The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 656

Chapter 656 The Dragon Clans Language

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“But, if it’s just a single bead, then it can exhibit an imaginable power when used with your First Dragon’s Body! The pearl is extremely heavy, and all those who don’t have a strong fleshly body would suffer if they ran into you!” Yun Yazi said.

The Underworld Pearl had a terrifying weight, despite its small size. As such, even Su Yu, who still hadn’t refined it, couldn’t let it budge by even an inch.

If Su Yu were to someday manage to refine it and perfectly control it, then, with his First Dragon’s Body’s power, if he threw it upon it, the land would surely collapse and crack open! If that happened, no one could face such immense power!

“Teacher, can you understand the Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture? It seems like the characters written upon it don’t belong to any languages of the human race, at least none that I recognize.” Su Yu had taken the Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture, even though he wasn’t able to decipher a single character written on it.

“This is the Dragon Clan’s language…” Yun Yazi rolled his eyes at him.

The Dragon Clan’s language? Su Yu became instantly curious.

“The Dragon Clan disappeared in the long river of time, and there are only a few people who still recognize their language now. It just so happens that I once researched the Dragon Clan, so I’m somewhat proficient in their language. The Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture is one of the Dragon Clan’s sacred cultivation techniques, and it was once called the Evil Dragon Four Transformations, as after cultivating each of its levels, one will evolve to the next stage and experience a drastic increase in prowess. According to my knowledge, this technique is ranked among the top three of all fleshly body refining techniques,” explained Yun Yazi.

Su Yu was startled. Yun Yazi was truly mysterious and profound! He clearly had a great and vast knowledge. As for the Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture, based on the fact that it could be ranked among the top three, it was clearly powerful!


At that moment, a light speck that contained a wisp of someone consciousness shot out of the jade box and entered Su Yu’s forehead.

“This is all of my knowledge of the various clans’ languages. It has the Dragon Clan language in it, so you should go through all of it, as knowledge is another type of strength, and the more of it you have, the greater help it will be to you,” said Yun Yazi.

Su Yu was very excited to hear this, as such seemingly ordinary knowledge was even more rare and precious to him than magical treasures!

“Many thanks teacher.” Su Yu was quite overjoyed, and he immediately let his mind become engrossed in it. He could not wait, but started going through all of the languages right then and there!

Yun Yazi softly chuckled. “I already said that I will start officially helping you in your cultivation, and I never go back in my word. So, you can take your time learning them, as there is still one day left before we reach the Empire of Darkness. You can use that day to comprehend them.”

Su Yu didn’t reply, as he was already engrossed in his new studies…

Su Yu was unceasingly amazed as he made his way through such diverse knowledge. Such a thread of his consciousness contained a great amount of info, and he might need, at the very least, a whole year to go through all of it!

“I can’t believe that there are so many intelligent clans in the word!” Su Yu gasped in amazement after seeing that there were many clans apart from the Dragon Clan, all of which were studied by Yun Yazi! These included the Monster Clan, the Ghost Clan, the Insect Clan, and so on, all of which had never once appeared on the Zhenlong Continent!

“Well, what kind of clan is this?” Su Yu suddenly discovered that there was a tremendous part of the knowledge that was still contained within the consciousness’ wisp, which was still sealed.

“God Clan.. What kind of clan is it?” Su Yu was quite amazed as he discovered that the part that was accessible about the sealed knowledge indicated that it belonged to the God Clan.

But, what kind of clan was the God Clan? Yun Yazi must have deliberately sealed it because he didn’t want me to see it…

Hmmm… Since my teacher intentionally sealed it, then even if I tried asking him about it, I would just be wasting my breath…

As Su Yu inwardly thought about this, the two words, ‘God Clan,’ seemed like they possessed a peculiar charm over him. They were engraved upon Su Yu’s mind, making it impossible for him to forget them.

As he struggled to contain his curiosity, Su Yu once again focused his attention on the Dragon Clan’s language. Just the Dragon Clan’s language alone would require him to study a whole month, without rest or sleep, in order to get through all of it. This was because it contained such a great amount of information!

