The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Army Of Vengeance

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“Haha, I will be the first to depart!” A figure charged ahead of the crowd as a loud shout was heard.

The figure had an empty left sleeve, and his left eye was shut. Only his right eye remained open. It was the one-armed hero, the young master of the South Pole Villa!

During the great battle, he had lost his only remaining arm. So, he could no longer hold a long blade with his hand.

However, he still had his blade, as he was holding it in his mouth! Currently, the blade was stained with both the enemy’s blood and his own blood!

As he laughed, with the blade in his mouth, he descended like a meteorite from above. He was akin to a light that was left behind by the heavens, one which guided the human clan in the midst of the darkness.


At the moment, his body was slowly disappearing. First, his legs disappeared. Then, the rest of his body began disappearing. By the time he had arrived in front of Xue Wu, only his head and the blade in his mouth could be seen.

“Die, you thief!” His head was now about three feet away from Xue Wu.

From that close range, the only right eye remaining shot out a very frightening bright light. It was almost like a divine weapon that had pierced through Xue Wu’s heart and struck his soul.

That moment caused Xue Wu’s heart to shake slightly. The clear hatred in the single eyeball displayed an endless quest for revenge. It was difficult to ignore.


By this time, the head had now completely vanished due to the corruption of the poison. The blade that had been in the mouth disappeared along with the head.

The one-armed young master was like a meteorite that had just burned out. All that was left behind was a beautiful shadow as he disappeared from the world forever. In the end, his blade had not even touched a single hair on Xue Wu’s body!

However, his spirit and posture had been very formidable. As such, it had pierced through Xue Wu’s heart.

“South Pole Villa’s young master!” shouted Old Chen, who stood beside Luo Xiong.

They had followed his track like two meteorites. They used their strong postures to turn into afterimages to strike against the invincible enemy.

The ground-shaking scene had moved everyone’s souls. People began tearing up and murmuring among themselves.

As Old Chen had said, even if he had died, there were still thousands upon thousands of Zhenlong’s people to consider. Old Chen, Luo Xiong, and the annihilation team all considered their imminent deaths as they returned home.

They were willing to turn into fallen meteorites in hopes of defeating their strong enemies. All of this had been done in hopes of sustaining the new generations.

“I am here too! What is there to be afraid of? Death is only death, after all!” shouted one of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, who had retreated previously. He suddenly rushed over.

“I am here, too! Life is like a game, after all. How could I live it simply and without valor? Let me fight an eventful battle to the end! Hahaha…” someone else shouted from the crowd.

“Don’t leave me out of the fun. I am Lee, and I finally understand the purpose of life! It is not to live for oneself, but to protect the people we love. However, it was too late when I understood it before, as you both had already left! Let me pass on this gift of protection to the next generations! Father, mother, here I come!” yet another person said.

“Haha, let us all go together. Even if we all die, we will use our blood to drown that red-haired freak!” another shouted with gusto.

“Charge! Let us use our blood to replenish Zhenlong’s first mountain river. Let us use our lives to create a new hope for the Zhenlong Continent!” An onlooker joined in as well.

“Kill!” Endless shouts suddenly erupted from the crowd.

The ten thousand people who had initially retreated were suddenly like a flood, ready to descend upon their enemy. They pressed forward with a strong aura. Even the poisonous energy rapidly dissipated in the face of such a powerful aura!

Regardless of how strong Xue Wu’s poisonous palm technique was, it could not suppress ten thousand people. Moreover, it could not suppress their undying will powers.


Xue Wu took a step back. Although it was only a single step, it revealed his inner panicked state.

He had never thought that a humans’ will powers could be this terrifying. They were clearly a group of mere ants, yet they were able to make him feel fear as a result of their invincible collective aura.

After he collected himself, Xue Wu felt embarrassed. He couldn’t believe that he had been frightened by a group of ants!

“All of you must die!” His voice cracked when he shouted. This completely revealed the panic that he was feeling.

He continuously struck out ten times with his palm. Each of his palm strikes engulfed more than a thousand people. As such, ten of his palm strikes could kill ten thousand people.

The Black Shadow Guards, who were behind him, also felt the magnificent might, which was akin to a fallen meteorite. As the ten thousand people charged toward them, their collective aura and magnificence caused them to shudder from the depths of their hearts.

