The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Its Just Death

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“Just you?” Xue Wu laughed disdainfully. “We have already fought dozens of times, and you rarely managed to exchange more than ten moves with me. Now, I’m about to defeat him, yet you still try to wholeheartedly protect your master. Was the magical ability used by that lad to control you so amazing that you truly submitted to him willingly?”

Wu Hen laughed bitterly. After all, it made no sense that he had willingly have submitted to him. No person was willing to become someone else’s slave!

It was just that the seal that Su Yu set on him was extremely powerful, and although he could temporarily sever his link with it, that wouldn’t be of any use. This was because, the time window passed, Su Yu could still activate it with just a thought. Then, the lightning within it would annihilate Wu Hen’s soul!

“There is no need to speak any further. If you want to kill them, you’ll have to step on my corpse to get to them!” Wu Hen sucked in a breath of air and started weaving signs with both of his hands, while an exquisite white crane phantom image appeared above his head. Its feathers were unceasingly falling off, which created a mesmerizing and beautiful scene.

Xue Wu’s eyes flickered in a cold glint, and as his right foot tapped the air, it burst open. The explosion propelled him forward with a strong and forceful momentum.

“It’s good that you came, Silent Feathers Fall.” A faintly discernible voice came from Wu Hen’s mouth.

At this moment, he seemed like a lone crane, living at the end of the earth. The white feathers, which were falling from above his head, slowly formed a giant white net.


Just when the white net was formed, it intensely swayed, as if it had just suffered from some intense attacks. Then, a person wearing a blood-red armor suddenly appeared in the giant net.

“Silent Feathers Fall, this is from a legendary uncomplete cultivation method! You unexpectedly managed to master the lower tier of its first level? You truly hid it quite well.” Xue Wu was slightly startled when he found himself trapped within the net.

The last time they fought was several months ago, and at that time, Wu Hen didn’t reveal the fact that he had mastered such a technique. From this point, it could be seen just how carefully he had hidden his strength.

Wu Hen smiled. “If that wasn’t the case, how would I dare to confront you, Seventh Saint Master?”

As he confidently chuckled, he continued weaving signs with both of his hands. He firmly sealed the white net, while innumerable and countless white feathers all stuck to Xue Wu’s body. They then linked together to form shackles that bound Xue Wu.

“Don’t laugh too soon.” After Xue Wu returned to his senses, he laughed coldly.

Eh? Wu Heh’s heart thumped.

“Open up!” Xue Wu shouted in a low voice, as all of the pores in his body opened up and a stinky blood-red puff of came out of them.

The blood-red goo ten seeped out of his body through his pores, and as it came into contact with the white feathers, a sizzling sound immediately echoed out. They then turned into ashes and scattered around.

“Blood Poison?” Wu Hen’s gaze became grave as he recognized what had just happened. “Your Blood Poison became more powerful than before by a whole fold! Even Level Four Fairy Realm experts could be defeated by such techniques!”

The Blood Poison was cultivated by fusing poison into one’s blood, then refining it within one’s body. Such poison was usually extremely poisonous and deadly, and it was difficult to find an antidote for it. Hence, once you were injured by it during a fight, you could already be considered a dead person.

Such a technique was one of Xue Wu’s famous killing techniques, but after he got the Blood Cloud Spear, he rarely used it. However, judging from his current state, it seemed like he never gave up on cultivating it, but may have even become more powerful in controlling it!

Xue Wu chuckled. “You aren’t the only person who hid a part of his power. Take my strike!”

After he was freed from his white feather cage, Xue Wu swiftly rushed towards him. As this caught Xue Wu off-guard, he could only try to hastily converge a great number of white feathers on his palm. While they were still separated by a layer of white feathers, their palms collided against each other.


The difference in their strengths could be clearly seen, and as Wu Hen groaned and fell backwards, blood seeped out of his mouth.


Wu Hen was so pained, he sucked in a breath of air through his teeth, and as he looked at his palm, he found that all of the white feathers had already turned into black dust and dispersed. He also saw that the hollow of his palm had also taken on a black color. He then noticed that a dark spot, which was about the size of a fingernail, could be seen on his palm, and it was gradually spreading to his whole palm!

“After that Blood Poison has seeped into your body, there will no longer be a need for me to attack you, as you won’t live for long. So, if you don’t want to immediately die, then obediently stand to a side. Otherwise, the quicker you are revolving your Vital Energy, the quicker the poison will seep into your limbs and bones.” Xue Wu brought back his palms and looked at the twenty-three Black Shadow Guards, who were fighting with the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members.

“Ants, it’s your turn now.” Xue Wu chuckled, and as his sleeves fluttered, he turned into an afterimage and flew towards them.

At this moment, Luo Xiong and Old Chen were leading the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, surrounding and attacking the twenty-three Black Shadow Guards. After expending much effort, Old Chen and Luo Xiong gradually overwhelmed them.

At this moment, one of the Black Shadow Guards was bombarded by both Old Chen and Luo Xiong. As a result, he died on the spot. However, before he died, he still threw a talisman at them, which killed eight of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s talented youths. It even managed to injure an annihilation guard as well.

Old Chen, and Luo Xiong gasped for breath, while beads of sweat seeped from their foreheads. After such a bitter fight, in which they consumed more than a third of their Vital and Spiritual Energies, they only managed to kill one already injured Black Shadow Guard, eight regular people, and then injure one.

