The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Pure Divine Decree

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“What are you talking about?” asked Xianer.

Xianer was stunned for a while. After she returned to her senses, her small cheeks were flushed with a redness, as if she had been burned. She tipped her toes and ran away with her head down. Her big eyes were filled with embarrassed tears.

As Su Yu watched her figure slowly moving away, he sighed in relief. In the end, he had made a decision between Xianer and Xia Jingyu. He could not let Xianer down.

With the heavy obligation in his heart lifted, Su Yu no longer felt burdened. He leapt into the sky and flew away.

In the northern continent, at the Phoenix Cabinet.

The once magnificent Phoenix Cabinet was now abandoned. Many damaged pavilions and palaces could be seen, all of which had cracks all over the walls.

“It’s easy to be distracted by the objects that deteriorate around us. Perhaps it is better if we focus on the people before us,” A well-built, handsome young man with distinct facial features mumbled to himself as he stood by a lake.

Behind him, several Half Fairies were standing tall with long blades in their hands. Each of them looked cruel and serious.

However, none of them moved in the slightest bit. They stood still, like blocks of wood.

“I have finally conquered the Phoenix Cabinet in the Zhenlong Continent, which gathers all of the geniuses and beautiful people. Based on my observation, the beauty of these people are indeed astonishing, just as rumors said.” The handsome young man was also a Saint Master.

He then added, “As such, when the Fifth Saint Master comes, I will be able to offer him a huge gift.”

The handsome young man laughed softly. “Have you selected the most perfect and beautiful ladies from the group of hostages?”

The guard behind him bowed respectfully. “Sixth Saint Master, it has all been arranged accordingly.”

As he clapped his hands, ten outstandingly beautiful disciples were brought forward. A single look at them revealed that each of the ladies were either seductive, pure, proud or gentle. Each of them had their own unique features and qualities, all of which were breathtaking.

The Sixth Saint Master glanced at each of them. However, he frowned slightly. “They are indeed beautiful. However, their cultivation is slightly low. A girl’s Yin Element improves as her cultivation increases. Aren’t there any beautiful ladies with better cultivations here?”

“Sixth Saint Master, in terms of beauty, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master and her previous disciple, Feng Xianzi, are the two most beautiful ladies. They would clearly meet Fifth Saint Master’s expectations. However, they lost their virginities long ago. I am afraid that Fifth Saint Master would not accept them,” the guard answered nervously.

“The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master and Feng Xianzi are indeed rare beauties in this world. I have personally seen them before.” The Sixth Saint Master was in charge of attacking the Phoenix Cabinet, so naturally, he had seen them both and was very impressed by their beauty.

“To think that such ladies have actually lost their virginity… What a waste!” exclaimed the Sixth Saint Master.

The guard also secretly felt that it was a loss, as the two beautiful ladies were earthly delights. However, they had already lost their virginities to someone else. Despite this, neither of them knew that the two ladies had lost their virginities to the same man.

“Sixth Saint Master, how should we deal with the two of them? Since they have lost their value, can we give them to our brothers?” he asked.

Although the Sixth Saint Master required virgin ladies, the others did not. Apart from the two ladies, there were still many valuable ladies in the Phoenix Cabinet. As such, this place was like a wonderland to the men.

“Hehe, I will gift them to you once I am done playing with them.” The Sixth Saint Master smiled devilishly.

He then added, “However, now is not the time! Everything must wait until the Fifth Saint Master is done enjoying them. Although the two of them have lost their virginities, their Yin Elements have not been used up yet. Hence, it is not our turn to enjoy them. All of you, pass on the order that nobody can touch the ladies before the Fifth Saint Master’s visit has ended. Otherwise, I will personally execute all of you!” The Sixth Saint Master sounded extremely cruel.

As such, those who had felt a burning passion in their hearts immediately stopped feeding their greedy thoughts. After all, the Sixth Saint Master was right. The Fifth Saint Master must be the priority.