They were equally surprised by the fact that the Seventh Saint Master, who had always been cruel and heartless, was actually panicked! The crowd of ten thousand clearly did not care about their own lives, as they had sworn to kill Xue Wu, no matter the cost! They did not even care that the ten palm strikes could potentially kill all of them!

“Hey-yah!” A soft yelling sound could be heard. It was coming from below them.

A pink kylin could be seen tiredly holding onto Wuhen, who had fainted. The kylin struggled to flap its wings and looked rather adorable.

When it had flown not far below them, the little kylin mustered all of its strength, then opened its mouth and sucked in deeply. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind warped around the poisonous energy that had come from the ten poisonous palm strikes. Then, the energy was all sucked into the little kylin’s mouth.

In the blink of an eye, the purple pigment in the air had been cleared and the sky became bright blue again. All of the poisonous energy had been sucked away!


The little kylin burped, as if it had become quite full. It then carried Wuhen beside Old Chen. After handing him over to Old Chen, the kyline knelt on Old Chen’s shoulder and bared its teeth at Xue Wu. It looked very angry.

The scene had stunned everyone, rendering them speechless. Even Xue Wu was shocked.

Was his blood poison just swallowed by a live spirit?

It’s fine if it did so, but how dare it jump around lightheartedly now?

“Wow. That is such a high-quality spiritual pet. I must have overlooked it! I must own this spiritual pet!” Xue Wu regained his composure and instantly coveted the kylin. His body then flashed as he turned into an afterimage and set out to catch the little kylin.

“Protect it!” shouted Old Chen upon sensing what was happening.

However, there was no way that they could be faster than a Grade Three Fairy. Before they could even move, Xue Wu had appeared before them. Amid his fierce laughter, he extended his hand towards the little kylin.


Right then, an odd, deafening sound was heard. A blue and yellow, round ball suddenly fell from the skies, heading straight toward Xue Wu’s head.

Xue Wu was stunned. He focused his gaze on it and laughed. “What kind of sneaky attack is this?”

The ball did not contain any Vital Energy, and the sound of its descent felt normal as well. It was as if it was truly falling from the sky coincidentally.

“Get lost!” Without even thinking, Xue Wu waved his hand and sent a gust of strong wind towards the blue and yellow ball to warp it away. However, the strong wind could not even move it, not even slightly.

Eh? Xue Wu finally felt that something was amiss. Although the strong wind seemed normal, it did contain quite a lot of force. Even a spiritual artifact treasure would change its course when influenced by such a strong wind.

However, this round ball did not show any signs of changing its movement. In fact, it did not waver one bit as it continued falling.

“Get away from me!” Xue Wu became serious, while a layer of bloody energy formed on his palm and he slapped the round ball.

Not only did the palm strike fail to slap the ball away, the poison had also turned into dust. When his hands touched the ball, Xue Wu’s face showed a fearful expression.

“Ahhh!” As a cracking sound was heard, he cried out in pain. Xue Wu’s hands had exploded instantly and turned into a shower of blood.

This was the result of the hands being crushed by a huge force! Everyone became silent and even forgot to breathe. They couldn’t help but wonder…

What kind of item was capable of forcing a Grade Three Fairy’s hands to explode?

However, that was not the end of it. After his hands exploded, the round ball’s falling motion did not eve slow. It was as if it had only just crushed an ant.

The huge falling force pressed down on Xue Wu. It seemed like they were both falling at a very rapid speed, catapulting towards the ground.


It felt as if the ground and mountains were shaking. Everyone on the ground started feeling the entire earth shaking beneath their feet. Most of the people immediately fell to the ground.

As for those who were in the air, they also felt a strong vibration, coming from the ground. They were all pushed backward several hundreds of meters!

At the same time, a huge cloud of dust appeared on the surface of the earth. It was humongous and was very magnificent to look at. Such a ground-shaking scene caused everyone to become silent at once, while they wondered…

What kind of ball is that thing? How could a simple ball fall like that and cause such a horrifying scene?

As the crowd was still confused and shocked, the dust began to disperse. The scene that appeared on the ground caused everyone’s hearts to beat even faster.

It looked as if the earth had been struck by a huge, unknown force. An endless round pit had formed, which was like a cave in the ground!

At the center of the pit, eight thick lines of cracks formed and extended in eight directions. One of the lines of cracks pierced through the central region of the city, thus splitting it in half.

