The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Saint Master Xue Wu

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Their enemies swiftly surrounded them from all directions, destroying the Sub Palace at once. By the time they got the news of the Phoenix Cabinet’s destruction, it was already too late, as they were already surrounded by them.


A great number of people surged into the central city. These were the people who had luckily survived the other ten regions’ massacre. They had fled towards the central region, as if they were mere defenseless sheep being chased out of their idyllic pastures.

“It’s Deputy Palace Master Hua Zhilan!” One of the guards at the gate immediately recognized one of the fleeing people.

She was one of the northern continent’s Deputy Palace Masters, and it was difficult for people to forget her, as she had a beautiful complexion. However, unlike her past noble and beautiful appearance, the current Hua Zhilan’s complexion was deathly pale, and her body was riddled with injuries.

Her her hair was also quite messy. Suffice to say, she was in a sorry state! This should be no surprise, as she had just led the Zhilan Region’s core members in fleeing in a rush!

A group of armored men, who all emitted an intense and surging killing intent, could be seen behind her. They were all nastily laughing as they chased after her, and anyone who was overtaken by them was decapitated by their glinting swords on the spot!

The scene was bloody and filled with chaos and carnage! Even the sky was dyed a blood-red color. It was as if doomsday had just arrived.

“How could they be this quick?” Inspector Bai Yun was incapable of using mere words to describe his current emotions.

Even if they had just directly run here without encountering any obstacles, they would still need several days… So, how did they reach here in just the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea?

As he witnessed the enemies charging towards them, Inspector Bai Yun’s face’s expression changed several times. He then tapped the ground with the tip of his feet and soared up to the sky, his sleeves fluttering in the wind. Then, two gales appeared under his feets, helping him to escape even faster.

But, before he left, he turned around and ordered them, “Palace Master Nan Guan, obey my orders and defend this place! Don’t flee!”

Palace Master Nan Guan wasn’t in the mood to mock Inspector Bai Yun, who was fleeing. Instead, a bitter smile appeared on her face as she observed the bloody scene before her.

“Ahh!” A shriek echoed out at this moment. It sounded like a pig being slaughtered!

When she looked at the place from which it came, she saw that the chest of Inspector Bai Yun had been penetrated by a blood-red spear! The spear had fallen from the sky and impaled him as he was trying to flee. And now, that same spear was flying back towards them!

“Quickly! Evade it!” As she detected the spear’s terrifying power, Palace Master Nan Guan’s expression gravely changed, and she anxiously shouted out a warning.

Upon hearing her, the people nearby quickly scattered.


A loud rumbling sound resounded, while the earth intensely quaked and most of the City Master’s Manor crumbled. A giant pit appeared among the rubble. Inspector Bai Yun, could be seen. He was nailed down on the pit, and blood flowed out of his mouth, while groans of pain came out of his throat. Such a disturbing sight was truly miserable.

“The Blood Cloud Spear! It’s the Saint Master Xue Wu’s magical treasure.” Palace Master Nan Guan’s eyelids and lips shivered when she saw the blood-red spear, while the complexion of the people in the manor became deathly pale when they heard her words.

This was because Xue Wu’s name was tantamount to a demonic fiend’s in their eyes! He was a bloodthirsty and extremely cruel Saint Master. In fact, the army that he led left behind a mountain of corpses wherever it went!

This insane level of cruelty and carnage was a result of his needing a great amount of fresh blood to refine his notorious magical treasure, the Blood Cloud Spear! His spear, which contained an extremely bloodthirsty Ancient Ferocious Spirit, was only capable of displaying its power after devouring a great amount of blood.

With the help of such a Ferocious Spirit, the Saint Master Xue Wu’s prowess was near the Level Four Fairy Realm, and it would soon reach the middle stage of the Fairy Realm!

Using such an evil technique was a great taboo in the Jiuzhou Continent, and only evil cultivators would secretly use it. But, as he was now in the Zhenlong Continent, he could wantonly kill people and absorb their blood! As such, the number of people who died at his hands was far greater than the number of people who died in the other four Saint Masters’ hands!

His notorious fame frightened all of the people. They saw him and had to wonder why he had suddenly appeared on the northern continent. However, they didn’t have the leisure of considering such a matter now.

