The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Finishing The Wedding

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Ling Xiaotian’s familiar-looking yet aged face appeared before him. His body was thin and wizened, and his complexion was haggard. He seemed completely different than the past high-spirited Palace Master of the northern continent’s empire branch.

Su Yu’s heart instantly warmed, while his eyes almost teared up. As he looked at his face, Su Yu knew that it had aged because of him!

Ling Xiaotian had sacrificed himself and passed the Evil Ghost Bloodline to him so that Su Yu could survive. He had given Su Yu the opportunity of starting his life over once again, while he himself had aged, becoming old and weak.

Su Yu took all of the crystals in his spatial ring and placed them in the dragon-shaped coffin. Then, the dragon-shaped coffin quietly absorbed the Vital Energy, then emitted a peculiar energy that went directly into Ling Xiaotian’s body.

His wizened body started recovering at a noticeable speed, becoming more robust. Such was also the case for his aged face, as it recovered its luster and former handsome features. But, his white hair would never regain its past radiance or color.

As his eyelids slightly shivered, a pair of profound and confused eyes snapped open and stared up at Su Yu, who softly called to him. “Palace Master Ling…”

Ling Xiaotian was at first confused and wasn’t able to speak clearly. After all, he had been sleeping for a long time! He then managed to say weakly, “Yin… Yin Yu, you are still alive…”

Although he had been asleep, he still clearly understood that a long amount of time must have passed. Su Yu nodded, then faintly smiled.

Su Yu then began to tell him all about his experiences in the last three years, including how he had gone from being the vengeful Black Snow Devil King to becoming the current master of the Heavenly Law Alliance.

When he finished listening, Ling Xiaotian, who had completely recovered, sighed deeply. Complex emotions flickered in his eyes as he gazed at Su Yu.

“In the past, I was just fulfilling my promise to protect you as long as I was alive. I never expected that you would one day become the master of the Heavenly Law Alliance! The benefits of your fate are truly marvelous!” Ling Xiaotian spoke while sighing.

He admired and respected Su Yu for what he had done. Yet, he was also somewhat disturbed over the fact that he had left the Empire of Darkness and gone to the Heavenly Law Alliance. This was because his heart was still concerned about the Empire of Darkness, even though it had almost been the death of him!

“Palace Master, I can travel to the Empire of Darkness immediately, as I have already resolved all enmities between us. So, please be relieved of that worry.” Su Yu spoke such words became he saw through Ling Xiaotian’s thoughts, and as he expected, a relieved look appeared on his face when he heard Su Yu’s reassurances.

Ling Xiaotian then said, “Okay, if that’s the case, then quickly travel there, and I will hand over the northern continent to you.”

Su Yu nodded. “Elder Jiu, Palace Master Ling, please look after the Phoenix Master Qiu and Lord Yi Yu while I’m away. I will surely return in three days.”

Elder Jiu nodded. “Don’t worry. Lord Yi Yu’s consciousness is just somewhat muddled, but her life isn’t in any danger. As for the Phoenix Master Qiu, we still need some special medicinal pills for her. I don’t have them, but some of them should still be stored by the Empire of Darkness. So, while you are there, please ask for them. She should be fine if we can get them.”

After they had used the resources here in the past ten days, they had managed to stop her injuries from worsening, but her life was still in grave danger.

“These are some of the medicinal pills. Take them with you so that you know what you are looking for, and don’t forget to bring them back with you!” Elder Jiu threw a jade pendant at him as he spoke.

Su Yu took it and looked at its contents carefully. “Phoenix Tail Purple Fire Pill, Peerless Moon Fall Pill… Okay, I got it.” Su Yu read the names in a soft voice, then said, “Sirs, I must now take my leave.”

After he spoke, he floated up into the air and flew away.

“What a powerful soul power.” Elder Jiu couldn’t help but marvel.

Ling Xiaotian, who was beside him, clasped his hands behind his back as he looked at Su Yu’s retreating form. A gentle smile appeared at the corners of his mouth as he said, “Elder Jiu, as matters stand, is there still a need for you to hide your true status?”

His speech was extremely sudden and odd, as according to their levels of seniority and strengths, Ling Xiaotian was just a nobody compared to Elder Jiu, yet he still dared to speak to him in such a way!

Elder Jiu squinted his eyes and replied, “Well, who are you? Are you truly just an insignificant Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness?”

Ling Xiaotian turned around and faced him, his complexion composed and calm. He clearly didn’t fear Elder Jiu at all, and he even possessed the aura of some profound and powerful expert.

He then replied, “Elder Jiu, it would be better for you to not know who I am, as it may get you killed.”

His words were quite austere and dignified, and his confident presence made one’s heart shudder. Ling Xiaotian was completely different than his past vital and strong self, as he was now on the brink of death. Moreover, he had a mysterious and peculiar air about him, almost making it seem like he couldn’t possibly really be Ling Xiaotian.

“Who are you really?” Elder Jiu’s expression changed, as if he was facing some great enemy.

Ling Xiaotian looked at him with his sharp and profound gaze. “I already said that it would be better for you to not know. You just need to know that I don’t have any malicious designs towards you.”

Elder Jiu’s gaze flickered, and only after a while did he calm down. “Well, I also don’t hide any dark reasons for hiding my status. I only do so to protect myself.”

“I hope that is truly the case, as Su Yu is extremely important to me. If any mishaps were to befall him, then no one could save you from my wrath.” Ling Xiaotian calmly left such words behind him as he immediately flew away.