“Everything has been sorted out. I wonder how Xue Wu and Wuhen are doing? The northern continent will be the first place that the Fifth Saint Master visits. There must not be any mishaps,” the Sixth Saint Master mumbled.

The guard behind him added, “Sixth Saint Master, you may rest assured that Seventh Saint Master Xue Wu and Eighth Saint Master Wuhen have the best armies with them. So, there should not be any issue with handling those weak forces.”

Hearing this, the Sixth Saint Master’s eyes flashed with a wise look. “I am not too worried about Wuhen. Although the army and battle power that he has are weaker than Xue Wu’s, he has a calmer personality and never rushes things. So, he ought not fail. However, as for Xue Wu, he is always rash and tends to overestimate himself. As such he might miss out on something…”

“Report!” Suddenly, an urgent voice came from outside the Phoenix Cabinet.

The person who appeared was an old man with a pale face and white hair. Although he looked very alert, there were signs of panic in his eyes.

“Why are you in such a rush, Yue Zhong?” the Sixth Saint Master asked with his brows raised.

Yue Zhong ignored the guards and stepped forward, bowing only towards the Sixth Saint Master. “Sixth Saint Master, something terrible has happened. The big army led by Xue Wu has been completely annihilated!”

As his voice resonated in each of the guard’s ears, none of them could believe what they had just heard. In fact, everyone thought that they had heard this news mistakenly.

“You! Say it again!” The Sixth Saint Master’s face turned ice cold.

Yue Zhong bit his teeth as he repeated what he had just said, “Xue Wu’s army has been annihilated…”


The green tile beneath the Sixth Saint Master’s feet had broken into pieces. His peaceful-looking facial expression had long since vanished. In its place was a look of deep concern.

“Did the Empire of Darkness do this?” the Sixth Saint Master asked coldly.

He could not imagine how the Zhenlong Continent could have such strong powers. The only possible explanation was the Empire of Darkness, which had not appeared until now.

“No.” Yue Zhong revealed a look of disbelief. “It was someone else.”

“Who? Is there such a strong power in the Zhenlong Continent?” the Sixth Saint Master asked with a surprised look.

“The Heavenly Law Alliance!” Yue Zhong uttered. “Saint Master Xue Wu died at the hands of the Heavenly Law Alliance Master!”

“That is impossible!” The Sixth Saint Master could not believe it. He said with certainty, “It might be possible, if it was Heavenly Law Alliance’s First Void World Senior who did it. However, the so-called Alliance Master is a mere piece of trash, who did not even achieve the Fairy state. How could he possibly kill Xue Wu?”

Yue Zhong shook his head in silence, while his face glimmered with shock. “No, it is the Heavenly Law Alliance’s new Alliance Master. His name is Su Yu!”

“Su Yu? What divine being is he? Is there a Zhenlong Continent expert, who we do not yet know about?” the Sixth Saint Master asked curiously.

Yue Zhong spoke shakily, “He is not some divine being. He is not even a Fairy expert. From what I know, three years ago, he was a mere nobody of low stature!”

He then added, “He had managed to comprehend the Pure Divine Decree, which angered the Great Saint Master. He would have been killed by the Great Saint Master if it was not for the King of Darkness’ interference. I had no choice but to try to kill him myself. However, in the end, he disappeared from the world. He then reappeared three years later as the new Heavenly Law Alliance Master.”

He shook his head, then said, “He even has unthinkable capabilities! According to our intel, Saint Master Wuhen has become his slave, while Saint Master Xue Wu was captured alive! Also, he killed twenty-three Half Fairy warriors with a single palm strike, so there is no way of telling how strong his true capabilities are!”

Yue Zhong was naturally the Fairy expert who had hidden in the Zhenlong Continent as the Ninth Saint Master. He was also the forefather of the Yue Clan, which was one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans. As such, he held the lowest ranking among the Saint Masters.

The Ninth Saint Master could not imagine how the little fellow who he had tried to kill previously could have become the Heavenly Law Alliance Master and have such frightening battle power.


