a wan and sallow complexion, which was filled with messy facial hair. Although his face was quite handsome, his demeanor was quite bleak and lusterless, and his eyes were bloodshot.

A stream of tears was flowing down from his right eye. The tears streaked across his cheek before they fell on the ground, leaving tiny wet marks on it. Only one of his eyes was shedding these tears, as his left eye had already gone blind.

“That is the South Pole Villa’s young master, Du Ming!” Someone among the crowd instantly recognized him.

The onlooker then introduced Du Ming’s backstory to the others. “The South Pole Villa was destroyed in just one night, and there wasn’t even a single person who survived! Moreover, this happened on the exact day of Du Ming’s grand wedding! Apparently, his newlywed wife sliced her throat and killed herself in order to protect her chastity, while his father and mother died down in a pool of their own blood! He was the only person who managed to escape, but he still lost both his left arm and eye in the process. Ever since he arrived at the Heavenly Law Alliance, he hasn’t uttered even a single word till now.”

As the lonely Du Ming walked out of the crowd, his marred body inexplicably touched and stirred them.

Du Ming then said, “I already lost both of my parents, and my Yan’er even died miserably. I now wonder if I will pass my whole life just barely surviving and escaping? I have to wonder if whether hiding in the Heavenly Law Alliance and becoming the human race’s future hope was really the right choice? Who will take revenge for my parents if not me? Who will seek revenge for Yan’er’s spilled blood?”

He shook his head, then clenched his fist and requested of Su Yu, “Alliance Master, please let me participate in the war. Although I’m impaired, I will still use my remaining hand and sacrifice my life to kill even just one enemy in the names of my parents and Yan’er!”

His hoarse cries and marred body created quite a dynamic scene. It was like the onlookers were witnessing a hero emerging before their very eyes, one who was determined to sacrifice his own life, until his last drop of warm blood had been spilled, all for the sake of avenging his relatives, his beloved. and all of the people he treasured.

Such dazzling scene moved all of their hearts. At this moment, this man truly belonged to the future hope of the human race! His heroics soon sparked the rest of the crowd to also issue their own affirmations of allegiance…

“Alliance Master, let me also participate in the war! I will use the sword in my hand and the blood that is throbbing in my heart to avenge my teacher.”

“Let me come too! After all, my senior brothers treated me like a blood-related brother, and they all died for me. So, I will use my life to fight for them.”

“Yes! I won’t let my junior sister’s blood have flowed in vain.”

“Count me in too.”

“Count me in too.”


Gradually, more and more people stood out and joined the ranks. It seemed like they once again had a goal to strive for and understood the true meaning of their lives. At this moment, they truly became the hope of the human race.

As the sound of ten thousand people converged together, it was like thunder resonating in the sky. Even Old Chen was shocked and stunned by it, as this was the first time in his life that he saw the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members be this united and impassioned!

Even he was affected by them, and his expression gravely changed. His usually calm heart unexpectedly started throbbing faster, as he said, “Alliance Master, please use this old man’s life as you want.”

After he said this, a smile blossomed on Old Chen’s aged face. He then began to laugh in a hearty and carefree manner.

Wu Hen’s heart shook as he witnessed such a scene, and his expression somewhat stiffened.

He felt a powerful and strong will emanating out of these people. In fact, he had never felt or seen such a terrifying will! If it was just one person, then it wouldn’t be terrifying, but, as they were ten thousand, they appeared to be capable of shaking anyone!