The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Borrowing An Army From A Thousand Miles

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After thinking for a while, Su Yu asked, “Old Chen, have you measured the amount of resources that are left in the empire?”

Old Chen answered, “Yes. The various medicines, techniques, materials and treasures are sufficient for the Heavenly Law Alliance to consume for a month.”

“A month is not too bad.” Su Yu’s eyes glistened slightly.

There were not many armed forces in the empire. In fact, there were only ten main regions, one Palace Master, and a small number of silver-clothed and purple-clothed guards.

The resources that they required to sustain themselves for an entire year could be used to maintain the consumption of ten thousand people for a month. That was the limit.

“Gather all of the masters of medicines. Get them to make various cultivations of medicines. We should prioritize the use of these medicines for the best of our alliance members first. We are still far too weak,” ordered Su Yu.

The previous battle had exposed the Heavenly Law Alliance’s weakened battle power. With ten thousand people against twenty-three, it had taken the sacrifice of a hundred men to kill a single one of the opponent’s men.

With their current battle power, if they were to fight against Fifth Saint Master’s army of one thousand, it would be like hitting a rock with eggs. There was not the slightest chance of their being the victors.

Old Chen suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He wondered…

Is Su Yu planning on fighting against the Fifth Saint Master’s big army? That would be madness!

How could those ten thousand people possibly achieve victory?

“Alliance Master, please forgive me for being blunt. Even if we gathered all of the Zhenlong Continent’s materials and medicine makers, it would be difficult to strengthen our Heavenly Law Alliance members’ battle powers to a degree that would be sufficient to fight against Fifth Saint Master’s army!” Old Chen said.

He then continued to raise his concerns. “We only have twenty Two Crystals Half Fairies and a hundred One Crystal Half Fairies. Based on our current capabilities, how could we fight them?”

Based on Old Chen’s observations, if they were to fight the Fifth Saint Master’s army, which was ten times stronger than them, their victory would only be a fairy tale.

“Just do as I say!” yelled Su Yu, refusing to accept his advice.

Old Chen shivered and suddenly felt his chest tighten. “Yes, Alliance Master.”

“Although Zhenlong is large, where could we possibly go to be safe? Could we go to the southern continent, the western continent, or the eastern continent? Old Chen, do you see any way out?” Su Yu turned around and showed a blank facial expression.

His words shook Old Chen to the core. Old Chen finally suddenly realized the truth.

Su Yu was right. There really was nowhere else that they could find shelter in the entire Zhenlong Continent. As there was no place that they could escape to, their only option was to fight to the very end!

“Alliance Master, you are right. I will arrange things immediately. However, we do have limited materials. In fact, Phoenix Master Qiu, who is the best at making medicines, is currently unconscious. As such, we may not be able to increase our strength by much in a month.” Old Chen looked concerned.

Su Yu answered him in a low voice, “Alright, I understand. Just do as I have instructed. I have other ways…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and entered the house. At the same time, Old Chen bowed and left. He then immediately gathered everyone in the Heavenly Law Alliance, including all of the masters of medicine-making.

He then instructed them all according to Su Yu’s orders. His face was solemn and is tone was serious. After all, their very lives were at stake!

In the house, Su Yu’s cold expression was replaced by one of gentleness. Three figures lay quietly in the house. They were Elder Jiu, Phoenix Master Qiu, and Xia Jingyu.

“Are you really going to fight the Fifth Saint Master?” asked Elder Jiu as he opened his eyes and sat up with some difficulty.

Although he had woken up several days ago, his injuries were still severe, so he had to be taken care of by Su Yu. As Su Yu looked at him respectfully, he answered, “If we do not fight, we will die. Thus, we have no other option.”

Elder Jiu’s old eyes were were filled with clarity and other mixed emotions. He never would have dreamed that the young man who he had once protected would become his protector.

Su Yu had even taken over the Heavenly Law Alliance and become the Alliance Master of this long-standing force! Moreover, this difference in stature had occurred in less than three years! He was indeed proud of him.

“We must come up with another idea. I have personally witnessed an attack from the Fifth Saint Master’s clone. Even the First Void World Senior’s strong body was suppressed by his single palm strike.” Elder Jiu’s tone was solemn as he stared into Su Yu’s eyes.

Su Yu wondered if this palm strike was the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. He knew that the Fifth Saint Master was capable of using this palm strike to overcome a normal Grade Nine Fairy. It was indeed extraordinarily frightening.

Su Yu gave it a thought, before shaking his head with a bitter laugh. “I don’t have any other ideas…”

He had only told Old Chen that he had other ways in order to console him. After all, it was no easy feat to increase the cultivation of ten thousand people. Now that Elder Jiu had asked him about it directly, Su Yu finally spoke the truth.

Elder Jiu sighed quietly. “How do you plan to deal with them, then? In a month’s time, the big army will have arrived. Then, they will slaughter everyone in the Heavenly Law Alliance. You may not care about their lives, but what about your fiancée Qin Xianer? And… This Lord Yi Yu… I am sure that your relationship with her is anything but simple…”

Elder Jiu sighed again, then said, “If the Fifth Saint Master is leading the big army this time, I think a huge shift might be happening in the Zhenlong Continent. I can sense that they have gathered enough strength. The only thing that is awaiting the Zhenlong Continent now is a repeat of the huge massacre that happened ten thousand years ago. It appears that it cannot be prevented.”

Ten thousand years ago, the Zhenlong Continent had fallen into an endless pit of disaster. And now, ten thousand years later, history was about to repeat itself.

As Su Yu looked at Xia Jingyu’s peaceful expression, as she was in a deep sleep, his heart sank inexplicably. Just a month from now, with the arrival of their certain deaths, he wondered how he could protect Xia Jingyu.