Suddenly, the Ninth Saint Master felt a slap across his face. After the slap was heard, there was a fresh mark of a palm on his face.

“B*stard! Why are you only telling me this now?” The Sixth Saint Master was greatly angered. “A hundred years ago, our king had wasted so much effort in hiding you in the continent to spy on the experts who appeared in the continent. You were to report every single outstanding person to us. Why did you keep the information about Su Yu from us?”

The Ninth Saint Master replied bitterly, “He was a mere nobody at the time. After that, he went missing, so I did not pay much attention to him.”

“A mere nobody? Yue Zhong, I think you have lost your senses in your old age!” The Sixth Saint Master said coldly. “The Divine Decree has always been unpredictable. Any martial artist who went on this path would have an unimaginable power, especially if he achieved the state above the Pure Divine Decree. That person would be stronger than any of his peers at the same level. If one comprehended a strong divine decree, he could even kill enemies above his level. These mysterious martial artists are even feared by many in Jiuzhou.”

He then asked, “Have you forgotten about Heartless Man, one of the Five Great Guards of Emperor Jiuzhou? His might, when he was using the Divine Decree, was as strong as the existence of a prefecture’s king. Even our Central Prefecture’s king was wary of him. He was the most feared existence among the Five Great Guards.”

He then asked, “If this young man is capable of cultivating the Pure Divine Decree, how could you think that he was a mere nobody? I think that you have stayed too long in the Zhenlong Continent. Your mind has been warped!”

Facing such heavy-handed judgment, Yue Zhong’s heart was beating wildly. He knew that he perhaps really had made a mistake.

If he had reported the news previously, perhaps the Central Prefecture would have done everything it could to kill this young man. Then, the state of affairs today might have been much different.

“It is all my fault in failing to observe this. Sixth Saint Master, please have mercy on me.” Yue Zhong felt cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

Sixth Saint Master yelled at him coolly, “Now is the time when we need all the manpower we can get. I naturally would not do anything to you. I will deal with you once we are done with the matters in the Zhenlong Continent!”

He then commanded, “Guard this place. I will go and meet the Heavenly Law Alliance Master myself!”

As soon as the Sixth Saint Master finished speaking, he leapt into the air in an instant.

A figure was moving forward quickly as the scenery around seemed to move backwards. Su Yu had travelled thousands of miles rapidly, passing through most of the Jiuzhou Continent. Currently, he was headed for the Empire of Darkness.

“Master, is what you said true, that once the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation combines with the Underworld Pearl, it could activate three-tenths of the Underworld Pearl’s might?” Su Yu asked as he was flying in the air.

The blue and yellow round pearl that had crushed Xue Wu was an object that had been formed through the combination of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Underworld Pearl. Su Yu had only been able to refine less than one-tenth of the Underworld Pearl, so naturally, he did not have the ability to combine the items. It was actually Yun Yazi who had helped Su Yu to craft the item.

“Hehe, why would I lie to you? There is an excess of ghost energy in the Underworld Pearl. Even if you completely refine the Underworld Pearl, you would not be able to yield the supposed might. It would be a complete waste of a great treasure,” he replied.

He then added, “Instead, we ought to fuse it with your Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and transform it into the Underworld Great Formation. You could then use the ghost energy within it to kill your enemies. The might would be more than ten times as strong as your Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. But, you can decide on how you want to use it.”

Underworld Great Formation? Su Yu licked his lips excitedly. Although he did not know what it was, he knew it would be a complicated formation if it came from Yun Yazi.

“Unfortunately, there is only one Underworld Pearl. If we were to transform all five of the round pearls, the might of the formation would be truly a sight to behold!” Yun Yazi exclaimed.

Su Yu could not help but roll his eyes. It was already incredibly lucky of him to have acquired a single Underworld Pearl. He couldn’t imagine how he could possibly obtain several more from the Master of the Ghost World!