Regardless, Su Yu was greatly interested in it, so he started first with the characters in the Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture, gradually learning hundreds of characters of the rarely seen Dragon Clan’s language. After half a day, the exhausted Su Yu took a break from his studies and rubbed his forehead.

“Wow. The Dragon Clan’s language is truly cryptic and difficult to understand, as just a single character always has so many meanings! As such, it takes me almost a whole hour just to ascertain the meaning of a single word!” he mumbled.

After this half a day’s studies, Su Yu had only managed to understand six words of the Evil Dragon Divine Body Scripture. Hence, there was still a long path before him until he completely understood it. This wasn’t the case for just the Dragon Clan’s language alone, as the others clans, like the Monster Clan, the Ghost Clan, and the others, also required him spending a great amount of time and study before he could possibly manage to learn them.

“Teacher truly gave me a great treasure trove,” Su Yu murmured. He clearly knew the importance and value of this research about various languages that he was presently conducting.

Just when he intended to wholeheartedly delve into studying the Dragon Clan’s language once again…

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two afterimages, one red and the other white, flew towards him. It seemed like one of them was chasing after the other.

The red afterimage was a red-robed old man, who had short white hair, and whose face was filled with wrinkles. His complexion was quite pale as he fled.

The person behind him, who emitted a powerful aura, was gradually approaching him. He was a youth, who wore white armor and had a powerful cultivation that had reached the Level One Fairy Realm.This meant that he was as powerful as the otherworldly armies’ commanders!

Although the red-robed old-man was also a Level One Fairy Realm expert, his aura was much weaker than the youth’s. Moreover, it seemed like he had just recently advanced to it.

“Old bast*rd! Since you managed to flee from us, you are truly skilled, but you will still come to an end here! Now, hand over the Cloud Galloping Horse.” The youth coldly snorted and waved his sleeves. A silver cold sword flew out of his sleeves and shot towards the red-robed old man’s heart. The old man was startled, and he hurriedly took a top grade divine artifact, which was made out of silk and cotton, and put it on his back to obstruct the blow.


The divine artifact’s silk and cotton were torn apart, and the divine artifact disintegrated immediately.

“You, one of the Zhenlong Continent’s uncivilized savages, wants to fight me with magical treasures?” The white-armored youth coldly sneered.

After the silver sword cut the silk and cotton, it continued on to penetrate the old man’s body. But, fortunately, the silver sword changed its path slightly because of the obstruction of the silk and cotton, so it just pierced through his ribs. Still, such a strike had clearly left him severely injured.

The old man, who had been swiftly flying, stumbled in the air several times before he fell down to the ground. As he hit the ground, a jade box fell out of from his bosom.

There was a small lively pony inside the jade box, and it was just motionlessly laying there, as it was sealed within it. The pony’s entire body was emitting a powerful spiritual pressure, and it contained a majestic energy, which was more powerful and more pure than the energy of any medicinal pill that Su Yu had ever seen!


The jade box flickered as it appeared in the hands of the youth, who had immediately taken hold of it. His eyes were glittering as he laughed and said, “Hehe, Cloud Galloping Horse! The Zhenlong Continent unexpectedly still had such a precious creature! It would be truly wasted in your hands, as even if it was swallowed by a Fairy Realm expert, it would still purify his Vital Energy, and if he was lucky, it may even let him advance to the next level!”

“I’m truly puzzled why so many precious objects, which are rarely seen in Jiuzhou, are here…” The red-robed old man was pained by such a loss, yet he didn’t have the leisure of caring about it at the moment. Instead, he immediately crawled up and tried to flee.

“Do you want to escape? Since you ran into me, there is no longer any need for you to leave.” The armored youth decisively pointed the sword at him, then immediately sent it flying through the air, shooting straight towards the old man’s head!

As the red-robed old man was heavily injured, it was difficult for him to move freely. Hence, it was impossible for him to evade such a deadly strike. Just as he was almost killed by it, a clunking sound was heard, while the extremely sharp silver sword was unexpectedly cut into two pieces!

