The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Army Of Steel Blood

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“Energy Condensing Ring?”

After taking one look, Xue Wu’s facial expression changed. “Dodge! Quickly!”

He was deeply shocked.

Where did these tens of thousands of the Zhenlong army come from? How did the otherworldly Energy Condensing Ring fall into the hands of the Zhenlong Continent? Where did they learn how to use it?

Although he had quick reflexes, the mysterious army’s arrival had caught all of them by surprise, just as when they had suddenly ambushed the north continent’s Sub Palace of the empire.


Suddenly, a huge light beam that was condensed by the tens of thousands of people emitted a strong and terrifying might. As it lit up the entire sky, it felt like snow had just fallen upon them. Its color was similar to the whiteness of the otherworldly Half Fairies’ faces.

The light beam pierced through the sky. The friction caused by the distance it travelled produced flames and thunder, which were very magnificent to behold.

The light covered the entire space above the palace. It instantly blinded everyone. Nobody could even look at it directly. Even the sun in the sky paled in comparison.

Amid the commotion, the light beam swept across the area above the palace, shaking the surroundings greatly. The terrorizing aura of the flames and thunder gave off a destructive energy that could envelope them in a never-ending abyss at any moment.

Once the shaking gradually weakened, the thunder and flames slowly disappeared. The brightly lit world then began to return to its usual state. As a breeze swept by, everything finally felt normal at last.

The area surrounding the palace had been wiped clean. The otherworldly army that had previously surrounded had disappeared into thin air.

The hundreds of them had now only left twenty or thirty behind in total. These soldiers all had empty gazes and looked very downtrodden. Many of them had suffered serious injuries and appeared to be defeated and downtrodden.

“Combined! Strike! Technique!” Palace Master Nan Guang’s beautiful pupils contracted to the size of needles and her heart felt numb.

She was the only one who had been able to see the whole thing clearly. When the light beam had swept past, the strong otherworldly army had been turned into nothingness in an instant!

Nobody had managed to escape. They had all been turned into specks of dust. A single strike had thoroughly decimated the otherworldly experts!

The crowd of thirty thousand instantly fell into a deep silence. No one could even breathe as they stared at the black cloud that was a distance away in the skies. They all felt an inexplicable pressure in their hearts.

“Who is it?” Someone in the crowd yelled.

It was Xue Wu, who had the Blood Cloud Spear in his hand and was standing in front of the remaining twenty to thirty otherworldly Half Fairies. The Blood Cloud Spear’s surface was vibrating lightly and looked rather dim. Xue Wu also looked like a mess, as his hair was all over the place and his eyes looked rather crazed.

He was the one who had protected the remaining Half Fairies in the final moment. Otherwise, everyone would have been killed by the light beam.


As the black cloud rumbled, it sounded as if a thousands upon thousands of horses were galloping through the air. The strong murderous intent and will to battle the black cloud gave off also was accompanied by an immense pressure. It almost felt like a thunderstorm was approaching.

Xue Wu’s crazed eyes appeared to waver as his face showed signs of surprise. The Half Fairies who stood behind him were equally surprised.

One of them exclaimed, “I can’t believe that there is such a big army in the Zhenlong Continent! I have never seen willpower like that.”

Palace Master Nan Guang was exceedingly confused. She could feel an enormous willpower emanating from the black cloud. The vibe it gave off was full of reinforcement and unity. It made her feel a pressure that came from her heart.

Is there such a godly army among my human clan? Who are they? Many people wondered in their hearts. Both the Zhenlong’s people and the otherworldly people had the same questions.

Ever since the otherworldly army had started their invasion, although the Zhenlong Continent had pushed back, there had never been such an army of steel blood, whose willpower alone could be this overwhelming.

“Heavenly Law Alliance!” The reply to their unuttered questions came in a clear, crisp and strong, unified voice as they announced their status.

Heavenly Law Alliance!