“It’s difficult to confront an otherworldly expert at the same realm as you. Whether it be because of their cultivation methods, magical thesaurus’, or fighting experiences, they all vastly surpass our Zhenlong Continent’s experts.” Old Chen’s heart sank, as even though ten thousand of them were dealing with just twenty people, they had arrive as such an impasse.

But, it was still fortunate that, although the Black Shadow Guards were finely trained, they were now just a spent and exhausted force, not to mention heavily injured! As such, some weaknesses started appearing in their defense.

“Everyone, let’s continue and kill the otherworldly invaders!” Old Chen shouted in a loud voice as took the lead. His beard, as well as his tattered robe, were fluttering in the wind. At just the sight of him, the crowd instantly became more spirited.

“Let’s kill them!” Countless imposing angry roars echoed, while attacks of all kinds and sorts, which were coordinated with Old Chen and the others, bombarded the black Shadow Guards.

Even the bloodthirsty Black Shadow Guards, who were known for their ferocity, started cowering and shrinking back. As they faced such imposing and valiant enemies, a deep fear appeared on their faces.


However, at this moment, a blood-red silhouette appeared between the two opposing forces.

Xue Wu clasped his hands behind his back, while he looked at Old Chen and the others with disdain. He then revealed a cold smile and said, “No matter how much ants clamor, they will still be just ants. After all, power is what can decide one’s fate. As for your fate, it had already been decided by me, so any struggle on your part will be meaningless.”

“Die!” Xue Wu screamed, while he turned his palm over and released a blood-red energy.

The energy emitted a dangerous aura, as well as the fishy smell of blood, as it converged in his palm. As he waved his palm at them, an illusory blood-red palm print engulfed all of the people. When Old Chen, saw this, his heart intensely thumped and he was overwhelmed with shock.

“Quickly, retreat!” At this moment, a person quickly came over to them and shouted loudly, while a great number of white feathers flew towards them and formed a tremendous white net.

Xue Wu turned his head around and looked at him, his gaze becoming ice-cold. “You rashly used your Vital Energy? You are just seeking death now.”

It was Wu Hen! His complexion was purple and his eyes were bloodshot, making it obvious that the poison concentration inside of him had reached a dangerous degree.

“Wu Hen.” Old Chen was quite stunned, as he didn’t expect that Wu Hen would lose this quickly. But, what he was even more stunned by was that Wu Hen, despite knowing that it would most likely cause his death, had still risked his life to save them.

Wu Hen didn’t have the leisure for properly pondering all of this at this moment, so he just loudly shouted, “Don’t fight, just quickly flee, as you can’t face Xue Wu!”

Just before he managed to finish his words, he spouted a mouthful of dark purple blood, then immediately fainted. As his lost consciousness, his body fell swiftly from mid-air.

“Wu Hen!” Old Chen shouted in alarm, yet he was incapable of crossing the poisonous palm print and going to grab him.

Xue Wu sneered as he shook his head. “It’s truly interesting. Did Wu Hen became this devoted because he was controlled by someone?”

As Xue Wu gazed at Wu Hen, who was falling down, yet he didn’t take any pity on him. “You betrayed us and joined the enemies while we were at war. Thus, it’s already too good for you to just die like this. If the Fifth Saint Master was to deal with you himself, your fate would be even worse than death!”


The giant blood-red palm print collided against the white feathers net at this moment. The great amount of feathers quickly took on a black luster before they all rotted and turned to dust. Taking advantage of this momentary distraction, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members escaped. However, there were still hundreds of people at the front line who didn’t manage to flee in time.

Old Chen, Luo Xiong, and the others, were all among them, and they were unexpectedly engulfed by the poisonous palm print. While despair welled in their hearts, they each made a firm and decisive decision.

As they looked at Su Yu, who was fighting the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede, and then turned their attentions to Wu Hen, who had sacrificed his life for them, they didn’t retreat or back down. Instead, a dreadful fighting intent appeared in their eyes before they yelled in unison, “Kill them!”

There was no need for exchanging any more words at this moment, as they only needed to use their fists! The hundreds of people then immediately attacked the palm print. Before the gazes and cries of all of the people, they flew toward Xue Wu, just like moths shooting towards a flame.

“You overestimate yourself.” A cold expression appeared on Xue Wu’s face, which contained traces of anger, and shock.

He was incapable of understanding how such ants could behave so courageously. Their decisiveness and firmness made his heart shudder.

“Die!” He shouted, while the poisonous palm print immediately burst open, then turned into a poisonous air that swept throughout the surroundings.

Old Chen and the others, who were rushing at him, were all engulfed by it, but their fighting intent only became more intense! Old Chen angrily glared at him and said, “Even if an old man like me dies, there are still millions of cultivators in the Zhenlong Continent to follow in my footsteps! You can kill me, but you can’t kill all of the Zhenglong Continent’s people.”

He bitterly laughed, while he angrily shouted, “Let’s risk our lives! It’s just death that lies before us.”

He was right, as it was just death which was before them, and even if they could just get one pound of flesh from the enemy before their deaths, it would be worth it. With this assurance in mind, hundreds of decisive and angry pairs of eyes shone, while the bodies to which they belonged to readied for battle!

“You are just inviting disaster upon yourselves by overestimating your capabilities!” Xue Wu wore a cold expression, while he gazed at the people, each of whom were turning into dust before his very eyes


The weaker their cultivations were, the quicker they were annihilated. After just an instant, ten Heavenly Law Alliance’s members had already died and disappeared from the world, leaving nothing behind them but their names.

The bodies of Old Chen, Luo Xiong, and the annihilation team’s members were all invaded by the poison. Now, all that awaited them was death.