“Jiuzhou’s magical treasures don’t seem that amazing, as even the magical treasures of an uncivilized savage like me are better than these…” the youth’s cold voice echoed in the space.


The armored youth, whose mind was linked with the sword, spouted a mouthful of his essence blood, then retreated in shock. “Who are you?”

He was shocked, as his silver sword’s grade was close to a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact’s, yet it was still easily cut by him!


As a breeze blew over, a person appeared beside the red-robed old man. It was a youth, who had peerlessly handsome features, just like the legendary ethereal immortals. He was none other than Su Yu!

“Who are you?” The armored youth asked again, as he fixedly stared in shock at the small golden sword in Su Yu’s hand. It was clearly a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. Hence, this person’s power must be truly extraordinary to have managed such a feat with it.

“Is there a need for a dead person to know anything?” As Su Yu snapped his fingers, his golden sword immediately disappeared. When it appeared once again, it was right at the youth’s neck!

The youth’s expression gravely changed, and he wanted to turn his head around and evade it, yet he witnessed out of the corner of his eye that another golden ray had also appeared at his side. It then mercilessly penetrated him!

“A second golden small sword… You are the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master!”

Those were the last words he uttered in his life, as just after he spoke, the golden small sword mercilessly penetrated his neck, causing his body to weakly fall down and his life force to be utterly extinguished.

As Su Yu raised his hands, both the small golden sword and the jade box fell into it. Having fought against many Fairy Realm experts, he had already assessed his own strengths, so it was easy for him to deal with Level One Fairy Realm experts.

In fact, it would only be slightly troublesome to deal with Level Two Fairy Realm experts. But, while facing Level Three Fairy Realm experts, he would need to use all of his power to defeat them. As for Level Four Fairy Realm experts, he still hadn’t fought any of them yet, so he wasn’t sure of what that result would be.

“You, you are… Alliance Master Su?” The old man behind him spoke. He was trembling and his eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

Su Yu calmly turned his head and faced him. He then asked the old man, “Who are you?”

The old man’s body shivered, as he was both startled and shocked. He quickly cupped his fists at him and greeted him. “I’m the Empire of Darkness’ Chief Inspector, Bai Chong. Greetings Alliance Master Su.”

The Empire of Darkness’ Chief Inspector? As Bai Yun and Bai He were both inspectors, this person must be their chief…

“You aren’t my subordinate, so you don’t need to be this respectful to me.” Su Yu said.

Delight and excitement appeared on Bai Chong’s face, and he curiously sized up Su Yu while he excitedly said, “Alliance Master Su, you led our Zhenlong Continent’s army and broke the otherworld’s undefeated streaks. You also took back a part of our lands. As such, you are truly the role model of all Zhenlong Continent’s people, so that is why we all should respect you!”

Bai Chong’s words were filled with veneration and respect for Su Yu, which made Su Yu smile. Su Yu then replied, “I was just doing my duty. if you don’t have any other matters to discuss, I will take my leave.”

After he spoke, he decisively flew away. After all, he still had a precious treasure, the Cloud Galloping Horse, in his hands, so it would be better for him to leave quickly. Bai Chong quickly flew after him, but because of his injuries, he couldn’t keep up with Su Yu’s swift pace.

“He’s really just a youngster like the rumors say! It’s truly astonishing!” Bai Chong murmured. He still hadn’t recovered from the initial excitement of running into Su Yu.

However, when he subconsciously stroked his chest, he suddenly recalled the Cloud Galloping Horse, so he yelled out, “Alliance Master Su, wait! My Cloud Galloping Horse!”

Bai Chong gasped for breath as he chased after him for a while, but his chase came to nothing. Instantly, a bitter expression appeared on his face. It was unknown whether it was by mistake or intentional, but Su Yu had clearly taken his Cloud Galloping Horse!

This is a treasure that should be passed to the Seven Lords Palace, and I just lost it!

Bai Chong furrowed his brows and laughed bitterly.