“Heavenly Law Alliance?” Palace Master Nan Guang could never have imagined that the army of steel blood was associated to the Heavenly Law Alliance. Although the Heavenly Law Alliance was strong, it was never known to be this blood-thirsty.

“Heavenly Law Alliance? The group of cowards? Can’t be!” As Xue Wu fixed his gaze on them, surprise flashed in his eyes.

If he remembered correctly, the Heavenly Law Alliance was the Eighth Saint Master’s responsibility. Now that it had appeared here and also had the Energy Condensing Ring, he figured that the Eighth Saint Master must have failed.

At this moment, the black cloud was moving closer and becoming clearer. Ten thousand figures appeared to be closely grouped together.

Each of the people’s eyes were filled with a strong murderous intent and burning passion. The ten thousand people’s collective willpower had gathered to form a strong might, which emanated out in all directions.

There were five to six Half Fairy elders standing before them. However, even further in front of them, was a silver-haired young man.

There was a row of sixteen Half Fairy youths standing guard at both sides of the silver-haired young man, positioned only slightly behind him. There was also another Grade Two Half Fairy, who was following close behind him like a servant.

An army of ten thousand stood was surrounding a single person! Such an odd scene caused a lot of confusion.

Xue Wu could disregard the six well-respected elders since they were Heavenly Law Alliance’s elders. But, the fact that there was even a mysterious Fairy expert among them was baffling. In any case, it was unruly for a premature youth to be leading them.

He could barely believe that such an incident was happening before his eyes.

Who is he? Everyone was wondering this same question about the youth.

Palace Master Nan Guang was also stunned. When she found out that it was the Heavenly Law Alliance, she had originally thought that the leader would be Elder Jiu. However, it was unexpectedly an unfamiliar silver-haired youth.

“Yin Yu!” An urgent voice was suddenly heard next to her. It was a voice that was filled with shock, gleeful surprise, and amazement.

The voice belonged to Hua Zhilan. She was covering her glossy lips with her jade-like hands. Her eyes wavered as she tried to hide her many emotions.

“It is him!” Palace Master Nan Guang sucked in a breath of cold air as many thoughts swirled in her head…

I thought he disappeared a long time ago…

How did he end up leading the Heavenly Law Alliance?

She even suspected that Hua Zhilan might have mistakenly identified him.

How could the young boy, who was once deemed a criminal by the Empire of Darkness, become the leader of a large army?

This difference in his status before and after rendered her speechless.

“Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu?” A familiar yell came from amid the crowd.

As Su Yu looked toward where the voice came from, he saw a group of downtrodden martial artists. They were all insignificant people. However, Su Yu recognized them.

They were the guards in the Yinyu Manor. Although he could not recall their names, he definitely recognized their faces.

Did Yinyu Region also fall into chaos?

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with coldness as this thought came to his mind. He wondered what the casualties were.

“Wuhen? Were you enslaved by them?” Xue Wu’s eyes contracted as he discovered that Saint Master Wuhen, who was once in his own faction, was leisurely standing behind the young man. He asked him this question in surprise.

Wuhen shrugged and sighed. “As you can see…”

Xue Wu’s heart shook slightly. It was terrifying to think that the silver-haired young man was capable of overcoming a Grade Two Fairy and enslaving him!

He certainly was not a simple figure as he first appeared to be. Hence, he must have some kind of godly abilities that were unknown to others.

Although Xue Wu was cautious, he was not afraid. This was because, in terms of cultivation, three Wuhens combined were still no match for him alone. Besides, he had other killing techniques.

“What kind of person are you?” Xue Wu fixed his gaze on Su Yu.

After all, he only had eyes for Su Yu. Everyone apart from him who was standing behind him were just like wisps of air in his eyes.

“This is our Heavenly Law Alliance’s new Alliance Master, Alliance Master Su. Xue Wu, considering our friendship in the same faction before, I advise you to surrender. If you do so, I will not harm you,” Wuhen said.

As he spoke, he recalled the incidents that Su Yu had encountered in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. He could still feel chills in his heart.