He thought about Xianer as well. They had only just reunited. He couldn’t bear the thought of being separated yet again, especially by death!

His heart felt very heavy all of a sudden. In all honesty, apart from them, there were still many other people in the Zhenlong Continent needed his protection, from Shenyue Island to the Hundred Territories Alliance, and even towards the northern continent’s empire.

Once the Fifth Saint Master arrived with his massive army, everything would surely be razed to the ground. He had to wonder…

Will history repeat itself in the end?

Su Yu had little confidence that he could get through this disaster alive.

As Su Yu was pondering all of these things, Elder Jiu said, “I do have a way. However, I am not sure if you will be willing to give it a try.”

Su Yu was surprised. “Oh? Please share your idea, Elder Jiu.”

“It is very simple. You must go to the Empire of Darkness! Here… This is a letter that I have written personally. Hand it to the King of Darkness, and he will assist you.”

As he spoke, Elder Jiu retrieved a letter from his bosom. As the ink on the letter had already dried, the letter seemed to have been written several days ago. As such, Su Yu had to wonder…

Did he predict that this day would arrive?

“How strong are the empire’s armed forces?” asked Su Yu, while he peered into Elder Jiu’s eyes.

Even though the empire had never appeared in any battles, despite their being surrounded, Su Yu did not doubt that it had the capabilities to fight against the otherworldly experts. After all, the Empire of Darkness had always been the strongest force since the establishment of the forces of Emperor Jiuzhou’s Five Great Guards many decades ago.

No one knew how much stronger it had become in these last ten decades. This was because such a frightening force had never showed its true self.

“How strong are they?” Elder Jiu smiled mysteriously. “They are so strong that Fifth Saint Master has waited this long to come out with his army!”

Su Yu’s eyes contracted slightly. In other words, he was saying that the Fifth Saint Master had been hiding in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds all this time because he was wary of the Empire of Darkness!

How strong was this Empire of Darkness?

“Now that the Fifth Saint Master is about to come out, you should carry this news to the Empire of Darkness. It is time for them to appear as well! Take my personal letter and hand it to the King of Darkness. He will know how to deal with this,” Elder Jiu said.

Su Yu showed a look of surprise. “Elder Jiu, is the King of Darkness still alive in this world? Since hundreds of years ago, when he came out to eliminate the Tu Clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, he has never appeared again. Even the Seven Lords of Darkness do not know whether he is dead or alive. Are you sure that I will I be able to deliver this letter into his hands?”

Hearing this, Elder Jiu laughed. “Him? Hehe, he would not die, even if everyone else did! Be at peace and go forth boldly with this letter. As long as you mention that this is my personal letter, someone will deliver it to the King of Darkness.”

Could this really be so? Su Yu suddenly felt even more curious about this famed lord of the Zhenlong Continent. This person of legendary stature was undoubtedly the King of a foregone generation, as his shadow hovered over the entire continent!

Ever since Su Yu had first stepped into the Empire of Darkness, he had heard many things about him. Now, Su Yu, who was a mere nobody from Shenyue Island, would have the opportunity to meet this legendary figure in person! Thinking about this made Su Yu even more excited.

“Alright, I will head to the Empire of Darkness,” Su Yu said as he nodded.

He would head there to ask for assistance to protect the northern continent and the people he loved within it. It was important that he succeeded!

Elder Jiu laughed as he passed the letter to Su Yu. He looked at him deeply before sighing lightly. “I have been watching you all this time. When I met you so many years ago, I never thought that you would get this far. It seems that I have become too old and am losing my sense of sight.”

Su Yu laughed softly. “You still have a disciple like Gang Dalei, so why are you sighing? He is very talented and will definitely make you proud.”

He knew that Gang Dalei had an unusual background and was very talented, so he figured that Elder Jiu must have accepted him as a disciple because of his uniqueness. This showed that Elder Jiu was still sharp.

Elder Jiu was stunned for a while before a complicated look appeared in his eyes. “Gang Dalei, he is… Forget it. There is no point in telling you. You should get ready as soon as possible. The earlier you get assistance, the better.”

“Alright, I just have to deal with a few other things before beginning my journey.” Su Yu did not forget that there were still a few matters that he had to attend to.

“Elder Jiu, could I ask about Palace Master Ling’s safety?” Su Yu looked at him expectantly. After all, he had stepped into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion in order to save Ling Xiaotian.

Elder Jiu slapped his head. “I nearly forgot!”

He retrieved an alcohol gourd from his shoulder, then shook the gourd. Instead of alcohol, a small golden light hoop fell out of it. The light hoop gradually grew larger until it finally became the size of a human. It was the Dragon-shaped Coffin!

“Although this is a broken low grade divine artifact, it is capable of absorbing the world’s Spiritual Energy in order to preserve the body of an injured person. Fortunately, this was why Palace Master Ling was able to survive to this day.” Even Elder Jiu had to praise the Dragon-shaped Coffin’s capabilities.

However, Su Yu knew that the Dragon-shaped Coffin and the Vital Energy he had left behind previously would not have been sufficient to keep Ling Xiaotian alive. Elder Jiu had personally imbued his own Vital Energy in order to maintain Ling Xiaotian’s life.

“I will never forget Elder Jiu’s good deed.” Su Yu did not explain further, bowed to Elder Jiu in gratitude.

Elder Jiu had a look of gladness and admiration on his face as he giggled and said, “You willingly faced death by entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion in order to repay Liang Xiaotian’s kindness. It is hard to find such a man in this world.”

“You exaggerate with your praise, Elder Jiu.” Su Yu laughed humbly.

After all, it was a part of his principles to repay one’s kindness. So, in Su Yu’s mind, there was nothing special about his actions.

After he finished speaking, Su Yu immediately knelt down and opened the Dragon-shaped Coffin.