This was all the result of a single ball falling from the sky! Even three batches of Fairies working together to deliver a single blow could not cause such a chaotic scene! Again, everyone had to wonder…

What terrifying object is this ball?

“I came too late.” A soft sigh could be heard from above.

The little kylin’s ears wiggled as it immediately galloped upwards. It jumped onto the shoulder of a silver-haired young man and rubbed its head against the young man’s neck affectionately.

“Alliance Master!” The crowd shouted loudly. Their respect for him had reached the highest possible point. As such, there was no way to describe it.

As they looked at the young man’s posture, many of the other young man could not even feel a tinge of jealousy. This was because Su Yu’s might was on a godly level in their hearts.

Old Chen was surprised by Su Yu’s method of leisurely killing Xue Wu. He was even more surprised that the ball Pearl Scales Blood Centipede that Su Yu was fighting had disappeared.

“Alliance Master, where is that evil thing?” asked Old Chen curiously.

Suddenly, he discovered that a stream of fresh blood was continuously dripping from Su Yu’s sleeve, flowing down to his wrist.

Old Chen was surprised to see this, so he quickly asked, “Alliance Master, have you been injured?”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s facial expression dimmed somewhat. He looked towards the skies, his Soul Eyes trying to see through something.

They had all been engaged in the fervent battle earlier, so they did not notice what was going on between Su Yu and the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede. The creature was indeed formidable. It was an expert in the pupil technique, such that even Su Yu’s light screen from the Eternal Stone King Armor could not withstand its attacks!

However, Su Yu’s arm was not injured by the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede. His injury had come from the ends of the Nine Heaven!

A strong stream of energy had fallen from the skies to snatch the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede away. But, before it had left, it had attempted to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu had only been able to withstand the attack at the crucial moment by activating his First Dragon’s Body, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, the Six Directional Ruler, and the Eternal Stone King Armor. In the end, his hand was still slashed, which explained the open wound.

Even with the protection of his many treasures and his First Dragon’s Body, he had still been injured. From the beginning to the end, Su Yu could not see the opponent’s figure clearly. The only thing he was certain of was that the opponent had come from the ends of the Nine Heaven!

As Su Yu looked at the wound on his arm, his heart sank slightly.

“Alliance Master…” Old Chen could sense that something was amiss. He knew that the person who could injure the Alliance Master must be very powerful.

Su Yu collected himself and waved his hand. “I am fine. Please check on the casualties of the alliance members.”

He then ordered loudly, “Save the injured and bury the dead!”

Su Yu had witnessed the scene during which the one-armed young master had turned into dust. However, he was not able to help in time. So, he could only let the little kylin assist them.

That scene had touched Su Yu’s soul as much as it had the others. After giving his order, Su Yu’s cold gaze turned toward the remaining twenty-two Black Shadow Guards.

When they felt his gaze upon them, they instinctively took a few steps backward. They were weary, after all, as the fight had left them with many casualties.

“Hold on! We surrender!” Not wanting to fight anymore, the Black Shadow Guards immediately surrendered.

“Who accepted your surrender?” As he asked the question, Su Yu’s gaze turned even colder.

He then started condensing air in his right palm. Soon, the air had condensed into a small black ball.

It was a small ball that had formed out of immense air pressure. Its destructive energy was hovering in Su Yu’s palm.

“Since the ancient times, it has always been the case that the ones who surrender would not be killed,” one of the Black Shadow Guards said.

The rest of the Black Shadow Guards’ faces all turned white. They all felt the deadly aura that was coming from Su Yu’s palm.

However, before the guard could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Su Yu. “Since the ancient times? Had the people not surrendered where you passed through? Had you ever considered that, since these ancient times, you have too much of the Zhenlong’s people’s blood on your hands? As such, you cannot be spared.”

The Black Shadow Guards’ faces turned even more pale. They had never thought that they would one day become the victims of a massacre!

“Aren’t you people from the Zhenlong army known for being kind and merciful? Are you not worried that such a massacre would be to your shame?” The guard was clearly trying to talk his way out of danger.

However, Su Yu laughed for a long while. “Who told you that we, the Heavenly Law Alliance, were kind and merciful? Look at the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members. Look in their eyes. What kind of army do you see?”

As they glanced over, they could see neither kindness nor mercy in their eyes. They were only filled with hatred and vengeance!

It was an army of vengeance!