The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Pearl Scales Blood Centipede

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One could see that Su Yu’s arms had golden-colored veins, which shone brightly. There was also an inhuman energy that was flowing through these veins. In that instant, everyone felt that the Su Yu in front of them was no longer a human, but was instead a very terrifying live spirit!


The mighty Blood Cloud Spear’s afterimage suddenly came to a halt as it was gripped by Su Yu’s hand. Xue Wu’s face froze, and his voice tingled somewhat to reflect the horror that he felt in his heart.

“What kind of physical body is this?” he asked.

A Two Crystals Half Fairy’s body could withstand a skill that not even a Grade Three Fairy dared to face! The First Dragon’s Body was indeed very strong. One could only wonder what kind of damage it could do once it reached the final cultivation stage of the Evil Dragon Divine Body.

Su Yu had also thought about this. As he stared at the Blood Cloud Spear, he frowned slightly. Although he had caught the spear, it was as if it had a life of its own. Like a snake, it would not stop moving and curling itself around Su Yu’s arm.

Su Yu recalled that the spear could turn into a bloody rain at any given time. Instead of a normal spear, it would appear as a mystical evil live spirit, which had transformed into a spear.

“Hmph.” Su Yu grunted softly. His golden veins were rumbling as he released a very strong force.

A deafening sound could be heard as the Blood Cloud Spear burst wide open. It had been crushed by Su Yu’s force, immediately transforming into a cloud of bloody rain.

Simultaneously, as Su Yu shook his right hand, the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella appeared in his palm. A small gap opened in the umbrella, and a flaming red dragon with an extremely high body temperature flew across the sky, burning the bloody rain that had occupied the air.

A painful screeching sound could be vaguely heard amid the burning flames.

“My Blood Cloud Spear!” Xue Wu was mortified.

He had put a lot of effort into cultivating the Blood Cloud Spear. He was beyond himself when he saw that it had been destroyed by Su Yu!

As he stared at Su Yu angrily, Xue Wu showed a determined look. “Alright, you have forced me to do this…”

Xue Wu bit his teeth and spurted a mouthful of blood essence into his folded hands to form a symbol. The blood essence had transformed into a mysterious-looking charm, which dove straight into the flames. The flames suddenly came to a halt after a short period of vibration, and the screeching sound also stopped.


A vortex appeared in the flames, which rapidly engulfed all the fire around it. The unexpected scene stunned all of Zhenlong’s people.

At the same time, they suddenly felt an evil aura rapidly forming amid the flames. It was as if a strong live spirit was being born in the flames.

“Come out, Pearl Scales Blood Centipede!” he yelled.


At that moment, the Red Lotus Furious Flames that spread across the sky were all sucked into the vortex. As the flames gradually faded away, a long and gigantic centipede appeared.

It was red all over and had hundreds of long legs. It also had eyes all over its abdomen, which were all uneven in sizes and looked exceedingly frightening. As it stood up like a human, it opened its mouth and started sucking all of the flames into its stomach.

The Red Lotus Furious Flames were flames that even an Early Stage Fairy would be wary of. However, this centipede could even swallow the flames!

“Pearl Scales Blood Centipede? An Ancient Spiritual Worm?” Wuhen’s pupils contracted as he sucked in a breath of cold air. “The evil spirit in your Blood Cloud Spear is an Ancient Spiritual Worm?”

He looked frightened and unsettled.

An Ancient Spiritual Worm? Su Yu was also slightly shocked. He vaguely understood that many Ancient Spiritual Worms were unusually powerful, especially those which appeared on the prominent rankings boards.

“Hmph! I had initially planned to feed it with more human’s blood essence, so that it could reshape its body and regain its former might. Now, I have no choice but to awaken its remnant soul ahead of time! As such, you should all be prepared to die!” Xue Wu’s voice was filled with hatred.

His killing intent skyrocketed as he glared at Su Yu. He had accidentally discovered the long-frozen Pearl Scales Blood Centipede in a place where it snowed frequently.

He had spent most of his time trying to revive it, so that he could use it himself. However, having been frozen for such a long time, the centipede’s body and soul had suffered greatly and required a large amount of strong live spirits’ blood essence to recover.

In the Jiuzhou Continent, such evil means would have been punished severely. So, he could only use the opportunity to use them then, while he was in the Zhenlong Continent, which did not have such strict regulations.

The number of people who had died from the Blood Cloud Spear’s attack was no less than a million. Although their cultivation levels were not great and their blood essences were not perfect enough, their large number made up for those insufficiencies. As such, the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede had recovered three-tenths of its battle power very rapidly.

Xue Wu had thought he could use the opportunity to revive the centipede completely. However, he unfortunately bumped into a strong enemy, Su Yu.

The hidden Pearl Scales Blood Centipede suffered a great injury when Su Yu had used his hand to crush the Blood Cloud Spear. To prevent the centipede from being burned alive, Xue Wu had no choice but to release it in advance.

Once he did so, all of his efforts would have gone to waste. This was because, after some time, the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede would revert to the same weakened state that Xue Wu had originally found it in.

Wuhen’s face turned white. “Be careful, as this spiritual worm is very strong. As such, it is one of the secondary spiritual worms in the famed ranking of the Ancient Spiritual Worms. It is not much different from the real spiritual worms!”

The people of Zhenlong were confused by his speech. However, Su Yu understood its significance and became very cautious.