“Quickly, gather together!” shouted Palace Master Nan Guan in her delicate voice, which was imbued with her Vital Energy.

The people quickly rushed to the center of the city. They were already surrounded by the enemy’s army, and they saw that no escape route had been left for them.

Palace Master Nan Guan smiled bitterly. She knew that, even if they didn’t want to fight, they were still obliged to fight till the end now.


Tens thousand people quickly crowded around her and formed a giant wall of people around the City Lord Manor. At that moment, the army that was hunting them gradually came to a halt.

They all stared at the two hundred people, who were floating in the air, which led them to immediately fall into despair. Compared to them, their number was extremely small. However, each of them was at the Half Fairy Realm.

Moreover, seven-tenths of them were at the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm, while two-tenths were at the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm. As for the last tenth, they were at the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm. Such a mighty army was powerful enough to destroy any of the continent’s factions!

As for Palace Master Nan Guan’s side, they didn’t have any Half Fairy Realm experts apart from her, and she had just managed to luckily break through to the One Crystals Half Fairy Realm a mere half a year ago. As such, most of the thirty thousand people here were just ordinary citizens with extremely weak cultivations.

Really, they were just defeated people, who had managed to luckily flee here from other cities. Hence, it was extremely easy for this current enemy army of two hundred people to slaughter them!


The Blood Cloud Spear in the deep pit suddenly swayed. It then flew out of Inspector Bai Yun’s body and soared up to the sky. A blood-red palm stretched out of the fog and held the Blood Cloud Spear.

“Just a trifling Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert? That’s really quite boring.” The owner of the Blood Cloud Spear came out of the fog.

He was a youngster, who was clad in a blood-red armor and had a lifelike flickering wyvern print on his forehead. He was clearly a Wyvern Saint Master!

“It’s truly Xue Wu…” Palace Master Nan Guan cried out in alarm, as her side’s last glimmer of hope had just been annihilated with his appearance.

The youth had an extremely ugly complexion, and because he was constantly in contact with a Ferocious Spirit, his face had started festering. It was now filled with swelling lumps, which contained a purple poison. Because of this, he resembled a purple-colored, lumpy-skinned toad!

His yellow eyes emitted a savage and ferocious aura, like that of ferocious beasts, and they didn’t seem like they belonged to a human at all. He stuck out his tongue and licked his Blood Cloud Spear.

He then shook his head and said, “When a human gets old, his body starts deteriorating and his blood essence becomes quite deficient. I have truly come here in vain it seems, as there isn’t even a single decent Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert here!”

As he spoke, Xue Wu scanned the surroundings. He seemed like a hungry wolf that was sweeping over a flock of sheep with his gaze, choosing its next prey.

As his gaze suddenly fell on Palace Master Nan Guan’s body, he grinned. “Hehe, a Half Fairy Realm woman! A woman’s blood should be better than a rotten old man’s, and it will be more delicious! Come over to me.”

He had ordered Palace Master Nan Guan to come over, so that he could suck her fresh blood! Palace Master Nan Guan’s heart shuddered when she heard his order.

Have I fallen so low as to be treated just like food by someone such as this?

Thinking of this, she was both aggrieved and angered, so she sorrowfully shouted, “If we fight them, we will die! But, if we don’t fight them, we will still die anyway! Do we have any choice in this matter?”

Based on what she knew of Xue Wu’s evil reputation, she was certain that he would never spare anyone. Hence, they didn’t have a choice in this matter, as they would all die!

“Let’s fight!” Hua Zhilan yelled, determined to leave this world bravely.

Hearing her words, impassioned cries resounded out, and although some of them still wanted to believe that they might possibly be spared if they surrendered, they were still obliged to fight. As Palace Master Nan Guan noticed how her words had convinced the masses and raised their spirits, she smiled in gratification.

“Good! Let’s fight till the end! Three Death Formation, start.” As she shouted, she took out a blue bead from her bosom.

As she threw it into the air, it floated above the City Lord Manor and emitted a gentle rippling blue light that covered the whole manor. Its ripples were divided into three layers, and the deeper one went into them, the more powerful they would find the level to be.

“Pour all of your energies into it! As for how long it can persist, it will only depend in fate.” Palace Master Nan Guan’s voice spread out, reaching the ears of everyone present.