However, just before he left, his gaze lingered briefly on Elder Jiu, then fell upon the Phoenix Master Qiu. “The Phoenix Master Qiu’s injuries are quite severe, and if I’m not mistaken, they look to have been caused by an All Creation Old Monster, so you better do your best, as I don’t want Su Yu to just die just like this!”

An All Creation Old Monster? Elder Jiu turned around in surprise and looked at the Phoenix Master Qiu. He had no idea that such a terrifying existence had attacked her!

“Where are you going?” When he turned his head back around, Elder Jiu looked with a grave gaze at the departing Ling Xiaotian.

Ling Xiaotian wore a mysterious smile as he spoke, “Tell Su Yu that we will run into each other soon.”

After he pondered this for a long while, Elder Jiu muttered in a soft voice, “It’s rumored that the Yin Yu area is the place where the Empire of Darkness first rose up. As such, it’s said to have been protected for many generations by a mysterious expert. Was Ling Xiaotian that mysterious expert?”


Su Yu didn’t have any idea about what had just happened in the scene above, as he was now in the courtyard.

Xianer was sitting under the shade of a tree in the courtyard, while holding a scarlet feather. She was earnestly examining it, as it seemed like some mysterious characters were written upon it.

At this moment, the shadow of someone crossed over the feather, and when Xianer raised her head, a familiar face appeared before her.

“Brother Su Yu.” Xianer revealed an adorable smile, while two dimples appeared on her cheeks.

“What are you looking at?” Su Yu crouched down and took her into his embrace.

Xianer’s face became flushed, and she obediently let herself lie in his embrace. She leaned her head against his shoulder, and a faint fragrant breath came out of her mouth, then blew into Su Yu’s ears…

“It’s a feather that was left for me in the Fairy King’s remnants. It seems like a healing art is written upon it, but I can’t understand it. Brother Su Yu, can you help me comprehend it?” she asked.

A healing art? As Su Yu took a glance at it, an odd look appeared on his face. This was an extremely rare healing art that was capable of healing destroyed Dantians!

It was well known that once one’s Dantian was destroyed, his cultivation would be crippled, and although Su Yu had quite a vast and broad knowledge of such things, he had never once heard about the healing of destroyed Dantians ever actually occurring!

Moreover, this healing art in particular was somewhat odd, as this art needed a great amount of Yin Energy to be used, along with a Fairy King’s liquid, in order to reform the Dantian once again. Then, the new reformed Dantian would be different than ordinary people’s Dantians, as it would be much bigger!

“For such a healing art to exist in this world, it’s truly marvelous!” Su Yu clicked his tongue in wonder.

“Ahh! Brother Su Yu, how did you understand it this quickly?” Xianer pouted, and her face became somewhat dim.

Su Yu smiled and stroked her head. “Hehe, when you grew up, you will surely be able to comprehend such things.”

Although she felt inferior at the moment, as this art involved dual cultivation between a woman and a man, it would be odd if she had managed to understand it.

“I’m not a little child.” Xianer puffed out her cheeks, while her watery eyes looked angrily up at Su Yu. This only made her seem quite adorable.

As he looked at her face, which had maturated recently, along with her small chest, the smell of her sweet fragrance stirred Su Yu’s heart. Clearly, Xianer wasn’t a little child any longer.

“Xianer, if you aren’t busy, please look after the Phoenix Master Qiu and Lord Yi Yu. I must go on a trip, but I will come back soon,” Su Yu said.

As Xianer understood his current situation, she obediently nodded. “Okay, brother Su Yu, go take care of it. I’ll be fine by myself here. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that sister Jing Yu wanted me to give this object to you…”

Xianer then took a book from her bag. It was the Starry Sky Heavenly Book.

While in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, Xia Jingyu had asked Xianer to give it to Su Yu, and because of some various and complex matters, she hadn’t been able to get it to Su Yu until just now.

“What is this?” As Su Yu received it, he was somewhat bewildered. It seemed like the book had been in Xianer’s possession for a long time.

As Su Yu curiously tried to open it, he discovered that the heavenly book was a divine artifact, which still held strong essences of its past owner’s will. Su Yu could depend upon his powerful soul to directly erase the will that Xia Jingyu had left upon it, but he was worried that this will might cause some harm to Xianer.

“It was given to me by sister, while we were in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. At that time, she chose to sacrifice herself to save me. I didn’t know that sister Yi Yu was sister Jing Yu at that time, so in hindsight, it wasn’t really surprising that she tried to save me.” When she recalled that moment, Xianer found herself still moved by all that had occurred that day, even after all this time had passed.

Su Yu was startled, now understanding that the will of the owner of the book would disappear along with the death of its master. At the time that Xia Jingyu was preparing herself for death, she had wanted to hand such a book to Su Yu. Thinking of this, Su Yu couldn’t help but wonder what was inside the book that was so important!

“Fine, I will take it, and when Xia Jingyu wakes up, I will ask her about it directly.” Su Yu nodded, then softly kissed Xianer’s forehead. “Xianer, wait for me. I will return soon.”

Xianer’s face became flushed, and she shyly waved at him, then sent him off with a longing gaze. When Su Yu turned his head back to get one last glance at her, his heart was quite moved.

All along, she was the one following behind him, and she always left the most important position in her heart for him. Also, as she was quite weak and gentle, she needed his protection.

After four years of hardships, while each walking a bumpy path, it was finally time for them to officially embrace their relationship. Joy welled up in his heart as he realized this.

“Xianer, wait for my return. Once I take care of the continent’s matters, we will finish our wedding.” Su Yu faintly smiled, while making the decision confidently in his heart.

It was time for him and Xianer to finish their interrupted wedding!