There were thousands of eyes on the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede’s abdomen, all of which turned to immediately look at Su Yu simultaneously. These blood-red eyes all revealed merciless killing intent, as well as rage.

Clearly, the centipede was aware that Su Yu was the one who had forced it to come out. It roared loudly, while the hundreds of blood-red eyes shot out red beams, which immediately engulfed Su Yu.

Su Yu’s facial expression changed slightly as the Eternal Stone King Armor appeared. At that moment, a piece of crystal was immediately used to activate the Eternal Stone King Armor’s greatest might.


Although it was deemed to be very strong, the layer of light screen was torn apart like paper paste. A closer look revealed that the light screen was not torn apart by brute force, but that it had been corroded! Holes began to appear on the light screen, while hundreds of red light pillars fell upon Su Yu’s body.


Su Yu felt as if he had been knocked back by a huge mountain. As he was having to move quickly, Su Yu did not have time to worry about his injuries.

At that moment, the veins in Su Yu’s body all turned gold, while he shouted with a low voice and focused all of his energy on his feet. Then, gradually, his momentum heading backwards diminished and he was able to come to a stop finally.

However, by this time, he had been knocked several thousands of meters away and had left a deep mark on the ground, which shook everyone’s heart upon seeing it. They could barely believe that Su Yu’s First Dragon’s Body had actually been knocked so far away! All of Zhenlong’s people felt their hearts sink all of a sudden.

“Prince, let me assist you!” Wuhen flew over to assist Su Yu immediately.

He had initially felt very confident about Su Yu’s capabilities. However, now that he was rushing over to support him, he was beginning to feel wary and realizing that he might have really underestimated the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede!

“Master, you have us, too!” Luo Xiong and Li Cheng nodded their heads and spoke in unison.

Neither of them wanted to give up. So, they led the annihilation team and rushed over to stand by Su Yu’s side.

“Alliance Master, you have us as well!” All of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members also chimed in, as they did not want Su Yu to fight on his own and also intended to rush to his aid.

Xue Wu heard this and laughed deeply. “What is the rush? None of you will be able to escape. You might as well just stay here and become the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede’s food!”

He then yelled, “Black Shadow Guards, listen to me, kill Zhenlong’s army! Do not let anyone live!”

Hearing Xue Wu’s command, the remaining twenty-three Half Fairies swiftly came to surround the others. A Grade Three Fairy and twenty-three Half Fairies were more than sufficient to kill ten thousand of them!

Seeing this, Su Yu’s heart sank. This situation was not looking good.

“Wuhen, you shall lead the annihilation team and the Heavenly Law Alliance. I will leave Xue Wu and the others to you. Let me deal with this Pearl Scales Blood Centipede alone.” Su Yu’s eyes glared at the centipede, as he had become wary of this creature’s strength.

However, he could not ignore Xue Wu and the others. Otherwise, there would be many needless casualties.

Wuhen hesitated for a moment before shouting out, “Follow me!”

Luo Xiong and Li Cheng also hesitated before following him. They stood with the crowd from the Heavenly Law Alliance.

Although they were large in number, they did not feel that they had any chance of winning against the enemy’s team of less than twenty-five people. This was because the might of the Grade Three Fairy, Xue Wu, was too immense.

“Do you remember the promise that you made before?” asked Wuhen as he turned around to look at the crowd.

From the looks in their eyes, Wuhen could detect their intentions of retreating. This thought in their minds had arisen due to their fear of fighting the invincible opponent, Xue Wu.

“What are you fighting for? Is it for yourself, or is it for your family, your women, and all of your loved ones?” Su Yu’s own words were repeated by Wuhen. As he asked the question, everyone’s will powers to fight were instantly reignited.

After all, they remembered that the real reason that they had followed Su Yu to fight in the northern continent in the first place was for the sake of their loved ones, who had died in vain. Now that the great enemy was before them, they could not retreat.

“You are the hope of the human clan. You are the hope of all those who have passed away. Tell me, what are you prepared to do to honor them? Are you going to hide away like cowards, or will you battle to the very end for their sakes?” Wuhen’s charismatic speech completely invoked their passions.

“Battle! Battle! Battle!” All of them shouted in unison.

He was right! They could only battle! They were determined to battle to the very end!

“Alright, let us kill them for the future of the Zhenlong Continent!” shouted Wuhen as he flew towards Xue Wu.

“Kill!” shouted the crowd of ten thousand in unison. Their collective aura shook the mountains and the sea.

The twenty-three Half Fairies, all of whom, just a moment ago, had showed murderous expressions on their faces, were now suddenly shaking after hearing the loud roar. Although each of them could easily kill a large group of the fearless people, they still felt a certain panic, as if they were fighting against a pack of wild beasts!

Xue Wu’s voice revealed his killing intent. “You’re all just a group of ants. So what if you can shout with your lungs out? Your fates have already been decided. Black Shadow Guards, kill them all!”

As he spoke, he stroke his palm across the air. As he did so, a huge fist of Vital Energy charged towards the running crowd.


All of a sudden, a few dozen of the people’s bodies exploded into pieces, leaving no remains!

“Rubbish.” Xue Wu yelled, while he laughed nonchalantly. He then struck out once again.


A person’s figure suddenly appeared and blocked the fist. It was Wuhen, who shouted angrily, “I am your opponent!”

Wuhen knew that Xue Wu was the most dangerous person here. As such, if he were not contained, he could single-handedly kill ten thousand people!