The Three Death Formation was a formation that was possessed by the Four Great Sub Palaces, and it was somewhat similar to the otherworldly experts’ joint attack technique. But, its might was many times weaker, and most of its energy would be consumed as energies clashed with each other within it. As such, it wouldn’t display even a tenth of the might that it normally should possess after fusing thirty thousand people’s energies altogether.

When the thirty thousand people heard her, they all started pouring all of their Vital and Spiritual Energies into it, which caused its outermost layer to start glowing. Then, a great number of raindrops appeared in the rippling screen, while ten thousand energy arrows were formed within them. The arrows then immediately all shot out!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After just an instant, the sky became filled with countless blue arrows, which had shot out in all directions.


A miserable shriek was heard as one of the enemies Half Fairy Realm experts was shot by one of them. He instantly fell from mid-air.

But, as most of them had already guarded themselves against this in advance, as the blue arrows fell on their Vital Energy armor, the arrows didn’t cause any noticeable damage. In fact, it was as if they were mere raindrops!

When there were just a few arrows left, they discovered that, out of the enemy army of two hundred people, just three of them had been injured! Seeing this, Palace Master Nan Guan’s heart sank. She couldn’t believe they couldn’t they injure more than two or three people, even by combining the strengths of such a great number!

“Continue! Don’t stop,” shouted Palace Master Nan Guan in a deep voice. Not one of her people dared to slack off amid such a precarious situation!

Buzz! Buzz!

As a light noise echoed out, the second rippling layer responded. A giant whirlpool appeared in it, along with ten thirty meter-long arrows, all of which emitted a powerful spiritual pressure.

The complexion of the enemies troops, which were now surrounding them, slightly changed, and they all retreated in order to distance themselves from them.


As the blue giant arrows flew across the sky, an explosion sound was heard, while six Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts miserably shrieked. The people heard this and instantly became more spirited. If just the second layer of the Three Death Formation was this powerful, they couldn’t imagine what the third layer would be like!

“Everyone, don’t hold anything back! Pour all of your power into the formation.” A glimmer of hope was sparked in Palace Master Nan Guan’s heart.

As her people united their powers and coordinated their efforts, the third water ripple started trembling, and unlike the previous two, there wasn’t any object formed within it as it trembled. But, their instincts were still informing them that a terrifying invisible arrow had already shot out of it…


The sound of something tearing the air echoed. It was an arrow, a line of flames trailing behind it as it soared through the skies. Even though there were several miles between them and the people, the expressions of many of the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts still slightly changed. They all felt like they would be shortly annihilated!

“Retreat!” The expressions of the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts became extremely tense. They were all frightened when they looked at the line of flames that was gradually approaching them.


However, at such a moment, a blood-red ray streaked across the sky and annihilated such the line of flames. At the same time, the terrifying pressure that was engulfing them disappeared along with it! This blood-red ray was the Blood Cloud Spear!

“Hehe, you already killed enough people, so now it’s my turn…” A cold and cruel voice, which would make anyone shudder in fear, drifted towards them.

Xue Wu wore an extremely cruel cold smile, while a tyrannical glint flickered in his eyes. As he waved his hand, the Blood Cloud Spear turned into an afterimage once again. At that same moment, the first layer of the Three Death Formation was shattered.

“Since I so easily broke the first layer, can you guess how long the second layer can possibly last?” Xue Wu seemed like a cat, wantonly playing with a mouse before eating it.


Right after he spoke, ripples appeared on the second water layer, but they were still shattered after just a moment.

“It took two breaths time to break the second layer, so can you guess how long it will take for me to dispose of the the third layer?” he asked in a menacing voice.

Grief filled Palace Master Nan Guan’s heart at this moment. Even if they combined the strength of thirty thousand people, they would still be incapable of dealing with Xue Wu.

As they looked as his playful expression, all of the people despaired. Dejected, they all stopped pouring their energy into it, and even though they were aggrieved and indignant, they resigned themselves to their fates. Thus, they were now just waiting for the destruction of the formation, as well as for their immanate deaths.

As Xue Wu laughed nastily, he snapped his fingers once again. However, at this moment, a powerful sound wave echoed from a distant place and a terrifying pressure swept over them.

As he looked over at it, he found that there was a long, giant ring in the distant sky, and an extremely powerful and thick light beam was being condensed within it!