The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Void Tearing Blood Cloud

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In his opinion, apart from the Fifth Saint Master, if any other person tried to fight such a monstrous youth, he would just be digging his own grave.

“Wu Hen, you really sank so low. Isn’t it shameful that you were captured by someone such as this? How can you willing to lower your head to him?” Xue Wu disdainfully snorted. “The Zhenlong Continent is just a desolate land that is filled with uncivilized savages, yet you unexpectedly took their side. After killing him, I will surely report this matter to the Fifth Saint Master.”

Wu Hen just sighed, but didn’t speak. He had already done his utmost for him.

“Lad, let me have a look at your power.” Killing intent appeared in Xue Wu’s eyes as he held his Blood Cloud Spear.

“Alliance Master, let us take care of him. We will join our hands and kill this demon,” said one of the sixteen guards of the annihilation team. They were eager to fight, as many of had been harmed in the past by the Saint Master Xue Wu.

“Retreat!” As Su Yu waved his sleeves, everyone immediately obeyed. Such strict obedience of his orders baffled the Palace Master Nan Guan, as Su Yu had just become the alliance master so recently, yet he still had such astonishing prestige!

Xue Wu licked his lips as his eyes lit up. “So, that’s why such a group of spineless cowards became this valiant? It seems like it’s all because you became their backbone. So, if I sucked your blood dry in front of all of them, they’s most likely all collapse on the spot!”

While Xue Wu was talking, he suddenly turned into an afterimage, and when he appeared once again, he was just above Su Yu’s head. It seemed like he had just teleported. There wasn’t even enough time for taking a breath since he had spoken, let alone leaving someone with enough time to react!

“Alliance Master, be careful!” someone from the crowd warned Su Yu, as they were startled to see what had just happened! Xue Wu was even more powerful than the people had imagined!


Su Yu’s body was directly penetrated by the Blood Cloud Spear before he even knew what had hit him! Immediately, his body exploded and turned into countless arcs of lightning, which fluttered around.


As an arc of lightning struck down right near the onlookers, a person who was engulfed in lightning appeared before them. It was Su Yu, who was still clasping his hands behind his back. His body remarkably hadn’t suffered the slightest injury, and his expression was still calm and indifferent.

“Thunder Escape?” Xue Wu guessed. He was quite startled, as it was truly a great and profound escape technique! In fact, such great escape techniques were usually only used by Divine Masters, yet one of them had just been easily mastered by a trifling Half Fairy Realm expert like Su Yu!

“You responded in time, but aren’t you being somewhat careless?” Xue Wu coldly sneered at Su Yu, while he swiped his index finger through the air.

The Blood Cloud Spear immediately melted, then turned into a puddle of blood, which was emitting a horrible smell. The blood then sprinkled around and turned into a rain that shot towards Su Yu.

As Su Yu had just used his Thunder Escape, it would be difficult for him to teleport once again. Knowing this, Xue Wu had taken advantage of this flaw and attacked him at that crucial moment. From just this point alone, it could be seen how keen his fighting experience was.

Even though the blood rain still hadn’t reached Su Yu yet, all of the people could still feel that he was in a precarious situation! They all felt an extremely evil will emanating from the blood. In fact, it seemed as if the blood was alive and had an extremely evil spiritual nature. All of them knew that if someone was touched by this blood, his fate would be dreadful!

Hua Zhilan’s pretty face became pale and she cried out in alarm, “Su Yu, be careful! If you come into contact with that blood, it will invade your body and instantly suck out all of your body’s blood.” She had personally witnessed such a technique before, where more than a thousand people were sucked dry and killed by it!


A blue light ball suddenly appeared before Su Yu’s body, and it was intensely flickering as it revolved around him. The dense blood rain was unexpectedly reflected away by it, so not even a single drop was able to get close enough to harm his body.

Seeing this, Xue Wu’s complexion became grave, and as he clutched his hand, he collected his blood rain back to himself. At this time, it condensed back into the Blood Cloud Spear in his palm.

As for Su Yu, he was still clasping his hands behind his back. He still hadn’t made a single move till now. After the radiance of the blue light ball before his chest dimmed and dissipated, it could be seen that it was just a blue ruler, which was emitting a powerful spiritual pressure.

“A middle grade spiritual artifact?” Xue Wu was quite startled and surprised to see this, and an intense greed welled up in him instantly. “Good! I want this spiritual artifact. Blood Cloud Tornado!”

As Xue Wu laughed madly and waved his Blood Cloud Spear, a great amount of clouds and mist came out of it, then quickly formed a wide blood-red tornado! Its wind had a nauseating smell that reeked of blood.

“Everyone, retreat! This blood mist is poisonous, and the spiritual crystal of any weak Half Fairy Realm expert who even takes a single breath of it will be contaminated by it! Then, his whole cultivation will be crippled, and his body may even start festering and rotting!” Wu Hen waved his hand and scattered some blood mist around, which fluttered at them. As he did so, he beckoned them all to retreat.

At this moment, the tornado had already engulfed Su Yu. In fact, the blood-red tornado was everywhere, and there was no escaping it. However, Su Yu still didn’t budge, but just let it come at him.

As the blue light disappeared, a black armor appeared around his body, and on its chest, there was a crystal, which turned into ashes. Its whole Vital Energy had been completely absorbed by it!

A water ripple-like light screen then came out of the armor and covered Su Yu’s body. Such a powerful and mighty tornado was unexpectedly incapable of penetrating it!

“How is that possible?” Xue Wu’s expression was one of shock, as there was no one at the same realm at him, so he couldn’t fathom how Su Yu dared to look down upon his Blood Cloud Tornado! Yet, Su Yu had indeed managed to easily block it!

After a short deadlock, the Blood Cloud Tornado dispersed all by itself. Xue Wu’s expression became more grave as he finally realized that his opponent was just blocking his attacks, but had never once attacked him!

At that moment, Su Yu lowered his hands and took back his black armor, while a cold glint appeared in his extremely calm gaze. He then said, “Since you already have attacked me, it’s now my turn…”

Xue Wu’s heart sank when he heard this, but he still maintained his arrogant demeanor. “I’m not done, so don’t be so pleased with yourself this early in the game…”

He then yelled, “Void Tearing Blood Cloud!”

As Xue Wu held onto his spear, his whole body was engulfed in a blood-red fog, and it seemed like his body was even fused with his spear!


As his body disappeared, an extremely long spatial crack appeared in the air. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was just a fairy artifact, and its space’s intensity was limited. It was only because of this that its space could be torn. Such a strike was truly terrifying!

Wu Hen’s heart thumped, as he clearly remembered that the Fifth Saint Master had once said that no one under the Level Four Fairy Realm could issue forth such a strike!

Wu Hen felt like, even though Su Yu had his previous three defenses, he would still be in grave danger.

But, what startled him the most was that it seemed like Su Yu didn’t intend to even try defending himself against it. Instead, he strode forward and calmly spoke to him, “Is this your strongest move? If so, it’s really mediocre…”

Before the shocked gazes of everyone, Su Yu unexpectedly stretched out his hand and tried to grab the blood-red light ray, facing it with just his fleshly body!